Liverpool delete crass 9/11 tweet

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Liverpool have deleted a September 11 tribute tweet showing two Liver birds emerging from the smoking Twin Towers. As we reported yesterday, the club's official American Twitter account, @LFCUSA, posted the image, which was accompanied by the slogan: "You'll Never Walk Alone America." The message was retweeted by the club's official account, @LFC.

Roma Reject Suarez Links

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Roma have played down speculation that they are lining up a move for Liverpool ace Luis Suarez.
Recent reports emanating from Italy have suggested Suarez was on Roma's list of summer transfer targets as they look to bolster their attacking options.
Suarez's future at Anfield has been the subject of conjecture in the wake of his eight-match ban for racially abusing Patrice Evra earlier this season.

Tottenham Hotspur

Luka Modric Agrees Five-Year Deal With Real Madrid – It’s Over, It’s Finally Over!

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By Chris Wright

Crane your necks skyward and rejoice people, for it is over... it's finally over. As announced on the Tottenham website but minutes ago, Luka Modric is finally a Real Madrid player...

Said Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez:

"The strong relationship and affinity between our two clubs has resulted in the cementing of a longer-term partnership and the successful transfer of Luka Modric.


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I pressed the fire control... and ahead of me rockets blazed through the sky...

No sooner had I popped a decomposed pigeon heart in an envelope and scrawled FAO Chris Foy on the side with my own blood, (actually it was just red biro- I'm not a monster) I'm hearing word that Tottenham are ready to set off a dirty great rocket under their wage ceiling to sign facially challenged frontman, Carlos Tevez.


Who is The Secret Footballer? Whoever’s in this video, that’s who

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Since his column began appearing in The Guardian, the identity of The Secret Footballer has been a source of much debate and conjecture among fans. Now to plug his new book, the mystery player has appeared in the viral video above. His identity remains hidden, but feel free to look for any clues you might [.

On Tap: MLS Cup

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Is anyone else sick of all the conjecture? Well, got some good news for you. It's finally here. Every time I've been ready to crown LA this week, I keep harkening back to Dallas-Colorado last year. The Hoops were fresh off a beating of the Galaxy while Colorado was the quintessential hot November team.

English Premier League

Is our chrilden learning?

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Euro 2012 brought on a kind of pleasant footballing dialysis. We were largely starved of Arsenal related news but the tournament acted as a valve while the toxins of 2011-12 ebbed away. That now seems a life time ago. Two open letters have set off a klaxon of debate and conjecture in the Goonerverse.

Spurs Future – A Leap Of Faith?

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Spurs are interviewing for a manager. It's hardly a level playing field not as if the vacancy has been advertised down at the Job Centre. We'll find out soon enough, next week in all probability but in the meantime we are left to consider the absurdity of the process upon which the short, medium and possibly long-term future of our club depends.

Red Mist Descends for The Bluebirds

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Another season ends for Cardiff City in what seems to be the norm, faltering in the play-offs. However, when the change of manager and the summer exodus are taken into account, praise for Malky Mackay's achievements in his first season cannot be understated. As with most clubs, Cardiff City has an active and vocal fan base online, where one can find insight into the day-to-day running of the club, rumour and conjecture.

Scottish football

Rangers newco: The wrath of Raith

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In a football story jammed with villains, Raith Rovers have offered up one of the few men to be hailed as a heroe.

Director Turnbull Hutton has consistently called out the SFA and the SPL on their bullying and their half truths.

It was Hutton spoke of "corruption" on the steps of Hampden, the parish councillor taking the fight to the doors of Westminster.

SPL Advent: Hearts

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Day five of our SPL Advent. Peace and goodwill to all me. It's a time for stout Hearts.

Somebody suggested that I could fill every day of this SPL Advent writing about Hearts.

And so I could.

The stories just keep coming.

On Thursday we got the news that the club had paid the players their November wages.


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After a few weeks of speculation is was a relief to see some actual news relating to the club yesterday as reports came through that Gareth Bale had signed a new four year contract.

Through all of the rumour and conjecture, it did seem likely that Gareth would stay but it was a relief for many Tottenham fans to see this story confirmed on the official club website.

Kinnear interested in ex-Rangers Sone Aluko?

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I've been debating whether this tidbit of transfer rumor deserves any traction from DynamoTheory or not. More and more sites are picking up on it, indicating there may be something more to it than just heresay and conjecture. As recently as yesterday, I began seeing reports on Twitter of interest in Sone Aluko, ex-Rangers left-footed Winger, from multiple clubs.

Harry Redknapp

Hopes, Dreams & Reality: On England At Euro 2012

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The St George flags will be hanging limply this afternoon. It was after midnight in Kiev last night when the final kick hit the back of the net and confirmed what we all probably already knew that this England side wasn't good enough to reach the semi-finals of the 2012 European Championships - but there is little sense of recrimination in the air this morning, rather an acceptance that the "lottery" of the penalty shoot-out and whether this is true or not is a matter for conjecture in itself merely served to see that justice was done.

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Shortly after the resignation of Fabio Capello and the first wave of reports linking Harry Redknapp to the England job, one of Spurs' old boys was being linked with a possible return to White Hart Lane.

In fact, Jurgen Klinsmann made some positive noises about the position and while they stopped short of declaring a definite interest, it was enough for the media, who put the German's name forward as a prime candidate.

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Anyone who was at the match on Saturday or who saw the events unfold on television would have been shocked by what they saw and our thoughts are clearly with Fabrice Muamba this morning.

It's hard to think or talk about football today but it's worth noting that there is talk of postponing this week's league game with Stoke, while there is also a question mark as to whether Bolton themselves will continue in this season's FA Cup.


Wenger ‘agrees fee’ for Giroud to Arsenal

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ARSENE Wenger is said to have agreed a fee of almost £13million to take Olivier Giroud to Arsenal from Montpellier, reports tonight suggest.

There is a vast amount of conjecture swirling around that Giroud joining the Gunners could be part of a deal that sees Marouane Chamakh head the other way either on loan or as part of a swap-deal-plus-cash.

Liveblog 3000! Arsenal head north to face the best team in the league edition

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Yep, Sunderland are the best team in the league over the last bunch of games. Read Martin's preview for proof.

Kick-off is 3pm London time, 10am New York, 7am Vancouver, and sometime last night in New Zealand. As usual, I'll be here half-an-hour beforehand to provide accompanying drivel and conjecture.

For Auld Lang Syne (To a Better Future)

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Seventeen years ago today, I fell in love again. My heart had been broken a decade before. So to be seduced again, at last, made me appreciate that much more how precious and fragile such a relationship can be. I don't know what made me take the Tube that morning to buy tickets to Highbury for the derby between the Arsenal and Queen's Park Rangers.

Are Arsenal set for summer tour of Japan or USA?

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And so the conjecture continues. No, no, not speculative tittle-tattle focused on which new wunderkind recruits are coming to the Arsenal in the January transfer window, I am talking about where we will tour next summer. Granted, it is still supposition but anything to turn our attentions from the endless stories linking us with the world and his wife (as well as those poor unfortunates heading for the Emirates exit).

Are Arsenal set for summer tour of Japan or USA?

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And so the conjecture continues. No, no, not speculative tittle-tattle focused on which new wunderkind recruits are coming to the Arsenal in the January transfer window, I am talking about where we will tour next summer. Granted, it is still supposition but anything to turn our attentions from the endless stories linking us with the world and his wife (as well as those poor unfortunates heading for the Emirates exit).

Champions League: Napoli's Villareal victory crush City's hopes with

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szólj hozzá: Villarreal 0-2 Napoli

City managed to rain on Bayern's parade by beating them 2-0 but it was not enough as Napoli turned on the screws against Villareal to run out 2-0 victors. Bayern and Napoli go through to the Champions League knock out stage.

It's no idle conjecture imagining Napoli going far into the CL maybe even to the finals.

Stamford Bridge

FA Cup Final Preview: Liverpool vs Chelsea

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Liverpool return to Wembley with their sights set on a cup double, while victory for Chelsea in Saturday's FA Cup final could be the first stage of a more significant success.
Kenny Dalglish's side lifted the Carling Cup at the home of English football back in February with a tense penalty shoot-out success against Championship side Cardiff.

How Dimitar Berbatov’s “Demise” Condemns AVB’s Departure

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A dinosaur?

Nary a peep.

That's what will happen.

As another Premiership campaign bullets down the stretch and Manchester United goes ahead by a few horse lengths, so dribbles to closure the likely Premiership career of a peculiar one, Dimitar Berbatov.

It's almost an incredulous that a player who was last year's co-Golden Boot winner 20 in the Premiership last year to share the title with the one and only Carlos Tevez has become such an afterthought both by his manager and by the ravenous English press.

The Rest

Holland: The Life and Times of Gertjan Verbeek – carpenter, dreamer, football manager

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Holland: The Life and Times of Gertjan Verbeek carpenter, dreamer, football manager is a post from: Just Football

A visit to AZ Alkmaar's AFAS Stadion and there's no escaping one particular banner. Created with visiting supporters in mind, its message is succinct. "We have Verbeek" it reads in bold letters.

Someone said something I disagreed with

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We currently sit marooned in the post season pre European Championships no man's land. It's sometimes a bit crazying to watch my fellow inhabitants of this post apocalyptic wasteland roaming the thunder dome for scraps of tumbleweed with which to forge transfer speculation – desperately looking to fuse liquid gold from its drying spores.

The Irony of Junior Seau's Death, Jonathan Vilma's Suspension

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They played the same position in the NFL, acting as the captain of the defense, counted on to read the offense and make the play. They were the ferocious ones, tackling from sideline to sideline, middle linebackers.

Jonathan Vilma is suspended from the League for one year for his part in the New Orleans Saints Bounty scandal.

Soccer Science: Healing Time

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The past two weekends felt a little empty, didn't they? No matches, no orange, and no fun for us in Dynamo-land. But while fandom was in neutral over these weeks, and will stay there until Sunday, rest assured that your favorite players are doing anything but simply waiting for the next match. And do you know what else won't be staying in neutral?

Stevenage - Spurs Preview: Won’t Somebody Please Think of Kyle Walker?

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Complacency (noun): A feeling of contentment or self-satisfaction, especially when coupled with an unawareness of danger, trouble, or controversy

Just saying. However, given that we are now blinking well the best team left in this whole bally competition, it would be a dashed shame if we whimpered our way to the exit door with the derisory hoots of assorted Stevenagonians ringing in our ears.

Rivero Finally Signed To A Loan Deal

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Well it took a while and I think the deal changed (possibly more than once) but Martin Rivero, a 22 year old Argentine midfielder, has finally been signed by the Rapids. As usual terms of the deal were not announced but it is a loan, not a signing. He's expected to travel with the team to Hawai'i on Sunday.

Colombia the land of Plenty

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This article is straight up guesswork and pure conjecture on my part. Again I am GUESSING, but I think it is a pretty educated guess. I am basing my article on this the article on Portland's website talking about Gavin's travel and specifically on the following quote.

"I've been following a player from Chico for a while," he hinted.