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‘We Must Stay Away From Tiki-Taka’ – Giorgio Chiellini Blames ‘Guardiolanism’ For Ruining Entire Generation Of Italian Defenders

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Giorgio Chiellini is a man peturbed at the lack of traditional Italian defensive nous he sees being instilled in the young defenders currently coming up through the ranks.

The Juventus stalwart, one of the last remaining bastions of the classical art form, has blamed Pep Guardiola and his myriad copy-cats for systematically diluting the noble defensive creed, with their obsessive insistence on fostering ball-playing backlines above all else.

Modernizando la pizzería

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Empezó ya la Serie A este viernes con el Milan vs Lazio, partido bueno por momentos pero que no convence por completo y continuará este fin de semana la fecha dos, ya que al igual que en España, la primera fue pospuesta por huelga.
La que fuera la primera en el mundo, ya no lo es en éstos días.

Modernizando la pizzería

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Empezó ya la Serie A este viernes con el Milan vs Lazio, partido bueno por momentos pero que no convence por completo y continuará este fin de semana la fecha dos, ya que al igual que en España, la primera fue pospuesta por huelga.
La que fuera la primera en el mundo, ya no lo es en éstos días.

The Connection Between League Balance, Goals, and Talent

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When FC Twente played Benfica Lisbon to a 2-2 draw on Tuesday night, Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp was in the stands to witness it. Mind you, 'Arry wasn't just out for a fun night of European football in Enschede - he was there to take a personal look at Bryan Ruiz, Twente's Costa Rican striker and a target for Spurs in this summer's transfer window.

Great Stories from Calcio’s Past: Helenio Herrera and the Fat Man, Plus Other Tales of Ruthlessness

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Helenio Herrera and "catenaccio" usually go hand-in-hand: two words so interlinked that, were there a calcio thesaurus, each would be a synonym for the other. An amazingly successful coach based on an amazingly defensive system, Herrera has written his name in the lore of both Inter and Italy. Besides the bolt-approach to football, however, Herrera was known for one other attribute: he was, in essence, an asshole.

Alexi On Alexi….And Serie A

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Editor's Note: We've had a few pieces lately that involved , specifically, Alexi Lalas and his time overseas in Serie A with Padova.

This piece by Eric Beard which acknowledges Alexi's time at Padova and the focus in training. And this piece, Eric Giardini, which discusses the challenges for Americans playing in Serie A.

The Best Offensive Teams in the Big Leagues: The 2010-11 Season To Date

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Here's another "end of the year" post about where we stand halfway through a very exciting season in the Big 4 leagues of international soccer (Bundesliga, EPL, La Liga, and Serie A).* Below is a set of calculations of offensive production (goals per match) at home (the first graph) and away (the second graph).

FC Barcelona

Totaalvoetbal and Are We Overcoaching?

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Across the years there have been many great footballing eras. When they came along it represented times when something new and revolutionary was happening, something that would alter the way that football clubs would try and do things from that point.

The most recent era I feel came in with Guardiola's Barcelona.

Beating Barcelona: A Theoretical Guide With Pretty Pictures

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Beating Barcelona: A Theoretical Guide With Pretty Pictures - originally posted on

So, everyone says that Barcelona are unbeatable, or are least the untouchables. Which is twaddle.

Sure, they have lots of excellent players. (MessiXaviAlvesIniestaPiquePuyolBusquetsVillaSanchezPedroetc.

Euro 2012

Euro 2012 la final España vs Italia Los invencibles

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España e Italia estarán en la final de la Eurocopa este domingo, los primeros buscando su tercer título en la historia para igualar a Alemania como los máximos ganadores y los segundos tratarán de ganar por segunda vez el torneo.
Las claves para que ambos llegaran vienen de sus sistemas de juego principalmente, de cierta dosis de determinación al triunfo y suerte, mucha suerte en momentos cruciales de los partidos.

The End Of An Era For Italy?

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By Elizabeth Cotignola

For Italy, major international tournaments aren't supposed to be an exercise in anxiety. Gli Azzurri, as the Italians are known, are not supposed to sweat out the group stages of such competitions, fixated on conspiracy theories while awaiting reports from other cities which will reveal their fate.

Euro 2012 Matchday 4: Cross-Chunnel Match, Україна Hosts Ibra

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Interesting day with the first two Group C matches. Italy took the lead against defending champions Spain in the 2nd half, but Silva slipped Cesc through for an equalizer just a few minutes later; it ended 1-1, though both sides had win. Â Later, Croatia unlocked Trappatoni's Irish catenaccio, winning 3-1.

Prandelli Transforms Italy, But Can They Win With A New Style?

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Italian football has been criticised for its overtly physical approach. The classic Catenaccio style played in the past has been altered. A fresh faced Italian with the name of Cesare Prandelli is the culprit. Prandelli's appointment has allowed...

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EURO 2012 Qualifying may be over for the time being and although...

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EURO 2012 Qualifying may be over for the time being and although England are in second place behind Montenegro, here is a little glimpse of your average Englishman's perception of European footballing nations. This is English Football's Map of Europe by our friend Charlie Anderson (@lucianosays).


Italy, The Obstacle In England’s Path

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The Azzurri are marching with their heads held high after defying the pre-tournament critics and escaping group C. Coach CesarePrandelli's tactical masterstroke against Spain demonstrated his vision. The Catenaccio styled Italy has been absent this tournament, and a new more adventurous side has emerged.

The Tiiki-Taka world

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After the Brazilian Samba, the Argentinian Tango, the German machines, and the Italian Catenaccio, it is time to admire the Spanish Tiki-Taka. It looks it will stay for a while and it is the next big thing in football.

It is not just about a strategy or a tactic for a team. It is the result of all of the long hours of work in the football academies, players selections (skills before physique), the talents, the midfield control.

Marca on Madrid: “Con 10 Se Juega Mejor”

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We've been digesting Saturday's Real Madrid-Barcelona 1-1 draw at the Bernabeu just the first installment of this month's 4-part El Clásico series; the second is coming up this Wednesday with the Copa del Rey final, to be contested on neutral turf at the Mestalla in Valencia. In the meantime, it's always entertaining to see how Madridista tabloid Marca spins the latest big result.

Gracias Dieguito!

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Diego Armando Maradona's charges are doing their exquisite best to keep South Africa 2010 from matching Italia '90 as the dullest World Cup in terms of quality of play. Argentina's performances so far have been better than Germany, Uruguay, Brazil, and better than those of their likely semifinal adversaries: Spain.


The Netherlands: From FIFA finalists to fractured football team

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Countries have always had footballing stereotypes attached to them, often unwittingly reflecting the nation's wider living philosophy. Erstwhile West Germany were all about strict formations, defensive discipline and attacking organization; conversely, the Latin American countries exercised their creative license with exuberance, as the samba beat of attacking laterals replaced the stoic violin of conservative full-backs.

The Italian Job in the Champions League final

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Two elements of the Italian game seem to have played two very different roles in the Chelsea vs Bayern Champions League final.

Roberto Di Matteo's catenaccio style layered defense that stretched Bayern worked to perfection while Jupp Heynckes decision to pull Thomas Mueller in the 84th minute to preserve a one goal lead proved disastrous.

Italian football

The Catenaccio Myth

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The legend of Catenaccio is one the most enduring legacies of Calcio. Wildly successful, it has become almost synonymous with Italian Football in certain people's minds. Unfortunately, it has also been miscast as the Ultimate Evil, the monument to Anti-Football so as to speak by certain sections of the media.

Italy's Next Top Co-Blogger. ep. 2

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Written by Fabrizio.

I might be the only one here but I "love" the Italian way of football i.e. – the catenaccio, over the brazilian samba. It's a thing of beauty. They play to their strength (great defenders, average attackers) and remind me so much of Muhammad Ali doing his rope-a-dope.

World Cup 2010


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Hopefully Michael will give a more detailed post-game analysis. But to me there are two takeaways from the US draw with Argentina tonight. First, that we are better off with a 4-4-2 than a 4-2-3-1. Second, that the second half of the 2 should be Juan Agudelo.

The first half was like a bad display of catenaccio for the US.

Germany Braces For Spain By Humbling Maradona's Men

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What can I say? I had thought that Argentina would be a real test for the young Germans. Argentina who had the most potent attack in the World Cup this year and also had only let in two goals all tournament, were as the English before them, outclassed by the young Germans!

Bastian Schweinsteiger was simply superb at the centre of the pitch, directing play, spraying the ball left, right or down the middle as he deemed suitable.

Partidos del mundial Sudafrica jueves 25 Junio 2010 resultados,horarios y fotos

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NELSPRUIT, SOUTH AFRICA JUNE 20: Players of Italy and New Zealang walk through the tunnel prior to the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Group F match between Italy and New Zealand at the Mbombela Stadium on June 20, 2010 in Nelspruit, South Africa. (Photo by Ryan Pierse FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

Paraguay vs.

random thoughts about the swiss, spanish, and united states teams

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In Italy for thirty years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, bloodshed - but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love, 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock.-- Harry Lime (Orson Welles) justifying his murderous amorality in The Third Man (1949).

Resultados partidos del mundial Sudafrica domingo 20 de Junio 2010

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Italia 1 -1 New Zealand(Nueva Zelanda) (World Cup, Junio 20, 2010)
Marcello Lippi esta en gaves problemas la selección italiana no pudo vencer al supuesto equipo debil del grupo los All Whites y la escuadra azzurra solo suma dos puntos de 6 disponibles.

Eslovakia 0 Paraguay 2 (World Cup, Junio 20, 2010)
Roque Santa Cruz estuvo cerca del primer gol a solo 3 minutos de haber iniciado el partido.

North Korea earn the respect of the footballing world

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North Korea's national team, the Chollima gets its name from a mythical 1000 mile long horse

A 2-1 scoreline is not one would expect from the 1st ranked team over the 105th team.

The North Koreans refused to be overawed by Brazil, football's superpower, and five time winners of the World Cup.

anxious and confident... waiting for the world cup

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With less than two days to go before the 2010 World Cup in South Africa gets rolling, it's probably safe to say that I'm not the only football fan out there anxiously surfing the net reading blog posts, news stories, and tweets regarding the tournament. Also, I'm glued to the television watching old World Cup matches on ESPN Classic.


Addio Italia, sei fuori

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"Se juega como se vive" suele remarcar César Luis Menotti, y es verdad.
Sin embargo, esta máxima tiene una excepción notable: Italia. Un país destacado por la pintura, el cine, la música, la moda, la arquitectura, la elegancia de sus automóviles, la belleza de sus mujeres y el diseño refinado, encuentra en el fútbol una antítesis especuladora, amarreta, antiestética.

Los que se van; Italia, Nueva Zelanda, Camerun y Dinamarca

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No lo voy a negar, Italia siempre ha sido mi segundo equipo pero en esta ocasión no hay manera de defenderlos, entiendo el concepto del Catenaccio como identidad y en su momento considere que el empate ante Paraguay era bueno, pero es ridículo salir a defenderte cuando enfrentas a Nueva Zelanda, el Catenaccio pasa a [.

La selección Italiana de fútbol Copa Mundial 2010 uniforme, alineación, historia, estadísticas, y análisis grupo F Forza azzurri

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La selección Italiana de fútbol Copa Mundial 2010 uniforme, alineación, historia, estadísticas, y análisis grupo F Forza azzurri

¿Como clasifico a la copa del mundo Sudáfrica 2010?
El numero 1 indiscutible de el grupo 8 de la UEFA 24 puntos, 7 victorias tres empates y ni una sola derrota, metieron 18 goles por siete recibidos.

El sello distintivo

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Durante la transmisión del partido contra Italia, comentaron que México históricamente había carecido de sello distintivo. Ya saben, así como para Italia es el catenaccio, para Brasil el Joga Bonito, para Holanda el juego vistoso y vertical... pues México al parecer nunca ha tenido.

The Rest

Stoke City Tactical Analysis: Looking at the Catenaccio Style of the Potters

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Dean Whitehead (L) of Stoke celebrates with Michael Kightly (Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images)

Since gaining promotion to the Premier League under the guidance of manager Tony Pulis, Stoke City have cultivated a traditional and robust brand of play in which no other sides want to entangle themselves.

Enzo Bearzot – a Tribute

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by Adam Bate

*A version of this article appeared as an obituary in the February 2011 issue of Calcio Italia magazine

Some people choose to remember the 1982 World Cup for the famous Brazil team of Zico, Socrates and Falcao. Their silky skills and attacking football certainly captured the imagination.

L'epoca del Barcelona

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Il Barcelona non ha vinto solo una coppa. Il Barcelona non è solo la squadra più forte del mondo. Il Barcelona si è aggiudicato nella storia un periodo unendo vittorie e bel gioco. Tutto il resto, avversarie comprese, sono solo comparse, anche se talune si sono ritagliate uno spazio vincente. Il club catalano raccoglie quanto seminato lungo gli ultimi 35 anni, quando nella casa blaugrana si decise d'investire sull'organizzazione di stampo olandese, grazie ai consigli di Cruyff e Neeskens.

Imperium Barcelona

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They are the imperial power of world soccer, from a Spanish region of rebels and independents, an elite and the deepest example of soccer dominance in years here is a possession stat from their most recent Champions League fixture: roughly 70% Barcelona 30% Arsenal this is more impressive than the Roman Empire's field control at its peak.

20 frases de Helenio Herrera.

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"Pelé es un violín; Di Stéfano, la orquesta entera."
"Mis jugadores son instruidos al detalle. No pueden equivocarse. ¿Mi secreto? Profesionalismo, gran profesionalismo, y perfeccionismo. Yo no sé si soy el mejor del mundo, pero sé que hago todo para serlo.

Usain Bolt’s Coming To A Pitch Near You

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Sports aren't quite like music, acting and the visual arts, where one can just leapfrog genres, turning in mediocre performances across the board and calling it a success. In fact, only two names from football come to mind when considering successful sporting leaps Bixente Lizarazu can kick your ass and Gabriel Batistuta is the Next Big Thing in polo.