John Terry

Chelsea captain John Terry in dispute with neighbours over fishing pond

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"No, Anton, I said I caught a bleak and a carp." John Terry is in a row with his neighbours over his plans to build a fishing pond at his £10million Surrey mansion, according to Mirror Football. The England skipper is seeking planning ­permission to develop a "featureless paddock" on the seven-acre plot, claiming it [.

Gone Fishin’ – with JT

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Photo says it all, really...

See the full magazine front here.

Incredibly Hot Chelsea WAG, Top 10 Football Chants, Worst. Coach. Ever (Video)!

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Presentan la camiseta de Ríver 110º aniversario.

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31.08.2011 - Tal como anunciáramos el 29 de mayo, Adidas presenta en sociedad la camiseta de Ríver 110º aniversario. Por entonces Ríver, en manos de Juan Pablo Carrizo, comenzaba su definitivo declive hacia lo conocido y se planeaba estrenar la camiseta en un superclásico o evento singular.

Nueva camiseta de Ríver 2010/2012

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29.07.2010 - Calígula - River acaba de presentar la nueva camiseta para el próximo y complicado Apertura que le espera. Absolutamente blanquirroja (cuello y puños en rojo) y con el clásico escudo centrado al pecho, llevará sobre la banda un sutil sello con las siglas CARP.
La marca de las tres tiras no hará esta vez la alternativa en negativo (banda roja sobre negro) y está al caer (la semana próxima) la renovación del sponsoreo de Petrobrás.

English Premier League

Ballon d’Or For Bent and New Signings

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Hello. Is it me you're looking for? No? Oh well, you've made it this far you might as well stick around and see if I accidently say something interesting. As I replied to the question whether Sunderland's Asamoah Gyan would make the nominees list for the Ballon d'Or this week: stranger things have happened.

Away fixture

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(Abbreviated Monday Premier League post thingamajig today. Missed most of the Saturday action, aside from the highlights.)So yeah, Saturday morning Carp Energy conceived for an abbreviated spring training softball scenario in wonderfully chilly 38-degree weather. It was glorious, nonetheless. In between turns at bat I snuck a couple peeks on my phone to keep up with the Premier League scores.

US Men's National Team

You bet your Honduras

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Considering the U.S. is currently in the midst of its Revolutionary War (Washington, New England, Philly) tour section of the CONCACAF Gold Cup 2009 extravaganza, this post comes with a preamble -- free of charge. Bear in mind the following truths whilst proceeding: a) This game was watched on TeleFutura.

Rossi redux

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First off before diving in feet first, thanks for all the comments and chatter. Definitely nice to come back from a crummy softball loss to read all your thoughts, especially since I stupidly slammed a weight bat on the top of my foot by accident. D'oh. Well, on Monday the U.S. and Carp Engery both losers.

Real Salt Lake

Flipping out

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So Fabian Espindola hurt himself on a backflip celebrating what he thought was a goal. Then Bryan Jordan scored a minute later - and guess what he did?

If you thought backflip, you'd be wrong. He did a front flip. Check out both on the video.

Since I've been watching gymnastics in the Olympics recently, I'm going to carp on Espindola's landing.

Major League Links: 7/22

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Once upon a time . . . there was a Major League Links. Since I am waiting for my laundry, I figured why not revive the old bugger! MLS Offside has a bunch of stuff going down, so lets just jump into it like a pair of feat in a carp pedicure tank! - Will Landon [...]

The Rest

The Alaskan Assassin

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U.S. U-20 WNT forward Kelly Cobb is making history as the first player from the state of Alaska to make a U.S. Women's World Cup Team. The Duke striker scored 11 goals with nine assists during a banner freshman year last season and at 5-foot-9 with speed and strength is a handful for any defense.

Turns out that Cobb is also quite the outdoorswoman.

Neymar Meets Young British Fan, Several Strange And Unsettling Scenes Follow… (Video)

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By Chris Wright

It probably shouldn't be, but everything about this strange and unsettling (especially those eerie freeze-frame eyes at 0:35)...

"Police burst into the laboratory to find several half-naked bodies floating in the blood-specked pool, as if someone had thrown a toaster into a pond full of Koi carp.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic introduces first interactive biography app, explains his tattoos

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"Remember, there's only one Zlatan and this is Zlatan and this is my story." -- Zlatan Ibrahimovic (seriously)

And with that statement*, Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic introduces what is claimed to be the world's first interactive biography app now available (in English) for the iPad.

La selección Argentina en el mundial 2010 Sudafrica FIFA uniforme, estadísticas, análisis, historia y palmares Grupo B

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Maradona regreso a un mundial de fútbol soccer, ahora como director tecnico , esta histórica camiseta albiceleste volverá hacer recordar viejas glorias, tanta gloria, tanto fútbol.

foto by carp.sanchez

¿Como clasifico a la copa del mundo Sudáfrica 2010?

Road Game 14: Portland Timbers

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In their first trip to Portland of the year, the Aztex take on the Timbers again on Friday, Sept. 11. Kickoff will be at 9:00 PM CT; as always you can watch online for free on

Austin fans will already know the result of both teams' last game: the Timbers squeaked out a 1-0 win with a late goal here at Nelson Field on Monday.

Real Madrid celebrates its 31 La Liga title at the Cibeles fountain

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Real Madrid landed in Barajas to the 1:30 of the dawn. The Saeta was a celebration. Also the terminal of the airport where they waited for hundreds of followers and, of course, Cibeles, final destiny. The champions of League were about to like crazy people to make the passage towards the goddess, to the knowledge that the madridismo had met in the streets of the city.

Carp fishing with Jimmy Bullard

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Here's Jimmy Bullard, angler extraordinaire, explaining the intricacies of lake fishing (and how not to use a catapult...) on Soccer AM. What a gent....