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Unbeaten Run Reaches an Incredible 9 Matches

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It was a night of visceral dominance on Saturday at Toyota Park by a Chicago Fire side that came out hungry and did not stop until visiting Orlando City SC had been beaten to a pulp. No Fire player was more dominant than winger David Accam, who scored three times, to go along with an assist in a 4:0 rout.

Fire Hang On For Massive Road Win

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There are times in a soccer match when scoring a goal can destroy the motivation for an opponent to mount a comeback. The New England Revolution were that team on Saturday shortly after Luis Solignac put the visiting Fire 2:0 up in the 61st minute. It was the kind of authoritative strike that resulted in the Revs looking like they were ready to pack it in.

Fire and Crew Share the Points in Opening Game Tug-of-War

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Both the Chicago Fire and Columbus Crew come into 2017 looking to turn a page and forget about their respective dismal 2016 campaigns. They squared off on Saturday at MAPFRE Stadium in the season opener on a chilly afternoon and battled to a 1:1 draw. Based on the soccer on display it's unlikely that either side learned much about whether 2017 will bring more joy than 2016 did, but both teams have a lot of work ahead if they want to be competitive.

Fire Put Crushing Blow on Montreal Impact

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The Chicago Fire put on a display of powerful attacking capability en route to a 3:0 demolition of the Montreal Impact on Saturday. The soggy, miserable conditions at Toyota Park seemed to have a bigger effect on Montreal than on the home side. The Impact looked ready to pack it in by halftime.

Chicago Fire are World Beaters… For a Half

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Emotional Faces! (via MLS)

The Chicago Fire uncorked their attacking power when they took on New York City FC on Friday at Yankee Stadium and were 2:0 up before a half hour had elapsed. But fundamental defensive errors at the most crucial moments proved costly, as NYC conjured goals in stoppage time of both halves and salvaged a point that they had no business winning.

Dispatch: Chicago Fire (1) – San Jose Earthquakes (2)

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Coach Frank Yallop gives the Fire's 2-1 loss75% of athumbs up. (Via

James Vlahakis' review of the Fire's 2-1 loss to San Jose isan exercise in restrained rage.

This was a match that will stick out in the memories of the Fire faithful.

Chicago Fire

Nine-Man Orlando Keep Fire in Check

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The Chicago Fire had a superb opportunity to grab three very valuable away points on Sunday night, but failed to find a way to break down a closely packed Orlando City defense and had to settle for a share of the spoils after a 0:0 draw. The home side went down to ten men when Rafael Ramos was sent off in the 26th minute after a clash with Brandon Vincent.

Fire Get the Job Done in Home Opener vs RSL

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The Chicago Fire won't win awards for stylish soccer after their first two matches of the 2017 campaign, but there are plenty of indications that they are on the right path. Their 2:0 win on Saturday over Real Salt Lake at Toyota Park was built on pragmatism, hard work, and taking advantage of opportunity.

Resilient Fire Defeat Red Bulls… So You’re Telling Me There’s a Chance

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Good times. (via Soccer By Ives)

There was a point, eons ago, whenOTF covered on-field soccer events in addition to domestic soccer culture. ...This is one of those posts.

Witnessed onthe field last nightwasthe kind of grit, resiliency, and determination that Fire Supporters hadbeen hoping to see the wholeseason but rarely had.

Fire Attack Out of Ideas, Out of Cup

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The story that played out at PPL Park on Wednesday night was depressingly similar to the story that has been on display all season for the Chicago Fire. The Fire offense was missing a beginning, middle and end, so it was only a matter of time before the Philadelphia Union, no less feeble in attack than the Fire, would find the goal that would propel them to their second US Open Cup Final in as many years.

Inward and Upward: Chicago Fire Quash their Seattle Jinx in a Season Saver

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Jason Johnson rewards Frank Yallop with effort, a goal, and abighug. (photo via

"Winning Cures All Ills" may be a cliche, but it's never seemed more applicable than this weekend atToyota Park.DespiteSection 8's "bannergate,"Head Coach Frank Yallop's job security, "#HauptmanOut," injury troubles, transfer window scrutiny, and Bridgeview finances,all anyone wouldtake away fromSaturday was the spark provided by a rejuvenated Mike Magee, Patrick Nyarko, and Michael Stephens and the clutchfinishingof Jason Johnson that delivered the Chicago Fire their first victory over the Seattle Sounders ever.

Dispatch: Chicago Fire (0) at Los Angeles Galaxy (2)

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Robbie Keane welcomes primetime MLS television viewers to the 2015 season.

It's too late to say anything overly positive or overly critical, so OTF's Brian Howe Battle does both.

"Yallop was once asked if he might be tempted to roll out a 4-3-3 and he replied, wryly, 'You can call it whatever you like, but you already know what it will be.

Draw of Draws: Chicago Fire (3) vs. DC United (3)

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Fire players celebrate winning the drawing the drawing-games record cup (

OTF's Alex White reaches conclusions and paints you a picture of the Fire's latest you-know-what...

For their 16th draw of the year, to tie the single-season record, at least the Fire had the good grace to make it an eventful game.

Postmortem: Chicago Fire (0) at Montreal Impact (1)

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Red vs Blue, the Battle for the Bottom (Photo Chicago Fire)

OTF contributor Daniel Casey demands an attitude adjustment after Chicago Fire's 1-0 loss to Montreal Impact...

Nothing about this Chicago Fire team merits comment. Not one of the players on the pitch deserves to have any notice taken of them; they have played themselves into inconsequence.

Dispatch from the Abyss: Chicago Fire (1) vs. Columbus Crew (1)

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Mad Mike: The Penalty Scorerer (

In the post-apocalyptic wasteland known as The Bridge View, the Chicago Fire is incapable of anything except draws, and OTF's Alex White is losing it...

Like most descents into madness, it all started reasonably enough. After last game's clean sheet, coach Frank Yallop elected to continue sacrificing offensive fire-power (personified by rookie Harrison Shipp) for a defensive set-up that achieved an elusive feat of not-bottling-things.

Dispatch: Chicago Fire (0) vs. Vancouver Whitecaps (0)

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OTF's Brian Howe Battle runs out of bad things to say about the Chicago Fire's impressionof a soccer team

While Kansas City made a bold move earlier this week to become "Soccertown USA," the Vancouver Whitecaps and Chicago Fire continue to fightfor the title"King of the Draw.

Postmortem: Chicago Fire (1) at San Jose Earthquakes (5)

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Mike Magee in yet another middling-to-poor performance (Photo: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY)

OTF contributor Daniel Casey asks "Then why are your having fun for?" after a 5-1 loss to San Jose...

A postmatch should have analysis and critique, calling out the poor and highlighting the well played.

Dispatch: Chicago Fire (1) vs. Philadelphia Union (1)

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"Don't worry guys, we'll remember this moment with no mixed emotions, at all!" (

After the latest Fire "result," OTF's Alex White wonders if there is any meaning to be found...

Another match drawn. Another lead lost. There is more to be said on that front, so watch this space for an analysis to come.

Dispatch: Chicago Fire (1) at New England Revolution (0)

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Quincy Amarikwa knows what's what (Photo: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports)

OTF contributor Daniel Casey is stunned into joy after Chicago Fire's win on Saturday...

A win. An actual win. The first league win since May 18th. What's wonderful about this victory over New England Revolution is that one result turns a "winless streak" into an "undefeated run.

Dispatch: Chicago Fire (1) at Sporting Kansas City (1)

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Section 8 making the trip to Kansas (photo credit: Nick Tre. Smith from Sporting Kansas City Facebook page)

OTF contributor Daniel Casey tries to shake the doldrums after Chicago Fire draw once more...

Some were concernedthe World Cup break would leave many and most MLS sides needing to shake off cobwebs.

Postmortem: Chicago Fire (2) vs Seattle Sounders (3)

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Harry Shipp notched another brace on Saturday (photo:

OTF's Brendan Carr brings you more dropped points at home...

"Another one bites the dust," albeit an exciting one at home to Seattle. Meanwhile, Fire fans are left to think what's next. Nothing but the record seems to be falling for the Fire, as they dropped to a poor 2-4-8 on the weekend.

Dispatch: Chicago Fire (0) at Colorado Rapids (0)

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Sean Johnson taking a early breather (Credit Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports via Chicago Fire Facebook Page)

OTF contributor Daniel Casey harangues yet another Chicago Fire draw...

A midweek match is nearly always underwhelming. But even with lowered expectations this match was poor and dull.

Dispatch: Chicago Fire (1) vs. Los Angeles Galaxy (1)

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The rookie will learn to use his head more (photo:

OTF's Alex White draws some mixed conclusions after the Fire's latest result...

L.A. came to Chicago to play a game with everything on the line, filled with players at the top of their game and a shot at another championship on the line for two of the best-run organizations in the sport.

Postmortem: Chicago Fire (0) at Columbus Crew (2)

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Fire fans on tour: A disappointed lot.

OTF contributor Daniel Casey mulls over Chicago Fire's third loss of the season...

This week I'm keeping it short.

Rage was the order of the day when Chicago Fire traveled to face Columbus Crew. I was already in a bad mood due to our nation's most recent gun massacre on the University of California-Santa Barbara campus.

Dispatch: Chicago Fire (2) vs. Sporting Kansas City (1)

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"I'm telling ya, kid: you'n' me could go places..." (photo:

OTF's Alex White looks back at the Fire's pleasantly puzzling newstreak—a winning one...

Sunday was a busy sports day in Chicago. Both the Cubs and Blackhawks threw out the first pitch and droppedthe puck, respectively, while the Fire were kicking it around at home too.

Dispatch: Chicago Fire (5) at New York Red Bulls (4)

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Shock and Awe: Harry Shipp notches his first hat trick for Chicago Fire (photo: Chicago Fire Facebook page)

OTF contributor Daniel Casey is still reeling from Chicago Fire's first win of the season...

Oh, what a Shipp show.

It wasn't pretty. Sometimes things don't have to be.

Postmortem: Chicago Fire (2) vs. Real Salt Lake (3)

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Jeff Larentowicz reacts after Real Salt Lake game-tying goal. (

OTF's Brian Howe Battle looks at Saturday'sFiremeltdown at home...

If drawing when you could have lost feels like victory (as the Fire did in Utah last year), and drawing when you could have won feels like defeat (as we've seen many times so far this year), what do youmake of losing a match you were winning in 88th minute?

Dispatch: Chicago Fire (1) vs. New England Revolution (1)

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Bakary Soumare did his job well on Saturday, to little avail (photo:

OTF contributor T.J. Zaremba brings you "the Seinfeld Game"...

As I left Toyota Park Saturday afternoon after Chicago Fire tied the MLS record for consecutive ties, I thought of Seinfeld.

Dispatch: Chicago Fire (1) at Montreal Impact (1)

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Capitaine Jeff et le match nul dans le Dome (photo:

OTF's Brendan Carr brings you a meditation on mediocrity...

The script before the match seemed to be more important than the result. It was the battle of the sweater vests, as the two Franks, Yallop and Klopas, faced off on the Stade Olympique carpet.

Dispatch: Chicago Fire (2) vs. Philadelphia Union (2)

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JLA MVP? (photo:

OTF's Alex White looks back on yet another drawn match, one that could have been so different...

The way expectations play with your emotions is a funny thing. Beforehand, I thought I had a bead on how this match, and this season,would go.

Dispatch: Chicago Fire (2) at DC United (2)

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Jhon Kennedy Hurtado opened the scoring, his first goal since 2009 (photo

OTF contributor Daniel Casey mulls over the Chicago Fire's third straight draw...

Nothing was pretty about the match in our nation's capital last Saturday afternoon. Chilly, raining, and windy, the conditions at the ruin that is RFK Stadium reflected the morass upon which it was built.

Dispatch: Chicago Fire (1) vs. New York Red Bulls (1)

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Playing in brutal conditions, BenjiJoya sticks near three defenders to stay warm (photo:

OTF's Brian Howe Battle has a look at Sunday's the Fire's home-opening draw against New York Red Bulls...

Other Chicago teams have succeeded in "winning ugly," but this may be the first time one of its teams had "drawn pretty.

Dispatch: Chicago Fire (1) at Portland Timbers (1)

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Big Red converts the penalty (photo @ChicagoFire, Twitter)

OTF contributor Daniel Casey reflects on the Chicago Fire's first point of the 2014 season...

It would be wrong to characterize manager Frank Yallop's decision to change up the line-up for the second match of the season as a ‘shake-up.

Postmortem: Chicago Fire (2) at Chivas USA (3)

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Chicago Fire's Starting XI for Opening Day 2014 (Photo:

OTF contributor Daniel Casey on the Chicago Fire's first loss of the 2014 season...

There's always a reason to complain. Most of the time, complaints are trifles or mere quibbling based in faux nuance.

Major League Soccer

Fire Give Gift of 3 Points to MLS Newcomers

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(vis MLS)

It's always a neighborly thing to do to greet your newest neighbors with a plate of baked goods or to offer a cold beverage on a hot day. Last Saturday, the Fire went beyond the call of duty of being good neighbors when they tossed away three points to expansionist Orlando City.

Monday Musings, Episode III – Revenge of the Greek

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Here is my third installment of "Monday Musings." As always, it's a mix of insight, analysis and fluff.

Part I Fired Up Friday

First off, after some notable snipping on Twitter among Fire fans, it's a relief to see everyone happy after the Fire got its third victory of the season on a cold and blustery Friday night.

Jeff Larentowicz

Dispatch: Chicago Fire (1) vs. FC Dallas (0)

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Grant Ward on the Move (via

OTF's Brian Howe Battle speaks to the facts, and then kind of goes of the rails a bit.

The Chicago Fire put an end theresurgent FC Dallas's undefeated streak by beating them 1-0 lastweekend. FCD's record is now an outstanding 12-8-6, but the draw-happy Men in Red were able to manufacturea three-point result at home.

Dispatch: Chicago Fire (1) vs. New York Red Bulls (0)

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Sega was never really a "trust fall" kind of fullback. (Photo via

OTF's Brian Howe Battlesuppressesthe feel-goody-ness that three points bring, and sits you down for some"real talk".

What is this feeling?

Anxiety driven by good fortune? Weird.

It is the feeling of residual pessimism.

The Rest

Hard-Working Fire Earn Their Point Against Rival Columbus

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Get out of theway, here comes a striker. (Via

In a reversal of the endgame of their last match, the Chicago Fire pulled out an equalizer deep into stoppage time and grabbed a vital point at Columbus. Substitute Jason Johnson headed home Eric Gehrig's cross with almost the last touch of the match and the Fire nabbed a 2:2 draw.

Toothless Fire Desperate for Goals

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(via Chicago Fire website)

Theabsence of David Accam and a clinical finishermade apparent in their 2-1 loss.

Real Salt Lake demonstrated remarkable efficiency in front of goal on Saturday at Toyota Park and sent the Chicago Fire to a disappointing 2:1 defeat.