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English Premier League

Join the official Fantasy Premier League Draft and play against World Soccer Talk readers

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For the first time ever, the Premier League has launched a Fantasy Premier League Draft game, and it’s free to play.

Many of you are already very familiar with the most popular fantasy soccer game in the world, the Fantasy Premier League (be sure to sign up for our private league if you haven’t done so already).

Join the official Fantasy Premier League Draft and play against World Soccer Talk readers

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For the first time ever, the Premier League has launched a Fantasy Premier League Draft game, and it’s free to play.

Many of you are already very familiar with the most popular fantasy soccer game in the world, the Fantasy Premier League (be sure to sign up for our private league if you haven’t done so already).

Professional Tailgating: A boring preseason friendly

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On Saturday, the OTWT Tailgating Crew traveled to Baltimore to take in the preseason friendly between Spurs and Liverpool. The game was terrible but the stadium is amazing.Alan Shearer has more Premier League titles than Steven Gerrard
A life size picture of former Rutgers star Ray Rice. Loved watching him college as a Rutgers season ticket holder.

MLS Good Enough to Be More Popular than EPL in the U.S.

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MLS is good enough, talent-wise, to be more popular with sports fans in the U.S. than the English Premier League and other world leagues.
Even though these other leagues may have superstar players and better overall play from top tier teams, sports fans should be able to have a deeper appreciation for MLS due to the history of outstanding relationships built by American sports teams.

Major League Soccer

Can Five New Stadiums Push MLS to Mainstream?

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Overshadowed by the NFL, college football, MLB playoffs and now the NBA, it's easy to understand how difficult it is for MLS to break through and reach mass amounts of casual sports fans. There was practically no mention Monday on sports talk shows of the regular season ending and the playoff match-ups set.

MLS must consider shifting its schedule so MLS Cup doesn’t get overrun by football

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Sunday's MLS Cup Final, despite officiating controversies, was a thoroughly entertaining affair. Portland, who have one of the hardest-core fan bases in the league, won the title defeating Columbus in a game played in front of anoisycrowd in a stadium that was built exclusively for this sport.

MLS must consider shifting its schedule so MLS Cup doesn’t get overrun by football

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Sunday's MLS Cup Final, despite officiating controversies, was a thoroughly entertaining affair. Portland, who have one of the hardest-core fan bases in the league, won the title defeating Columbus in a game played in front of anoisycrowd in a stadium that was built exclusively for this sport.

Classic B&RU: Major League Soccer should schedule MLS Cup for the Day After Thanksgiving. Every year.

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A few years back, B&RU founder Martin Shatzer wrote that MLS should own Black Friday by scheduling the league's biggest event on this day each year. Today, in what has become a Day After Thanksgiving tradition of our own, we take the occasion to re-publish his piece, the original version of which ran on November 27, 2010 and can be found here.

The Curious Optimism of the MLS PLayoffs

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"The credit belongs not to the man in the arena, but to those who just sit back and complain because they have 'issues' with not being in the arena."

Theodore Roosevelt (we're pretty sure)

The playoff system in Major League Soccer exists for a number of reasons. There are practical reasons, such as the increased revenues that come from additional games.

Sounders at Portland Timbers Cascadia Cup - Gamethread

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Today is a huge day for MLS. It is the first MLS game on broadcast television (NBC) in four years, and while the 12:30 Pacific start goes directly against college football the match between the Portland Timbers and Seattle Sounders will have an atmosphere familiar to college football fans. These rivals belong on any list of top rivals in the league and Portland's poor performance is nearly meaningless.

MLS ’12 Preview – Soccer Specific Stadiums Soaring

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When you started to follow Major League Soccer for the first time in 1996, one of your enduring memories was visiting stadiums that were primarily used for the National Football League or College Football. But when Lamar Hunt used his own money ...

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Beckham’s interest in owning a MLS franchise proves soccer is on the up

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Although you can't argue with the fact that David Beckham decided to turn down an awful lot of money and the lure of several major clubs in order to continue pursuing a career in the MLS, proving a number of soccer betting tips wrong in the process, that fact fades into insignificance when you realise that not only does Becks want to stick around because he enjoys playing in North America, but also because he has a vested interest in staying for the long term in order to take advantage of the clause in his contract that means he could become the owner of an MLS franchise once his deal expires.

Tuesday's (non-existent) column & more

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It's not, you understand, that I resent my regular Tuesday column being held to an as yet unspecified day. It's that, if it is held, it's for a better reason than that obscene excuse of a game of pointy-ball college football I had the misfortune to catch in a desolate

Texas Tech

Baker Mayfield beats out Trevor Knight for OU starting QB job

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Former Reagan-ex Trevor Knight's up-and-down career at Oklahoma took another tumble Monday when he was beaten out for the Sooners' starting quarterback job by Texas Tech transfer Baker Mayfield.

Knight orchestrated the Sooners' stunning upset victory over Alabama in the 2014 Sugar Bowl as a freshman and was a cover boy for Sports Illustrated in its preseason college football preview last season.

Texas A&M among programs with the most college football arrests in past five years

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Most college football arrests

According to analysis by Mike Rosenberg (@RosenbergMerc) of data that includes criminal citations for FBS Division I school since August 2010, Mike Leach's Washington State program has had the most college football player arrests in the past five years.

Leach continues to stump for 64-team football playoff

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Washington State coach Mike Leach has been impressed with the early success of the College Football Playoff.

The former Texas Tech coach isn't satisfied, believing a lot more of the playoff would be in the best interests of college football.

The iconoclastic Leach again spoke of his support of a 64-team playoff Wednesday during the Pac-12's visit to Bristol, Conn.

March Madness

Editorial: Leave the Cheering to the Fans

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Article by Leanne Elston
Twitter @LeanneElston

There is this way in which people go around trying to compare soccer to other, "American" sports. The comparison is inevitable, maybe -- or at least it was when soccer was still new and strange to these parts.

Obama, MLS Need Each Other

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The contentious nature of politics drives even the best of politicians to the brink. It's at this point, when sports have been brought up as a topic to bring levity to a broad audience and show a more human politician.


Play the EPL Draft! Which Players Would You Pick for Next Season?

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UPDATED: As some of you may or may not know, the NFL Draft has commenced here in America. All the teams in the National Football League descend upon New York and spend the next several days drafting the best college ...

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Same type of Culture LFC & PSU

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During the last couple of months, the culture at Penn State has been questioned. The Penn State culture is very simple. They are a tight knit community where everyone is from there and outsiders are usually not brought in. In that culture things are kept quite and they try not to let it out. For years, incidents at Penn State where handled in house and anyone who suggested they were handling things wrong were shunned.

Real Salt Lake

Chicago Fire: Now over 100% more disrespected than any other MLS team

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SB Nation's Power Rankings have been updated and the Chicago Fire remain where they were last week: Number 12. NBCSports' Steve Davis also put the Fire at No. 12. I'm not sure there's anyone out there who currently has Chicago ranked in the top half of the league. In the end these rankings don't matter because this isn't college football but it's interesting to note the general leaguewide perception of the club.

MLS Playoffs & Competition Format - What Could Be

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I'm not gonna lie, my motivation is that I have spent much of the day watching the last day of the professional tackle-football season and watching playoff scenarios and seedings fall into place. It all gets me thinking about how the MLS is going to work going forward.

Yeah, okay, that's a reach, but bear with me.

Oklahoma State

Updated 2011 BCS Standings

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The BCS standings have been updated. However, there is no surprise at the top of the BCS standings. LSU remains number one and Alabama is at number two. Unless something crazy happens, those two teams will play each other in a rematch to decide the 2011 college football national champions.

After LSU and Alabama, Oklahoma State sits at three.

Updated BCS Standings: Stanford Moves Up

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In the updated BCS standings, the Stanford Cardinal have moved up to No. 4. Boise State, like usual, got screwed and dropped a spot to No. 5, while the top three of LSU, Alabama and Oklahoma State remained the same.

Stanford jumped from No. 6 after beating USC in triple overtime. However, Stanford will need some help to move into the national championship picture.

Remembering Bob Barry in Pictures

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Bob Barry has died. For more than 30 years, he was the Oklahoma Sooners football radio voice. For another 17 years, he worked at Oklahoma State. However, it was his time with the Sooners that made Bob Barry one of the most recognizable voices in all of college football.

"With his contagious enthusiasm, he was one of the best sports broadcast journalists in the entire nation," said David Boren, the president of Oklahoma University.

The Rest

The Union can’t defend, might as well attack

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At least a 5-4 loss would be more entertaining than a 1-0 loss

Does anyone remember the 1980s Western Athletic Conference in college football? Teams like BYU, Nevada, and San Diego State were constantly involved in high-scoring shoot-outs, with defense taking a back seat to 62-59 barnburners where the ball was thrown 45+ times a game and no one east of the Mississippi took them seriously at all.

Are You Red..Y?

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Lots of talk over the last 4 months becomes action tomorrow as this season finally gets started. For the Rapids that means a game in San Jose. Its hard to think of a season opener as a "must win" (unless we're talking college football) but considering this is the only game we play against a non 2015 playoff team or FSL until Philly comes to Commerce City on May 28th this is about as close to one as you can get.

Notre Dame warns of counterfeit tickets for Texas game

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AUSTIN — On the college football resale market, few ticketsthis year are more expensive than those for Texas' season opener at Notre Dame. And even fans who shell out for seat might not be getting what they thought they paid for.

Notre Dame officialssaid they've received evidence of counterfeit tickets being sold for the Fighting Irish's Sept.

Could the SI ‘Cover Jinx’ haunt Trevone Boykin?

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It might be considered an urban legend by some.

But appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated isn't necessarily the best karma an athlete can hope for.

Thoughts of the SI cover jinx are emerging after TCU quarterback Trevone Boykin's appearance on one of the five regional covers for the magazine's college football preview edition.

Houston preseason tour: Tennessee Tech

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First in a series previewing the University of Houston's opponents for the 2015 football season.

Tennessee Tech

Head coach: Watson Brown (ninth season)
2014 record: 5-7
Conference: Ohio Valley (Football Championship Subdivision)
Returning starters: 8 offense, 8 defense
Series history: First meeting
Roster | 2014 statistics
On Twitter: @TTUGoldenEagles

2015 schedule

Date Opponent

Jan. 2 date could set Valero Alamo Bowl for TV ratings bonanza

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If you polled Valero Alamo Bowl officials about their favorite time and date to stage their game, they likely got their choice with their kickoff time for the Jan. 2, 2016 game.

The game will begin at 5:45 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon, the strongest traditional window in the college football landscape.

Fire winning MLS Cup? What are the odds?

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Let's face it. One of the reasons professional and college football, basketball, and to a lesser extent baseball garner so much peripheral interest in this country is due to fact that one can wager on the outcomes of said contests. Soccer hasn't come anywhere near reaching that element of US sports fandom but that hasn't stopped Las Vegas Superbook from publishing "futures" on which clubs have the best chance of winning MLS Cup this season.

Juniors Sign Letters of Intent

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It's national signing day. And usually that's a big thing for college football as high school seniors can sign their national letters of intent for college for the next year. And while that's big news in the college world, it's becoming bigger news for Sporting. As the developmental academy continues to bear fruit in regards to players going on and signing to play soccer at the collegiate level.

What the University of Texas and FC Dallas Have in Common

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If you are a fan of college football you may have seen this story this morning, in one form or another, the one in which Mac Brown complains about The Longhorn Network. (Don't get excited UT fans, I'm not piling on) I wanted to mention it cause it stuck a topic we deal with here are 3rd Degree. You see every single coach, PR guy, GM, and TD who has every worked for FC Dallas has at one time or another complained to us here at 3rd Degree that we are giving too much information to opposition.

College Football Has a Playoff!

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Finally! College football is officially a real sport now. After years of being stubborn, the bigwigs in the college football world have realized what everyone else on earth has known the whole time: College football needs a playoff system. Beginning in 2014, we will finally get the college football playoff.

Relegation: Why College Football Needs To Embrace Cannibalism

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Relegation: Why College Football Needs To Embrace Cannibalism

Will promotion-relegation ever come to MLS? Who knows. But in a lot of ways it would make even more sense if it came to college football. SB Nation explores the glorious possibilities. Leaves Soccer Out from Its Coverage

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It may have to do with its newest hire, the irrepressible Jim Rome, who has publicly admitted numerous times to not being a fan of Soccer.
It looks like CBS has determined that the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, college football, college basketball, tennis, golf and NASCAR had to be part of its website, but not Soccer.

The 7 Greatest Soccer Movies Of All Time

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Even though soccer is the world's most popular sports, there's a surprising lack of films about the beautiful game. In America, it seems that there are more movies about college football than the soccer variety. But we've combed the video ...

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Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl Events

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Unlike many other bowl games, the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl is about more than just football. On Friday, the teams UCLA and Illinois visited Glide Memorial Church & Kitchen and St. Anthony's Dining Room in San Francisco.

L to R: Sean Sheller, Kai Maiava, Jordan James, Jake Brendel, Brett Hundley, Jay Barlow, Kola Awe and Mike Harris

As six-year volunteer Joan Holland said, "To us these folks are not homeless, they're our guests and we are not a soup kitchen.

Adjusting To The Game

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (Nov 29, 2011) US Soccer Players -- When I was a kid, there was a guy at my church who was the son of a professional baseball player. His dad spent 14 years pitching in the big leagues. The son played major college football and minor league baseball. Obviously, this was of interest to those of us who were into pro sports - meaning every kid I knew.