Bayern Munich

Week Thirteen: Bayern Lose!

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No doubt there are plenty of people out there (some of which may be reading this) who dislike Stuttgart. Karlsruhe fans instantly spring to mind. But a League who's champions don't play like champions is a poor league and it is for that reason that this correspondent is delighted to see Stuttgart back in business. Their return to form was crowned by a fantastic win over Bayern who's lead, which

Week Three: Frankie says...

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The name Wolfsburg usually provokes stifled yawns from anyone outside of that VW dominated town. The performance of their football club has been akin to that of a modern day Boro or Southampton & Coventry of EPL seasons passim. They lig around just above the drop zone creating an obstacle to hungry newly promoted teams who would love to establish themselves in the top flight if they could only

Werder Bremen

Week Six: Life without Miro

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Last season, Bremen were fantastic going forward. Unlucky to be drawn with Chelsea and Barca in the Champions League they still managed to make an impact with their quality attacking play. In fact, many in Bremen still feel that the Bundesliga title was theirs to lose last year. Although Schalke can probably lay a greater claim to that dubious honour.

Week Two: Connect Four

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This weekend saw two tasty clashes. At the Arena Auf Schalke, there was a chance for Schalke to gain swift revenge over bitter local rivals Brassic Dortmund after surrendering the title at the Westfalon last season. Meanwhile in the Weserstadion, the two early season favorites for the championship Werder Bremen and Bayern Munich met. Just how good were Bayern and how much of a challenge will

Ailton Is Back

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The barrel chested Brazilian Ailton who scored a barrel load of goals for Werder Bremen and helped himself to a Bundesliga winners medal while he was there has returned to the Bundesliga. After scoring 5468 goals for Werder in the 2003/04 season he buggered off to Schalke and did bugger all. After a brief spell in Switzerland and Turkey he's back in Germany after having signed a one year

The Rest

Week Eight: General Hospital

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The curse of the Bundesbag strikes again. Only this time it's Rostock and its not really a curse. After saying how utter rubbish they were they win the next three games and leap up the table to fourteenth. OK, so fourteenth is not great but seriously, they had lost all their games before this winning run. Their latest conquest was against the hapless champions of Stuttgart.

Week Five: Ostpolitik

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I've got a soft spot for the Admirable Bielefeld. A small club in the Westphalen region of Germany, they have been perennial yo-yos throughout their recent history. The longest they ever stayed in the Bundesliga was in the early 80's for five seasons and since their most recent promotion in 2004 they have successfully punched above their weight and seen bigger, more established clubs such as FC

Week Four: Back on your heads

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Unrequited rivalries can be tricky things. Remember when Birmingham were promoted to the Premier League a few years ago after having been out of the top flight for years and played Villa for the first time in ages? It was a hilarious match which ended with a 1-0 defeat for Villa who were favorites to win. Needless to the say the victory starved Blue-noses were positively shrill with glee.