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The only thing we should blame Wenger for…

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By Walter Broeckx

I know the title is a bit mystifying for Untold Arsenal. Has Walter lost the plot and will he start the blame game. Rest assured dear regular readers. You will understand what I mean at the end of this article. And for those who really want to blame Wenger for all what [..

Robin – He’s still our Captain Fantastic.

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There are rumours abound that he hasn't signed/isn't going to sign, there are rumours that he's holding out for more money, that he wants assurances about signings, that he wants this, that and the other.

It's all dross and hyperbole, no one outside Arsène's house knows what happened on Wednesday morning.

Robin – He’s still our Captain Fantastic.

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There are rumours abound that he hasn't signed/isn't going to sign, there are rumours that he's holding out for more money, that he wants assurances about signings, that he wants this, that and the other.

It's all dross and hyperbole, no one outside Arsène's house knows what happened on Wednesday morning.

Arsenal board backs Wenger

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Finally, the Arsenal board responds. And in a positive way. This should be a huge shot in the arm for Arsene Wenger. However, there are some words that Ivan Gazidis uses that seem such obvious deflections of the blame game.

" It's nonsense based on the need to always create a mini-crisis .

Same old Arsenal… Déjà vu all over again

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Written by CarlitoII

They say familiarity breeds contempt. Yesterday's game saw a familiar pattern reassert itself. Out of 3 competitions in quick succession and what looks like a season-ending injury to one of the main reasons for continued belief in what remains of the season.

Arsene Wenger needs to put up or shut up

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There is only so much that one can take from another human being before one snaps.

I have immense respect for the man from a footballing perspective; he has put so much into the British game as we know it, reforming the entire drinking and dietary culture around the game and contributing a new attacking flair with a dogged defensive solidity.

10 Thoughts on Liverpool 1-1 Arsenal

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10 Thoughts on Liverpool 1-1 Arsenal is a post from: Just Football

After the first heavyweight game of the 2010/2011 season (or was it, given it pitted 7th vs 3rd from last year?), here are ten observations and conclusions I came to after an interesting match:

1, Missing...Joe Cole

"Joe Cole signed up to be part of Roy's Revolution" Richard Keys told us in the opening sequence of Liverpool vs Arsenal.

Links for 2010-02-13 [Digg]

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  • The 12th Man: Arsenal & the Blame Game
    Wenger divulges the reason why Arsenal didn't win against Chelsea.
  • The 12th Man: Cristiano Ronaldo almost a Barca player?
    Ramon Calderon who is the former Real Madrid president claims that Cristiano Ronaldo rejected a move to Barcelona in favor of Real Madrid.

Why Arsene Is A Better Manager Than Ferguson

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The blame game continues at Old Trafford, though, admittedly, it's not much of a game. Here's how you play: Show you are a true xenophobic Red by blaming the Glazers for everything wrong with your club and the world in general. And, while a far smaller percentage of Arsenal supporters play the same game with Wenger, it is quite ironic when United supporters make fun of "Arsene Knows" and "In Arsene We Trust" signs considering the way they have they turned the other cheek and given Sir Alex a free ride regarding the tenuous future of their club.

English Premier League

José Mourinho Says: ‘I Don’t Like The Way Chelsea Have Played For Two Years’: Nightly Soccer Report

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Jose Mourinho is the master of the blame game. After three defeats on the trot for Chelsea, and the worst start to a Premier League campaign in ten years, Mourinho is blaming everything from the playing style and lack of maturity in his squad rather than taking the blame for his poor starting lineup selections and unwillingness to give Juan Mata a key role in the team.

Good Week/Bad Week: Our Methods, Plus Some Madness

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Image:Â REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker.

Let's offer a hearty, handsy Kickette welcome to Chen ZhiZhao, who has just signed for Brazil side Corinthians.

Happy Friday, y'all!


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Hey Man, Nice Shot: Spineless acts of retribution over perceived personal slights are a way of life at Kickette Towers.


The SEC's simple winning formula

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If you are like me and didn't grow up in a college football hot-bed, you are probably amazed at the level the teams in the Southeastern Conference (SEC) are able to compete at.

Terms used in the media phrases like 'major' and 'mid-major' were coined to describe the top college football conferences, which are now 'BCS' (Bowl Championship Series) and 'non-BCS' schools - the have's and the have-not's when it comes to revenue and resources.

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Dir. Craig Tanner          Running time: 75 mins           buy here: CD WOW

As the first world cup in the African continent, the expectations to deliver at a standard that would match and even surpass the previous World Cups were increasingly high.

Lionel Messi

How To Revive A Sleeping Giant

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By Saheli RC, writing from Singapore

You know you're a fan of Argentina when you no longer feel that massive heartbreak upon seeing your team lose out on a penalty shootout and therefore get eliminated from a competition. After last Sunday's underwhelming performance, which could only be sorted from the spot, the question on everyone's lips is "Where did it all go wrong?

Stars Shine In Spain

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Cristiano Ronaldo was dazzling against Racing Santander on Saturday. He led Real Madrid to a 6-1 victory with a remarkable four goal performance. The Portuguese forward was the subject of a lot of criticism in his first four games of the season where he was branded as "selfish" by the media.

Wayne Rooney

Fanzone: Oh Dani Boy, The Pipes, The Pipes Are Calling

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This article is provided by Dominic Campbell

Eight games. Six points. Worst start in nearly sixty years. A lot of pointing fingers. It's all Roy's fault; it's all Rafa's fault: it's all Hicks/Gillett's fault. Let the blame game end and the renacimiento (renaissance) commence. Give the fans something to believe in, someone to hang their hat on.

Five steps forward for England (Part one…of five)

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How can we get success like this?

Tradition dictates that all value judgements made before an England World Cup exit be immediately reformed in the weeks and days that elapse following it. The regularity of the clamber has undoubtedly dampened its effect over the years and, as such, scepticism about the extent to which anything England will change after the latest knockout is justifiable: therefore for suggestions to be anything but fantastical they're going to have to be minimal.

World Cup Beards, Sexiest World Cup Stars, Cristiano Ronaldo iPhone App, The Vuvuzela Beer Bong

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By Ollie Irish

World Cup winning beards Sabotage Times

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The Man Utd Lookalike XI Betfair

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The future for English football, Ronglish style Danger Here

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England's crapness: the blame game The Ball is Round

Nigeria's president suspends his nation's football team from competition for two years after World Cup failure Caught Offside

WAG Abbey Clancy shills for Matalan Kickette

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Skills event in London postponed after Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard pull out Mirror Football

Annoying Use Of The Vuvuzela Throughout History Deadspin

Robin van Persie defends childish rant at Netherlands coach Sports Illustrated

There is a Cristiano Ronaldo iPhone App, of course Mashable

Coleen Rooney booked holiday for her and family two days before England went out.

The Rest

Soccer Speak USA Celebrates A Mini Milestone & Recaps On Its 5 Most Read Articles

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Recently Soccer Speak USA, a humble blog of ideas that was created to help act as discussion tool and more optimistically, a catalyst for change at the grassroots of U.S. soccer – surpassed 5000 hits.

Not a number that screams ‘listen to my me because my ideas are great' but rather an indicator that there are indeed people out there that believe soccer can reach its potential in this country through innovative approaches to help foster a cultural shift in the big four ‘Americanized' sports of NFL, Baseball, Basketball and Ice Hockey.

Kobe Blames Pau Gasol for Game 4 Collapse

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The Los Angeles Lakers walked off their home floor with another loss on Saturday night, leaving the team down 3-1 in the series and on the verge of playoff elimination. And though Kobe Bryant missed eight of 10 shots in the fourth quarter, he insists the 103-100 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder wasn't his fault.

Dismantle the goal: Philly-San Jose

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Soccer is a blame game. Goals aren't common, so when you give one up, everyone goes looking for someone to blame. But is it that simple?

Long-time PSP readers know I like to dissect goals. (I play center back. What do you expect?) So let's play.

We'll pick out the first San Jose goal, shown in the video below, not just because it's an absolute clinic of good attacking soccer, but also because the defensive breakdown may not be where it seemed to be.

The blame game

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Before we even dip a toe into the blame game that is WPS vs Dan Barislow, I have one serious question.

Who represents WPS?

Legally, I mean.

Indulge me for a minute, if you will.

Let's assume that I got a new job. On my first day in the new office, rather than set up my email, read the personnel manual and display a photo of my adorable puppy, I instead chose to smash my computer, spray paint my name on the wall, and subject my coworkers to a vicious series of guerrilla wedgie attacks.

Tottenham’s American goalkeeper Brad Friedel still shocked by English blame game

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Tottenham's American goalkeeper Brad Friedel still shocked by English blame game

American insists savage criticism of his fellow goalkeepers is so unfair.

View the full story here: The Telegraph

A news article on 2011-09-16 22:21:33 from: The Telegraph

This news item has been reproduced from today's media.

Missed this one - How did DeRo look? DC 3 TFC 3

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Missed this one. A Muskoka weekend without cable and I forgot to record. When I heard that DC scored first and then Toronto ended with a tie on the road, I thought it was acceptable.
Then the DeRo hat trick and the Iro blame game took to the air.
Never dull in Toronto FC land, never dull.

Liverpool Can't Afford Another Wasted Summer

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During the fanzine explosion of the late 1980s a magazine was brought out with a title that drew attention to Liverpool's most glaring weakness of that era. Another Wasted Corner was its name but if a similar publication had been launched at any time during the last three years it would have to have been called Another Wasted Summer.

Player Red-Carded For Penis Piercing Gives Post-Match Reaction (Video)

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By Chris Wright

You may be interested to know that Aaron Ecclestone, i.e, the poor soul who was shown a red card during an Australian amateur game for the crime of having a metal stud through his jiblets, has finally broken his silence over the incident.

Macclesfield-born Ecclestone and the rest of Old Hill Wanderers gathered to form a 'kangaroo court' over a few beers (it sounds like everyone is at least a few laaaahgers in) after the game, as the post-match blame game was played out in the local boozer.

It All Falls Down

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You've got to hand it to Kanye. When he plays the Blame Game, he at least gives himself an equal share of the responsibility, unlike these damn calcio figures who keep on falling all over the place.

Vincenzo Montella had an accident today. See, he fell down. Doing nothing really, just walking around Roma's training ground, the Trigoria.

Don't be so quick to blame the coach for your team's poor play

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At times, it seems that coaches in professional sports are shuffled more often than the decks at Vegas blackjack tables. And when the cards finally land, the hand can be a raw deal: with even a hint of distress, managers take heavy fire from team brass, sponsors and fans, all of whom have different stakes at risk and their own set of expectations for success.

Dead and Buried | a DC United Match Reaction

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That's it. DC United's 2010 is over from a competitive standpoint. Dead and buried. All that's left now is to count the bodies and figure out who survives until next season. In fact, I think that's what we'll be taking on in the weeks to come. But in the meantime, let's play the blame game, shall we?

Stockport County – No-one Is Innocent

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As football club nicknames go, "The Hatters" isn't the luckiest. First Luton headed for a remake of their 1988 FA Cup semi-final meeting with Wimbledon this season, in the Blue Square Premier. And, for much of the last year, Stockport County have been heading the same way. "Where to start?" is both a literal and metaphorical question, although to be fair to fans of the Hatt.

All Adults are Teachers

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An Oakland principal recently stated that he expects all adults on campus, including teachers, lunch and custodial staff, and even himself to be teachers. After all, "It takes a village to raise a child." So are all adults associated with soccer being good teachers?" The answer is, "Yes" but there is room for improvement.

The Team That Got Away From Benitez

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As Liverpool's season descends terrifyingly closer to oblivion, the Anfield blame game promises to be as fearsome as anything seen on the pitch this season.

In the red corner there's Rafa Benitez's loyal followers, who argue lack of funds and years of incompetence in the transfer market have caused the backward steps since last May.