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Book Reviews Week: The Away End

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The Away End by Dean Mansell Published by CreateSpace June 2012 £6.95 ISBN: 978-1477654262 Our Book Reviews Week draws to a close with regular contributor Craig Telfer providing his thoughts on a book brought to us by Chesterfield fan and blogger Dean Mansell along with a preface from that doyen of Yorkshire and North Derbsyhire football correspondents, Alan Biggs.

Wild Soccer Bunch Book Review by Jared Montz

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Posted by Jared Montz

Above is a video review I did of The Wild Soccer Bunch's 1st book called Kevin the Star Striker. Enjoy!

If you want to enter the Landon Donovan autographed ball and copy of The Wild Soccer Bunch contest we are doing here is how it works.

If you are an OnlineSoccerAcademy.

Tottenham Hotspur

Summer Reading For Spurs Fans. A Harry-Free Zone

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Two e-books worthy of your consideration. And look, we're all busy people, credit crunch and all, so what can I say they're cheap. Very good, mind. Have a look.

Arthur Rowe a Neglected Spurs Legend Whose Legacy Lives On

We become Spurs fans via a variety of routes.

Glorious – Gazza In His Own Words. Read the Review, Win the Book!!

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Last summer I heard rumours that Paul Gascoigne was dead. Unlike the rest of the rubbish that circulates the ether, sadly this had the ring of truth. He had been looking more pale and drawn than ever and the stories more bizarre, if that were possible.

Gazza stopped being daft as a brush years ago but the nation kept on laughing.

Martin Cloake On Danny Blanchflower, Spurs’ Geezers and the Current State of Play

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Dead easy, this interviewing malarkey. Turn on the recorder, sit back, arrange the gems in some semblance of order and there you have it. At least you do when you speak to someone with the infectious enthusiasm of Martin Cloake. A leading authority on Spurs in print, many books written alongside co-author Adam Powley, his ardent passion for the club as journalist and fan remains undiminished.

In Search of Alan Gilzean

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Looking back, Gilly almost ruined things, just as it all began. The impeccable touch, leaping headers and sharp finishing even as a teenager I knew this was class. Trouble was, unconsciously I compared everything that followed with this benchmark, little realising that what I took as a wide-eyed youth to be the norm was [.

Morris Keston – Superfan

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Imagine sitting, say, on a train or in a pub. You're having a relaxing chat about football with one of your best mates. He's brought along a couple of other people, you're introduced and get on really well with them. The conversation and the beer flows, a good time is had by all. It's a [...]


A Reluctant Champion

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Book Review: Joe Fagan - Reluctant Champion by Andrew Fagan and Mark Platt

There are two iconic images that seem to perfectly sum up Joe Fagan's time as Liverpool manager. The first has him lounging by a pool in front of two Italian carabinieri and the Champions Cup, won the night before, besides him.

Well Read: Top Books from 2010

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It could be my impression but 2010 hasn't been a particularly good one as far as football books are concerned; especially if like me you don't happen to be particularly fond of biographies. Meaning that selecting what has become my annual roundup of best books read during the year was a bit tricky. But, having jogged my memory a bit to see which books I've read over the past twelve months, I've managed to draw up a list of four must read books.

The True Price of Success

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Pay As You Play by Tomkins, Riley and Fulcher - Book Review by Roy Henderson

Before We Start - Full Disclosure
It's only right to disclose that I had a small involvement in the book, having been one of the many bloggers and writers who contributed to its second part. I would hopefully have been more involved too, had I not been involved in a few other extra-curricular activities over the last few months.

Well Read: Top Books from 2009

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As the year comes to a close, it is appropriate to think of what has gone on during the previous twelve months. There are many others out there analysing Liverpool's best game of 2009, the most spectacular goal as well as the highs (and, undoubtedly, the lows) of the year so I won't bother you all by going over those matters.

When Football Was Football

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Book Review: When Football Was Football by Peter Hooton

This was love at first sight seeing that on the back cover there is reproduced one of my favourite Liverpool images. It does not show a famous game or triumph but simply Bob Paisley sat down sharing a joke with some of his old friends and with the Champions Cup in front of them.


Book Reviews : The Ten Shirt

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As a self professed comic book nerd I can appreciate the concept of alternate realities and multiple universes. That being said I'm generally not a big fan of sports fiction so this soccer book is a bit of a departure from the other efforts reviewed here. Michael Maddox's "The Ten Shirt" sort of made me feel like I was reading one of the possible alternate reality stories that I encounter after picking up the new weekly stash of reading material on Wednesday afternoons at the local geek store.

Book Review : Star Spangled Soccer

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A few weeks ago I wrote a review of Beau Dure's "Long Range Goals". Both Dure's book and Gary Hopkins' "Star Spangles Soccer" cover the growth and expansion of Major League Soccer but Hopkins expands his reach to include the growth of the game in America as a whole. While Dure focused on Major League Soccer's history, Hopkins reels in the development and future growth of the American game in economic, social, and athletic terms.

Book Reviews : Long Range Goals - The Success Story of Major League Soccer

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For those of you interesed in reading good soccer related material I suggested reading Soccernomics a few weeks ago (Sam also previously recommended it in a post a while back). Since soccer related books seem to be popping up with some frequency, mostly due to World Cup excitement, I've been searching for US and MLS related material to share and I've found a few good ones.


Book Review: Will You Manage?

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Will You Manage?: The Necessary Skills to be a Top Gaffer by Musa Okwonga

Everyone thinks he's a coach these days. There's no way you can watch a game without coming across someone overly eager to instruct the manager what he should do and tell all those who will listen that he got hs tactics wrong.

Simon Kuper and David Goldblatt Give African Soccerscapes Big Thumbs Up

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This weekend football authors Simon Kuper and David Goldblatt published the kind of book reviews that warm an author's heart.

"Nobody understands the background to African soccer better than the Italian-American historian Peter Alegi," writes Kuper in the Financial Times.


A Look At: Well Red Magazine

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I can still recall my fascination when I first came across a copy of When Saturday Comes magazine sometime in the early nineties and saw that it dedicated two pages to listing the contact details of all the fanzines that were around. All clubs had at least one of these home-made magazines that gave a voice to fans who at the time were still considered as little more than a nuisance.

Spreading the Word: Well Red

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Those who have only been following football only over the past two decades will find it hard to believe, such is the hype around the game, but there was a time when it was significantly harder to follow your team. Football fans were treated as louts whose working class background automatically meant little or no intellectual faculties.

The Rest

Book Revie: The Didi Man

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First off, a confession: I don't like biographies. In particular, I don't like player biographies. Too often they're pretentious, ego-massaging,bank account boosting exercises in self-promotion that offer little in the way of genuine insight. Unless, of course, you consider tales of lads' nights out or those of puerile banter as falling under the category of insightful.

Book Review: Confessions of a Football Reporter

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Confessions of a Football Reporter...another Biggs at Large By Alan Biggs Published by Vertical Editions, August 2011 £12.99 ISBN: 9781904091516 In the second of three book reviews we should be publishing this week, we welcome back Ian Rands of A United View on Football. Ian was lucky enough recently to secure an interview with football journalist Alan Biggs - the BBC's go-to guy for South

Review: The Ghost of White Hart Lane by Rob White and Julie Welch

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On my daughter's mantelpiece sits a photo of her son, then aged about 3, walking along the beach with his father. Taken from behind, they are unaware of the camera's presence. Their stance and gait are identical. Size and stature come from shared genes, the rest, the bit that matters, just happens.

A Scout's World

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Book Review: Scouting for Moyes by Les Padfield

If nausea happens to be your initial reaction upon seeing what this book is about, then it would be understandable. These days everyone remotely involved in the game of football seems all too eager to write down his life story irrespective of what comes out.

“The Italian Job” by Gianluca Vialli: A Review

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There are a lot of footballers out there, and there are a ton of writers as well, and for the most part, these are separate spheres. There's usually not much overlap. You never hear of how James Joyce scored a hattrick for Celtic or how Baggio wrote a dissertation disproving Freud's Oedipus Complex.

A Look At: Great Face for Radio

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Book Review: Great Face for Radio by John Anderson

It is hard not to envy John Anderson. For years his job involved travelling all over the world to watch some of the top sporting events of our lifetime: Olympics, World Cups, major championships, big boxing fights, you name it and he probably was there.

Book Review: The Manager

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The Manager by Barney Ronay

Barney Ronay is a difficult one to pin down. A senior sports writer for the Guardian, he is often the one to pick up ackward stories - a recent piece went by the title 'Should Sepp Blatter Lock Himself in a Cupboard - and in all fairness he rarely writes anything that isn't interesting.

A Different Corner

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There is something exciting about the thought of moving to an exotic new country and leaving everything behind. Even the most breathtaking of sights can be rendered unremarkable through familiarity. It is this desire to break free from the hold of everyday life that makes the dream of a drastic change seem so enticing.

Why Manchester United was sold

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Truly Reds does not normally do book reviews. Although many Manchester United ones go on the market each year, their reviews are normally left to specialist websites.There is the occasional one...

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Doing African Football Justice

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Book Review: Feet of the Chameleon by Ian Hawkey

Every two years, managers from across the continent seem to join forces in their criticism of that which has become the most despised competition in European football: the African Cup of Nations. Being deprived of some of their best players for up to a month in the middle of the season can have a highly unnerving effect on managers, particularly if results start going against them during that period.

All of Liverpool's Players

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Book Review: Player by Player by Ivan Ponting

Some years ago, I accepted to write some Liverpool player profiles for a site, foolishly thinking that this was going to be an easy job. After all, how difficult could it be to write a couple of hundred words about players you knew inside out?