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Blackburn manager Henning Berg storms out of Christmas party after being forced to wear Michael Jackson wig and a stocking on his head

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A reportedly humiliated Henning Berg stormed out of Blackburn's Christmas party after being forced to dance on a stage with a Michael Jackson wig and a stocking on his head. When the DJ asked for volunteers to play some games, a Rovers executive put manager Berg forward. The Norwegian initially threw himself into the role [.

Newcastle United cancel Christmas party out of respect for fans

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Newcastle manager Alan Pardew has revealed that his side's Christmas party has been cancelled following the club's recent poor run of form. Defeat to Manchester City at the weekend left the Magpies just two points above the relegation zone, leading Pardew to play the part of Scrooge and cancel the planned festivities.

Video: Manchester United striker Robin Van Persie sings Glory, Glory Man United

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Robin Van Persie scarcely needs to endear himself to Manchester United supporters. His goalscoring record since his summer switch from Arsenal has ensured he's already beloved at Old Trafford. But just in case there was any doubt, he burst into a rendition of Glory, Glory Man United at the club's Christmas party, which was held [.

Dirk Kuyt: When All Else Fails, Fancy Dress Doesn’t

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Images: KCKRS, Tumblr. We look forward to seeing more photos from Dirk Kuyt's feature in Fenerbahce's magazine so that the inevitable speculation about his attendance at Liverpool's annual fancy dress Christmas party can begin in earnest.

LFC LEGEND: He couldn't handle it at Liverpool, so he had to go...

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A lot of things have changed at Liverpool over the last year and a half, and despite the club currently being embroiled in controversy over the Luis Suarez-Patrice Evra situation, Liverpool legend Alan Kennedy is confident that things will continue to move in the right direction.Speaking at the ex-players Christmas party this week, Kennedy highlighted the things that have changed for the better

AC Milan Turn Up The Style At Christmas Party

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AC Milan recently held a Christmas party (of course, 'Natale' is incredibly important for the land of the Pope!) where players, coaches, staff and sponsors were invited to mingle, eat cheese and look bloody fabulous. Everyone needs to take a leaf out of these smoldering Italians' books.

The most disturbing photo of 2011: Michael Duberry dressed as Princess Leia

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These are not the Dubes you're looking for It's Michael Duberry. But with boobs. It's Michael Booberry. The former Chelsea defender is now plying his trade in League Two with Oxford United, where the Christmas parties are every bit as wild as the Premier League. Well, we're assuming that this was for a Christmas party.

Snapshot: Michael Duberry…Dressed As Princess Leia

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By Chris Wright

Here's something you probably didn't think you were going to see today: Former Chelsea, Leeds, Stoke and Reading centre-half Michael Duberry dressed up as Princess Leia at the Oxford United Christmas Party...

Amazing what you can do with two croissants.

Redknapp bans Spurs players from Christmas parties

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Citing a heavy holiday schedule of four matches in 14 days, Tottenham coach Harry Redknapp has told his players there will be no team Christmas parties. Two years ago, Spurs players drew his ire by staging a team party in Dublin. Manchester City has enjoyed a "fancy-dress" Christmas party and Arsenal's players have been pictured out and about in London.

Graham Poll: Referees turning into Christmas Turkeys?

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Graham Poll: Referees turning into Christmas Turkeys?

It was the referees' Christmas party on Monday.While they were tucking into their turkey dinner, Mark Clattenburg was missing a stonewall penalty at Stamford Bridge. Can a week pass without another poor decision?

Man City Celebrate Chelsea Defeat With Fancy Dress Christmas Party (Photos)

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By Chris Wright

Just a few hours after getting done over by Chelsea at the Bridge, Man City celebrated their Christmas party just down the road at the Anaya nightclub in Mayfair.

Sadly, there were no Azerbaijani cults, Bengal tigers or Dwarf darts on the night just a good ol' fashioned fancy dress theme and, as with most fancy dress parties, some of the guests went all out (Joe Hart, Owen Hargreaves, etc) and some skirted by on bits and bobs nabbed from their kids' bedrooms at the last minute (Edin Dzeko).

Rejoice! Peter Crouch has revived The Robot

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Rejoice! Peter Crouch has revived The Robot

England striker throws shape at Stoke's Christmas party

View the full story here: The Mirror

A news article on 2011-12-07 23:00:40 from: The Mirror

This news item has been reproduced from today's media.

Player profile: Gareth Bale

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Some say he was born to play for Spurs. Others just stand there, jaw to the floor, STILL lost for words as he absolutely burns down the wing, leaving a trail of weary defenders in his wake. And, to think, he used to be a bit rubbish. Signed by Martin Jol ages ago and announced himself with disgracefully good free-kick against Arsenal.

[NSR] 1560 The Game & Klein's Jewelry Christmas Party

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Friday morning will be the annual 1560 The Game & Klein's Jewelry Christmas Party in the parking lot of Klein's. The party starts at 7:00 am and will be at - 6100 Westheimer Suite 108, Houston, TX 77057-4535, and will run till sometime between 10:00 am and noon.

Here's a taste of what will be going on:

Klein's Egg Nog Chug with 1560 The Game from Chance McClain on Vimeo.

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Match preview for Sunday's game coming up later but there are a few things we need to touch on first, one stupid, one sad and one exciting.

The first is the fact the players went out on their traditional Christmas party after being told by Harry Redknapp, their boss, that he didn't want them to.

Jermain Defoe: Confused & In Costume

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Jermain vowed to read his invitations a little more carefully next time. Mixing up the dates of a charity Christmas party at Downing Street and the ‘Lady Gaga' themed Spurs Xmas bash was bad enough. But in front of the Chancellor of the Exchequer? He was going to have to think fast.

Tevez hands in transfer request

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MANCHESTER. England Carlos Tevez has filed a written request for a transfer from Manchester City according to British media reports on Saturday. The British Press Association says it confirmed the move, even though Tevez and the club have made no official announcement. Since his controversial move from Manchester United 18 months ago, Tevez has [.

Tevez hands in transfer request

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MANCHESTER. England Carlos Tevez has filed a written request for a transfer from Manchester City according to British media reports on Saturday. The British Press Association says it confirmed the move, even though Tevez and the club have made no official announcement. Since his controversial move from Manchester United 18 months ago, Tevez has [.

Coleen Rooney & Other Northern WAGs Attend Some Christmas Party In Liverpool (Photos)

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By WAG Watcher

Wazza's WAG was the star turn at the Cricket boutique Christmas party. Alex Curran (Stevie G) also turned up, and some other, lesser WAGs too...

â—„ Back Next â–º Picture 1 of 7

Alex Curran, WAG of Stevie G

English Premier League

Should Barton still be allowed to play?

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QPR captain Joey Barton's future has been yet again thrown into doubt following a brawl outside a Liverpool nightclub on 4 June.

The fight, which involved Barton and two other men has led to QPR launching an investigation into the incident and saw Barton arrested for his involvement in the scuffle.

Arsenal FC: A Primer On The Podolskis

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Image via facebook.

News today of Lukas Podolski heading Arsenal's way this summer means all Gunners fans should get ready to welcome a new golden footie couple on their premises.

If you're new to the Kickette scene, brush up on your need-to-know-now facts about each half of this happily married pair after the jump.

WAG Watch: Everyone vs Jenny Vampire

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WAGs who aren't attached to this story attend the Cricket Christmas party, Liverpool, UK. 08/12/2010. Image:Â BIGPICTURESPHOTO.COM.

Manchester United, Man City, Liverpool and Everton WAGs have beef with Jennifer Thompson of Mario Balotelli and Wayne Rooney tell-all fame and nouveau riche glory.

Good Week/Bad Week: Buffoonery & Bitchfacing

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Don't be misled, people. Despite Marco Borriello's innovative approach to legwear, Roma's Christmas party was not fancy dress. Luckily, other players performed marginally better in the fash stakes, as you can see here. Image via tumblr.

The party spirit has certainly overwhelmed Marco Borriello in this photo, and we must confess to spending a little too much time practicing for our own 'do this week, too.

Good Week/Bad Week: Reporting Live From Our Bunker

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Click here to view the embedded video.

via dirtytackle.

What a week it's been, Kickettes! We'd barely crawled out from beneath the Weekend Results wreckage before our career choices suffered another brutal assault, The Ramos™ unleashed his 'naughty boy' and Boca blew away the competition in the Pepsi Max Pose-Off.

The Sizzle Query: Men In Make-Up

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Guyliner: what's your take on Adrian Mutu's inner-eye rim job?

We might encourage the impression that we're hardened harridans who, when not falling-over-drunk, can usually be  found criticising some poor individual's dress sense, but we are actually quite tolerant. Quite frankly, we don't care whether you're male or female, play for Real Madrid or Rotherham United, as long as you rock an individual style and look sexy while doing it, we don't give a crap.

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There comes a time in a footballers life when he must put his feet up and take a rest. Usually, this happens when they turn 35 , but for some, there resting is done between the 1st and 70th minute of a game and if they are lucky, the whole 90 minutes plus stoppages...I'm talking, of course, about bench-warmers.

Manchester United: Festive and Charitable

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Manchester United's Nemanja Vidic, Ben Amos, and Bébé do their best supermodel sidewalk struts on their way to the team's holiday party Monday night. Please zoom in on Ben's t-shirt. We're dying.

Manchester United could not possibly let the festive period go by without imbibing some liquid cheer.

Chelsea FC: Hospital Holiday Cheer

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Images copyright Chelsea FC

Lampsy! Singing Christmas carols! We've missed him so much! Our holiday cheer has hit new heights! We can't stop using exclamation points!

As we mentioned yesterday, we love seeing our favourite footballers getting out and doing their holiday charity events.


Style-Off: The Cricket Christmas Party

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Are your Louboutins hung by the chimney with care? Have you already gotten so wasted at your office holiday party that you've had to quit your job in shame? Have you opened all of the gifts with your name on them and then re-wrapped them so no one knows about it? Then you are ready for Christmas, dear Kickettes.

Style Off: WAGs At Cricket’s Christmas Party

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Much like it is every year, the Cricket boutique Christmas party was a veritable WAGstravaganza (see what we did there? Forgive us. It's almost Friday.)

WAGs from all across the Northwest put on the finest and smallest articles of clothing they could find in stock at Cricket, bulk-bought some Nurofen for the morning after, did some lunges and headed out to the Olive Press restaurant in Liverpool to drink the bar dry and enjoy their fabulousness and such.

old trafford

United launch Phil Jones action figure… or is it Mr Potato Head?

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United launch Phil Jones action figure... or is it Mr Potato Head?

Stoke v Spurs was exciting.. but there's no call for that, lino! The week's daftest football quotes, plus Howard Webb stars in textbook Wayne Rooney has revealed that Phil Jones' nickname in the Manchester United dressing room is Glen Quagmire, after the Family Guy character.

Abramovich rips up his empire and begins from scratch at Chelsea

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The Goodison Park stairwell where Carlo Ancelotti was reportedly sacked is a warm and friendly part of the ground, where veteran doormen in blazers exchange pleasantries with old school Evertonians and Bill Kenwright, the club's chairman, floats through dispensing bonhomie.

It is a place, in other words, of decorum and permanence and not the kind of area where a thoroughly capable manager would expect to be dispatched moments after being allowed to say, in a post-match press conference, that a meeting would be held next week to discuss his future.

Manchester City

Mario Balotelli Forced To Escape House Fire After Setting His Bathroom Ablaze With Fireworks

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By Chris Wright

That's right another week, another 'Mario Balotelli nearly kills himself/someone else' story.

Apparently Balotelli and four of his dumbest friends were forced to bid a hasty escape from his house in the wee small hours of Saturday morning after a perfectly harmless game of 'let's light fireworks in the bathroom' went catastrophically awry.

10 Things That Could Go Horribly Wrong At Mario Balotelli’s Christmas Party

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By Greg Evans

According to the Metro among others, as Man City's leading example of austerity and demure sophistication, 'Mario Balotelli: Party Liaison' has stepped forward and duly volunteered himself to organise Man City's Christmas shindig this year.

"Ooh, ooh!

The Rest

Kickette Catch Up: Your Holiday Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet

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Stephen Ireland wouldn't dare forget to bring his snakeskin pants to Ronaldinho's next pyjama party...would he?

If you think this is good, just wait.

It gets better.


- We offered our steamiest congrats to Barcelona's Victor Valdes, who received the Catalan Athlete of the year award.

"The Gents" with Stan Bentley - "Care for her, pamper her and listen to her needs"

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ÿWelcome to "The Gents" with Stan Bentley - The Yorkies' regular advice column for our valued readers. Bring your modern day problems and have them answered by the most valued voice - a 1950's journeyman footballer. "Back of the net!"
Hi Stan,
I have to attend a Christmas party this week but I have a problem.

Sydney FC: Bubbas, Ballers & A Sprinkling Of Santa Side-Eye

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Michael Beauchamp and Aiden meet Santa. Note the 'Fernando' hold is being employed by Michael there an increasingly popular and stylish mode of transport for young men and women. Image:Â Mark Kolbe/Getty Images AsiaPac.

Alright, so it's not the end of the season, but when was the last time we missed an opportunity to publish pictures of footballers and their delicious offspring?

Serie A Sister: Calcio and Christmas Cheer, A Winning Combination!

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All across the Serie A, 'tis the season! The holiday season is in full swing – and throughout the Italian peninsula, Serie A clubs have indulged in some very special celebrations. Here's a random sampling of all the Christmas cheer.

The Napoli boys participated in a rather interesting photo shoot, the product of which will serve as next year's annual calendar.

QPR Report Saturday - Watford Match Reports and Comments Compilation...Warnock's Weekly Views

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- For QPR and Football Updates and perspectives throughout the day, visit the QPR Report Messageboard. All QPR and football perspective welcome...Also Follow: QPR REPORT ON TWITTER

- Five Year Flashback: Danny Graham Almost Joins QPR

- Year Flashback: "Cloud of Confusion at Loftus Road"

- One Year Flashback: Jim Magilton Suspended (Before being Axed)

Neil Warnock/Independent - What I Learnt This Week

Neil Warnock: Now our unbeaten run has gone I've told the lads to enjoy their Christmas do, they've earned it

Obviously we lost our unbeaten run last night against Watford and, in truth, it could have been 10-1 not 3-1 but for Paddy Kenny.

Das Falsche Konsültant Journal: Day Thirtyfünf - Who ist mein Secret Santa?

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8 AM: Awoken by hausfrau using der vacüumen pipe und kitty kat best friend Karl-Heinz gently licking mein face. Sweet fuzzy dude! Must arise, expecting interrogation from Kanadian televsie journalistiche Jërry Daubsen und his sidekicken, Ipswich Town legend Craig Blackforrest.