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Wringing Our Hands For Millwall

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Perhaps it is appropriate that, at the end of a week that reminded many of us of the terrible state of English football during the 1980s and how close we came to all being exposed to our civil liberties being dragged through the mud, chewed up and spat back out at us, we were handed a throwback to those times.

Stoke City Supporters 1-0 Greater Manchester Police

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One didn't have to be an anti-capitalist demonstrator to be pretty appalled by the police's behaviour at the recent demonstrations in London. However, considering the curtailments to civil liberties that have been introduced by the government over the last few years it should come as no great surprise to anybody that the police themselves have been taking something of a pick and mix attitude towards which parts of the law they choose to interpret and how they interpret the new laws themselves, or that football supporters should also have found themselves on the wrong end of policing that could at best be described as over-zealous, and at worst as little short of the sort of policing that one sould expect to find in a dictatorship.

football fans

Policing Football Fans: Civil Liberties Or Taking Liberties?

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‘Football fans have been exposed to the type of policing historically that is probably unfair and untargeted. I think it's evolved, I think it's moved on. My football unit police with the best interests of football fans that are around safety and that's our principle driver. It's not you and us at all.

The Sweeper: West Ham and Millwall Return England to the Dark Ages (or so we’re told)

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Millwall - West Ham pitch invasion

Big Story

The big story, of course, is the serious trouble that broke out at the West Ham-Millwall Carling Cup match last night. The disgraceful scenes have brought out all the old chestnuts in the press about English football at home and abroad: perhaps my favourite comes from the USA Today, who under the headline "A bloody bad show for English soccer" lead with "Even by the low standards of English soccer, last night's violence at a soccer match in London was epic.

World Cup

A Bad World Cup For FIFA

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A shocking World Cup for England. Also a bad World Cup for FIFA:

1. They gave us a brand new and much-hyped match ball, the JABULANI, which is supposedly the most 'advanced' football ever. Unfortunately, Every single Jabulani seems to have been BEWITCHED, presumably by some capricious African witch doctor with a hatred for goalkeepers.

Kim Jong-il censors the beautiful game

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North Korean soccer fans likely won't be able to watch much of the World Cup.

Their evil dictator Kim Jong-il is censoring the broadcast from South Africa. No live games will be shown. Only highlight packages from wins, played hours if not days after the fact.

Any losses in the tournament will be ignored by the state-run media.


Courtesy Of His Excellency, the Doctor

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His Excellency, the Doctor was a highwayman, a crook, a human rights abuser and a murderer in the ancient kingdom of Siam. The money that he robbed from the poor of his country was secreted away on private islands of illicit liquidity. When some other highwaymen chased his Excellency from his castle, he decided to buy a sports team in the universal centre that is Manchester.

Quantum World

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A retort to the argument that: "Corrupt African leaders provide a big obstacle to African development".
Sure there are some dreadful leaders in Africa but so there are in Asia and South/Central America (often serving as client regimes of the US and/or business interests). Countries which have an economic value to the First World, in a broad sense, are impacted upon in two ways.

The Rest

NSR: An alternative view of Osama bin Laden's death

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The rant is a bit unbalanced, and I doubt I'd sign my own name under it, but it's a perspective that hasn't gotten a lot of airplay in the last week, so here you go. Via Feministing:

Go ahead, Obama has effectively told his troops in the Senate and the House: Keep going, dear friends Harry Reid AND John Boehner, continue the war on the uninsured, the homeless, the mortgage-foreclosed, Latino migrants, Muslim migrants, GLBT folks, sexually active women.

Blackburn vs Burnley: Time To Burst The Bubble?

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Like many local rivals, Blackburn Rovers and Burnley have more in common than either would care to admit, and the rivalry between the two clubs has the added bonus of rarity value. This weekend, they meet at Ewood Park in the Premier League. It's the first time that they have met in the top flight since the 1965/66 season, and they have only managed a handful of matches against each other in any competition since the early 1980s.

Cronkite, Gang of Six, Phillies, Lincoln, Lindsay Graham an Old Lesbian … and Aztecs

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First, the death of Walter Cronkite brings back so many memories of his voice and presence -- not so much as I was growing up (our household was too chaotic to remember the evening news), but after college. Marking his death throws into bright relief the movement of broadcast journalism from news to entertainment.

Where's the catch....surely there must be a catch

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Tory becomes my new hero....I feel dirty.

David Davis resigns over the 42 day detention

Shadow home secretary David Davis has resigned as an MP.

He is to force a by-election in his Haltemprice and Howden constituency which he will fight on the issue of the new 42-day terror detention limit.