Broadcasters offered footage of Philippe Coutinho’s Barcelona unveiling this Friday

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Broadcasters are being offered coverage of Philippe Coutinho's unveiling at Barcelona, which will reportedly take place this Friday. Neither...

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Liverpool’s Jamie Carragher confirms his next move

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Liverpool stalwart Jamie Carragher will join Sky Sports from the start of next season. The veteran defender had previously announced that he would retire at the end of the current campaign, although the rumour mill had suggested he was thinking of performing a U-turn and staying on for one more season.

Ayre-headed idea is a leaf out of Kenyon’s blotted copybook

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Ayre-headed idea is a leaf out of Kenyon's blotted copybook

Liverpool believe they have a sound economic case for breaking up the collective agreement on overseas TV rights. And when your club attracts 40,000 Asians to training sessions you could probably use that as evidence Far East broadcasters aren't paying a fortune to show Blackburn or Bolton.


Football (coverage) depresses me

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Firstly, Happy New Year to one and all. You are seeing one of my resolutions in action by reading this having not posted anything on here since mid November (and a thumping 5-2 win over Spurs) I'm starting 2013 by making an attempt to return to writing. It is, however, something of a rant-driven return.

At last: the ruling on TV rights in the UK is out – and the EPL has lost

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By Tony Attwood The highest court in the European Union has ruled that it is legal for individuals within the EU to buy set-top box decoder cards from other EU broadcasters and watch whatever they have to offer. The ruling cannot be appealed. That means that in the UK, for example, we don't suffer the [.


Monday After

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For those interested in ratings (and I assume that most that read this website are), here is a great look at the ratings bounce MLS has enjoyed over the last few weeks on the NBC Sports Network. The numbers are fairly impressive and the trend is significant. After the Olympics are over, I will have a more in depth look at the impact of NBC on the presentation and promotion of the league, but suffice to say, NBC has been impressive in all aspects of their soccer delivery.

Arlo White Joins NBC Sports

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NBC Sports announced today that it has hired Arlo White as the play-by-play voice of its MLS coverage starting in 2012. White had served as the voice of the Seattle Sounders the past two seasons.

His first broadcast with NBC Sports will be March 11 on opening weekend.

"It is a tremendous honor for me to join the NBC Sports Group, an organization that I have revered from afar for many years," said White in a news release.

Scottish Football League

Scottish Football League invites TV bids for Rangers live matches

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The Scottish Football League has approached broadcasters with a package to show up to 25 live Rangers matches in Division Three next season.

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The Scottish Football League attacks broadcasters with a packet to demonstrate up totwenty-fiveinhabit Rangers games in Division Three. HTTP://

An Open Letter to the Scottish Football League

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To all officials, boards and directors of the Scottish Football League and its member clubs,

I wish to make known the strength of my opposition to any arrangement which would see a reformed Rangers parachuted into the second tier of Scottish football. Not only would this be wrong in its own terms, but any hasty reorganisation of the league structure that might be pushed through to allow a solution to a short-term problem would be a grave error.

Euro 2012

UEFA Accused Of ‘Manipulating’ Euro 2012 Live Footage, Balotelli Didn’t Really Make A German Lady Cry

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By Chris Wright

UEFA are to be flayed at the first light of dawn after being caught out splicing pre-recorded footage of a German fan crying into their live broadcast directly after Mario Balotelli had scored his second goal against Germany in the Euro 2012 semi-finals.

Experiencing Euro 2012 at an Irish Pub in Main Street USA

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In order to boost the popularity of soccer stateside, there have been several recent attempts by major broadcasters, bloggers, and just your average fan on the street to shed light on the sport. While FOX showed its first set of live ...

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English Premier League

Changing SLeague Perceptions

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SINGAPORE - British sports marketing guru Patrick Nally said there is no reason why the S-League cannot be a winning proposition given the huge football following in Singapore.

He said the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) must realise they own the sport here and it is in their interest to find a way to unite the various communities who follow the S-League, English Premier League and other European football.

Ex-Celtic star Jackie McNamara Shows Us The Funny And Writes A Sitcom

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By Alan Duffy

Current Partick Thistle manager and former Celtic star Jackie McNamara has used his experiemce in this apparently 'funny old game' to pen a pilot for a new sitcom.

'The Therapy Room' concerns itself with the players at a Premier League side who use a video booth at the club to get things off their chests.

Football, Television And Sir Alex

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Perhaps we are now so used to the gamesmanship of Sir Alex Ferguson in press conferences and interviews that we now look for subliminal messages in everything he says without even thinking about it. His comments yesterday on the nature of the relationship between football and television have certainly provoked debate, though, not least from those that have chosen to reflect upon the irony of the manager of a club that has arguably benefited more than any other from the expansion of television rights into being the main financial mover in the modern game commenting on the influence of broadcasters being to "shake hands with the devil.

Fergie Ends BBC Boycott

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Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has ended his 7 year BBC boycott after agreeing to put the past behind them.

Fergie hasn't given an interview to the BBC since 2004 when they broadcast a programme which insinuated his Son Jason was a corrupt football agent.

Fergie had received a series of fines last season as he went against protocol whereby managers must make themselves available to broadcasters who pay to cover matches.


Philadelphia Union At Seattle Sounders - Game #8 - A Preview Talk With Sounder At Heart

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This week I chatted with Dave Clark of Sounder at Heart, SB Nation's Seattle Sounders site. Clark and I discussed various things about the teams, including broadcasters. Some very good tactical information about how the Philadelphia Union can exploit the Sounders' defense this afternoon.

Interview With GolTV's Phil Schoen: Expect Good Things Out Of Gabriel Gomez

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Phil Schoen was nice enough to give the Brotherly Game some of his time about a week and a half ago. The GolTV play-by-play announcer discussed plenty of topics with the Brotherly Game, some of which included the Philadelphia Union.

Interview with Phil Schoen of GolTV

Here are some highlights of the chat:

  • Schoen's time with GolTV, along with his coverage of Colombian soccer, has enabled him to have a more advanced take on players from South and Central America.


Footiebusiness Vault: Interview with Larry Tiscornia

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We are on the road tonight, so here is a vault piece from the start of last season. This was part of our series that looked at the art of televising soccer.

The Major League Soccer 2011 season got started on Tuesday night with a nationally broadcast match carried by ESPN. Fans of all sports are frequently critical of the television presentation of sports events and soccer fans are no different.

Rapids Live On Altitude...Most Of The Time

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Colorado announced its TV plans today, and once again their on Altitude. Not a surprise since KSE owns both the Rapids and Altitude TV. 28 games will air live on Altitude. One game, April 1st, will be live on Altitude2 which is only available in SD on Comcast. April 1st is a home game against the Fire though so I'll be seeing it live in person.

The perils of live television now haunt former Arsenal star Keown (video)

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Watching the FA Cup 3rd round tie between Arsenal and Leeds United on Monday evening might not have proved so entertaining if former Arsenal defender Martin Keown had not have been struck by a ball hit by a visiting Leeds player in the pre-match warm up. Keown was standing by the pitch alongside ESPN presenter Rebecca Lowe and ex-footballer Robbie Savage.

A Fragmented Future? English Football Broadcast Rights and the Challenge of Google and Apple

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Google and Apple may not exactly be the first names that spring to mind when looking for alternatives to challenge Sky's dominance of sports broadcasting in Britain, but it should be no surprise that two of the giants of the tech and online world are eyeing up sport as a way to lure consumers into their new offerings.

The Decline Of Television And The Decline Of The FA Cup

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Confirmation of the live televised matches for the Third Round of the FA Cup came early this year, and while there was no great shock in the Manchester derby a match which has, arguably, taken on a heightened level of importance given the events in the Champions League last night, even if it still isn't the main even of either teams season it was a little surprising to see that the decisions were taken by both ITV and ESPN before next weeks Second Round replays had even been played.

Footiebusiness Vault: Interview with Larry Tiscornia

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We are on the road tonight, so here is a vault piece from earlier in the season. This was part of our series that looked at the art of televising soccer.

The Major League Soccer 2011 season got started on Tuesday night with a nationally broadcast match carried by ESPN. Fans of all sports are frequently critical of the television presentation of sports events and soccer fans are no different.

Nicklas Bendtner Puts In MOTM Performance As He Leads Denmark To A 2-0 Lead Scoring Twice *Video*

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Denmark was victorious in the "Nordic Derby" this evening, there was much anticipation leading up to this game with some mind games going on. Featured player, Nicklas Bendtner played 87 mins and had a great game to be honest, he lead the line really well and showed what he was all about dropping deep for the ball and driving at the heart of the Norwegian defence and putting in Rommedahl and Krohn-Dehli on a couple of occasions, along with that he scored two goals the latter was a great fizzing low drive from about 25 yards.

The Monday After

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Great weekend for soccer in the United States. Before we get to a our weekly wrap of MLS attendance, here are a couple of other business stories from the past couple of days. First, ESPN couldn't have asked for a better match-up than Brazil/USA in the WWC quarterfinal. Despite the 11:30 start time on the East Coast, the lenghty match started to bleed into better ratings windows in the later stages.

The Rest

THE STARTING 11: New TFC excuses

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Coronal Mass Ejection! 1-0 Philadelphia.If you listen to any Toronto FC home broadcasts or read any missive from official club releases you can be forgiven for thinking The Reds are the only MLS club to travel by plane or play in harsh weather. No matter who has been coaching, the make-up of the squad or the club's form, somehow six years of losses and awful performances (see here) are excused by "fatigue", "harsh conditions" and/or "a transition period".

What is Mental Toughness and Do the Timbers have it?

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I can't think of another industry where cliches are more used than sports. Politics, maybe, but they got their own thing going on. Sometimes the cliches are spot on and sometimes they are just used by broadcasters, managers, players and sports as a shortcut. Reporters readily accept them so the interviewee doesn't actually have to answer a question when feelings are still very raw.

Footiebusiness Vault: Selling Soccer Through Stats

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On the road, so I thought I would honor Footiebusiness Contributor Dave Laidig but putting one of his earlier posts out for consumption. For those who enjoyed Dave's great three part series on player valuation, here is a post from April 2011 about selling soccer through stats.

Every so often, we are fortunate to have one of our readers provide some great content for the site.

Sevilla fans mount tennis ball protest over late kick-off time

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Fans of Spanish side Sevilla launched a tennis ball protest after having the kick-off time of their match against Levante moved. Supporters were unimpressed that their game was put back by half-an-hour so that broadcasters could soak up all the post-match reaction and interviews from Saturday's El Clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Goal-line Technology Changes Soccer Forever

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This could be the first step in the Americanization of the game. Probably, few people would be willing to call it that, but some purists feel the pull. It's like a riptide over the Atlantic Ocean.

And, yet, other purists say they're ready for it.

The announcement was made this week by FIFA President, Sepp Blatter.

The FA Cup Moves From Saturday Night To Sunday Morning

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Viewers looking at the television schedules for last night may have noticed a gap in the football coverage. For the first time in more than two decades, there were no highlights from the FA Cup First Round on the television on the Saturday night after the matches were played, and viewers were forced to wait until this morning to catch up with what happened yesterday afternoon instead.

Bobby Rhine's Passing Shocks, Saddens Ezra Hendrickson

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When it was discovered today that Bobby Rhine passed unexpectedly of a heart attack, it hit the greater MLS community fairly hard. Rhine had played 10 years with Dallas and just recently entered the broadcasting field as a rapidly rising star. Fans in Dallas are holding a memorial this evening. His family is asking for donations made in his name to the FC Dallas foundation.