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Soccer field burns after rocket fuel sets grass on fire

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BURLINGTON, NC An entire soccer field IN Burlington, North Carolina was scorched Sunday afternoon from a grass fire set by model rockets. Captain Blair Keck of the Burlington Fire Department said the call came in at 1:18 p.m. and it took the 12 personnel about 20 minutes to get the fire at 3715 Rural [.

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Las Fallas: People Of Valencia Burn Unflattering Cristiano Ronaldo Puppet As Part Of Fire Festival Celebrations (Photo)

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Over the weekend, the good people of Valencia took to the streets over to burn an scatological effigy of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Thankfully, it's not quite as grim as it sounds, as the Ronaldo dummy was torched as part of the Spanish city's annual week-long Las Fallas festival.

Every year in March, volleys of fireworks are releasedand a cavalcade of different puppets and dummiesof famous rogues (known colloquially as 'ninots') are set alight to pay homage to Saint Joseph.