The Batman finally offered a chance to leave Chelsea on loan.

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Michy Batshuayi has finally been offered the chance to resurrect his chance to play a part in the summers World Cup for Belgium with a potential loan move for six months.
There has been plenty said of the talented Belgian ever since he arrived at our club and those comments/debates are made in what seems like a weekly basis with the majority being he isn't happy here and is looking to leave.

Ushering In Peek-A-Drogba

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The storming game at Stamford Bridge last night is likely to be remember for quite some time, if only because YouTube exists.

Late in extra time, Chelsea holding onto their lead, and Didier gets a flying slap in the face from absolutely no one. And then a cursory look around leads to a few more second on the ground.


Antoine Griezmann To Voice Superman In French Version Of ‘The Lego Batman Movie’

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It's been announced that Antoine Griezmann will provide the voice of Superman in the French version of the upcoming'Lego Batman Movie'.

The Atletico Madrid striker broke the news of his first major screen role via his official Facebook page...

For the record, it was Channing Tatum who provided Superman's dulcet tones in original The Lego Movie.

Gal Gadot Cast as Wonder Woman – Hero or Sidekick?

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Various Wonder Woman movie projects have been in development over the years, but it looks like the comic book super-heroine will finally come to life on the big screen inthe highly-anticipated feature Batman vs Superman.

The Warner Brosfilm, due out in 2015, will pit Ben Affleck's Batman against Henry Cavill's Superman And in an announcement this week, director Zack Snyder castIsraeli beauty queen Gal Gadot as the Amazon princess.

La Liga

Sevilla Coach Jorge Sampaoli Sums Up Peerless Genius Of Lionel Messi With One Great ‘Batman’ Quip

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Always good for a pithy quip, if ever anybody was going to sum up the genius of Lionel Messi in one sentence, it was probably going to be Jorge Sampaoli.

Talking to BeIN Sports,Sevilla's Argentinian coach was asked for a first-hand opinion of his fellow countryman, to which he replied...

Sampaoli en @beINSPORTSes: "Comparar a Messi con el resto es comparar a un gran policía con Batman".

Batman Creators DC Comics Begin Legal Proceedings Against Valencia Over New ‘Bat’ Logo

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By Chris Wright

It's not exactly one you hear every day but Batman creators DC Comics have begun legal proceedings against Valencia after noticing that the latest incarnation of theSpanish side'sclub crest is now closer to looking like the Bat signal than ever before.

According to Spanish paper Plaza Deportiva, DC have reportedly filed an official complaint with the OHIC, the European Union's trademark registration organization, over the new reworking of Valencia's badge seen here.

Under Valencia’s Tree

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Ads with footballers are typically cliched and formulaic. Valencia's Christmas video is anything but, opening as though we're about to embark on a Tim Burton film the soundtrack does wonders. Or maybe it's appropriately Batman's true underground lair.

And all simply to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.


Tottenham’s new signing is… Batman

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No wonder Manchester United's players were out of sorts for their match against Tottenham on Saturday. After all, their team talk seemingly included a suggestion that they watch out for the pace of Batman. In his pre-match inteview, Sir Alex Ferguson flagged up the threat posed to his side by "Christian Bale".

Sir Alex Ferguson Impressed By Batman’s Performance For Tottenham (Video)

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By Chris Wright

Lol! Epic Bale Fail...

Manuel Neuer Slapped In Face By Schalke Fan After DFB Pokal Win (Video)

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By Chris Wright

In which Schalke 'keeper Manuel Neuer leans in for the kiss only to get slapped across the mush by a supporter presumably as a result of Neuer's reluctance to sign a new deal at the club as the squad make their way through Gelsenkirchen to show off the DFB Pokal trophy that they won on Saturday courtesy of the 5-0 whupping they doled out to second division Duisburg.

El portero mas tonto del mundo Khalid Askri

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El portero mas malo del mundo Khalid Askri, y no hablo de que sea malo por su caracter o algo así, me refiero a que es el portero que mas errores ha cometido recientemente, el titulo es muy agresivo lo se pero el error anterior fue un penalty parado que termino en gol, de hecho en ingles el titulo es Khalid Askri The Most Stupid Goalkeeper Ever Is Back y el error que veran a continuacion desencadeno en su retiro prematuro de las canchas ante la presión de haber cometido un error del tamaño del estadio decidió salir del campo de juego, no se si odiarlo o admirarlo por retirarse de la cancha.

El portero Pablo “Batman” Aurrecochea

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El futbol debe de ser diversión y hay jugadores de una u otra manera lo entienden así ese es el caso del portero Pablo ¨Batman¨Aurrecochea quien salió con una sudadera geek con los colores y escudo de batman en el partido de Guarani contra el Rivel Plate de Uruguay, al parecer el caballero de esa noche salió imbatido y su equipo gano el partido de la copa Sudamericana 2-0.


Comic – What Arsenal Fans Felt Before

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Ducky's Note: To add to our growing set of comics, here's Anush with the latest concern that the international 'break' brings...

Yeah, so we've seen The Dark Knight Rises too many times. Who hasn't.

View the rest of the archives here.

PICTURE: Arsenal’s RvP Banners

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I think it's safe to say that Arsenal now need Batman...

"PICTURE: Arsenal's RvP Banners" was originally published at The Republik of Mancunia.

Arsenal Season Review Part 2: The Oh! So Good

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In case this seems out of context, you might want to check out Arsenal Season Review Part 1: The Bad and the Ugly!

One oft repeated line over the course of last year was that this was THE season for the ‘neutral'. I put that word right in the middle of an apostrophe sandwich because I for one cannot comprehend how anyone following any sport can be a neutral.

Arsenal’s ‘Batman’ Van Persie Assures Win Over City, More Neymar Adventures, Rafa Marquez, Easter Sunday

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It's your Easter Weekend Wrap Special, where you'd better surrender your bunny outfits in exchange for tomorrow's Arsenal-Man City showdown. Forget about those egg chocolates and donate them to Samir Nasri instead because this is THE standout, Premiership match of the holiday!

Walcott – Van Persie makes it look easy…….but it’s not!

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Theo Walcott is in awe of his captain Robin Van Persie for the way he can pluck goals out of nothing and thinks that the Arsenal and Holland striker must be a hot favourite to win the Player-of-the-Year trophy. "Everything is going his way and that is great to see," Walcott said. "The most important [.

"So Paddy Got Up - an Arsenal Anthology": a Review.

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Returning home after Christmas, I opened my mailbox to find a wonderful surprise awaiting me – a copy of 'So Paddy Got Up', the Arsenal anthology edited by Andrew Mangan of How my brother had managed to be one of the few people to snag a hard-copy, I don't know, but it was, to quote Arseblog's famous slogan, ‘fuckin excellent' to discover that he had.

Super Robin saves Arsenal again!

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Who needs Batman when we've got Robin! The Flying Dutchman once again scores the winning goal for Arsenal, and it was a very very special one today. Arsene Wenger was of course all smiles after the game and just had to sign Robin's praises for the umpteenth time this season. He said: "You [the media] [.

Major League Soccer

Around The League week 18 now available @ CSRN – Have they lost the plot???

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This week while Ted is away, Chris and Scott take a look at the news of the week in MLS , and look forward to this weekends games . And discuss some Batman

MLS Cup: Ok, So Who Do You Got?

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Deco with some bite...

A spellbinding 3-0 win by Dallas away at the Galaxy on Sunday as midfield maestro David Ferreira pulled the strings has the MLS Cup match-up set.

FC Dallas vs. Colorado Rapids for the right to rub it in Real Salt Lake's face. (I'm sorry, it must be said that RSL was squawking quite loud before Dallas dismissed them on their way to dismantling Los Angeles.

Daily Dose: August 20th, 2010.

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Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na.....Batman!


  • Leaving the collegiate life behind. (Soccer Training Info)
  • Rafa's Bundesliga primer. (Guardian)
  • Loic Remy did too much dancing, sadly. (Eurosport)
  • Not James Corden's biggest fan.

Thierry Henry, the Perfect Villian

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I want to make it clear that all things considered, I believe Thierry Henry signing with the Red Bulls is a good thing for MLS. It is another step in the right direction. Stadiums will be full, fans will be excited and perhaps the average New Yorker might even acknowledge the validity of MLS.

However, the biggest benefit Henry brings to our domestic league is that he is so easy to cheer against.


Dynamo third kit a nod to Houston soccer history?

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One of the main rules of the Intertoobz is that thou shall not repost, (or cross-post or go postal or something like that. I've never been very good with rules.). However, this one is something I noticed today, and put over on the comments thread of the previous post about the third kit, as well as on the DT Facebook page.

What’s The Mata With Juan More Midfielder?

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I'll give you a second to let that headline sink in. It's strong, you can't deny that. Where one might take issue, though, is in the folly behind stumping up twenty-odd million pounds for a winger, when the last we heard was that dross would very much need to be shipped out before we could start thinking about players coming in the other direction.

Serie A

Serie A Sister : Ibrahimovic And Robinho Are AC Milan’s Very Own Batman And Robin

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There's something about Ibrahimovic and Robinho high-fiving one another that speedily conjures up the Batman and Robin theme song. Sure, you're now desperately trying to force images of Ibrahimovic in spandex and a cape out of your minds (your welcome) but despite all his individualistic glory, Ibra has thankfully, remembered that his superb goal in the 65th minute was only possible through his teammates, Robinho and Urby.

Southern Italian Round-Up – Napoli Inflict More Woe On Bari, Simeone Fails To Halt Catania’s Away Day Blues

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Bari are staring down the barrel of the Serie A rifle after becoming the latest victims of the Ezequiel Lavezzi and Edinson Cavani show. A goal in each half from Napoli's version of Batman and Robin was enough to ensure that Walter Mazzarri's men left Puglia with all three points to leave Bari cut adrift at the foot of the table.

The Robin to Messi’s Batman…

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....or the Batman to Messi's Robin...hmm....

Update: Javier Pastore with the first hat trick of the Serie A season as Palermo downed Catania Sunday 3-1.

Bold prediction here. Very bold by TSG standards....

"Javier Pastore will be in the running for Ballon D'or winner in 2014 AND win the best player of World Cup 2014.


DTotD: Sergio Ramos elbows Diego Costa in the face

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Before Cristiano Ronaldo scored with his seeing-eye backheel against Ray Vallecano, Sergio Ramos was lucky not to get sent off even before the half hour mark. He picked up a yellow card in just the third minute, putting him on dangerous ground from the start. And about 15 minutes after that, he casually employed a defensive technique that is usually frowned upon (keyword: usually) by elbowing Diego Costa in the face.

Dutch football hit on the chin!

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Ajax loses against Spartak Moscow, Spartak loses 5-1 against Porto! From Portugal. The land of C Ronaldo.

PSV loses 4-1 against Benfica. From Portugal. With a killer goal in the dying seconds.

Twente starts wonderfully against Villareal but loses 5-1. Our competition leaders against the Spanish subtop.


Caption This! Chelsea’s Dark Knight Rises

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Somebody on the Czech physio team is a just little too enamored with Christopher Nolan. Or maybe he loves Tim Burton. I vote for Tim Burton.

Where does he get those wonderful toys?

For those too young to remember, my caption is an homage to the original Batman film, directed by Burton and starring the greatest Dark Knight, Michael Keaton.

A message for us all

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Right back at you Men. Now let's go get that kumbaya moment in Chester, Pa. and back here at Robertson next week.

Oh, and while I do seem to have the floor here. The Worldwide Leader put out their Top 10 MLS Goals of the season this past weekend from all games except the Dynamo win from Sunday night.

In Pictures: New Everton Pink Away Shirt (It’s Very PINK!)

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By Ollie Irish

â—„ Back Next â–º Picture 1 of 5

Everton launch their new pink away shirt for the 2010/11 season

Holy eyesores Batman, that is even more pink than it looked in the leaked photo. At least last season's away kit was only a little bit pink, and mostly black.

The Rest

Fans’ View: The French Knight

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Is Sebastien Le Toux Batman? Seth Finck explores.

MLS 101: New Player Drafts, Generation adidas, Trades, Waivers and Roster Exceptions

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The MLS 101 series will be a "living/breathing document" in that I will continue to edit and update these post to keep up to date with the inevitable changes that MLS will make. I encourage you to bookmark the post so you can use them as a reference going forward.

In this edition of MLS 101, it's time to tie up some lose ends about MLS roster rules, along with player movement and acquisition.

Tremendous result for Oranje vs Germany!

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Holy Bratwursten Batman, the Zjermans are bitchslappin' us

We fooled them yet again!

Back in 1986, we played Germany ( West-Germany to be precise) in a friendly and we missed a couple of regulars ( Van Basten and Rijkaard weren't there) while Arnold Muhren and Erwin Koeman weren't selected yet.

Phil Jones: The Greatest Man That Ever Lived

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All characters and events in this piece even those based on real people – are entirely fictional. Obviously.

In the away team dressing room, Manchester United are toasting another victory.

The Life of Brian’s Statue: Me and my shadow

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Well, judging by the things people say when they're standing down below me, I reckon the feller who sculpted me must've made a pretty good job of it. Y'see he probably thought to himself, Hmmm, it's Old Big 'Ead I'm working on here and he could've adjusted the sizes accordingly. I'm glad he got it right, even though I have to rely on what people say when they walk past to know whether I'm looking all right or not.