suicide attempts

Dean Windass reveals suicide attempts

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Hull legend Dean Windass has attempted suicide twice in recent days, he has revealed. The Tigers' Wembley hero confessed he had tried to end his life as booze and depression took their grip after a series of problems in his personal life. The Soccer Saturday reporter said: "People have this image of me as this [.

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Spartak Moscow fans make the Zenit St Petersburg lion do unspeakable things with a giant penis

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Football banners used to be a hastily assembled slogan painted onto an old bedsheet (probably with a spelling mistake or two). That's no longer the case, especially not in Russia by the looks of it. Spartak Moscow fans taunted opponents Zenit St Petersburg by bringing in a banner of the Zenit mascot a lion [.

Blackburn turn to Google Adwords to attract more protesters, erm, fans

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CPC: Click, Protest, Complain Premier League strugglers Blackburn Rovers have obviously decided there's not enough people on Steve Kean's back on Ewood Park matchdays at present. Rovers have launched a Google Adwords advertising campaign offering cut-price tickets for the forthcoming matches against Swansea, West Brom and Bolton.