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You're Cold War Throwback Friday Goals for April 12, 2013

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The Champions Leagues were dominated by teams from Germany, Spain, and Mexico; Baby Kim is saber rattling; and the Iron Lady is gone, time for a throwback to the Cold War edition of your Friday goals.

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You're Cold War Throwback Friday Goals for April 12, 2013

The Zygo Soccer Report at related • 0 views

The Champions Leagues were dominated by teams from Germany, Spain, and Mexico; Baby Kim is saber rattling; and the Iron Lady is gone, time for a throwback to the Cold War edition of your Friday goals.

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Ten years since the Cold War

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I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that tonight is the 10th anniversary of the original Cold War match between the USA and Mexico. It was the first matchday of the 2001 Hexagonal and the USA had experienced a bruising semifinal round that saw them play in the steaming Guatemalan jungle, a hellish Saprissa environment, and a bumpy pitch in Barbados (just 25 minutes away from being eliminated!

Dimitar Berbatov Reveals The Secret Behind His Fine Form

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By Chris Wright

Dimitar Berbatov not a 'weights man'

After enduring two years of resolute indifference from the terraces, Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov (or Flopiflop Flopbaflop, as he was known up until about five weeks ago) has finally started to win people round netting seven goals in six games, and generally beginning to play like a £30 million signing should.

The World Cup In An Hour

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The World Cup In An Hour - History for busy people

A new iPhone / iPad app The World Cup In An Hour has been published. It summarises the history of the FIFA World Cup in just sixty minutes of reading.

As you watch the World Cup this year read the compelling stories of World Cups gone by, from the start in 1930 to today.

The New Jersey way: US soccer's recovery from the Cold War mindset

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by Nick Lichtenberg, writing from New York City


"... the last century has been the era of both American global dominance and soccer's rise as overwhelmingly the most popular sport in the world. And surprisingly, those things haven't really overlapped.

What Ian Watmore’s Resignation Tells Us About The FA

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Eighty days before the World Cup finals and not more than a year after he took the job in the first place, Ian Watmore has quit as the Chief Executive of the Football Association. When Watmore spoke at the Supporters Direct annual conference in Birmingham last October, he didn't inspire a great deal of confidence.

Greatest World Cup Matches: West Germany-East Germany (1974)

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Football is more than just a game: as the "real" world unfolds, football becomes caught up in it, and particular matches have particular political symbolism. One such match was when West Germany played East Germany in the 1974 World Cup.Since the end of WWII the divided Germany had become the main arena for the ongoing Cold War between East and West.

west germany

Germany celebrates unified 20th anniversary

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LEIPZIG, Germany -Â German soccer officials and the sport's European chief Michel Platini on Sunday commemorated the country's 20th anniversary as a reunified soccer team following the end of the Cold War. "I can still remember our international matches against them, most of which we lost," said former France captain and UEFA boss Platini.

What it Took to be a Bundesliga Fan in East Germany

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20 years ago the Berlin Wall fell. Depending on who you ask it was either because of David Hasselhof, an accident or a peaceful revolution of the East German people.

One football fan was particularly looking forward to this event, after cheering on the "wrong" football teams for over two decades.

Philadelphia Inquirer

Two quotes I’m loving today

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This from Freddie Ljungberg (via Joshua Mayers of The Seattle Times): Mayers writes about the ginormous expectations on the SigiSounders this year. Ljungberg knows a little something about pressure from his days at Arsenal, and he knows how best to deal with it. He says the key is creating a game-day routine and sticking with in, whether in a friendly or a massive playoff match.

Not Exactly Mr. Rogers

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Philadelphia Union Head Coach Peter Nowak is known as a task manager, and he speaks to Bob Ford of the Philadelphia Inquirer about what it takes to be successful playing for him.

"We know we're an expansion team and it's not going to be an easy season for us," Nowak said. "But in this league, the difference between the No.

The Rest

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North Korea phiz the United States in an Olympic women's soccer gibe on Tuesday that will cavity the hermit Soviets against the world-wide power it has abominated since they struggled a Cold War struggle six decenniums ago.

Russia and Poland fans fight before match resulting in 10 injuries

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Russia and Poland played out a 1-1 draw in perhaps the most feared match of Euro 2012 from a security standpoint. The two countries have a long history of military invasions and occupations and supporters from both sides seemed intent on continuing those hostile relations. Prior to the match, approximately 100 fans from both sides were involved in various fights around Warsaw, resulting in 56 arrests and 10 injuries.

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Every week during the season, the languagecaster team will explain a football headline that has appeared in the English-speaking press and this week we feature the Russia-Ireland European Championship game.

When Headlines Attack: Galactic Groans

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FC Saturn is so poor they've been forced to relinquish their top-flight status for the upcoming 2011-12 Russian Premier League season. Terrible for them, but one which sent headline writers the world over into a heat.

Options were plentiful, including the space race (FC Saturn Lose Race For Space In RPL, etc), the Cold War umbrella (FC Saturn Frozen Out Of Top Flight, etc) and something about 'succumbing to the moons'.

Boca y River Crisis!!

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Boca and River are going through a really bad phase now... y no hay vuelta atrás. It's almost like Barca and Real or Milan and Inter facing relegation together. Imagine that, spending a lifetime fighting off your enemy only to go down with him! Ah, this is almost like the Cold War.

Legend of Calcio - Toto Schillaci

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Cast your mind back almost two decades, the Cold War was ongoing, Margaret Thatcher was leader of a...

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