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As Expected, Busy Day For The Rapids

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In the short 4 hour trade window this morning the Rapids made two trades, then released their protected list for the expansion draft.

The first move was acquiring Michael Harrington from Portland for allocation money. Harrington is a 28 year old right back who can play on the left as well.

Rapids Make Roster Moves

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It was cut day in Commerce City apparently as the Rapids released the names of the players who will not have their options picked up for 2015. Now that does not mean these players won't be with the team in 2015, some of them may sign new contracts at a lower number, but most of them will be elsewhere.

Rapids Add Caleb Calvert From Chivas USA Dispersal Draft

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Today the former Chivas USA players were dispersed through a draft to other MLS teams. The draft order was set through a farce of a random draw where the playoff teams got 1 ball (or envelope in this case) and the non-playoff teams got two. The top 5 picks still went to playoff teams. Colorado selected eighth.

End Of Season Roster Review

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Usually here at the end of the season I go through the roster with my opinions of who are core players are, who we should keep until an upgrade can be found, and who we should cut bait on. Sadly this year there isn't much on the roster that is worth keeping if there's a better option. On top of that we've got an expansion draft coming next month as Orlando City and NYCFC enter the league.

Major League Soccer

Lee Nguyen, Landon Donovan And Thierry Henry Named To MLS Best X

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Retiring stars Landon Donovan and Thierry Henry were named to Major League Soccer's annual Best XI squad on Tuesday, as was New England Revolution midfielder Lee Nguyen.

This is the seventh time in his career that Donovan has been named to the Best XI, breaking a tie with MLS veteran Dwayne De Rosario for the most of any player in league history.

Lee Nguyen, Landon Donovan And Thierry Henry Named To MLS Best X

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Retiring stars Landon Donovan and Thierry Henry were named to Major League Soccer's annual Best XI squad on Tuesday, as was New England Revolution midfielder Lee Nguyen.

This is the seventh time in his career that Donovan has been named to the Best XI, breaking a tie with MLS veteran Dwayne De Rosario for the most of any player in league history.

Two Academy defenders called up to U-16 camp

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A pair of defenders from the Philadelphia Union Academy are going to France for a week-long U.S. Under-16 camp.

Andrew Aprahamian and Mathew Real will be representing the Philadelphia Union Academy in Europe next week when they join up with the U.S. Under-16 boys' national team camp in Clairefontaine, France.

Scoreboard watcher: MLS Playoffs viewing guide and open thread for D.C. United fans

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In which we await D.C. United by watching all of the other MLS teams this weekend.

The regular season is over and the playoffs are here, and that means that we move into another phase of the year. Gone are the Montreal Impact, the Philadelphia Union, the Colorado Rapids, and the Portland Timbers.

MLS Sets New Attendance Record In 2014

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Major League Soccerset a new record for average attendance in the league's 18-yearhistory last night. With the 2014 regular season now completed, the average attendance was 19,099 — which is a 2.63% increase compared to MLS's 2013 regular season.

The top 3 teams with the highest average attendance in the 2014 season were:


MLS Coach of The Year – A Case for Oscar Pareja

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Plenty of season awards require observations that are not always rational or accurately measurable. Aside from the Golden Boot, personal judgment is necessary. Great stories and season long narrative supersedes evidence. As the season winds down, the coach of the year race centers on the men managing the top sides.

MLS Ticker: Di Vaio announces retirement; Powers signs extension; and more

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Photo by Eric Bolte/USA TODAY Sports


Major League Soccer will be losing one of their most marketable stars this offseason.

Following a two-and-a-half year stint with the Montreal Impact, veteran Italian forward Marco Di Vaio has announced that he will retire from soccer at the end of the season.

Highest Paid Player In MLS Has Yet To Play A Game In League

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The MLS Players Union have released the latest salary figures and former Real Madrid and AC Milan star Kaka heads the list, despite never having played for his club.

The 32-year-old Brazilian, who signed for Orlando City in June and was immediately loaned to Sao Paulo, is on a total salary of $7,167,500, making him not only the highest paid in the league, but the highest-paid player in MLS history.

MLS Ticker: Defoe returns to training, Sounders keen to sign Morris, and more

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Toronto FC are currently on the outside looking in when it comes to the Eastern Conference playoff picture, but they could soon getjust the boost they've needed.

Defoe is back in Toronto after having returned to England to receive treatment on a groin injury and torn adductor muscle.

Analysing The MLS Playoff Race In Detail

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There's about a month to go in the MLS season, which will wrap up at the end of October. That means playoff races are reaching their apex, as the field is set for the November tournament that is the best of what the league has to offer.

MLS doesn't have promotion and relegation – and no, it's almost certainly not happening in your lifetime – the playoffs function as the alternative drama to the race against the drop.

MLS Ticker: Espindola’s red card appeal denied; Pogatetz convinced by Berhalter; and more

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Photo by Brad Mills/USA Today Sports


The MLS Disciplinary Committee dished out fines to players on both D.C. United and the New York Red Bulls for their part in a mid-game fracas, but it was one move they didn't make that is stealing the headlines on Monday evening.

game review

That's All Folks!

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The Rapids ended the season but not their winless streak with a 1-0 loss in Vancouver. More of the same sadly, a lack of any offensive bite until too late and a free kick that beat them. With that this long season is finally at an end. For the playoffs I'm jumping on the Revolution bandwagon. The Midnight Riders are good people and deserve a MLS Cup and Jermaine Jones is one of my favorite Nats right now.

The Plane Got The Biggest Cheer

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4 shots on goal, only 1 of which was by the home team. A PK for the only goal of the match. In other words, BORING.
  • Can't really complain about the PK. Klute's arm wasn't in an unnatural position but his instinctive reaction was to pull his arm out of the way which had the effect of playing the ball straight up.

Twelfth Verse, Same As The First

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The Rapids took the lead then mental defensive errors cost them the win. That's a new one. Oh wait, no, that's the same thing we've seen over and over again in this losing streak. Only this time it was against possibly the worst team in the league. I say possibly because a reasonable argument could be made that we're the worst team in the league at this moment.

Rapids Officially Eliminated From Playoffs In Loss

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11 in a row without a win, a new record for the Rapids. With the 4-1 loss we are officially out of the playoffs, though we've been unofficially out of the playoffs since late August. Yesterday's game played out like all our losses recently, the other team was better than us. Other notes:
  • Deshorn Brown got his 10th goal of the year, making him only the 3rd player in Rapids history to have back-to-back seasons with double-digit goals.

Well, We Didn't Lose.

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The Rapids ended their 7 game losing streak but continued their winless streak with a 2-2 draw against the Timbers. In a game marred by lousy refereeing a draw was probably a fair result with how the teams played. Again Colorado gave up the first goal right before half (the cleanest goal of the game) leveled the score right after half, took the lead, then gave it up late.

Game Preview

Once More Unto The Breach Dear Friends

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A baker's dozen without a win now
For one last time in 2014 the Rapids take the field trying to break their winless streak. If they succeed in Vancouver they will go 5-0-0 against Canada this year, which is about all we could take out of this season, Otherwise its 14 in a row and 1 win in 18 to end the season.

Welcome The Traitor Back To Colorado

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12 in a row without a win
Normally a MLS Cup 2010 picture would be above, given Dallas as the opponent tomorrow, but the Dirty Dozen was more appropriate. Oscar Pareja makes his first trip back to Colorado after skipping town on us this offseason. Never mind that whole "happy to sign a new contract with the Rapids" or Dan Hunt tampering thing.

Our Last, Best Hope For Victory

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The year is 2014. The place: StubHub Center
Looking at our last 3 games, tomorrow's match against Chivas USA is our most likely opportunity to win a game this season. It is also likely our last game ever against Chivas USA as all signs point to the team being contracted at the end of the season.

Rapids Try To Avoid Record 11th Winless Game

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Enough results for every field player
Sorry for going dark, I was on vacation in Orlando. Expect a recap post of the news of the last two weeks sometime next week. Up first though is Sunday's home game against Seattle. As we see the Rapids have gone 10 games without a win, going back to July 25th.

Its Still A Rivalry Game

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Just say no to Utah
The Rocky Mountain Cup might be over for the year but this is still a rivalry game and the Rapids still need to put a beat down on FSL. A loss tomorrow would make the Rapids the first team to be swept in RMC play in the 10 years of competition. Game time tomorrow is 8pm but since the game is on NBC Sports the kickoff will be more like 8:20 or so.


Rapids - Earthquakes Tomorrow

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7pm tomorrow night at the Dick the Rapids try to avoid tying their longest ever winless streak at 10 games.Really that's the ONLY thing of interest in this game at this point. Colorado is just playing out the string on this lost season and San Jose is in even worse shape. The game is on Altitude with Fleming and Balboa on the call.

GOAL: Clint Dempsey pounds in the opening goal for Seattle | Seattle Sounders FC vs. Colorado Rapids

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Online video Score: 4 / five

The Rest

Rapids Lose Two, Gain One In Today's Drafts

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MLS had two drafts today, the expansion draft for NYCFC and Orlando and the Waiver Draft for all the waived players in the league.

In the expansion draft the Rapids, surprisingly, lost two players including the 3rd overall pick in Tony Cascio to Orlando. Colorado pulled Marc Burch off the table after Cascio was selected.

Go Revs!

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I know I've been quiet the last couple of weeks but there's been almost nothing going on in Rapids land. Pablo visiting Karanka at Middlesbrough for some coaching education is the extent of the news since the release of the declined contract options. Next week will be busy though with the release of the expansion draft protected players tomorrow or Tuesday, the expansion draft for NYCFC and Orlando on Wednesday and the first phase of the re-entry draft on Friday, with the second phase the following Thursday.

You Be The GM: Should Michael Lahoud Start, Stay Or Go?

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If you believe everything you've heard so far this off-season then Michael Lahoud is currently a starter for the Philadelphia Union next year. What would you as GM do next?

No I don't live in Denver. I grew up in Sierra Leone. - Frank Ocean

I'm not entirely sure what Frank Ocean is getting at in this lyric, but considering Michael Lahoud started his MLS career with the Colorado Rapids and was born in Sierra Leone, you have to wonder if this might be one of the most obscure references in the history of pop music?

Why I Renewed My Season Tickets

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About two months ago I explained why I hadn't renewed my season tickets yet. Tonight I signed up for 2015, but not for the reasons detailed in my prior article.

My seat since I moved to Colorado has been in 108 with Class VI/Centennial 38. I have a number of friends (and sadly, the Zero who sits next to me ;)) involved in Centennial 38 and the gameday experienced is greatly enhanced by what the group does.

2014 Player Of The Year

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I'm a little late getting to this, but I need a break after he way the season ended. Reviewing my Man of the Match awards:

1 award - Berner, Jose Mari, Nasco, Piermayr, Torres, the fans (the Mother's Day blizzard loss to Chivas USA), and the fan who paid for the plane at the final game

2 awards - Buddle, Eloundou, Moor, Sanchez

3 awards - Irwin, Powers, Serna

5 awards - Brown

Well, that makes this decision easy, and right in line with my gut feeling.

Say Ciao To Jersey Sponsorship?

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This Denver Post headline does not bode well for the future of the Ciao sponsorship:
Colorado Rapids sue Ciao Telecom over missed sponsorship payments
The article details how Ciao only paid $75K of the initial $80K to close the sponsorship deal and since then they've missed payments of $240K both at the end of Q2 and Q3, with a third payment of the same amount due at the end of next month.

Front Office Q&A Wrap-Up

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Last week the Rapids Front Office held a Town Hall for C38 at the Celtic. Apologies for the late update but an illness and a busy release week schedule prevented me from getting to it until now. Here are some of the highlights from the notes I took.

Present: Richard Fleming (RF), Paul Bravo (PB), Tim Hinchey (TH), Pablo Mastroeni (PM), Drew Moor (DM)
Format: Written questions from the audience asked to the panel by Fleming, followed by one-on-one time with the panel

Also present in the audience but not participating was Zat Knight (and wow, he's a big guy!

Catching Up On Rapids News

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Going back over the last couple of weeks to catch up on the Rapids news.

  • Mullan is officially retiring. No surprise given the news we've heard this year about his knees. Great player, and great career, he will be missed.
  • Rapids to be part of 2015 Desert Diamond Cup. This is the annual preseason tournament in Tucson that the Rapids competed in this past year.

Claros Suspended?

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Earlier this week, the MLS Disciplinary Committee came out with their fines and suspensions for games this past week. Included in that was a fine for Igor Juliao for hands to the head/face of New England. The only suspension announced was on Colorado Rapids midfielder, Carlos Alvarez for entering the field of play and leaving the technical area as he celebrated a goal by teammate Gabriel Torres.

A Letter To The Rapids FO

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Patrick Quinn has allowed me to share his letter to the Colorado Rapids organization, which nicely sums up my current feelings after last night's game as well.
To Whom It May Concern,

It really and truly is hard to put into words how incredibly disappointed I am with this club. In fact, I do not think I have ever been more disappointed in this club since 1996.

Odds and Ends 9/16/14

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  • Sanchez out 2-3 weeks due to injury
  • Rumors have the Rapids announcing their USL partnership for next season by aligning with the Queen City Soccer Club in Charlotte, who are taking over the Charlotte Eagles USL spot when the Eagles move to the PDL next season.

Portland Timbers player evaluations vs. Colorado Rapids third match

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We have complete player evaluations from the Portland Timbers 2 all draw versus the Colorado Rapids from their September 13th match in Denver. There are ratings for every Portland Timbers player that appeared, plus marks for the coaches, opponent, officials and a team rating.