A Long Overdue Goodbye.

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Hey gays,

Mighty impressive stuff, keeping up the season chat over at the Wigan thread. Have to say, I'm very impressed at the level of commitment shown towards this blog.

Unfortunately, this blog is all but defunct now. Martin, Brenton, Darren and I simply do not have the time to continue blogging here.

Sorry :derp:

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No, the site is not dead. It's just in a bit of a hiatus right now. See, a funny thing called "life" caught up to us here at the Arsenal Offside. Darren, Brenton, and Martin have busy work schedules. As for JG, I have a pretty packed school schedule that involves various extracurricular activities that are sapping my available time and energy- yay for realistically applying to good colleges!

Midseason Review, Part I: What’s Happened?

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So here we are, nearly halfway through the 2011-12 season. Arsenal have play 17 league matches with Wolves coming up next on Tuesday. It was originally scheduled for Monday on Boxing Day, but due to the London Tub Strike, it has been rescheduled. The halfway mark of the season has QPR coming to the Emirates and but this time we hope to have completed the mid-season review.

Liveblog! Norwich-Arsenal

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Hello, we're finally back to regular programming, as we liveblog what should be an exciting match between newcomers Norwich City and our beloved Arsenal. Join Homey, Darren, Brenton, and the regulars as we discuss this game. Check out Homey's preview if you haven't already, and try the red velvet cheesecake we have at the corner.

Who’s gonna run this town tonight?*

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* Yes, this is a shout-out to our recently departed midfield maestro, The Martin. (Check the guest appearance.)

As you now know, a few of us will be taking over the Arsenal Offside page, so some introductions are in order. I think Homey's prepping an intro post, but seeing as I just finished a contract and have a few days free, I thought I'd come on and tell you all a little bit about myself while he gets that sorted.

The Rest

Cascadia: United Under A Symbol

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Article by Nate Sulat
It's called the Doug Flag because of the Douglas fir on its front, and it's become an almost mandatory feature of any Cascadia Cup match. Fans in Portland, Seattle and Vancouver all fly its blue, white and green stripes as a symbol of the Pacific Northwest.