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‘I Wouldn’t Recommend It For Elite Athletes’ – Corby Town’s Pint-Swigging Defender Admits He Got Severe Heartburn Shortly Afterwards

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He may have become something of a non-league superstar as a result, but the Corby Town defender caught swigging from a fan's beer has admitted that he now truly regrets his actions.

Jason Lee was photographed helping himself to a mid-match quaff while his teammates celebrated their winning goal in last Saturday's vital win over Mickleover Sports.

Non-League: Corby Town Player Celebrates Vital Goal With Sneaky Mid-Game Beer (Photo)

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So vital was Corby Town's goal against Mickleover Sports on Saturday that one of their players decided the only fitting manner in which to celebrate it was with an impromptu mid-game toast.

As the Corby team flocked to frolic with their fans, one of their number seizedthe opportunity for a sneaky tipple.

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich Deliver Sausages To Ingolstadt As ‘Thank You’ For Beating Rivals RB Leipzig (Photo)

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Bayern Munich have sent a platterof sausages to neighbouring clubIngolstadt as a thank-you for beating Bundesliga rivals RB Leipzig back in December.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge promised to ply Ingolstadt with "a wagon load of weisswurst (a Bavarian white sausage) and wheat beer" if they managed to disrupt Leipzig's momentum.

Carlo Ancelotti Joins The Leather-Clad Fun As Bayern Munich Celebrate Oktoberfest (Photos)

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Sunday saw the entire Bayern Munich entourage talc up and slither into their finest leather shorts for the club's annual Oktoberfest celebration.

As per usual, the Bayern masses dressed up to the nines and descended on the beer tent at the Theresienwiese in Munich, with Carlo Ancelotti cutting a handsome dash at his first ever Oktoberfest as coach.

Schalke fan slaps Neuer in the face during cup celebration

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GELSENKIRCHEN, Germany Schalke goalkeeper Manuel Neuer's unwillingness to commit his future to the club has angered fans for a while now and during the celebration in Gelsenkirchen on Sunday after Saturday's DFB Pokal win, one supporter made his slappy feelings very clear to Neuer's face. The Bayern Munich and Manchester United target rode in [.

Free Beer

D.C. United Players Just Want to Bang on the Drum All Day

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Photo Credit: D.C. UnitedWhen most professional athletes (and European soccer players) can't suit up for a game they're usually seen living the good life up in a luxury suite with the owner and/or their wife/girlfriend, but not Major League Soccer players.

Photo Credit: D.C. UnitedIf you want more evidence of why American soccer is so great look no further than scenes from last Saturday's D.

The Open Bar - Washington Post's Beer Bracket

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Photo Credit: Deb Lindsey/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST The Washington Post held a beer-tasting competition in conjunction with March Madness called "Beer Madness" that features 32 beers from 32 breweries across the United States in four categories: "crisp", "fruit and spice", "hop", and "roast".

Click here to see all the beers (featured above) and below to see the Post's interview with the host about how the competition works.

GRAPHIC - How Indie Brewers Are Outpacing Beer Industry Growth

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Very cool graphic show the incredible surge of craft brewery success in the United States. Click on the image to make it even larger.
From Intuit:
"Over the last few decades, small, independent breweries in the U.S. have been quietly growing. And though large breweries outpace smaller ones in annual production, craft beers are using their local roots, small scale, and unique offerings to attract devout followers and loyal customers.

FBM Founding Father - Rodney Marsh

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It's important to remember that all revolutionary movements are built upon the work of visionaries before their own times. For Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John Adams and the rest of the colonial propagandists during America's War for Independence they could look to philosopher John Locke and other Enlightenment writers.

GRAPHIC - United States of GOOD Beer

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While we're not quite there when it comes to world-class soccer there's no doubt that the suds coming from America are some of the best of the bunch.

The folks at GOOD put together a map of the United States based on readers' responses to their favorite brewers in each of the 50 states (although Idaho doesn't have one.

Happy International IPA Day!

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Our ALL-TIME favorite IPA, Bell's Brewery Two-Hearted
(Comstock, MI)We talk a lot about the message on the Free Beer Movement website, "American soccer", but sometimes we forget that the medium is just as important to the cause. Today is one of several "beer holidays" celebrated in the United States called "International IPA Day".

FBM Drinkin' Songs: The Official Soundtrack of the Free Beer Movement

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Beer. It's meant for drinking.

And preferably with some soccer in front of you. Whether you're in the bar or at the tailgate we at the Free Beer Movement have put together a hard drinkin' soundtrack to keep motivated while you're slamming brews and introducing soccer to newbies (not that you needed that much of a push).

NEWS GRAPHIC - The Best Beers in America 2009

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The American Craft Beer Fesitval beings in Boston, Massachusetts this Friday (same weekend as USA-Spain... lucky city!) and over at the site, Mike Wirth Art, designer Mike Wirth has created graphics that represent the industry and all the Great American Beer Festival winners each year.

What a way to celebrate America!

Soccer Marketing 101 - On Major League Soccer and Budweiser

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On Monday, Budweiser and Major League Soccer announced they had renewed their partnership to sponsor the league, the Men's and Women's United States National Teams, and the Mexican National Team within the U.S.

Interestingly enough, both the league and Budweiser passed on the opportunity to talk about how the Free Beer Movement has been instrumental in growing both of their bottom lines.

American soccer

The Best of Both Worlds: Boulevard and Sporting KC Announce Partnership

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When soccer and beer collide... that's the best of both worlds. This space reserved for any intersection of the suds and the sport whether business, beer and soccer events, or random humor.

Another beer and soccer angel got it wings today when Boulevard Brewing announced a partnership with their hometown soccer club, Sporting KC.

NASL Champion Minnesota Stars FC Get Their Own Beer

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When the Minnesota Stars won the 2011 North American Soccer League championship cup last fall we're sure they weren't thinking they'd be able to drink a beer made especially for them when their title defense kicked off the following spring.

The Twin Cities-based Northern Brewer, a home brewing store with over 17 years experience and the web's number one retailer of home brewing supplies, just announced a partnership with the club that will put a Stars-specific beer in the hands of their supporters.

Portland Gets an Top-Tier Team, Its Fans Get a Top-Tier Beer

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Photo Credit: Free Beer MovementOn April 14, 2011 the Portland Timbers made their smashing Major League Soccer debut. The American soccer world was blown away at the sights and sounds of the league's newest members. A renovated stadium, a supporters-fueled National Anthem, and a team that brought home a victory for the home fans.


Super Bowl Party Essentials: Krups BeerTender

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Deliver cold draft beer to your friends without ever leaving your chair with the Krups BeerTender. This unit is perfect for your Super Bowl party or any get-together.

Krups, the worldwide leader of kitchen appliances and Heineken, the leader in European Premium Imported Beer have partnered together to create the ultimate beer drinking experience at home.

Beer Cocktails for the Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl is right around the corner. Start planning your Super Bowl bash with these beer cocktail recipes.


  • 1.5 oz. Domaine de Canton
  • 8 oz. beer of your choice, preferably a light beer like a pilsner
  • 0.5 oz. fresh lemon juice
  • 0.


Going Suds Up: The Best Beers, The Best Soccer

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By Kirsten Schlewitz / Senior West Coast Beer and Aston Villa Correspondent
In the interest of full disclosure, I must tell you: I'msitting here wearing a "Beat LA" sweatshirt. Sure, it's meant to be ananti-Dodgers sentiment, but it applies to Sunday's match between the LosAngeles Galaxy and the Houston Dynamo.

Going Suds Up: The Best Soccer, The Best Beers

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By Kirsten Schlewitz / Senior West Coast Beer and Aston Villa Correspondent
Sorry guys, but I refuse to give up my standing whisky atthe dive bar date in order to wait until Houston Dynamo – Philadelphia Unionand Los Angeles Galaxy – New York Red Bulls are finished and I can give you adecent recommendation for the MLS semi-finals.

Going Suds Up: The Best Beers, The Best Soccer

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By Kirsten Schlewitz / Senior West Coast Beer and Aston Villa Correspondent
It's October! And do you know what October means (besidesbundling up in scarves and boots)? It means all things pumpkin,including...pumpkin beers!
Drink Up:Smuttynose
SmuttynosePumpkin Ale: One of the standards of pumpkin ales, and particularly easy tofind if you're east of the Mississippi.

Going Suds Up: The Best Soccer, The Best Beers

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What's up, y'all? Can anyone guess what we're focusing onthis week? That's right, it's the Merseyside Derby – long considered one of themost friendly derbies in soccer, one in which supporters in Everton jerseys sitside by side with fans wearing Liverpool kits. Still, I imagine it can't bevery fun for those whose, say, romantic relationships bridge that divide.

Through the Drinking Glass: Champions League Final in an English Bar

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Editor's Note: Our "Going Suds Up" columnist, Kirsten, is all over Europe this summer and occasionally she'll be sending back correspondence about the culture of beer and football across the pond.

If you've got your own stories of beer and soccer from around the globe we'd love to hear them.

Going Suds Up: The Best Soccer, The Best Beers

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By Kirsten Schlewitz / Senior West Coast Beer and Aston Villa Correspondent
With the trophies practically passed out in three of the four big European leagues – let's just pass the crowns Manchester United, Barcelona, and AC Milan right now, although Borussia Dortmund might need another week – it's more about the battle for the last Champions League position in each league.

Going Suds Up: The Best Beers, The Best Soccer

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By Kirsten Schlewitz / Senior West Coast Beer and Aston Villa Correspondent

You know what? It's Thursday, I've got ten days until law school finals start, and I've been drinking for the past three hours. I have little desire to explore the wide range of matches going on this weekend, but I can tell you, there's a multitude.

US Men's National Team

The Tuesday XI: USMNT Player Ratings in Beer

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Tim Howard (GK) - Lindemans Framboise: Sweet and sour temperament, but effervescent as usual. Made some crucial saves that kept the match level for 70 minutes.Timmy Chandler (LB) - Weihenstephaner Hefe: Typically a refreshing bit of German goodness, but on this occasion a little too light when something stronger was called for.

A Belgian Beer Writer Talks About Belgian Beer For Today's... Er.... Um... Belgian Match

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The is definitely the stadium the USMNT plays in today. Wikipedia told us.This is a guest post by Joe Stange, former soccer blogger, former so-called serious journalist, who currently writes about beer. The FBM cannot be held responsible for any of this nonsense, except for the very questionable decision to allow this post to happen in the first place.

2011 Gold Cup Beer-view: Drink Your Way Through the Field

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We hope that you didn't stumble upon this Gold Cup preview piece expecting to unlock the secrets of the squads that face our U.S. National Team or any of the groups participating in the tournament.

We will however be less-unlocking and more "twisting-off" the caps of many a brews from the CONCACAF region both big, small, and REALLY small.

The Rest

Barcelona Brewery Launch New Beer Inspired By Ronald Koeman’s Golden Hair (Photo)

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Light, pale, frothy and almost entirely eyebrowless, Ronald Koeman is soon to have a beer named in his honour.

Indeed, a Catalanartisan brewery have created the "Golden Koeman" lager with which to toast the 25th anniversary of Barcelona's 1992 European Cup Final triumph, in which the Dutch defender scored the only goal of the game a thumping freekick in extra time.

Friday’s Rant

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What is it you find disagreeable ?

Here is a starter ....

Complaints about Stan Kroenke taking money out of the club: Why? When I owned a business if one of my customers told me that I couldn't take a smidgeon out to enjoy a self-finding mission to the Berkshire countryside I would have given them short shrift (whatever a shrift is?

Ten Year anniversary of my blog

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Today it is ten years ago I started this blog, during the 2004 European Championships, and immediately after the Italy-Denmark 0-0 tie. That first post was in Danish, but since I have posted in English, on this blog that in ten years has been an expression of one of the most important things in my life.

THE STARTING 11: Side effects of Toronto FC's contract with Budweiser

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Terry F*ckin' Dunfman  To poorly paraphrase Monty Python: "Drinking a beer at BMO Field is like sex in a canoe. It's f*cking close to water." Yes, the "King" of Beers (possibly the Larry King of beers at best) is now the official beer supplier at BMO Field and your taste buds couldn't be more morose.

LETTERS FROM CAMP: Fring the bell?

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He's the new "Grumpy Cat"  DOWN AND ALMOST OUT?
He came into camp seemingly "close" to being ready; he played for around 20 minutes in TFC's first spring friendly; he suddenly returned to Toronto for mysterious "personal reasons"; today, word is emerging that he is at least 2 months away from fitness and that even more dramatically - he may be on the verge of having his TFC career ended.

“A screaming echo chamber”

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Greetings Gooners. I have returned from Gelsenkirchen a shell of the man that departed London on Monday afternoon. A mere skin and bone casing concealing a river of Weißbier beneath. Damn those affable Germans and their tasty, affordable industrial strength beverages. Ze Germans are a people that get a lot of things right (their beer, for instance), but watching football in Deutschland is always a refreshing experience for an Englishman.

Last-minute snifter

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Arsenal 3-0 Aston Villa

Here I am again, fashionably late. A little bit like Arteta's free-kick then, which will have been missed by hordes of Arsenal fans who'd upped sticks and begun their homeward journey already.

Among these I count the remaining members of the merry throng I sit with, including Brother Wimbledon, Snowboard Rob and the Shedman, who had moments earlier slipped away to the pub.

Coming Soon: River End Ale

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 The long struggle that began in 2007 is almost complete. We've got the team, we've got the stadium, we've got the Bimbo. We've got the kits, the scarves, the key chains. So what's missing? The beer, that's what. Not that there's any dearth of that sweet nectar in and around PPL Park. Of a given game day, you'll see everything from high-quality local brews like Yard's and Dogfish Head to the ubiquitous old standbys.

Nominees - FBM Person of the Year 2011

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Last year we debuted our first selection ever for "Person of the Year". The award went to the German ad agency Nordpol+ for their roll in creating the brat train and under-the-seat kegs at St. Pauli's (Germany) soccer stadium.

Beer and soccer indeed.

This year we're opening the award to out FBM community to decide.

Aficionado cacha la pelota,cae en alberca y salva su cerveza

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Esta es sin duda una de las mejores salvadas de cerveza, perdón recepciones de pelota de las que se tengan memoria esos si son aficionados de verdad.
No me creen, observen el vídeo en el juego de estrellas de las ligas mayores de Beisbol,curiosamente a un home run del mexicano estelar Adrian Gonzalez.

Bottoms Up! Pouring the right beer for each feature at the Kicking and Screening Film Festival

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Editor's Note: We were asked to contribute a column to the Kicking and Screening Soccer Film Festival a few weeks back. The festival, which runs from July 20 to 23 at the Tribeca Theater in New York City, features some of the most interesting soccer films from around the globe. If you're in and around the NYC-area don't hesitate to get tickets to this great event.