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THE STARTING 11: Worst jobs at TFC

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Not the parade Leiweke had in mind Happy Labour Day you wacky labourers. On the day where we appreciate the value of the working man and woman in society/weep giant tears that summer is over, we also take a closer look at local employer/dream killer - Toronto FC. Many of you would surely like to land a job working for your beloved club but before you shine up your resume, take a look at these less-than upwardly mobile BMO Field careers.

THE MATCHUP: "Do you wanna go Fire?!"

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- 98%: Chance that Tim Leiweke's resignation will be involve the word "Argonauts"
- 2%: Chance that Tim Leiweke's successor at MLSE will have any f*cks to give about TFC.

THE STARTING 11: Toronto FC-related CNE Attractions

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Also how TFC chooses managers  Hot dogs are being corned; Judas Priest mirrors are being shined; ice-cream and waffles are about to make sweet, sweet love; and, the Polar Express really wants to go faster! Yes it's time once again for the Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto's annual goodbye to summer/ carny-folk's annual hello to your sister.

THE STARTING 11: Toronto FC-related CNE Attractions

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"Hawk! 11 O'clock! ABORT! ABORT!" For those of you who have been reading this site for the last few years... A) Thank you. B) Seek immediate medical assistance. C) You have been expecting this Starting 11.

It is once again that time of year when ice cream and waffles join in an unholy alliance; men's leather belts are half-price; Def Leppard mirrors have been shined to perfection; and, some of North America's horniest carny-folk are hitting on your sister.

THE STARTING 11: Toronto FC-related CNE attractions

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Cummins, Carver, Preki, Winter and Dasovic - Live at The BandshellEvery year around this time, a long-honoured tradition takes place at Toronto's Exhibition Place. No it's not when Toronto FC is mathematically eliminated form the playoffs (you correct cynics!) but rather the Canadian National Exhibition.

THE STARTING 11: Toronto FC related CNE attractions

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It's that wacky time of year again around BMO Field. Thousands come and go, there's screaming, laughing and crying, all while countless clowns and freakshows entertain for peanuts. No, it's not the MLS Transfer Window - it's the Canadian National Exhibition. Toronto's annual fair to celebrate and showcase the best in fried dough technology, the finest in men's leather belts, Sha Na Na cover bands and amusements "assembled" by some of North America's finest carnies.

AFTER 90 (REPLAY): Lightning strikes twice as Reds lose to Dallas... again

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Electrifying! Unlike TFC's offence.IN THE TUNNEL:
Whatever god, deity or golden calf that MLSE sacrifices virgins to - really, really wants Toronto FC to become CONCACAF Champions. For the second time this year, Great Odin's Beard has caused the skies to turn upside down over BMO Field and wash away a 1-0 deficit in its biblical wake.

THE STARTING 11: Toronto FC-related CNE attractions

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Last one to fall off is TFC's new striker

As the last few hours of August slip away, the signs of summer's end are upon us. Oooh, I've gone all Robert Frost. Alas, (so highbrow!) the first leaves are beginning to fall, the sun is setting that wee bit earlier... and of course Toronto FC is slipping out of the playoff picture.

New England Revolution

THE SOUTH STAND REPORT : Toronto v. New England... or Look a Ferris Wheel!

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Ya know, this was a terrible match.

Top to bottom.

The final score was Toronto 0, New England 3 (Nguyen, Rowe, and son of Canadian Legend Alex Bunbury that shall not be named - that last one really pissed me off), in which the lack of organization in the back field left Bendik hung out to dry all afternoon.

AFTER 90: The bends...

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Sorry for the technical delay friends,

You see, we had a fantastic post-match all ready to go. It had high-end punditry and analysis, special guests from the world of international football, a joke about Danny Dichio's bald undercarriage... basically everything.

However, on the way out of BMO Field we detoured through the FOOD Building at Exhibition Place and this happened.

CNE soggy TFC 1 NE Revs 1

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What am I doing here? It is the Friday night of the last long weekend of the summer and I am sitting in the rain watching the carnival lights beyond the soccer stadium. This puzzled state of mind is only enhanced when within the first minutes of the game Toronto allows New England to score.

THE MATCHUP: Friday Night Blights

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As if the eternally screaming tannoy, ear-cringing racket of promotional thunderstickery, live musical patio cacophony and doofuss-baiting shirt cannons aren't enough to Yankee-fy the TFC "match-day experience" - we have been gifted a Friday night fixture.


No cure for the summertime blues - TFC 2 Timbers 2

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I have been away. I am back.
Summer travel is one of the true joys of life and I am blessed to have a partner who feels the same way as I do. When you go on the right travel adventure, time seems to almost wait for you and you learn to go with the flow of life beyond your workday routine. I would rather be back travelling than struggling with life in Toronto.

Blame it on the Ex - TFC 1 San Jose 1

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I may take a few days to develop a theory that hit me tonight. The problem with TFC is the CNE. I am of baby boomer vintage and can remember when the CNE was the pinnacle of a Toronto summer. It was not just an amusement park, it was a showcase for the latest and the greatest The world has changed and we know that the old CNE has been left behind by Disney this and Universal Studios that.

THE MATCHUP: Deep in the heart of "Ex"as

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Exhibition matchTORONTO (1st) VS. DALLAS (2nd)
- Was TFC's recent upswing a carny trick or is their form closer to the performance put on in Chicago last Sunday?

The Rest

Curses foiled again - Philly 1 Toronto Football Curses 0

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I get upset when people call the team I follow, the team I care and cheer about, a joke. It is the meanest insult to suggest that a layer of comedy falls upon the sincere love that you feel for your team.

However an evil spell is not insulting at all. If anything, it raises the virtue of the fan (and the devoted blogger).

THE STARTING 11: Things overheard at the Aron Winter press conference

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Those are top quality Academy prospects!

There have been few Toronto FC press conferences that have been as momentous as last week's introduction to Aron Winter & Co. There was the club unveiling in 2006, Dwayne De Rosario's signing from Houston, "The Great Mo & Preki Escape" of 2010... Oh, and maybe Jacob Peterson's Amish Hip-Hop album release.