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Ochocinco Playing For The Crew? No Thanks.

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As some of you may have heard, Cincinnati Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco was on FSC's Soccer Talk Live recently where he stated his desire to play pro soccer, maybe as early as next season. He even went so far as to compare himself to Didier Drogba. When asked about his foot speed, Chad said that there "is not one person in soccer right now who would beat me running," including FC Barcelona's Lionel Messi.

A Tour of Columbus With Danny O’Rourke

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And now a word from Columbus Crew Uitility man, and '09 Crew Player of the Year, Danny O'Rourke. I'd like to thank Danny for taking three months to get back to me, and also for taking time out of his busy schedule to write. As anyone who has ever stared at a blank pad of paper knows, writing something coherent to a broad audience is a daunting task.

Columbus 2-0 Toronto FC

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Winless in ten games. Undefeated in ten games. No matter how you look at it the Columbus Crew owns Toronto FC.

13,536 fans converged on Crew Stadium yesterday to witness the most recent Canadian beatdown, including about a hundred canucks who nearly set the stands on fire with road flares late in the game.

Live SuperDraft Commentary

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Good afternoon (or late morning to those west-coasters out there). Lots of interesting developments to get into before the draft starts. Feel free to pipe in your comments as the draft goes on. First things first.... From what I am hearing, KC is set to draft Chance Myers with the first overall pick.

Team News

Stay Classy TFC

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And now, for your viewing pleasure, I present video of Toronto fans trying to burn down our stadium. The best part about this work of cinematic art is the fact that is was posted by a Canuck so that his buddies can be more easily identified for arrest. The worst part is the soundtrack (hey, canada, 1999 called, they want Puffdaddy back).

T-Minus Four Days

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The Columbus Crew finalized their roster today, falling in compliance with the 24-man limit set forth by the newly agreed upon CBA.

The team has signed fourth round draft pick Othaniel Yanez, a defensive midfielder from the Univeristy of Louisville. Bright Dike, Kevin Burns, and Cory Elenio were all shown the door.

CD Toluca 3 – Columbus 2 CONCACAF Champions League

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Well, that's it for the Crew in Champions League play.

They came out fighting, they scored goals, they were scrappy. They made mental mistakes.

Toluca scored 3 goals, but none were from the run of play. The first was a PK, the second and third were both free kicks (from the same spot).

Columbus 2-2 CD Toluca CONCACAF Champions League

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You can count us down, but you can't count us out.

Last night The House that Lamar Built was invaded by a Mexican army. CD Toluca, and probably a thousand of their red-wearing supporters, came into our place thinking they were going to have the run of the joint. For 45 minutes, they were right.

Champions League Eve

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As I sit and type this, and as sun shines outside, there is a team in red practicing on our field at Crew Stadium. That team is Toluca, and they are preparing themselves for the opening leg of their CONCACAF Champions League series with our beloved Columbus Crew.

It's been a long offseason, and though it's not quite over yet, tomorrow marks the beginning of its end.


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Ten Things for 2010

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Ok, so Twenty Ten is fast approaching and with it will come all of the resolutions and hopes and fears of every new beginning. In the world of sports, entering a new year is akin to setting off on a quest to climb Everest: It's a monumental undertaking that requires a detailed plan of attack, all of the right equipment, top physical readiness, and a sherpa who is ready for anything at any time.

An Introduction is In Order

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Hello all.

I'm Chris, the new guy in town. Kristina and I are going to split the duties around here, with her doing mostly previews and me doing mostly wrap-ups. Two heads are better than one, right?

A little about me: I'm 27, blonde hair, blue eyes, and kinda tall. I like reading, writing, long walks in the park (with girls), imported beers, and above all The Columbus Crew.


Manchester United sign Chris Smalling from Fulham

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United has completed the signing of defender Chris Smalling on a 4 year deal worth £12 million. This deal is bringing to belief that Nemanja Vidic will be leaving in the summer. Ferguson is refusing to answer to such claims, although, with Johnny Evans already established as back-up to Vidic and Rio Ferdinand, something's got to give if Smalling is to make any true contribution during his debut season.

No One to be No.1: England’s Goalkeeping Dilemma

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They Think It's All Over... is envious of the strength in depth that Spain possess and takes an in depth look at what is holding back the development of English goalkeepers in comparison.

The Rest

Chris: Does Wenger really need to spend fortunes this summer?

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Is a shiny-new show pony really what we need? asks Chris Pryke Benzema, Melo, Chiellini? Reina? Ronaldinho?! The likelihood of these exotic talents landing in North London to take up Thierry's mantle and sweep Arsenal to a new age of CL glitz and PL glamour seems slimmer than the supermodel girlfriends of these showponies.

Photos from the first Union match at PPL Park

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Team picture before the game.

Union walk out onto the field.

Goalkeeper Chris Seitz looking at the ball.

Alejandro Moreno #15 of the Union and Leonardo González #19 of the Sounders FC fight for the ball

Sons of Ben celebrates during the game.

We Settle This Tomorrow

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The Yanks Are Coming!

After nearly six months of speculating, trash talking, wagering, and pontificating, tommorrow afternoon we will finally get to witness what may very well be the most important battle between the British and the Colonists since Bunker Hill. We all know that the first time a shot was heard "round the world" it was fired by an American in Massachusetts, let's hope that the second time a single shot stuns the Brits it comes off the foot of an American in South Africa.

Newcastle Jets 3-2 Wellington Phoenix: Match Reaction

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They Think It's All Over... reacts to Wellington Phoenix's disappointing opening game defeat to Newcastle in upbeat fashion.