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The World And The State Thereof: Wolfsburg Launch Their Own In-House FIFA 15 ‘E-Sport’ Football Team

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By Chris Wright

The dynamic duo with thumbs of steel

VfL Wolfsburg have become the first Bundesliga side to launch their very own in-house computer game "e-sports" team.

That is to say, the German clubhave signed up two expert professional gamers,Benedict'Salz0r' Salzer and Daniel 'Dani' Fink, to officially represent the club at competitive gaming tournaments.

Does playing Computer Games make you better at Football?

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Now let's discount your archetypal spotty fat loser computer geek here. I am talking about normal people who play football and also play computers latterly Pro Evo, FIFA and harking back to Super Kick Off, Sensible Soccer, European Club Soccer, Actua Soccer, and so on.

I appreciate I have offered no reasons why they might help you on a cold Sunday morning on Hackney Marshes, and the obvious thought is that sitting in your bedroom bashing a pad won't do one jot for your fitness.

Football Manager

WATCH ‘An Alternative Reality: The Football Manager Documentary’ [VIDEO]

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Sports Interactive, the makers of the famous Football Manager computer game, have produced a brand-new film entitled "An Alternative Reality: The Football Manager Documentary," which debuted across the UK and Ireland on October 7, and is now available for viewing on the web.

The 80-minute+ documentary examines the enduring appeal of one of the most popular computer simulation games.

Dear Football Club Owner

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I would like to be considered for the position of Football Manager in your esteemed club/association. Yes, I know you haven't advertised the vacancy but I have heard you got rid of the last unfortunate and anyway this is the 21st century. Surely institutionalized omerta is a thing of the past. Isn't it?


Rory McIlroy has a go at the crossbar challenge

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If this is real, it's a ridiculous attempt. Golfer Rory McIlroy has been promoting the new PGA Golf '13 computer game, and took on Soccer AM's crossbar challenge by hitting a ball from 150 yards away. You can see the results for yourself, but it truly is an impressive achievement, worthy of keeping Caroline Wozniacki [.

3PM Extra: Real-life football video game, brilliant overhead goal and an even better own goal

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3PM Extra: Real-life football video game, brilliant overhead goal and an even better own goal

Presenting quality football videos from the interweb, daily at 3pm. Here's today's collection: 1)Â Imagine getting two five-a-side teams and wiring them up with headphones linked to a smartphone so that someone can control what they do by sending them commands like "shoot", "pass" and "tackle" so the whole thing becomes like a real-life version of a computer game.

Manchester United

The Global Game: Watching The Premier League In Pakistan

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The Global Game: Watching The Premier League In Pakistan - originally posted on

Earlier this week I came across the 'Global Game' initiative launched by Nick Harris (Mail on Sunday, Sporting Intelligence). It's a great idea, hopefully it catches on and more and more people from different parts of the world who follow football (and especially the English Premier League) can contribute to it.

Wayne Rooney Will Definitely Join Real Madrid

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By Chris Wright

Proof if proof were needed

I'm afraid the rumours are true. Wayne Rooney will undoubtedly be calling an emergency press conference in the next few hours to announce the news that he will be playing his football at the Bernabeu next season.

Spurs - Portsmouth Preview: Will ‘Arry Go 2-2-6?

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A theory doing the rounds in some quarters is that the crunch games in our push for fourth is not the quartet against the big boys (Man Utd-l'Arse-Chelski-City) but the four against the less glamorous mob – Pompey, Sunderland, Burnley and Bolton. Anything less than three points against each of this lot, so goes the theory, and we really will throw away fourth spot.

All the better to beat you with

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So Michael Owen reinvigorated his World Cup chances and Manchester United cruised into the Champions League knockout stage as top of their group at the expense of poor old Wolfsburg. I noticed several things from this engrossing encounter, chief among them were:

Bangers and smash

It was an odd game for the most part.

Peter Shilton

Video Game Review #1: Peter Shilton Handball Maradona

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I enjoyed writing the Board Game reviews so I thought I'd divert my attention to some computer games. Therefore with the recent release of FIFA 2011 for the Playwotsit, or is it the XWotsit? I thought I'd take a look at some of the other games available on the market, starting with this absolute beauty of a title.

The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #121

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LOAD "football"...
17 Computer Games Endorsed By Famous Players

1. Brian Clough's Football Fortunes (ZX Spectrum/C64, 1987)
2. Diego (Amiga, 1992)
3. Emlyn Hughes International Soccer (ZX Spectrum/C64, 1989)
4. Franco Baresi's World Cup Kick Off (Amiga, 1992)
5. Gary Lineker's Hot Shot (C64, 1989)

The Rest

Ferdinand makes mockery of ‘race row’ with Telegraph interview

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John Terry is facing consequences of a substantial nature as the FA begin their investigation into whether or not the England and Chelsea captain racially abused Anton Ferdinand during Chelsea's 1-0 loss to QPR last weekend. His captaincy is on the line. His reputation with Chelsea supporters such as myself is as well.

On Hypocrisy and Football Being Ruined

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There are several things you should know about me before I get into it.

  1. My name is Bert Tiddle. Not Burt Tiddle. That's an idiot name. Bert. Like the Muppet.
  2. I had a wonderful career as a professional footballer, the highlight of which was winning the 1987 FA Cup with Coventry City and never getting to spend more than a season and a half with one club.

The Transfer Market Myth And Koscielny Will Be Our Only CB Signing.

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Dont you just hate it when you're in the middle of a debate over the signing of players and somebody resorts to the 'This is not Championship manager' line? As much as it irritates me it really does make me giggle..Are these people for real?

Now I know that its only a game but wanting Wenger to sign players isn't living in a false world as some people try to make out.

Answer Easy Question and Win Fantastically Addictive World Cup 2010 Computer Game

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Your chance to win a very addictive football computer game that you can play as you wait for interminable gap between the matches to pass!

OK this is the easy way for you guys to get free access to the online football game that we have been playing in the COS offices for far far too long.

Fernando Torres Should Be Playing In Spain With The Rest Of The Best Players, Insists Former Liverpool Star Xabi Alonso

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Xabi Alonso has risked angering the Liverpool fans who used to idolise him by claiming that Fernando Torres 'deserves' to play in Spain.

Alonso left Merseyside for Real Madrid in a £30million move this summer after telling Rafa Benitez that he wanted to join the Bernabeu revolution.