Horses for Courses

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Color me both uninspired and unsurprised by the Ruiz acquisition.

I grew up in the same neck of the woods as Ben Olsen, and though I'm a touch older than he is, I know (and am related to) folks who have shared a field with him. They're all pretty consistent in both (a) detesting Ben as an opponent and (b) being ready with an anecdote about how he bent or plain broke the rules in pursuit of winning, even when the game was meaningless.

For Shame

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Man of the Match?

For shame, United "fans." For shame.

Embellishment? Selling it? Unrepentant.

I, for one, am not buying, and not solely as a card-carrying member of the Fullbacks Union.

For shame.

Defined by Diving | Thoughts on the Weekend's Matches

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I watched quite a bit of soccer over Father's Day weekend and was pleased to see the two teams I follow most closely get results. Sadly however, I'm left with a sour taste in my mouth and very little time to do full reaction posts. Instead, I'll slam a couple together and bind them with the one central theme that dominated the two most important matches (to me, anyway).


Video: Arsenal fan cheats on girlfriend, wears Tottenham shirt to the Emirates to show remorse

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Meet Luke McQueen. Luke's an Arsenal fan who cheated on his girlfriend. And now he regrets it. By way of penance, he's turned up at the Emirates Stadium on matchday wearing a Tottenham shirt. Luckily for you he's also made a short video explaining what he's up to and uploaded it to YouTube for you [.

Can we beat Barca? Of course we can

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Tonight's game will be a war of attrition, but a beautiful one. Arsenal have the stronger defence, Barcelona have the strongest midfield and attacking trio but that is only because they have Lionel Messi.

I have been accused of having a lack of respect for Barcelona, and that is true, I have no respect for them at all.

Arsenal bid £10.7 million for Mertesacker + maintain Jagielka interest

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its all started to pick up now the players and manager have returned from the pre-season tour of Austria and the search for a defender seems to have taken a further step when yesterday, Arsenal offered £10.7 million for Werder Bremen defender and German international Per Mertesacker.

Liam’s attack on FIFA corruption scares the hell out of the BBC

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It was a tedious morning of "Henry is a disgrace" and "Henry, Eduardo, we investigate the cheats in football." Then BBC Radio Five Live decided to get Republic of Ireland assistant manager Liam Brady on. Liam sounded as if he had not slept for a week. But he spoke slowly and clearly, and utterly refused to be [.

Eduardo Dive Ban Rescinded

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In what appears to be a fillip to divers everywhere, UEFA last night rescinded Eduardo's two match ban. The ban, retrospectilvey meted out for his theatrics against Celtic, was seen as an attempt to crack down on the cheats - this turn of events will only serve to encourage them... Or will it?

The strangest thing about this whole shambles is that UEFA say Arsenal have proved there was contact - how on earth have they done that?

English Premier League

The moody reds

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Morning all.

I have to say when I first saw the schedule for this weekend I was all like 'Monday night? Boooo', for a full weekend without the Arsenal is just not right, is it? But now I'm all like 'Yeah, Monday's cool. Recuperation and that, isn't it?'.

With a squad so stretched that a move for Götze should be mandatory, and after two very intense games in relatively quick succession, I suspect there will be some tired legs and some players not so much in the red zone but camping out in it like Occupy Stuff To Make An Obvious Point But Which Does Very Little Really style protestors.

Chelsea Puts a “Hand” in ManU’s Face

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Finally, Chelsea found their "hand" and used it to great effect in their 1-0 win over Manchester United yesterday. The match was a rough and tumble affair that featured very little in the way of scoring opportunities for either squad but did feature virtual girth of tension and upheaval at Stamford Bridge.

World Cup

LUIS SUAREZ? 10 reasons why LFC should not sign this massive *CHEAT*

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Luis Suarez at Anfield? The very idea fills me an overwhelming feeling of nausea. The story is probably made up media BS but I want to offer a few reasons why Liverpool should NOT sign brazen, unapologetic cheats like Suarez.

10 reasons why Liverpool should not buy Luis Suarez.


World Cup 2010: Mexico 0-1 Uruguay

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My first memories of Uruguay as football team and quite possibly of their existence as a country at all came from the World Cup in 1986. They were in Scotland's group then, and were portrayed as thugs, a bunch of big cheating, spoiling, fouling, cynical bruisers who would if the ref let them hack Scotland's magnificent collection of creative wizards out of the tournament.

Steven Gerrard: Diver, Hypocrite, Cheat

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Harsh words indeed. But after his actions this weekend, his previous comments and previous actions, there is no other conclusion to be made. Read on to find out why...

Gerrard pulled off an outrageous (ly bad) dive against Blackburn on Saturday, in a desperate attempt to haul his flailing Liverpool side away from the mediocre parity they were sharing at Ewood Park.

Arsene Wenger is absolutely right about this kind of hypocrisy

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If Wayne Rooney dived in the world cup final and was awarded a penalty that led directly to England winning the world, would he be targeted and denigrated by the press and fans the next day, just like Eduardo was after the Celtic game? Arsene Wenger doesn't think so, and I think he's right.

In a recent interview, Wenger said:

"England are in the World Cup and if Rooney does that [Dives] in the last minute of the game and England win the World Cup, do you really think Rooney will be slaughtered the next day?

Football Age, “Real” Age, and the Meanings of Age in Africa

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A gnawing and suspicious paradox lies at the heart of African national team experiences in world competition: African teams tend to do much better at the youth level than they do at the senior level. Take the fact, for example, that African teams have won 5 of the 12 FIFA U17 World Cups (with the 2009 version scheduled to be hosted by Nigeria in October and November), but not a single African team has ever made it as far as the semi-finals of a full World Cup.


Reaction from the Pirelli

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A penalty from Scott Laird and a Chris Holroyd volley gave Stevenage their second home win of the season against 2009 Conference Champions Burton Albion. Below are some of the reactions from the Brewers boss Paul Peschisolido and the Burton messageboard after yesterday's 2-0 victory for Boro at Broadhall Way.

Three Cheers for Mr Atkinson, will Howard Webb hold firm at the Kop?

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And his assistant, the fourth official, who had to put up with Ferguson's abuse after awarding only 3 extra minutes for Utd to score.

Even someone who is not very good at lip-reading would have understood exactly what Ferguson was saying. Or picked up the gist of it. Will the media decide to blow it out of proportion like they did with the Wenger Hughes handshake incident?

Ireland clutching at World Cup straws

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Continuing the ominous rumblings after Ireland's controversial play-off elimination at the hand of Henry, MSN reported yesterday that the FAI, Irish football's governing body, has met with FIFA to discuss the possibility they be ‘reinstated to next year's finals while also calling for the use of video technology in crucial matches'.

Ireland clutching at World Cup straws

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Continuing the ominous rumblings after Ireland's controversial play-off elimination at the hand of Henry, MSN reported yesterday that the FAI, Irish football's governing body, has met with FIFA to discuss the possibility they be ‘reinstated to next year's finals while also calling for the use of video technology in crucial matches'.

The hand of Frog

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Congratulations FIFA, they've got the World Cup they wanted now haven't they, and I hope their proud of how they got it. It was a ridiculous decision to seed the World Cup play-offs in the first place, and ultimately prevent the the hard-work in qualifying of teams like Ukraine, Bosnia and of course the Republic of Ireland.

Video: Swedish goalkeeper’s literally moves the goalposts

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A blatant attempt to con the referee If you think the Premier League is full of cheats and players setting out to con the referee, perhaps you should divert your attention to the Swedish League. Never mind players diving or playacting - some of the more conventional ways to cheat as far as a footballer is concerned [.

We gave as good as we got against Manchester United

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The press are having a field day. Arsene Wenger 'has' labelled Manchester United anti-football. Now I don't for a second agree with that and I certainly do not believe that Wenger is having a direct pop at United. His frustration is more than likely being aimed at the referee and I make him right.

United fouled Arsenal plenty of times in the match and that is something I expected to happen anyway.

The Rest

Pathetic De Rossi Dive v Chievo

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Danielle De Rossi became a laughing stock at the week-end as the Roma midfielder embarrassed himself, his club and most importantly the game with his pathetic theatrics.

As De Rossi argued with the referee about a corner kick near the end of the first half, Chievo defender Dario Dainelli appeared to lightly step on De Rossi's foot.

Villa Missed Penalty After Iniesta Dive v Levante

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Andreas Iniesta is renowned for his passing abilities but like so many before him a a few million after him no doubt his dive in the box gave David Villa the chance to put Barcelona 1-0 up against Levante at the Nou Camp this evening only for justice to prevail with the Levante keeper saving Villa lacklustre penalty.

Blatant Jay Rodriguez Dive v Aston Villa

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They say when your down at the bottom you don't get the calls you'd get when at the top, so Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert must think the whole world is conspiring against him as he witnessed Mark Halsey's crazy decision to award Southampton a penalty despite a blatant dive from Jay Rodriguez which should have resulted in a booking for the offender and a free-out,instead Villa went behind where they stayed for the remainder of the game which see's them drop into the bottom three.

Barcelona star Gerard Pique cheats on Shakira… with a killer whale

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That's right, Barca defender Gerard Pique has been brazenly kissing killer whales in public. The Spain international cuddled up to the amorous sea-dweller, who even slipped him the tongue. Pique's popstar girlfriend Shakira was forced to sit and watch the outrageous public display of affection towards her man.

Suarez vs. Van Persie: Thoughts on Arsenal 2 Liverpool 1

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Now that my heart rate has sufficiently stabilized, it's time to go through some of the major talking points of our big, big win against Liverpool.

* To judge the game dispassionately, Liverpool took control of the midfield at a fairly early stage of the game and never looked back.

Why we need to bring in a Ramsey Rule before English coaches become extinct

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Why we need to bring in a Ramsey Rule before English coaches become extinct

In the week that the Wally With The Brolly walked again, it's only right we focus on the imminent exit of his England successor. And ask what we'll do when the Wally With The Lolly, Fabio Capello, returns home with enough dosh to restore Italy's AAA credit rating.


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ITALIAN FARCE AND IVORIAN SHAME DAY 10 IN AFRICA THERE was as much drama off the pitch today as there was on it, with Les Cheats refusing to train after Anelka was sent home for being rubbish. Evra tried picking a fight with the fitness coach (presumably over Evra forgetting how to run against Mexico), [.

Vassilis Torosidis: The Poor Man’s Rivaldo

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You may remember Rivaldo's one-man dive show from 2002 which got Hakan Unsal sent off and quite famously earned one of the game's greats a reputation as one of game's greatest ever cheats.

Unlike Unsal, Sani Kaita did something epically stupid in throwing his boot at Vassilis Torosidis' thigh with the ball out for a throw, so deserved his red by the letter of the law.

Portsmouth Football Club Now For Sale On eBay

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Times are bad at Portsmouth Football Club, but when the club is put up for sale on eBay, you know things can only get worse.

To be clear, the actual listing is a prank. But there's already been 80 bids and the highest bid is now at £999,999.00

The auction is listed as "Portsmouth City Football Club Ltd.

A Stroll About the Grounds...

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It's a lovely fall day here at Fullback World Headquarters, so let's take a few moments to enjoy the crisp, cool air...the leaves going to gold and scarlet...the bright sun and billowing white clouds...and some American Footie news! Deuce's Bum...

Pro Vercelli: The Boneyard, Part I

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This is a story about an honest, fair-minded, and well-meaning football club, and how they were pushed to the limit by a group of thugs, cheats, and bullies. It's an old story. It's a story that happens all over the world whenever a kid who's good at computers is forced to eat leaves by a kid who isn't good at computers; whenever a gleaming professional wrestling champion climbs into the center of the ring for a spontaneous awards ceremony only to be taken down by a folding chair from behind.

Say Hello to Sheffield United’s ‘Benylin Bill’

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How do you help a teammate get over a totally ridiculous ban? By making him even more of a laughing stock of course!

PADDY KENNY has been tagged 'Benylin Bill' by his Sheffield United team-mates in a bid to buck him up after his drugs ban.
Keeper Kenny, 31 who bought cough medicine at a chemist to ease a chest infection has been suspended for nine months after ephedrine was found in his system.