‘Don’t Laugh, Okay?’ – Celtic Legend Kolo Toure Unwittingly Reveals Musical Guilty Pleasure During Press Conference (Video)

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Kolo Toure is a one-man maverick this we know. He walks to the beat of his own drum, hacks down the Arsenal royalty he wants to hack down, and bloody well answers the questions he wants to answer during his press conferences.

To that end, the question that was actually put to Toure during a recent presser was which, of all the myriad fan chants he'd heard sung in his footballing career, was his favourite.

Arsenal: Embarrassing Anti-Wenger Fan Sings Embarrassing Anti-Wenger Song (Video)

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As if the street marches and the plane banners weren't silly enough, one Arsenal fan has signalled the death knell for the entire Anti-Wenger movement by producing one of the most cringe-inducing protest anthems you could possibly imagined.

Filmed alone in his bedroom, the fan warbles his way through his self-penned effort,which borrows abacking track from one of the most inspirational protest anthems in existence "Leave Right Now" by Will Young.

‘Prepare To Watch Your Mouths’ – Atlanta United Ultras Terrorise Opposing Fans With Fearsome, Blood-Curdling Chant (Video)

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Atlanta United, and specifically their rowdy fans, are already fostering themselves one holy hell of a reputation ahead of their MLS debut next month.

During what we assume was Saturday's pre-season trip toplay Charlestown Battery, the Atlanta ultras formed a fearsome raiding party, leaving the home fans quaking with a barrage of blood-curdling war cries.

Video: Arsenal fans perform embarrassing Macarena dance and throw inflatable sheep around at Swansea

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We guess that one or two of the Arsenal fans involved in this Macarena routine might be regretting taking part now that it's going to be seen by thousands of people on YouTube. Gunners supporters were singing an entertaining Per Mertesacker chant to the tune of the cheesy Spanish pop hit ahead of yesterday's win [.

Spurs’ new Christian Eriksen chant mocking Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil

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Spurs fans have unveiled a chant for new hero Christian Eriksen and they couldn't resist including a pop at Arsenal's record signing Mesut Ozil. The song, to the tune of Black Lace's Agadoo, goes: Eriksen, sen, sen; He's our number 23. Eriksen, sen, sen; Came to play for AVB. To the left to the [...]

Video: Swansea’s ‘we thought your were dead’ chant to Man Utd’s Robin Van Persie

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Swansea fans delivered a chant of "we thought you were dead" to Manchester United striker Robin Van Persie during Saturday's match. The song was a reference to comments made by Sir Alex Ferguson last season. The former United boss claimed that Van Persie was lucky to be alive after Swans defender Ashley Williams kicked the [.

Video: Chelsea keeper Ross Turnbull’s son Josh scores magnificent solo effort

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Roman Abramovich has long envisaged a time when Chelsea bring through homegrown talent, so you can imagine his was delighted to see Josh Turnbull, son of Blues keeper Ross, score at Stamford Bridge on Sunday. The toddler picked the ball up on the edge of the box, dribbled into the area, stopped to literally pick [.

Video: Tottenham’s Tom Huddlestone sings Manchester City anthem Blue Moon on the bench

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Given his game-changing substitute appearance, there's no doubting Tom Huddlestone's commitment to the Tottenham cause. But he did provide a comedy moment when TV cameras caught him joining Manchester City fans in a rendition of Blue Moon from the comfort of the Spurs bench. It is a catchy tune. This follows hot on the heels [.

Manchester City defender Micah Richards sings Manchester United’s Michael Carrick song

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This bizarre footage comes ahead of Manchester City catching the train to London for yesterday's FA Cup semi-final against Chelsea. Defender Micah Richards can clearly be heard strolling along the platform at Stockport station singing Manchester United fans' chant in honour of Michael Carrick. Richards sings: "Hard to believe it's not Scholes, it's Carrick, you [.

Southampton’s Jason Puncheon answers a ‘call of nature’ during Everton match

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Southampton's Jason Puncheon left the field for unusual circumstances against Everton tonight... as he had to use the toilet. The Saints were left with 10 men on the field while their winger left the field to use the club's facilities. He was welcomed back rather amusingly by chants of: "Jason Puncheon, he went for a [.

Pretty Much The Worst Olivier Giroud Chant You’re Ever Going To Hear… (Video)

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By Chris Wright

All new signings need a chant; this one, we're guessing, probably isn't going to be Olivier Giroud's calling card at the Emirates...

Two things: Firstly, we're pretty sure it's pronounced 'Jeer-oo' (which is by-the-by we suppose ) and secondly, the man is 6'4", which blows the entire chant apart completely.

Euro 2012: Ireland's fans shame us with their magnificence

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In the waning minutes of the Ireland vs Spain match, the Irish fans as their team stared at elimination fill the stadium with their rousing chant of "The Fields of Athenry". No one was hurt. It was moving, beautiful and poignant giving us a peek into an antiquated vision of the "beautiful game", gleaming for an ephemeral moment under a rubble of cynicism, calumny, and rank jingoism.


‘You’re Just A Shit Tesco Sandwich’ – Forest Green Fans Devise Brilliant Chant For Dagenham ‘Keeper Elliott Justham

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Just when you thought that the reserve of new, ingenious, disparaging football chants had been exhausted, a set of fans pipe up and prove you wrong all over again.

The credit here lies with the Forest Green Rovers supporters who spent Saturday afternoon haranguingDagenham & Redbridge goalkeeper Elliott Justham with atruly inspired terrace heckle.

New York Red Bulls Willing To Pay Fans To Stop Chanting ‘You Suck A**hole’ At Games

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By Chris Wright

New York Red Bulls have said that they are willing to pay their fans if it will stop them chanting obscenities at their players.

For reasons far beyond our capacity to comprehend, it's apparently become a bit of a tradition for the Red Bulls fans to chant "you suck a**hole" at the players before each and every goalkick, a chant which has apparently spread to a few other MLS stadiums over the past season.

Manchester City

VIDEO: Manchester City player singing United chant on train for Chelsea from Stockport

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On Manchester City's official YouTube channel, Micah Richards was filmed singing Michael Carrick's chant, "hard to believe it's not Scholes, it's Carrick, you know."

As City boarded the train to London from Stockport, ahead of their game against Chelsea today, Richards unashamedly sang the United chant 4 minutes and 30 seconds in.

Manchester City vs Manchester United Preview: Who’s Going to Win the Derby?

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"We're not really here" are some of the words emblazoned around the Etihad Stadium amongst other footnotes and references to Manchester City's history. These particular words are significant because of a chant started by the Blue Moon faithful in...

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VIDEO: Carrick Chant Takes Off At Loftus Road

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Despite first being sung years ago, Michael Carrick's never really had a song sung en masse in all his time at United, until Loftus Road's away end erupted in the second half today.

I imagine we will be hearing a lot more of this song now...

"VIDEO: Carrick Chant Takes Off At Loftus Road" was originally published at The Republik of Mancunia.

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"Come on you reds", "Come on you blues", "There's only 1 team in London", Chants brilliantly sung by millions of fans every season across the world. Whether you support a multi million pound club or a club that relies on players to pay their way you support them through thick and thin. The lower down [.

Manchester United players celebrate as coach driver avoids arrest

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Manchester United's players dedicated a chant to their coach driver after he smooth-talked his way out of trouble with Chinese police. United's coach was stopped on a busy road in Shanghai by police after reportedly using the wrong lane. Officers hauled the driver away for questioning. The coach was surrounded by fans while the driver [.

CHANTS ON GOAL: "It's usually quite loud"

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"What do you mean 'no one knows the theme song'?"
From the band who brought you the South Stand's first full-length version of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody (well most of the words at least)... it's time for another sing-along! It's been a while since we've had a midweek hymn sheet, but hey.

New Chants

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New Chants

There are new chants out there for all TA to learn. The Timbers Army has the tune and the chant listed a the link above.

Euro 2012: Lionel Messi comparisons cut Cristiano Ronaldo to the core

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This article titled "Euro 2012: Lionel Messi comparisons cut Cristiano Ronaldo to the core" was written by Sid Lowe in Gdansk, for on Thursday 14th June 2012 11.56 UTC

If you think that the constant comparisons between Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi are as tedious as they are tiresome, imagine how Ronaldo feels.

German fans used Messi chant outside Portugal’s hotel before (and during) win

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Germany beat Portugal 1-0 in their Euro 2012 opener on Saturday, frustrating Cristiano Ronaldo in the process -- something the German fans tried to lay the seeds for well before the match even started.

From Marca:

In the hours leading up to the big game between Germany and Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo is once again the focus of attention.

CHANTS ON GOAL: "I gotta hear more Bermuda Triangle!"

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"There's only one cure..."
Welcome back to our sing-along depot where we try to unleash TFC supporters' inner BMO Field Idol. After witnessing the spontaneous, wildfire popularity of the "Where is Waldo?" chant at the Canada v USA match, we know you have an ear for some new tunes. With that we bring you a few more dittys for you to try out at the oppportune TFC moment.

CHANTS ON GOAL: Dutch cats, fat cats and cats on tin roofs

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Suarez Soolsma in da house!
Welcome to our newest regular feature "Chants on Goal" where we bring our Yorkies' flavour to TFC terrace songs and chants. We're not trying to reinvent the BMO Field choir-wheel but giving you a few of our ridiculous favourite "hits" for you to enjoy and, if you feel the musical urge, bring them to your corner of the stadium.


Oh, Robin van Persie! Oh, Robin van Persie!

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There was no other way to title this post. There had been around a million home fans (or so it sounded) in full voice at the St. Mary's for 92 minutes, and yet this is the line that prevailed at the end. There have been reservations expressed about this man's move to such a direct rival, including on this very website, but now it doesn't seem too odd anymore (and that's not hypocrisy.

Cristiano Ronaldo has his own bodyguards and suite at the Portugal team hotel

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Portugal is one of many European nations currently facing economic crisis, but the Portuguese Football Federation has somehow been granted a hefty budget of €33,000 ($42,000) per day to keep the squad accommodated in the same hotel that France are using (and where Franck Ribery probably sleeps in his special alone-time sauna machine).

Chelsea Fancast

Here Wigan-O, Here Wigan-O, Here Wigan-O! – The Chelsea Football FanCast #212

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Chidge is joined by the usual suspects to run the rule over Chelsea's first match of the Premier League campaign against Wigan.

So here we are again for our first proper match of the season, or should we say ‘Here Wigan-0, Here Wigan-0, Here Wigan-0!' The boys did all the hard work inside 7 minutes to secure our first 3 points of the season, and away points at that.

We’re going to Germany, you’re going to Barnsley! The Chelsea Football FanCast #204

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Stamford Chidge and the FanCast crew bask in the warm glow of Chelsea reaching the Champions League Final against the odds, slapping QPRhahaha 6-1 and Fernando Torres scoring his first hat-trick for the club.

Well against all the odds, this week was even better than last one as Chelsea knocked out their Champions League nemesis – that's right, UEFA, oh and Barcelona of course in probably one of the best performances by an English side in Europe.

Mashed Spuds! The Chelsea Football FanCast #202

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Chidge is joined by a very hungover FanCast crew as the post-match celebrations in thrashing Sp*rs took their toll! Nevertheless, the boys and Beth from Chelsea in America relive the best moments of one of their greatest ever Wembley days out!

1, 2, 1,2,3,1,2,3,4,5-1!!! What a bloody day.

Euro 2012

Euro 2012 Snapshot: Theo Walcott’s Epic Chalkboard Stats vs Ukraine

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By Chris Wright

A huge roar went up in the pub when Theo Walcott came on for the last 20 minutes against Ukraine last night, England's saviour returns to thwart yet another continental foe, 'Theo, Theo, Theo' the chant...


Image: Four Four Two (thanks to @A_Hess for the nudge)

Lviv and late lie!

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Arriving in Lviv, immediately asked for help to get to accommodation. As ever there were volunteers at the train station who seemed startled and surprised to see you.

They pointed me on the direction of trolleybus No. 9. (I had already problems with this address as on the google map showing directions it highlighted a completely different address to the one given.

Champions League

Chelsea’s victory parade featured some delightfully awful singing from Fernando Torres

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A day after winning the Champions League in Munich, Chelsea returned to London and held their open-top bus parade to celebrate the season's cup double. The joyous occasion was celebrated with a few songs, including a rendition of "We Are The Champions" from Fernando Torres that was so off key, the cameras couldn't even show the singer, Didier Drogba leading the "Super Frankie Lampard" chant and David Luiz shouting his usual hilarious nonsense.

Stand up if you hate Man U – Manchester United against the world

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Following United's game against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge last season, a match report appeared in the London Evening Standard. The opening paragraphs did not mention the score or the man of the match or anything to do with the tactics, instead they focussed on our fans' most popular chant at the time.

The Rest

What is the most iconic chant that the Union fans do?

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Sounds like a simple question, doesn't it?

"What is the most iconic chant that the Philadelphia Union fans do?"

It seems like such a simple question but when it was posed to me last week, it seemed to raise more questions. What defines a chant? Is it just a song sung at the match? Does it have to be something that can be sung at really any time, or would you include songs sung at specific times?

Going to Be at the Game? Brush Up on Your Chants!

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Before you do anything else, go here to check out the Timbers Army song sheet. It has been a while, just give yourself a little reminder.

Bella Ciao

My personal favorite addition to the Timbers Army's chants last season, Bella Ciao is probably the chant that the most people struggle with so take a look at the song sheet, watch this video of Chumbawamba's catchy version, and jump on in when it get broken out on game day.

Don Garber Stirs the Hornet's Nest Again With His YSA Comments

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In the wake of Don Garber's interview with Brian Straus (Part 1 and Part 2), lots has been written about The Don's comments concerning the "You Suck Asshole" chant and other perceived vulgarities coming from supporters group. While most of us agree that YSA is dumb and unoriginal, the issue has never really been about YSA, it's about MLS being scared shit-less of losing their spot at the golden trough of television money.

Samsung Favorite Sports Highlights - Fucito Stoppage Time Winner

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When approached to do our first ever sponsored post at Sounder at Heart, the decision was easy. Samsung and SB Nation wanted us to present and chat about our favorite sports highlight. This is easy. Part of it is because I never saw the home game goal (Zach Scott's goal is the only other CenturyLink MLS goal I did not see live).

This Newcastle Player An Unlikely Folk Hero

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Who Needs Mourinho? We've Got Perchinho is a chant that's  being sung by Newcastle fans at  the Newcastle matches lately. Perchinho Newcastle's new star this year It's in praise of James Perch, who some of us last season thought wasn't good enough for the Premier League. But James has been a star for [.

Pausing for Thought at Wimbledon

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As the season draws to a close, Chris Lines attempts to measure the success of this, Wimbledon's first year back in the League. "It only took nine years," was the chant as AFC Wimbledon edged Luton Town on penalties at Eastlands last May. Nine years after their club had been shamefully ripped away from them by the authorities, Wimbledon were back in the Football League.