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Mike Ashley Has Quickly Cleared Up One Problem At Newcastle

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We were told last week the players were not in agreement with the club on the bonuses to be given out for this season. The deal the players were offered was they [...]

News Of Potential Huge Payment To Be Made To Newcastle Players

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News today that Mike Ashley has offered to give Newcastle players a £20M bonus if the club wins the FA Cup next May. Well would you believe it it even looks [...]

Players And Staff Earn Big Bonuses – Very Well Deserved

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The Chronicle is reporting today the Newcastle squad will receive £5M in bonuses for getting promotion this season. Given the club will receive about an additional £100M in revenues next year because of our promotion it was worth it to the club and our lads deserved it for the tough fight they put up to [.

Huge Changes Being Made By Ashley At Newcastle

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The Shields Gazette is reporting today that the bonus scheme at Newcastle will be completely overhauled for next season, and now the players can receive massive bonuses if the team does well in the two local cup competitions. If the club can actually win a cup next season, whooaaaa sorry about that shock statement [.

Newcastle Bonus Payments Show Lack Of Ambition

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It seems that Newcastle's goal for the season is a minimum top ten finish, and the bonus structure seems to be in place for both the players, the coaching staff and administration staff so it doesn't look like that's a change from what was in place overthe last couple of seasons. Lee Charnley and [.

Sensible Bonus Plan Now In Place For Newcastle Players

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And Pardew has been instrumental in getting the Newcastle Board to agree to a set of bonuses for his players for the next two seasons. Mike Ashley sensible bonus plan in place for the players And the bonus plan aims at having Newcastle finish in the upper half of the table in the next [...]

Major League Soccer

EXCERPT: "The Beckham Experiment" - Angry Landon vs Lalas

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We continue our look at Grant Wahl's excellent book "The Beckham Experiment" by continuing to point out funny or juicy passages overlooked or NOT involving whole Landon Donovan vs David Beckham story.

The latest excerpt involves an incident which took place when Chris Klein was named the Galaxy MVP and sheds light on just what voting means in MLS as well as just how serious a player making nearly a million dollars takes a $25,000 prize.

That SuperLiga “Bonus,” Or When Is $1 Million not $1 Million?

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When is $1 million not $1 million? When you're dealing with MLS of course! Quick background: SuperLiga is the tournament that was created last year to showcase David Beckham provide a place for the best of MLS and the best of Mexico to meet up. The first set of games in [...]

Gomes to (Finally) Sign With Colorado

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So we ended up being a couple days off on this but still it was going to happen nonetheless. I got word this morning from a source and then got even more confirmation when Steve Goff wrote about it that Christian Gomez will sign with the Colorado Rapids today. The deal will have DC trade the [...]

Gomez To Colorado Almost Done

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I got several reports and emails about this over the weekend thanks to some readers and a couple sources. It looks as though the Christian Gomez to Colorado deal is nearing it's completion and could even be announced sometime today. A couple minor things have to be cleared up first but it should happen today.

The Rest

Arsenal’s Champions League Bonuses – A Storm in a teacup?

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There has been much furore over the last 18 hours about a report which says that Arsenal are making moves to reduce the players wages if the club fails to qualify for the Champions League, as if all the current contracts in place make no differential whether they qualify or not.

Now that MAY be true, but I for one DOUBT it very much!

You Can Stop Laughing At Derby Now

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There are plenty of footballers collecting paychecks the world over who deserve their wages in no way, shape or form. There are even more footballers who feel the need to parlay one good year or one run of form into a new contract. But you never really hear about players giving money back or setting [.