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David Beckham x HypeBeast

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Forgot to put this up the other day but it's kind of evergreen so here you go any way. HypeBeast, purveyors of all things stylish & urbanely urban, have done a tasteful sitdown interview with our David that covers everything from his beginnings at Man U to his fashion endeavors to his time with the Galaxy.

VIDEO: LA-RSL Post-Game Kerfuffle

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I have no idea what Jason Kreis said to David Beckham but my uneducated guess is that it was something along the lines of "your Moms." Lip-readers, try to prove me wrong.

Yessssss: Becks' "Ricky" Returns.

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Ricky is back. And he works, unconvincingly it would seem, at Target. He may not have the shoppers completely fooled but he does make me laugh so. Chuckle chuckle y'all.

“Beckham in Itself is a Worldwide Brand and it Was Only Last Week He Was on the Front of Women’s Day"

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The Galaxy need to return to Oz just so we can have more beachside, french fry-eating interviews with Landon Donovan. Also, he'd be perfect on the cover of Woman's Day.

Beckham Has No Regrets

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Becks has no regrets about coming to America. Not even this haircut. But in all seriousness, this is probably the most MLS-centric interview with our David we've seen since his first season here. But why do they have to bring on the chicken?

Agudelo x Cooper x Beckham x adidas

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Them boys are all in and I like it. And is that a new Justice track I hear?

Beckham Stays Up Late to Confesses to Dandyism, Being Slow and Thinking About Getting His Bits & Pieces Tattooed

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11+ minutes of an Englishman and Scot having a laugh without aid of drink.

Becks Gets Award, Gets All Teary, Gets to Talking About Another Loan

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It must be nice to be David Beckham. Dude can get on stage and receive a major award from Sir Bobby Charlton with his outlandishly attractive family filling the front row and damn near cry and no one's going to say sh*t. Or at least I won't say say sh*t because I'm an artist cotdamnit, and I know what it's like to be all sensitive and whatnot.

"People Tell Me Sometimes That I Have Skin Like Baby Peaches"

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I can guarantee you that this hidden camera video of David Beckham and a masseuse has nothing to with Becks coming out of a Thai massage parlor late one night and everything to do with Ellen and David being bezzie, bezzie mates. This is actually much funnier than I would think it would be.

Being "Big in Philly" is the New "Big in Japan"

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You can tell David Beckham has never played in Philly before. For the past 3 days it's been 2007 all over again with boatloads of old-school "BeckhamWatch" news coming out of southeast Pennsylvania. "David Beckham ate a $100 cheesesteak with lobster and truffle oil." "David Beckham is practicing at UPenn and taking pictures with coeds.

Becks vs. The Hater, Round 3

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I recently said that I've been trying not to write anything that I wouldn't say to someone's face and here's a great example of why that's a good move. You never know when your snide remark will be seen/heard by it's subject and when it is you better have the stones to back up it. Otherwise you come off all chickensh*t like this dude.

David Beckham Speak About The Future

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Just his future, not ours or the general future that we all have to look forward to. You know the one where you get all saggy, have less sex, cry more and try not to get killed in some post-apocalyptic version of America filled with Terminators and whatnot? He's not touching that one so don't get too excited.

Becks & Diddy in Celeb Auction Bidding War

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I have no idea how old/olde/auld this clip is but Jesus H. Christ can you imagine what Wayne Rooney and Diddy got up to on a night out in New York? Gun charges, women of ill repute, Cîroc snowcones...all kinds of sh*t man. They probably provided The Sun with a solid 3 weeks of headlines.

Who Wants to Smell Like The Beckhams After They've Made Out in an Elevator With No Circulation?

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People who shop at Walgreens apparently.

[Spotted at TOW]

Weird-Ass Live Group Video Interview With Brand Beckham

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David Beckham participating in a live interview by fans with questions coming from UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, India, Dubai and perhaps even Uranus. Feel free to submit your own via Facebook now.

Saaaaaaay, Aren't You Supposed to be Injured?

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Here is Becks at England training in South Africa repeatedly hitting a ball hard enough that if it where a melon he would have put his cleat through it. Surely this is against doctor's orders. Oh wait, that's the doctor telling him "No! I already told you...keepy uppy and nothing else".

I swear even the already injured will find a new way to be injured at this World Cup.

Our David Testifies to the Power of Manchester United

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As you've probably already heard, the red half of Manchester will be heading stateside this summer for the first time in while, with a nationally televised appearance in Houston for the MLS All Star game headlining their North American schedule. A lot of people think they are great including their former midfielder David Beckham.

Becks Wishes Good Morning to America

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Our David was on Good Morning America this a.m. talking World Cup 2010, kids, his wife's shopping habits, the injury and the state of professional soccer in America. No MLS or Galaxy talk though he did ply the hosts --all four of them-- with customized LA kits. Watch and wanh-wanh.

Would You Let Beckham Do Your Hair?

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Here's the question of the day: "Would you let David Beckham do your hair?" I probably would because being that I have virtually none it could only go pear-shaped to a point. Unless I grew my sh*t out like Drogba or Dam-Funk and rocked some kind of smoothed out S-Curl thing, but I doubt he deals with all that (best to call up Louis Saha when dealing with these sort of hair decisions).

Video: LA Is Ready Y'all

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Tonight, tonight, to-ni-ight
We could make it right tonight, to-ni-ight

I already have loads of respect for the Riot Squad because of the hospitality that they showed the New York supporters at MLS Cup last year; anyone who treats me to tacos, beer and bike jousting after such a crushing defeat are my people for life.

Like Strip Club Ads and Sports Scores, Beckham & Donovon Are On the Same Page

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You may have recently read that Bruce Arena received the award for Coach of the Year for rescuing the LA Galaxy from the depths of the last few seasons all the way to the Western Conference final. The most high-profile part of his salvage job was the healing of the San Andreas Fault-sized rift between Lando & Becks.

TMZ Has No Love For Alan Gordon

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According to TMZ, "David Beckham didn't grab the mechanical bull by the horns -- but dude definitely appreciated the busty, jiggling ladies who did last night at the Saddle Ranch." What, no love for Alan Gordon? The only thing featured more prominently in this clip than his mug is the bull's ass.

Video: Beardy Becks Ready For The Playoffs

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You know what would be bad ass? If Becks would shave the beard but keep the mustache. I really feel like what we need right now is a return to wide-brooms and "real ales" beards. It's kind of sad that Shep Messing --who has been retired for more than 20 years-- is the dude who's really holding it down for consistent and prominent facial hair in the American soccer diaspora.

LA Galaxy

AEG Should Just Go on & Call Them the LAsia Galaxy

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If the blog of the Philippine Football Federation treasurer is to be believed the Galaxy's post-season trip to Australia might be turning into LA's "Last Call for David Beckham" Tour*. PFF executive bean-counter Bonnie Ladrido, erm, spilled the beans last night by mentioning on his blog that LA Galaxy president Tom Payne will be in Manilla next week to tour facilities and all that other executive-type stuff.

ESPNLA With the (Balls) Deep Read on David Beckham

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Leave it to ESPN Los Angeles' Scott French, who incidentally looks like a hybrid between Terry Richardson and his excellence David Hirshey, to knock out probably the lengthiest written piece on Goldenballs since The Beckham Experiment. It may not be a book but make no mistake this is a long, damn near ginormous article that might actually be worthy of being described with the much-overused adjective "epic.

With LA Becks Is Looking for Title Troika

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The Beardy Boy Wonder talks to Marvelous Martin Rogers about taking a title with a third team. It's part one of a three part series over at Yahoo! Sports. Part 2 is here and part 3 is here; get 'em while it's hot i.e. before the next match when this all becomes completely dated.


SuperDraft 2007: Raw, Uncut & Dated

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I have no idea where this came from but if you can get past the first 1.5mins it's kinda fantastic: 25+ minutes of outtakes and unfiltered footage from the 2007 SuperDraft, the first MLS draft to ever be televised.

It's as long as Marco Ethceverry's Jheri Curl mullet but kinda funny.

Cantina From Star Wars Gets World Cup Re-Rub by Adidas

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It really does not get any better that Daft Punk doing a deal with Hans Solo, Greedo trying to shake down Beckham to play for FC Jabba and Snoop Dogg getting ghetto on a couple of marks in the Cantina out of Star Wars. Throw in cameos by DJ Neil Armstrong, Noel Gallagher, Ian Brown & Der Kaiser and Adidas has almost (almost) caught up with Nike in the chase for that cool factor.

The Rest

Photo of the Day (If Not Year)

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Obama beams, Beckham steams. Love it.

David Beckham Has Too Much Money. FACT.

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Not that we needed conclusive evidence that the Beckhams have more money than could ever be necessary, but here is proof that they truly have more than anyone can need: a dude get paid to carry his Posh's bag. Mind you if I had the option I would do the same thing; I love my wife but is it really necessary for me to be holding it down in regard to her purse in the middle of Target?

The Union's Fred: Model Player

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In case you were not aware of Fred's Australian sex-symbol past, you now have an underwear model to call your own Philadelphia. Personally I think you guys should start a petition for a "Banana Hammock Cup" to played against the league's other teams with undergarment pitchmen on their rosters, LA & Seattle.