Former Chelsea midfielder Enrique De Lucas drinks a beer on the Celta Vigo subs’ bench

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Ex-Chelsea player Enrique De Lucas has caused a bit of a stir after TV footage showed him enjoying a beer on the substitutes bench. De Lucas enjoyed his beverage ahead Celta Vigo's 4-1 defeat to Sevilla last weekend, a match in which he came on as a 75th minute sub. But it his pre-match routine [...]

Chelsea beware, 5 years ago today Lionel Messi did this….

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Chelsea beware, 5 years ago today Lionel Messi did this.... is a post from: Just Football

18th April 2007. Exactly five years ago today, Lionel Messi channelled the spirit of Maradona. Not by going off on a cigars, booze and goodness-knows-what-else-fuelled bender, or by losing his composure in a press conference, shouting 'la concha de tu madre' at journalists and storming off telling everybody in the room to suck it.

English Premier League

Lazy Links & Randoms

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Image: KCKRS via UNION Los Angeles. You'd be so proud of us today, Kickettes. We successfully snuck a bunch of booze into work using our stomachs. - Don't ask us about that supposed Clint Dempsey to L'Pool trade. Because we know absolutely nothing about it. What we do know, though, is homeboy looks pret-ty good in [.

January 4th: The Keeper’s Holiday

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For whatever reason, the holiday season hasn't been kind to the big teams of the Premiership I have a theory based on the higher wages and proportional amount of booze that allows one to buy. Bolton was bottom of the table and looked to stay there after Tim Howard booted a clearance and it caught some wind in the sail (0:25).

Euro 2012

Postcards from Poland: Euro 2012 Fan Diary #1 – Opening Day observations

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Postcards from Poland: Euro 2012 Fan Diary #1 Opening Day observations is a post from: Just Football

As a new running feature during Euro 2012 on Just Football, Poland-based Patrick Ney of the blog Polandian will be writing a fan diary with general social and cultural observations straight from the heart of the joint-host nation.

Shay Given: A Footballer After Our Own Hearts

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Gratis bum shot via The Spoiler.

Alcohol is not merely a constituent of a good party. Rather, it's the party's host.

Shay Given knows this, which is why he issued a call to the Republic of Ireland fans before last night's Euro 2012 qualifier vs. Armenia to hit the booze. Shay apparently felt that a wee dram or ten might help the faithful blow the roof off the stadium and simultaneously propel the team to victory.


Euro 2012 Group C Predictions: Boozers Blast on Through

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One food post, deserves one booze post. Group C is for the boozers. Spain, Italy, Ireland and Croatia. Wine v. Wine. Guinness v. Rakia. Is there a better tiebreaker?

Guinness Girls Rule First, Spain may be the reigning Euro and World Cup champions, but they can't compete with Italy's grapes.

Sunday round-up

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Every morning when I'm at home I get up, make coffee, go upstairs and write my blog. This morning I am daring to be different. Instead of going upstairs, I am staying downstairs and writing the blog on my laptop.

A change is as good as a rest as they say. That said, a rest would be good too for I was forced out of the house last night by the nefarious Mugsmasher who needed the goodness of Guinness to help him get over an adventure race thing he did yesterday.


Rain, Robin and Rice

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Stupid rain.

Everywhere you look, rain. I am all for a bit of moisture, the world would be a much worse place without it, but this is ridiculous now. It's cold, it's wet and it's supposed to be summer. How is a man supposed to scorch large chunks of meat over charcoal in this kind of weather?

Champions League Sponsor Exposure Thriving

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That there is a photo due some infamy.

Some Arsenal fans, probably getting several groans from the majority, enjoyed their pregame booze by making an "art installation" in front of Milan's Duomo, possibly commissioned by UEFA in a strategic attempt to garner one of their main sponsors a bit more publicity.


Ladies Day Style Off: Danielle Lloyd vs Coleen Rooney

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Most Fridays find us cracking open the bubbly at Kickette HQ by Noon sharp under the adage of "it's 5 o'clock somewhere." In honour of Ladies Day at The Grand National today, we started the booze flowing this morning with a bowl of Wheatabix in order to keep a steady buzz on while viewing photos such as these.

Barcelona ‘Ballers & WAGs: What Does Their Airport Arrival Attire Say About You?

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When it comes to flying first class in casual clothes, there were three distinct themes that a few Barcelona 'ballers and their WAGs abided by during the all important procession in front of the paps this morning.

Options for you to pick from are below, with the question being: which of these couples' looks best describes your own airport arrival style?

QOTD: Abbey Clancy On Losing The Baby Weight

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Abbey Clancy (along with Peter and baby Sophia) had her hands full outside Osteria restaurant in Prestbury, Cheshire. The fam stopped off for a quick bite during a long day of house hunting in the area on 08.09.2011.

We've read a lot of tips and tricks for losing and keeping the baby weight off, but have never had to heed any anonymous advice ourselves, thankfully.


Match Preview: Liverpool v. Bolton, 01.21.11

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Liverpool get back in the swing of things to see out a busy January, heading to the Reebok in hopes of getting three points for only the second time in six matches. As has mostly been the case in league over the past month and a half, they won't face an entirely overwhelming opposition, with Bolton only a point above Wigan in 19th.

Match Preview: Liverpool v. Chelsea, 11.20.11

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Liverpool and Chelsea meet tomorrow in one of the more hotly-contested matchups of the past few years in English football, with both clubs on the front end of particularly important stretches of their respective seasons. Action off the pitch has added more spice to the fixture in the past calendar year, and the matches themselves have been fairly even Liverpool's done the double in league twice of the last three years, with Chelsea splitting it up and winning both matches two seasons ago.

Capello is right: alcohol DOES cast a shadow over our game

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Capello is right: alcohol DOES cast a shadow over our game

In football, just as in our ­society as a whole, there is a booze culture that is ­careering out of control. So, I was interested to hear Fabio Capello say Andy Carroll drinks too much. I have no idea whether the Liverpool star has been hitting the bottle too hard, but I know ­today's players are the product of a system that makes it tough for clubs to educate them how to refuel.

Why Carroll critics are wrong to play the booze card

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Why Carroll critics are wrong to play the booze card

At Anfield over the weekend, there was much head-scratching over Fabio Capello's pronouncement that "we need to help Andy Carroll". As help went, they mused, the England manager's actions were akin to offering a drowning man a glass of water.

Terry backs Carroll to cut out the booze and turn his England career around

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Terry backs Carroll to cut out the booze and turn his England career around

"He's a really good pro on the pitch and good around the camp," says Three Lions skipper

View the full story here: The Mirror

A news article on 2011-09-05 22:00:38 from: The Mirror

This news item has been reproduced from today's media.

Stop worrying and learn to love Stewart Downing | Barney Ronay

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Stop worrying and learn to love Stewart Downing | Barney Ronay

Reports of Stewart Downing moving to Anfield have been met by a shrug from many Liverpool fans. This is depressing The summer transfer window is the most obvious example of football's refusal ever to stop happening.

The Rest

Ipswich Town campaign for beer drinking to return to stands. Accident waiting to happen?

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Guzzling a beer in the stands whilst cheering on your team is very much a thing of the past. Or is it? In response to the hooliganism that heavily stained British football culture three decades ago, a law was passed in 1985 to remove a fan's right to drink alcohol in their seats or terrace. [...]

Pick team/formation for UEFA Super Cup v Monaco!

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OK people here we go as we start to build up to Friday night. Chelsea travel to Monaco (watch out for the prices of local booze by the way!) to take on Atletico Madrid in the UEFA Super Cup and it's the first major trophy of our season.

We are waiting for injury updates on Marko Marin ahead of this one.

SPL Today: Hibs host Celtic's party

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Hibs, not so much always the bridesmaids as always the sailor-suit clad page boys of Scottish football, have some experience of hosting parties for visitors.

Rangers and Aberdeen have won league titles under the noses of a bemused and bewildered Easter Road support. It feels a bit like spending the night standing next to the fridge, alone and uncomfortable, at your own house warming party.

Yaya Touré: Conned Out Of A Case Of Wine

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As 50 Cent once said, 'get rich or die trying'.

And 'get rich' is exactly what one man did after he posed as Yaya Touré's football agent.

Last November, an unidentified conman supposedly approached a fine wine shop in Luxembourg, France, on behalf of his Manchester City star client.

Dean Windass reveals suicide attempts

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Hull legend Dean Windass has attempted suicide twice in recent days, he has revealed. The Tigers' Wembley hero confessed he had tried to end his life as booze and depression took their grip after a series of problems in his personal life. The Soccer Saturday reporter said: "People have this image of me as this [.

Thirst-quenching quest to find new Arsenal alehouse

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We stuttered early on in the season but since then we have had some decent results. This is not altogether too far off from the Arsenal's season. I am talking, crucially, about me and the lads trying to find a decent boozer to call home for games at the Ems after we got a free transfer from our previous drinking establishment.

Could Norman Dale coach?

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If you are a movies junkie like I am, you'll definitely appreciate this piece in ESPN by Barry Locke, who analyzes the coaching of Norman Dale in "Hoosiers". Enjoy.

It's been 25 years since "Hoosiers" immortalized the legend of Hickory High, the small school that beats long odds to make underdog history by winning the Indiana state basketball championship.

American Outlaws Plot Drunken Airlift for Brazil 2014

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In what could be the most epic or disastrous move in the history of American soccer road-trips, the American Outlaws have chartered a large, 737-type plane to ferry its most hardcore and cash-flush members from the United States to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup.

I love my Yanks and a good awayday as much as the next guy but I'm not sure that I could personally take a 10-14 hour international flight full of booze, rampant patriotism, people applying for their Mile High Club membership in the toilets and the same 5 songs being sung over & over again in a small contained space.

Glory lose to Central Coast, Vuko confident, Andre talks and Burns

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Hi everybody,

Welcome to today's blog. Did you all have a decent weekend?

FP was out on the track for the final day of the races in town. It seemed like a ridiculously indulgent day full of booze, women and more booze. Hopefully your weekend was just as fun.

So Perth Glory lost 1-0 on the weekend to Central Coast Mariners with a former Glory boy scoring the goal.

Tennis Legend McEnroe Blasts Boozy Irish

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Superbrat former tennis legend John McEnroe has blasted Ireland's US Open flops Conor Niland and Louk Sorensen after both retired during their 1st round US Open match-ups. Niland retired due to food poisoning while Sorensen retired due to injury, however McEnroe blamed booze for the pairs failings and not what many believe to be just bad luck.

Andres Iniesta: Secrets Of His Hidden Wine Cellar

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Andres Iniesta is slowly but surely pining for our sweetest of alcoholic spots, Kickettes. Not too long ago he first gave us an excuse to make like a martini as we watched him flaunt his sezzual side in a sharp, fashion editorial. Now, however, he's really blown the roof off our recently renovated Kickette HQ with some wonderful, wine-tastic news.

Fore! Miguel Torres, Jordi Codina and Pablo Hernandez Tee Off For Charity

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Image: Clinica Menorca.

Yes, unfortunately we said "tee off" and not "ripped their t-shirts off," but one day they will. We can feel it. Perhaps even at our own outing next year? We've already established a tournament name (the '1st Annual Kickette Charity Golf Tournament'), ground rules for players (all male participants must play shirtless) and which charity we'd sponsor (proceeds would be generously donated to our booze and handbag fund).

Post-Game Hangover: Reflections On Revs @ Sounders

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The only thing worse than a hangover is an angry hangover; the kind where you are just mad about how you even got to be hungover in the first place. The booze may have worn off, but the emotions remain. Stupid emotions. That's kind of where I've been at all day, just truly mad. As if the Gold Cup loss to Mexico wasn't bad enough, we had to go and give away an early lead to the Sounders, who then took us to school for about 70 minutes.

This Crud's for you

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The world's oldest football competition the F.A. Cup continues its descent into mediocrity as the Football Association has signed a £24 million sponsorship deal with Budweiser.

America's best-selling 'beer' (over 11 billion bottles per year) continues to seek new ways to shake off its reputation for tasting too weak and tepid to tempt Europeans away from their native brews.