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New England Revolution

Converting an Impressive Loss into a Learning Opportunity

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Yes. I was impressed by the Sounders' performance last Saturday against San Jose. Fielding a starting lineup cobbled together out of spare parts and held together by bubble gum and bailing wire, Sigi Schmid and the Sounders put in a noteworthy effort against San Jose's first team Starting Eleven. When Jhon Kennedy Hurtado went down at halftime, the Sounders were without the services of 11 men on their 30 man roster.

MLS - Just Past the Quartermark, Beckham, Goals

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Here in the US we like to break things into large portions. Halves in football, thirds in hockey, quarters in basketball(eighth's only count in pizza). Which leads me to this; time to look a deeper at some of this season's numbers as this week the MLS season has passed the quarter mark. At this point in the season, you usually have a grasp of what hot teams are for real or which wunderkind will have staying power.

Champions League

Going Suds Up: The Best Beers, The Best CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Soccer

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By Kirsten Schlewitz / Senior West Coast Beer and Aston Villa Correspondent

(A note on Kirsten's thought process: "Beer. Champions League. Beer and Champions League. Beer for Champions. Wheaties Beer?" And then the lovely Commie, who you've seen around these parts, suggested wheat beers.

Dorinel Munteanu is forever blowing bubbles

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Steaua Bucharest coach wants to share his chewing gum with you We have all at some point found ourselves sick of the sight of Sir Alex Ferguson chomping away on his chewing gum like a man eager to dislocate his bottom jaw from the rest of his head, but at least he never does this. Steaua [...]

The Rest

It'll All Come To A Sticky End

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Is it my imagination, or is there an increasing polarisation between clubs in the football league? There are those seeking to grow at a pace in line with their means, such as Blackpool, Aston Villa and Arsenal. Those who have Sugar Daddies and so disconnected from the real world. And teams which see borrowing on the promise of future return as the road to success, such as Manchester United, Portsmouth and Liverpool?

Ashley sitches us up with the new shirts.

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The new Newcastle kits have been out for a while now, but still the debate rages on as to whether or not people like them or not. Personally I like the white shirt, and I am pleased to see that the badge on it is not like one of those bubble-gum transfer sticker things that many [...]

I had no idea this existed

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Mouthpiece Sports:

MOUTHPIECESPORTS is a safe place for athletes to speak directly to their fans without the interruption of editing or twisting their words. We bring you the athletes like you've never seen them before -- off the field, off the court, when they're just like you and me.


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The new season registrations are now done, well - as of last night. Like much in running a decent size club (I think we're the biggest mens's rec club in Los Angeles now) what appears all smooth and graceful for the most part, hides the frenzied activity behind the scenes - just like a duck - apparently gliding over the water - and the feet under the water working like crazy.