World Cup

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Arlo White and Brandi Chastain interrupt downwards Team USA's electrifying romp over Canada in the semifinals and stare before to the U.S.' World Cup terminal replay with Japan in Thursday's amber medal tally.

The 2011 US-Japan Women's World Cup Final as Performed under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade

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Was there a picture after the game of President Obama screaming and throwing furniture around while his wife and children looked on horrified?

No? That was just in my house? Okay.

Looking at the US after the game really gave me an insight on how China felt twelve years ago. I thought Hope Solo was going to kill someone, and then we saw her getting consoled by fans - presumably relatives, but if not, that's not surprising.

Serie A

(video) Calcio, Serie A: Sacchi sul derby: "Non c'è stata partita, Milan preso a pallonate"

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(Sacchi a Controcampo)

"Non c'è stata partita, il Milan è stato preso a pallonate. L'Inter è stata superiore dal punto di vista fisico, agonistico e tecnico. L'assenza di Nesta? Nemmeno Maradona avrebbe cambiato le cose". Questo il commento secco ed implacabile di Arrigo Sacchi, ospite a Controcampo.

(video) Calcio, Maria Lopez cacciata da Controcampo. Motivo? Troppa esuberanza

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(Video: la "tetta" incriminata di Maria Lopez esce durante il balletto a Controcampo)

E' durata poco. Lo spazio di due sole puntate. Curve pazzesche, balletti sexy (come quello che provocò la fuoriuscita di una "tetta" e che potete osservare nel video), tanta esuberanza, ma poca competenza in maniera calcistica.

Soccer, etc.

Saturday Quickie

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Man oh man oh man - here's Glenn Beck making fun of Obama's Aunt - and a bunch of other people, too. This is why I've been staying away from the news in favor of b-ball and soccer. What a hateful, useless tool! Isn't this the dude who was recently weeping about how much he loves [...]

Brackets, AIG, Monday Meanderings

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The Men's bracket is up and some folks (you know who you are) have already made their picks.  The women's bracket will be finalized this evening.  Then we have a couple of days to get everything set before the games are off and running.  I'm using the NYTimes Brackets this year - we'll see how [..

Obama Continues to Come Through (and Saturday is Here)!

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Yesterday President Barack Obama repealed the Mexico City Policy - the infamous gag rule that pulled funding from health care providers who offered (or even just talked about) certain health care options for women.  Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.  Obama's Day Three ... was a mixed bag, reminding me that change is a process [.

Congratulations to the Golden USWNT … Ch-ch-ch-ch changes!

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Call it change. Call it luck. Call it redemption. Call it bravery. Call it what you will - it's gold and it's real and it stays! The USWNT defeated Brazil 1-0 yesterday in extra time after putting on a gritty performance on the pitch on a wet, humid, Beijing night. [...]SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Congratulations to the Golden USWNT .

The Rest

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U.S. womanhoods's soccer goaltender Hope Solo didn't back downwardly Monday from her Twitter blowup against NBC assayer Brandi Chastain, telling the tweets were her mode of expressing her view.

Rick’s Cabaret Girls Congratulate Miami Heat

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Dancers from the famous Rick's Cabaret gentlemen's club in midtown Manhattan formed their own basketball squad several months ago and the team watched last night's NBA Miami Heat vs Oklahoma City Thunder contest with rapt attention.

The basketball game was shown on the club's numerous TVs and screens, and there was a private VIP viewing party on the Rick's Roof Deck Cigar Lounge which was attended by several top Wall Street bankers, celebrities, and other notables.

‘Runners pound Grizzlies

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No. 11 Metro State opened Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference play with a 5-1 victory over Adams State at home on Friday.

The Roadrunners improved to 5-0-0 overall, while ASC fell to 3-2-0.

The Grizzlies came out on fire, with Autumn Boyer giving Adams State a 1-0 lead at 3:18.

Metro State rallied to take a 2-1 lead at halftime, tying the game at 38:19 on an own goal after Nicole Pollack's shot from the top of the box was deflected into the net by an ASC defender.

U.S. 2011 World Cup team seeks to step out of the shadows of the 1999 World Cup champions

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You remember that famous 1999 World Cup victory, don't you?


And it has cast a long shadow, as Associated Press Writer Nancy Armour points out:

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) -- Lauren Cheney was just 11 during the 1999 World Cup,
watching from the stands and imagining what it would be like to be on that field with Mia Hamm and Michelle Akers and Julie Foudy and Brandi Chastain.