Cindy McCain

Soccer, etc.

Congratulations are Due …

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... to RPE for:

  1. Finishing her thesis; and
  2. Sitting atop our men's bracket!

Oh yeah, and congratulations to West Virginia for upsetting John Calipari's Wildcats ... and to Baylor (for totally screwing up my bracket on the women's side). Ah well, as DaddyCornblog would say .

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

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Okay, yesterday was the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. How amazing to think about that decision on the heels of the recent SCOTUS debacle. So in honor of Roe v. Wade, HollyCornblog suggests that we visit the Angryblackbitch to read her post from yesterday Blog for Choice Not a PLea or a Request but a Demand.

Will It Blend?

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No baseball to report on.  No debate.  I am forced to move to Plan B.  (Don't try this at home.) What brought me to this?  It began with my morning visit to Woot - a site that HollyCornblog turned me onto some years ago. I check it first thing and sometimes find really good deals.  [...]


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Here we go!  As the USWNT soccer news slowly dwindles, the news on the political front picks up.  Here's a link to Michelle Obama's speech from last night (text and video), and here's a link to video and an article with Obama's daughters interacting with (and interrupting) him last night.  And below, a new Obama [.

USWNT v. Canada … 23 Hours and Counting

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Tomorrow at 6AM we'll start the next leg of the Olympic tournament journey. There's not a lot in the way of soccer news in the interim. The WNT Blog is a good place to track the USWNT's travels and preparation for tomorrow's showdown with Canada. An upbeat and determined Canadian squad is [...]SHARETHIS.

Cindy McCain’s Small Plane and Other Wednesday Wrinkles

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Here's Cindy McCain speaking about "the only way to get around in Arizona." (This is way too easy ... I think I'm starting to feel a tad mean-spirited and guilty.) I'll get over it, though. Mark Zeigler writes from San Diego about tonight's USWNT vs. Brazil match-up ... the second this week. On [.

Mo Gets to Hear Abby … and Other Sunday Miscellany!

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Abby Wambach flew to Portland, Maine this past week to be present for the opening ceremonies of the US Youth Soccer Region I Championships. Here's a link to Blog entries by the players and coaches at the tournament. And guess who was there with his team? Our own Morgan, of Final Four Fame! [...]SHARETHIS.