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Engine Company: Who The F#*k is D.C. United? – Answered

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To experience the joys of supporter cultureby-proxy OTFcontributor Jacob Peters provides us some backgroundon Fire history, rivalries, and some footnotes onhow to effectively criticize, troll, and generally enjoy Fire games. Next up,Saturday's awaymatch-up against D.

Engine Company: America’s Hat – A Tale of Chicago’s Evil Canadian Twin

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Seeing The Men in Red play at home is really just half the fun, but notall Fire fans are able to see them anywhere else. To experience the joys of anAway Game by proxy, OTFcontributor Jacob Peters provides us some backgroundon Fire supportergroup history on-the-road, established rivalries, and some footnotes onhow to effectively criticize, troll, and generally enjoy Fire away games.

Engine Company: Revscum

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To experience the joys of supporter culture by-proxy OTF contributor Jacob Peters provides us some background on Fire history, rivalries, and some footnotes on how to effectively criticize, troll, and generally enjoy Fire games. Next up, Saturday's home match-up against our most frequent playoff opponent, the Boston Providence Foxboro Foxborough New England Revolution.

Who Is The Next Chicago Fire Coach?

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Does Fire GM Nelson Rodriguez's upcoming coaching decision dwarf the rest on the organization's needs?

New Chicago Fire General Manager Nelson Rodriguez speaks to the press for the first time officially thisSunday. Media speculatesthat a great deal of this conversation revolves around choosing a coach for the 2015 season.

PRIME YOUR FIRE PUMP: Chicago Fire vs. Philadelphia Union

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Early season race to the bottom in store for Sunday

OTF'sJon Denham returns to get you ready for the first Eastern Conference fixture of 2015...

Come on, you men in red!

Quite literally, that is. Come ON. You. Men In Red.

I have not seen a distinct lack of effort so far in 2015.

Prime Your Fire Pump: Chicago Fire at Toronto FC #2

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"That hunger to be out there and play is what I'm all about." ~Robert Earnshaw, on what he brings to CF97.Don't tell me, show me, Robert.

OTF's Jon Denham gets you ready for Saturday's action north of the border, while The Yorkies return withan Earnshaw scouting report...

The wheels keep spinning for the Chicago Fire.

Prime Your Fire Pump: Chicago Fire at San Jose Earthquakes

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Frank Yallop returns to San Jose tonight. (

OTF's Jon Denham wonders if Frank Yallop thought he'd be sitting on three wins when he returned to San Jose...

I'm fairly certain Frank Yallop circled July 23rd on his imaginary calendar when he saw this year's schedule.

Prime Your Fire Pump: Chicago Fire at New England Revolution #2

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Can the Fire snatch another draw from the hands of victory or defeat? (Getty Images)

OTF's Jon Denham welcomes UC Santa Cruz Banana Slug Matthew Fondy to the roster in the form of a letter, and Seth Macomber of The Bent Musket explains why he prefers the Revolution score first...

With the summer schedule in full swing, Chicago Fire, now semifinalists in the U.

Chicago Fire

Fire Get the Job Done in Home Opener vs RSL

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(photo courtesy

The Chicago Fire won't win awards for stylish soccer after their first two matches of the 2017 campaign, but there are plenty of indications that they are on the right path. Their 2:0 win on Saturday over Real Salt Lake at Toyota Park was built on pragmatism, hard work, and taking advantage of opportunity.

OTF Boot Room #1

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Welcome to the Boot Room.

Way back in the nineties, I worked my way through undergrad as an equipment manager for Illinois State's football (the other football) team. When I wasn't on the practice field or traveling around the country to away games, I spent most of my time working in the equipment room.

OTF Roundtable: One Prediction

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The "OriginalRecipe" OTF Roundtable returns. Preseasonpracticehas begun,the team looksconsiderably younger and(dare wesay it), there are even some signs of hope. Evensome of OTF'sperma-skeptics may be coming around to the team ... maybe.

Today's roundtable question:

What is one prediction about the 2016Fire season that you aresure will come true?

The Black Out Continues: Chicago Fire Supporters to Stay in Black

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(via Twitter)

After this weekend's activitiesfriend of OTF, Mr.Marty Tomszak, brings you a soulful message of protest...

Dearest Fire Family,

Congratulations on a successful Black Out! If you need help gauging whether or not this is the case, you simply have to look at the ferocity with which Monterrey Security tore up the black banner as it made its way into the Club STH sections near Owner and Chairman Andy Hauptman's box.

Podcast: Talking #90MinuteTailgate, #BlackoutCF97 & Why

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Click on the image above to listen. Thanks again to @PortlandTimbros for their interest.

#BlackOutCF97: An Open Letter for Action

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OTF friend Marty Tomszak brings you a soulful message of protest...

Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of being surrounded by a wonderful group of people on a bus ride to Philadelphia for Chicago Fire's US Open Cup semifinal against the Philadelphia Union. It wasn't my first S8OT trip (and it won't be my last), but it was certainly one of the most memorable.

The #90MinuteTailgate: A Cathartic Plea

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Under the where they drew some blood.

OTF Founder Scott Fenwick returns with a message for Chicago Fire fans, as well as a few things he's been wanting to get off his chest...

Let's get a few items out of the way before we proceed. Call them ‘advisories.

The First Fan: Reflections on 10 Years Without Peter Wilt

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Ten years ago last week, news broke that thefirst President and General Manager of the Chicago Fire was leaving the club. DespiteWilt's departure from Major League Soccer, his influence in the North American game remains.

In an age of "Circle the Wagon" franchise mentality,Wilt is a champion of fan culture, corporate accessibility, andorganizational transparency.

Prime Your Fire Pump: Chicago Fire at Los Angeles Galaxy

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Allow me to reintroduce myself...

OTF Match Previews return for the start of the 2015 campaign. Jon Denham wants you to take in tonight's left coast opener with an open mind...

There's never more optimism in sports than the day a season officially begins.

15 Things that Happened During the Chicago Fire Offseason.

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In case you've been hibernating (and I don't blame you), youmissed a lot of Chicago Fire and MLS news since The Galaxy won a sloppy yawner of an MLS Cup last November. Well, todayisyour lucky day.

Before the season starts (or, you know, doesn't), someOTF Soccer editorscompiledwhat wethoughtwere the top fifteenstories you may have missed if you'vehaven't been paying attention.

OTF Roundtable: Chicago Fire Week 19

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It's unanimous. Harry is Most Outstanding (

OTF Roundtablers break out their grade books and embark upon a mid-term review...

17 games in and Chicago Fire sits at 3-4-10, eighth place in the MLS Eastern Conference, and a mere four points off the thin red playoff line.

OTF Rountable: Chicago Fire Week 18

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Sean J under siege in KC (

Play for the draw? It's a mixed bag from the Roundtable this week...

To begin on a positive note, well done to the Men in Red for their 3-1 victory in Atlanta over the Silverbacks on Wednesday night in U.S. Open Cup play.

Ernest Hemingway’s Game Recap: No Passion in Kansas City

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Papa explaining why draws are bullshit. (photo:

A frustrating day in Kansas City, but any day at the fights is a good one for Ernest Hemingway. OTF's Nick Fox has the latest dispatch from Papa...

We were sitting in the blue stands on the north bank of the arena and I was already tired of Cohn.

Prime Your Fire Pump: Chicago at Sporting Kansas City

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Come on der guys.
(NBC Sports)

OTF's Brendan Carrrevisitsthe roster, the standings, and the injury list, while Mike Kuhn tells tales of rough days past in Kansas City...

This has been another interesting week to say the least, Fire fans. We're all frustrated but we must push on.

OTF Roundtable: Chicago Fire Week 17

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La Pantera le gusta la Copa Abierta de EE. UU. (

The OTF Roundtable is back to ponder the future...

Well, the Fire returns to MLS action this week. Not sure how you feel about this. For me, your gluttonous (for punishment) editor, it's kinda like, "Yawn."

Anyway, we'll do our job like good soldiers, I guess.

Prime Your Fire Pump: Chicago vs. Toronto FC

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New year, new you. That goes for both Mike Magee and Toronto FC (

OTF's Jon Denhamrevisits the roster, the standings, and the injury list while Tony Walsh of the Yorkies celebrates North America Day!

Where should we start, faithful Fire fans? Priming your Fire pump may seem difficult right now, but I'll get you there.

Chicago Fire Power Rankings: MLS Round 14

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Obi Wan Shippobi (photo:

Each week, OTF Editor Scott Fenwick visits with the MLS pundits to see how they rate and rank our Men in Red...

PLAY THE MUSIC. Aggregate = 16.2/19 ( -0.5 from last week) ESPN FC (15)

"The Fire made a game of it, but ultimately fell to the Sounders at home in Bridgeview.

Chicago Fire Match Reviews

Fire and Crew Share the Points in Opening Game Tug-of-War

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Both the Chicago Fire and Columbus Crew come into 2017 looking to turn a page and forget about their respective dismal 2016 campaigns. They squared off on Saturday at MAPFRE Stadium in the season opener on a chilly afternoon and battled to a 1:1 draw. Based on the soccer on display it's unlikely that either side learned much about whether 2017 will bring more joy than 2016 did, but both teams have a lot of work ahead if they want to be competitive.

Fire Put Crushing Blow on Montreal Impact

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(via MLS)

The Chicago Fire put on a display of powerful attacking capability en route to a 3:0 demolition of the Montreal Impact on Saturday. The soggy, miserable conditions at Toyota Park seemed to have a bigger effect on Montreal than on the home side. The Impact looked ready to pack it in by halftime.

Chicago Fire are World Beaters… For a Half

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Emotional Faces! (via MLS)

The Chicago Fire uncorked their attacking power when they took on New York City FC on Friday at Yankee Stadium and were 2:0 up before a half hour had elapsed. But fundamental defensive errors at the most crucial moments proved costly, as NYC conjured goals in stoppage time of both halves and salvaged a point that they had no business winning.

Dispatch: Chicago Fire (1) – San Jose Earthquakes (2)

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Coach Frank Yallop gives the Fire's 2-1 loss75% of athumbs up. (Via

James Vlahakis' review of the Fire's 2-1 loss to San Jose isan exercise in restrained rage.

This was a match that will stick out in the memories of the Fire faithful.

Major League Soccer

Depth Charge: Positional Battles After First Preseason Game

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Give us fuel, give us Fire, give us depth which we desire. (photo via YoDesportes)

Preseason has started for your 2016 Chicago Fire. Prior to tomorrow's friendly against fellow basement-buddy Philadelphia Union, we wanted to look at the depth chart battles going on.

Because a lot of the team's existing and big-purchase talent havejustjoined camp, the convincing (if tepid) 3-0 win over the University of South Florida on Saturday is not really going to help anyone figure out what Chicago will ultimately look and play like.

Are the Chicago Fire Cheap?

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Cheap is a loadedword.

Let's re-phrase the headline:Do the Chicago Fire spend less than other teams? That's an easy answer. The answer is "no." Based on this Forbes article that outlines MLS Spending Habits, they actually spend a whole bunchmorethan most MLS Franchises.

Bum Fights at the Blackjack Table: Chicago Plays Philly in Back-to-Back Shrug Off

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Try, Try Again. (via

In case youhaven't successfullysifted through U.S. Open Cup game date information (info whichMajor League Soccerhas little incentiveto promote), theChicago Fire are meeting fellow cellar dwellingPhiladelphia Union in a semi-final match tomorrow,Wednesday 8/12.

nelson rodriguez

Chicago Fire Offseason Player Movement

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Ironically, things move so slowly sometimes that itishard to see what's happening. Aside from the wheeling and dealing on Draft Day, there was considerable movement on the Fire roster so far in the offseason...

Here's all the official player movement that hasoccurred sinceOctober 24ththrough January 27th in handy GIF form.

Maths Apology: Which 2015 Fire Players Earned Their Salaries?

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Chicago sheda lotof player contracts last week as new GM Nelson Rodriguez and new coach Veljko Paunovoic freed up as many dollars as possible for the upcoming MLS postseason scramble.

As Phase One of theRe-Entry draft begins it's worth taking a look at how the2015 Fire performed in context totheir MLS salaries.

OTF Roundtable: Frank Yallop Out, Nelson Rodriguez In

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Via Mitch Peacock

Wow. That happened quick.

Quicker than we were able get to Home Depot for some new pitchforks and lanterns, the Chicago Fire organizationborrowed some fromtheBridgeview Grounds Crew and did it themselves, (maybe). As of Sunday afternoon Technical Director and Head Coach FrankYallop is out (along with his coaching staff), and Owner Andrew Hauptman has installed a General Manager with some serious league chops Nelson Rodriguez.

Chicago Fire Fluff

The Cold Head and Warm Heart of Veljko Paunovic

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Chicago Fire's new General Manager Nelson Rodriguez doubled-down on his staff cleansingby announcing the organization's new coach, Veljko Paunoviclast week.

Calling Veljko Paunovic an "outside" choice is an understatement, as most media and local soccer followers tracking the Front Office's progress (and perhaps thinking they had insider info) rattled off considerably long lists of potential candidates none of which included the 37-year old who coached Serbia to a u20 World Cup victory this summer.

@Jvlaha’s Monday Musings – Episode II

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Here's my latest "Monday Musings"contribution on various topics: a weekend without the Fire; #scrimmagegate; fitness; Aston Villa vs. Liverpool; Wrigley Field and "Tweets of the Week."

Part 1, What's a Fire Fan to Do Without a Fire Game?

With the Fire not playing this weekend, what's a Fire fan to do?

The Rest

OTF Roundtable: What to Make of Hunter Jumper’s Chicago Fire Criticism

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In caseyou've decided to swear off the #CF97 hashtag for the rest of the year, you missed a (*ahem*)FireStorm earlier this week whenformer Chicago Fire defender Hunter Jumper was tweeting for HOURS about the Fire organization.Most of Jumper's Tweets are still up if you want to track back.

8/22/15: Fire Fans’ Action Plan

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We're expressin' with our full capabilities...

On Saturday, August 22nd, at Toyota Park, a collaborative effort among supporters and fans will express their disappointment and discontent with the current state of Chicago Fire Soccer Club. Read on for a detailed schedule of activities and action.

Saints’ March: St Louis FC Gets Production From Locals and Loanees

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STL FC's Patrick Doody (on loan from Chicago Fire)

Absence makes the heart grow fonder—Matthew Bird checks in on Saint Louis FC after a bye week as Chicago Fire loaneesand StL locals make their mark.

Been awhile since I last updated on what's been going on down here in sunny Saint Louis, We've had three games and a bye week.