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Major League Soccer

4 of the most famous droughts in world soccer as well as worst MLS teams

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Soccer fans love belting out jaunty and uplifting tunes, like "You'll Never Walk Alone" at Anfield and Parkhead, "Glory Glory Man United" at Old Trafford, "Delilah" at the Britannia, "No One Likes Us We Don't Care" at the New Den, and "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" at West Ham's new Olympic home. But unless you're fortunate enough to support a trophy-gobbling upper crust club then the truest song to sing is Tom Petty's "The Waiting.

The Kids Are Alright: The Chicago Fire are the New Cubs

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(via USA Today)

Afterwhat was a pretty successful leaguerun for the first decade or so of their existence, Chicago'sstill-young franchise had begun to stall.

It was a newcenturyandthere was a clear need for change. The ownerousted theirmanager (a beloved former player) and the vacuum that remained caused an even further dip in performance.

Postmortem: Chicago Fire (1) at San Jose Earthquakes (5)

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Mike Magee in yet another middling-to-poor performance (Photo: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY)

OTF contributor Daniel Casey asks "Then why are your having fun for?" after a 5-1 loss to San Jose...

A postmatch should have analysis and critique, calling out the poor and highlighting the well played.

VIDEO - Teal Bunbury Uses Bobbleheads to Show How He Scored Against New England

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Sporting KC striker Teal Bunbury has struggled to find playing time and the net of late, but he made it count last week when he scored a dramatic late-game equalizer against New England. His 89th minute tally ensured a share of the points and kept Kansas City's 13-game unbeaten run intact.

Bunbury, always the ham, celebrated by running to the corner flag and playing "bobblehead" for the fans.

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With the year just days away from its end, let's look at how I did on my 10 Predictions for 2010 from back in January:

1. The USA will advance to the second round of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. - They did. Thank you, Landon Donovan



Know Your Enemy: Toronto FC #2

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This is...CANADAAAAA!!!!

OTF's Stephen Mangat ponders perpetual suckiness and other deep thoughts...

Major American sports leagues, particularly the NFL and MLS, are structured to discourage prolonged success and prolonged failure. Parity is the goal of the leagues; they want to create competitive balance and ensure no team's fans become truly hopeless, yet certain franchises suck year-after-year, generation-after-generation.

Know Your Enemy: Toronto FC #2

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This is...CANADAAAAA!!!!

OTF's Stephen Mangat ponders perpetual suckiness and other deep thoughts...

Major American sports leagues, particularly the NFL and MLS, are structured to discourage prolonged success and prolonged failure. Parity is the goal of the leagues; they want to create competitive balance and ensure no team's fans become truly hopeless, yet certain franchises suck year-after-year, generation-after-generation.

NBA Finals

The Top 5 Most Futile Pro Sports Teams

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The criteria for this list involves franchises who have not changed cities or nicknames and have never made it to a championship final in their respective sport. A minimum of 35 years is used to gauge a futile existence.

Teams reviewed were picked from the NFL, NBA and MLB. The NBA Finals, World Series and Super Bowl are the significant events being evaluated.

Mark Cuban Loses ... Again

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Mark Cuban knows how to make money. One thing Mark Cuban doesn't know how to do, apparently, is win. The latest example was when the lively owner of the Dallas Mavericks lost a bidding war with Nolan Ryan for control of the Texas Rangers.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

The Rangers were in bankruptcy court and were being sold to the highest bidder.

New York Yankees

Rain or Shine: An All-Access Look at the St. Louis Lions (Part One)

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(Editor's Note: This article is a follow-up to two articles written in December 2011 and this past January about St. Louis' struggles to land an MLS franchise. If you haven't read those yet, it is highly recommended. This is Part 3 of the ongoing Soccer in St. Louis series.)

Having lived here for just about 5 months now, I can say one thing about for certain about the St.

Yankees Hire Jim Hendry

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Fans of the New York Yankees have made Jim Hendry jokes for years. The longtime general manager of the Chicago Cubs could never replicate the success of the Yankees. But now, the joke is on the Yankees fans because the team has hired Hendry to be an assistant general manager.

According to reports, Hendry was given a multi-year contract and his job duties will mostly deal with aiding Brian Cashman, the GM of the Yankees.

NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL & MLS Total Number of Facebook fans - Part 1, Raw Data

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With a lull in the news and the MLS SuperDraft not being until January 15, I thought I would turn to Facebook fandom numbers for the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL & MLS. I've been tracking a couple of pages off and on but now I have complied a full list that covers all 5 leagues. I realize that Sports Fan Graph tracks this information but I collected the final information from each Facebook page over the course of an hour or two last evening.

Cliff Lee Free Agent Destinations

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Cliff Lee is baseball's biggest free agent this winter. The star lefty is arguably one of the top five pitchers in the game. Last season, Cliff Lee pitched for the Seattle Mariners and the Texas Rangers. After leading the Rangers to the World Series for the first time in franchise history, his stock is higher than ever.

The Ten Toughest Coaching Jobs In Professional Sports

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You can choose your own order, but here are the ten toughest franchises to coach at currently in all of professional and college sports (three soccer teams included):

10) Oakland Raiders

Al Davis is notoriously known as the toughest NFL boss for coaches to deal with. The Hall of Famer has gone through countless numbers of coaches since John Madden retired from the profession in the late 70's early 80's.

Is Capello Guaranteed To Be the Fellow?

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It is one of the toughest coaching jobs in all of sports. It's right up there with coaching the Chicago Cubs or New York Yankees, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football program, or even being Tiger Woods' golf instructor.Â

The England national team manager is one of those coveted jobs in sports that you probably don't want to get.

tampa bay rays

Liverpool’s owners battle boom and bust after Boston Red Sox stumble | David Conn

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Liverpool's owners battle boom and bust after Boston Red Sox stumble | David Conn

The Boston Red Sox success story came crashing down last month but John W Henry and Fenway Sports Group believe the same approach can benefit Liverpool For the owners of Liverpool Football Club – John W Henry, Tom Werner and their partners in Fenway Sports Group – the honeymoon is over.

Bid on Sammy Sosa's Corked Bat

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Sammy Sosa's infamous corked bat is for sale. When the incident occurred in 2003, Chicago Cubs teammate Mike Remlinger hid the bat in his locker for Sosa. After holding onto the corked bat for seven years, Remlinger has now put it up for auction. According to Remlinger, he first attempted to give the corked bat back to Sosa, but Sosa didn't respond so he has made it available for a hardcore Cubs fan to purchase.

Chicago Fire

Big Box United

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Of all the people on the train, the one I wanted to talk to the most was the middle-aged man with the graying goatee, traveling with wife and two children. He and his son were wearing Chelsea jerseys. It's not rare to see folks around Chicago in soccer gear, but considering this train and most of its occupants were heading toward Soldier Field, where Manchester United were to take on the Chicago Fire, those two bold blue shirts stuck out.

Super Bowl Kickoff 5:30 PM CST - Chicago Riot Kickoff 7:00 PM CST

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Tonight the Chicago Riot take on the Missouri Comets at the Odeum in Villa Park, IL at 7:00 PM CST. Is there another big game going on? I wouldn't know. The Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks play tomorrow night, the Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, and Chicago Fire are all dangerously close to starting pre-season and I know that the Chicago Bears are out so it's just the Riot as far as I know.


Kosuke Fukudome Traded to Indians

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When the Chicago Cubs signed Kosuke Fukudome out of Japan, they had huge hopes for him. As it turns out, Kosuke Fukudome disappointed. However, the 34-year-old outfielder will now get a new start. On Thursday, Kosuke Fukudome was traded to the Cleveland Indians for a pair of minor leaguers.

Kosuke Fukudome is hitting .

Video: Tyler Colvin Stabbed by Broken Bat

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Thankfully, broken bats almost always land harmlessly in the field of play. On Sunday, Tyler Colvin of the Chicago Cubs wasn't so lucky. While on his way to score from third base, a broken bat stabbed Tyler Colvin in the chest. He was taken to the hospital and is currently in stable condition. To see the Tyler Colvin video of him getting stabbed by a broken bat, take a look at the end of the entry.

Derrek Lee Traded to the Atlanta Braves

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After the Atlanta Braves lost Chipper Jones to an ACL injury, they needed to make a move if they hoped to stay in front of the streaking Philadelphia Phillies in the NL East. By trading with the Chicago Cubs and acquiring Derrek Lee, the Braves did just that. If Lee stays healthy and continues to swing the bat well, he could more than make up for the loss of Chipper Jones.

Wrigley Field

Manchester United in my Wrigley Field? It's more likely than you think...

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More photos » Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

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Last June, the Tribune ran a story that mentioned the Chicago Fire and the Chicago Cubs were at least discussing the idea of bringing soccer to Wrigley Field for the first time since the Chicago Sting played there in 1984.

Manchester United to Launch Pre-Season Tour of USA, Reports Say

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Manchester United are in discussions to launch a pre-season tour to the United States next summer, according to reports.

Rio Ferdinand, Manchester United's centre back, revealed the news in a tweet (pictured above) to NFL athlete Chad Ochocinco this past Saturday. Ferdinand mentioned "We [will be] in the States [next] August" during a conversion on Twitter between the two athletes.

The Madness Of The World Cup

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Today, we will chew on the curious appetiser that is the Third Place Playoff Game, before gorging on the feast of the final tomorrow, a feast that often underserves, but that nevertheless will be utterly compelling however poor the play. That fact illustrates the point of the World Cup, I feel.

world series

Lou Piniella Suddenly Retires

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Lou Piniella was expected to step down at the end of the baseball season. Instead, the Chicago Cubs manager decided to retire on Sunday. He said that spending time with his mother is his main motivation.

Said Piniella: "My mom needs me home and that's where I'm going."

Managing his final game, the Cubs lost to the Atlanta Braves by a final count of 16-5.

Piniella to Retire as Cubs Manager

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Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella spent 18 years in the major leagues as a player and another 22 years as a manager. But this chapter in his life is coming to a close. On Tuesday, the 66-year-old announced that he will retire at the end of the season.


Piniella made five trips to the World Series in his career, winning three.

The Rest

Tacoma loses soccer pioneer Stan Naccarato

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Naccarato held leadership roles with the Tacoma Tides and the Tacoma Stars

The Tacoma sports community lost the person most responsible for the fact that there is a Tacoma sports community. Stan Naccarato passed away on Wednesday at the age of 88. Naccarato is perhaps most famous for keeping the Triple-A baseball team now known as the Rainiers from leaving town in 1971, raising $100,000 in 16 hours to keep them here after the Chicago Cubs moved their Triple-A affiliate from Tacoma to Wichita, Kansas.

Pictures: Jim Hendry Hugs Albert Pujols

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A bro hug in 2011 isn't a big deal. That is, unless the hug is between Jim Hendry and Albert Pujols. Why? Jim Hendry is the general manager of the Chicago Cubs, while Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals is a free agent after the 2011 baseball season. The hug has Cardinals fans screaming tampering and Cubs fans fantasizing about signing baseball's best player.

Ryan Theriot Traded to the Cardinals

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After signing Juan Uribe, the Los Angeles Dodgers needed to free up room in their infield. They were able to accomplish just that by trading Ryan Theriot to the St. Louis Cardinals for Blake Hawksworth. The move will allow Uribe to play second base for the Dodgers, while Theriot will get a new start after struggling in his 54 games with the Dodgers last season.

Tyler Colvin Update: "I'm Doing Okay"

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In one of the scariest scenes of the baseball season, Tyler Colvin was stabbed by a broken bat on Sunday. The broken bat penetrated his upper chest and, although he's in stable condition, Colvin's injuries were serious enough for the Cubs to rule him out for the rest of the season. At the hospital, doctors placed a tube in his chest in an attempt to avoid a collapsed lung.

Arsenal Supporters, look to the Cookie … and other things I’ve learned

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Written by ArseChicago

Perhaps I've come to this realisation before, but the weekends with no football seem to shine an even brighter light on how large of a role supporting the Arsenal plays in my life. Yes, watching the Arsenal, I realise, provides my weekend life with much needed structure (in addition to a perfect excuse to have a few morning pints in lieu of a 5K jog by the lake), as well as complete immunity from friend and family obligations for a handful of hours on any particular Saturday or Sunday.

Is Mancini Already On the Hot Seat?

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Roberto Mancini has one of the best worst jobs in professional sports. Being the manager of a team as ambitious as Manchester City is right up there with being the head honcho of Notre Dame's college football team or MLB's the Chicago Cubs. In other words Mancini has been given a good product to put out on the field and the expectations are sky high this season for his Blues squad.

VIDEO: Robson Pitches At Chicago Cubs In New Shirt

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Whilst in Chicago launching Manchester United's new shirt design, Bryan Robson was invited to a Cubs game to throw the first pitch.

"VIDEO: Robson Pitches At Chicago Cubs In New Shirt" was originally published at The Republik of Mancunia.

Some News for Thu May 27, 2010

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Toronto FC won the Canadian Championship last night, and will play in the CONCACAF Champions League starting in late July.


Is Guus Hiddink about to snub Turkey, who he is supposed to start coaching after the World Cup, to become the new manager of Inter Milan?

Spain’s World Cup Preview: The Team

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Spain is the Chicago Cubs of the World Cup and the tremendously talented football nation is still in search of their first ever World Cup. The closest the nation has ever come to hoisting the trophy was in 1950 when the squad finished in fourth place.