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Slowly it seems more insights are coming to light on the now famous "I am sad & wish to leave" episode between CRISTIANO RONALDO & REAL MADRID CF. Real Madrid suspects the interference of a third party, another Football Club with enough economic power to "fill with birds" the head of CR7. Cristiano Ronaldo Apart from the already multiple written up reasons, this last is being investigated as

The underwhelming adventures of Barry Ronaldo

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I'm Ronaldo. Barry Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo's identical twin brother. Since everybody always thinks I'm him, sometimes Cristiano lets me take his place and pretend to be him. You probably think that sounds like fun, but it's not because everything always goes wrong for me. For example, my leg falls asleep every time I use my iPhone and I think I'm developing an allergy to all birds.

RoM Reads

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The Telegraph talks about how Berbatov splits our fans.

ManUtd24 reminisces about the Yorke and Cole partnership.

The FCF looks at Wenger's best misplaced rants.

Ellzed's Blog looks at the reaction to Giggsy's birds.

The Daily Mail ponders on whether Cristiano Ronaldo would return to United.

Newcastle United

ADO Den Haag vs Newcastle United match banter!

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Date: Saturday, 4th August Venue: Kyocera Stadium, the Hague. Kick off: 5.00pm local time, 4pm UK time UK TV: None. Hello, good afternoon and welcome to our latest "match banter" feature. This match will see more birds in combat as the Magpies of Newcastle clash with the Dutch Storks of ADO Den Haag at their [.

Throstles v Magpies – West Bromwich Albion vs Newcastle United match preview.

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Venue: The Hawthorns, West Bromwich. Date: Sunday, 25th March, 2012. Kick-Off: 4pm (Sky TV). Referee: Chris Foy (Scouser). Well, it's another battle of the birds this week. With the Canaries cruelly crushed by the Magpies last week, this week we find ourselves trying to throttle the "Throstles" of West Bromwich in their own Hawthorns nest.

Newcastle United v West Bromwich Albion Christmas match banter / preview

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Good evening Geordies and welcome to our latest "match banter" feature for this evenong's game, which will be yet another battle of the birds. First it was Magpies v Canaries, then Magpies v Swans, and now the Mags find themselves battling the Throstles of West Bromwich Albion for a juicy three point worm.

Ryan Giggs

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Great Britain's Welsh captain Ryan Giggs hopes fans do not hiss the British interior vocal when the squad plays its critical Group A jibe against Uruguay in Cardiff, Wales on Wednesday.

DTotD: Taiwanese animation of Aaron Ramsey killing famous people with his goals

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By now you have probably heard of the tenuous attempt to link Aaron Ramsey's occasional goal-scoring to several notable deaths that have happened in the days that followed. Osama Bin Laden, Steve Jobs, Muammar Gaddafi and, most recently, Whitney Houston have all coincidentally died in the days after a Ramsey goal for Arsenal (his goals for Wales apparently do not have fatal powers).

Taiwan news dramatise Ryan Giggs’ affair

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A Taiwanese news station has responded to the revealing of the Ryan Giggs super-injunction in interesting fashion, mocking up a cartoon of exactly what went on. 1. Is that really the new United shirt sponsor? 2. Why is Guy Fawkes on Twitter? 3. Did you know that Ryan Giggs allowed birds to excrement on him?

Taiwan news dramatise Ryan Giggs’ affair

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A Taiwanese news station has responded to the revealing of the Ryan Giggs super-injunction in interesting fashion, mocking up a cartoon of exactly what went on. 1. Is that really the new United shirt sponsor? 2. Why is Guy Fawkes on Twitter? 3. Did you know that Ryan Giggs allowed birds to excrement on him?

Training Camp

Closed-Door vs. China

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The training session today for the U.S. WNT consisted of a 90-minute closed-door scrimmage vs. China as the team winds down its training camp in Princeton, N.J. Of course, the two teams will meet for real on May 27 at PPL Park in Chester, Pa., and with more than 15,300 tickets now sold for that match, it should be a rocking atmosphere.

Juventus’ Andrea Pirlo And Gianluigi Buffon Lead Italy’s ‘Medical Camp’ In Florence

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Italy, oh Italy! The world's eyes are fixated on their fallen president and wacky owner of AC Milan today... Botox Berlusconi! Well, everyone except the Azzurri of course, where it was 'Business as Usual' with medical checks at the team's training camp in Florence yesterday.

getty images

Maxi Lopez: Birdbath Gone Bad

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Image:Â Claudio Villa/Getty Images.

We're not sure how feathers and fringe got so popular, but WAGs and footballers everywhere are suddenly looking like real-life Angry Birds.

We no likey.

Angry Birds, Part II: Karim Benzema

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Image Credit: MIGUEL RIOPA/AFP/Getty Images,

We're guessing that, since we've done this twice now, it's pointless for us to deny that most of working days are spent surfing the internet for images of cute fluffy animals and birds to 'hilariously' match with our favourite 'ballers?


El futbol soccer salva a la Navidad Lassi Hurskainen vs El Grinch

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En la Universidad UNCA en Estados Unidos hay futboleros que se divierten de lo lindo, ayer te presentaba que jugaban Angry Birds al estilo futbolero, hoy te traigo como Lassi Hurskainen el super portero finlandes salva a la Navidad vs El Grinch.
No se que te parezcan estos videos pero a mi por lo menos se me han hecho divertidos,eso si sin el frances Remi Galliard esto no seria posible.

El juego de Angry Birds de futbol soccer

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Hay comerciales que imitan a los mejores como Rafael Marquez dejando en evidencia ser una copia del bromista frances Reimi Galliard.
Pues hay quienes de algo ya hecho le dan un pequeño giro como Lassi Hurskainen y sus Angry Birds de futbol soccer, por lo menos se ve que realmente se estan divirtiendo.

Trickshot ‘Keeper Lassi Hurskainen Returns, This Time He’s Saving Christmas

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By Chris Wright

Lassi's back, and this time the production values are higher than ever as he and his UNC Asheville teammate Dan Jackson set about saving Christmas from the evil clutches of David de Grinch...

More of Lassi's freestyle frippery on Pies.

Watch Arsene and Josh McEachran showboat and what happens when Angry Birds meets football

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Watch Arsene and Josh McEachran showboat and what happens when Angry Birds meets football

Presenting quality football videos from the interweb, daily at 3pm. Here's today's collection:

View the full story here: The Mirror

A news article on 2011-10-05 15:32:57 from: The Mirror

This news item has been reproduced from today's media.

Freestyle Goalkeeper Lassi Hurskainen Returns With New ‘Angry Birds’ Trick Shot Showreel (Video)

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By Chris Wright

We've featured a couple of tricky-dicky UNC Asheville ‘keeper Lassi Hurskainen on Pies before, and you'll be glad to know that the fripperous freestyler has finally gotten around to cobbling together his third showreel which is based around an 'Angry Birds' theme (you know, that infernal iPhone game) for some reason.

Leeds – Arsenal Highlights and Post Match Thoughts

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It's a beautiful day today, isn't it? The sun is out, the birds are chirping....ok so there are no birds. And it's pretty damn cold right now. Who cares? We just won an FA Cup tie and we're back to winning ways. On top of that, we're scoring plenty of goals, just as Bergkamp intended. Shall we make it 3 trips to Wembley this season?



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DDDWDDLWLLDDLLWL No, this isn't the code to unlock the hidden levels on Angry Birds. It's Arsenal record in the league after their Carling Cup Final collapse in February against Birmingham City. The wins for Arsenal came against Blackpool,...

This is a content summary. Visit http://www.epltalk.

Plovers or wagtails?

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When you're having a discussion mid match as to whether the skittish birds circling and swooping at the Grove are plovers or wagtails, you can safely assume that the fayre being served up on the pitch does not match the tucker promised on the menu.

Contenders or pretenders? On Wednesday night's evidence we are frankly none the wiser.

The Rest

Top five Capital One Cup Final conclusions: Bradford City 0-5 Swansea City

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1. This was distinctly the Capital Swan Cup Final. The ginormous Wembley pitch and Swansea's passing game did for Bradford. 2. In the battle of the birds, the Swans were unsurprisingly more powerful than the Bantams. Perhaps Bradford will consider becoming the Ostriches ahead of any future Wembley exploits.

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With transfer deadline approaching fast this Friday, Gareth Johnson gives THFC1882 his unique and funny viewpoint of who the likely candidates are to leave and how he would approach the job:

Look behind the pesto AVB, look behind the pesto!

Upside: Volley

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Their Words "Alain gave me a great ball, and in practice yesterday I killed some birds, but tonight it was a good goal." Vancouver's Eric Hassli. Other Sources Berhalter's American revolution - from's Greg Seltzer: "we're focusing on the next game." Seeing red sparks Crew on offense - from The Columbus Dispatch's Adam Jardy: Reinforcements are on the way, however.

Portland Timbers vs. Chivas USA Preview Interview with The Goat Parade

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Remix! In a sense, anyway. Those of you who have been with us since the pre-season will remember that a similar interview occurred between ourselves and The Goat Parade for the pre-season tournament match against Chivas USA. As such, today's preview interview will be a bit shorter than what we're used to given that not a lot has changed between now and then.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic welcomes Pep Guardiola to the Champions League quarterfinals

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Hello, Pep.

Remember me? I am Zlatan. The only player too great for you to tame. I see your head is still so afraid of me that it refuses to grow hair. That's unfortunate. For you.

I enjoy being the bearer of bad news, so here it is: The Champions League draw has once again dropped your Zlatanless gaggle of elves into my path of triumph and destruction.

GIF It: Chelsea’s Didier Drogba v Angry Birds

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Didier's dive can't have made Napoli very 'appy. Here it is with an Angry Birds reworking. Via Feint Zebra

Angry Football

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Lassi Hurskainen is basically the American collegiate non-funny soccer-only version of Remi Gaillard. So when it comes to matching YouTube views with the master, a gimmick is required. Enter Angry Birds. Now the question is...

Will he go to Rio next?

[Dirty Tackle]

Swine Skillz: Lassi Hurskainen & Dan Jackson, UNC Asheville

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Click here to view the embedded video.

via our BFF's at dirty tackle.

To be honest, we haven't found an addiction to Angry Birds has exactly helped us with productivity around the office, but it's good to see that the pesky app has it's creative uses.

Using just a cuddly green pig, a football and some rather nifty skillz, UNC Asheville 'keepers Lassi Hurskainen and Dan Jackson perform their own version of the pig murdering pastime.

Wozniacki Likes Liverpool While Rory Likes United

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The two young love birds, tennis star Caroline Wozniacki and golfer Rory Mcilroy, might not be so lovey-dovey on October 15th.

Blackburn chickens held in police cell at Ewood Park

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Feathered football hooligans Chickens released at Blackburn's defeat to Stoke were locked-up in a police cell at the ground until after the match. The birds were given free range status by Rovers fans protesting against their Indian poultry form owners Venky's. But they were soon back in confined conditions after being placed under arrest!