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Rick’s Cabaret Girls Congratulate Miami Heat

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Dancers from the famous Rick's Cabaret gentlemen's club in midtown Manhattan formed their own basketball squad several months ago and the team watched last night's NBA Miami Heat vs Oklahoma City Thunder contest with rapt attention.

The basketball game was shown on the club's numerous TVs and screens, and there was a private VIP viewing party on the Rick's Roof Deck Cigar Lounge which was attended by several top Wall Street bankers, celebrities, and other notables.

Kobe Bryant to Shanxi? Not So Fast

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The government-run Chinese media doesn't always have the most accurate information. That was again proven on Thursday when a Chinese media outlet claimed that Kobe Bryant signed with Shanxi of the Chinese Basketball Association. That report ended up being untrue.

Although Kobe Bryant is negotiating with Chinese teams, he hasn't agreed to a deal.

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Bayern Munich’s basketball team wanted Bastian Schweinsteiger to play for them last season

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Existing in the shadow of Bayern Munich's much more popular football team, the club's title-winning basketball team wanted to draw some attention their way at the end of last season. So, head coach Dirk Bauermann came up with an idea.

From the AFP:

"With five games remaining, we won the championship (in 2011) and Bastian Schweinsteiger could have actually played for us at the time," Bauermann wrote in his new book, which has been serialised in German daily Bild.

Manu Ginobili Injury Update – Strained Oblique

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Manu Ginobili is hurt again. If you have the do-everything guard for the San Antonio Spurs on your fantasy basketball team, you won't like this news. Ginobili suffered a strained oblique in Saturday's game against the Los Angeles Clippers and the initials reports don't sound very encouraging.

Gregg Popovich, head coach of the Spurs, said that Ginobili could be out for a while.

Video: Georgetown Brawls in China

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The Georgetown Hoyas basketball team was on a tour through China playing hoops against local teams. Unfortunately, it turned violent as Georgetown brawled with a Chinese team on Thursday. You can see the Georgetown brawl video in China below.

According to reports, the game was very rough and tumble with the Chinese team getting most of the calls.

A column about Oregon basketball

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During November and December 2010, the Oregon Ducks men's basketball team had some nasty losses. Granted, nothing much was expected of the Ducks last season, but still, the losses were painful. By New Year's Day, Oregon fell four times to teams ranked outside the top 100 in the RPI, and three of those games were at home.

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Josh Harrellson Fantasy Basketball Outlook

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New York Knicks rookie bigman Josh Harrellson got the start on Saturday night and was really impressive as the Knicks defeated the Sacramento Kings. He had 14 points and 12 rebounds, while nailing 4-of-8 from downtown. In the fantasy basketball world, those stats look like gold for a player available on the waiver wire.

Byron Mullens – Fantasy Basketball Sleeper

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If your fantasy basketball team is struggling to find a center, consider looking at a sleeper such as Byron Mullens of the Charlotte Bobcats. While the 7-footer out of Ohio State is barely owned in fantasy leagues, his potential is relatively high.

The 22-year-old spent the last two years at the end of the bench for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

New Jersey Nets

Besiktas Retires Deron Williams Jersey

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Besiktas sure knows how to make a splash. During the NBA lockout, the Turkish basketball team landed Deron Williams the only NBA superstar who went overseas. With the NBA lockout now over, Williams is headed back to America to play for the New Jersey Nets.

But Besiktas isn't done. Before Williams left, Besiktas retired his No.

NBA has Problem with Jay-Z

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One of Jay-Z's 99 problems could be with the NBA. Tim Frank, a spokesman for the NBA, has confirmed that Jay-Z is under investigation for visiting players of the Kentucky basketball team in the locker room after the team beat North Carolina. Why is this an issue? Jay-Z is a minority owner of the New Jersey Nets and owners aren't allowed to have contact with college basketball players during the season.


Las jugadoras de basquetbol bailarinas NCAA UConn

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Antes de su primer partido de temporada ofrecieron esta divertida coreografía como parte del calentamiento previo al juego. El equipo femenil de UConn fue semifinalista de la NCAA el pasado año y lo festejan divirtiendose en la duela.

UConn Women's Basketball Team Dances at First Night – YouTube.

Barcelona Harlem team

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The way Barcelona plays when it is one of their best days, is just like Harlem dream basketball team in the late 1970s. Messi, Xavi and Iniesta did big show of magic while Arsenal joined the crowd and preferred to enjoy the show, rather than to disrupt it.

The first goal explained it all: attack with quick passes to penetrate from the middle, a lot of pressing by the midfield and extra-ordinary day for Messi.

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The Friday Fit: Cristiano Ronaldo

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Here's a guy who is single-handedly keeping the textiles industry afloat. In case you couldn't tell, it's corduroy. And thanks to our Twitter followers for cluing us in on the Emporio Armani basketball team situ! Image Credit: JAVIER SORIANO/AFP/Getty Images.

Personally, we find Cristiano Ronaldo's reckless abuse of Gucci to be obnoxiously OTT, but we're big enough to put our differences aside when it comes to identifying hotness.

U.S. Open Cup: The Beginning Of My Sounders Love Affair

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More photos » Ned Dishman - Getty Images

Let's hope there's a trophy in these hands tomorrow.

Browse more photos »

My last day of work at my old job in the Bay Area was Aug.

Bob Bradley

Eyes of the World

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"Ich wünsche nicht eine Bluttransfusion." -- Lonely Planet: GermanyIf you sit in front of a computer with Internet access for your job, or have been bored in your leisure time, chances are you've been sucked into a "Wikipedia-hole," or a "YouTube-hole." One minute you're looking up who the starting five was on the 1997 North Carolina basketball team and two hours later you're humming the theme

Basketball great influenced Bob Bradley

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Grant Wahl reports it was obvious that U.S. coach Bob Bradley enjoyed spending a week before the World Cup at his alma mater, Princeton, site of the South Africa-bound USA's training camp.

Bradley flashed his biggest smile of the week when he posed with Hall of Famer Pete Carril, the 79-year-old former Princeton basketball coach.

Manchester United

24 Hours to Go - Why This Means So Much

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Like many Seattle sports fans, I've never seen any of my teams win anything. I've seen plenty of them get close; the 2001 Mariners were the best baseball team ever assembled, but they faded in the playoffs. Then there were 2005 Seahawks, and the less said about that the better. The 2008 University of Memphis men's basketball team were seconds away before Mario Chalmers happened.

An ASEAN League

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As co-owner and team principal of the Lotus F1 team, on top of running a host of companies including low-cost carrier Air Asia, Tony Fernandes' has his hands full.

Yet the Malaysian, who also owns the Singapore Slingers basketball team and founded the Asean Basketball League that will start its second season later this year with two more teams, is planning one last big project: An Asean football league for clubs.

Real Madrid


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I don't accustom myself to place ads on this blog, however once & a while...Sergio Rodriguez is the new signing for the REAL MADRID Basketball Team & has come straight from the USA NBA competition. Real Madrid has used Sergio as the TV ad image to boost Club members & introduce Real to the new 2010 – 2011 Spanish Basketball season.

La Liga ‘Ballers: Showing Their Other Favourite Sports Support

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Images via Reuters/AP Photos/Bellazon

Happy Face: It's always nice to see fellow athletes showing their support for one another.

Sad Face: It's never nice to see how said professionals dress when they're not in their own required sporting uniforms.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Raul Gonzalez and Rafael Nadal posed for a locker room photo today after the two Real Madrid footballers watched Rafa take on Dolgopolov Jr.

World Cup

They gotta come from somewhere

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You don't have to be a "area youth soccer aficionado" to care

Buried at the end of a piece in the Daily News on Monday about the Union's draw with the Revolution was a mention about FC Delco's loss to the Crew Juniors—an MLS academy team— in the U–19 Youth Soccer National Championship that really got my goat.

Travel Day to Dresden

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How long does it take to get from Pearl River, N.Y. to Dresden, Germany? Well, not that long. It would have seemed a bit shorter had the bus driver not taken the LONG way to the Newark airport, but once the team got checked in, they were able to watch a bit of the Germany-Spain game before boarding a flight that was just over six hours to Frankfurt.

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Chelsea players practice their basketball skills

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A training session with a difference for some of the lads at Cobham... #CFC Chelsea FC (@chelseafc) August 13, 2013 With just a few days until the new season starts, some of Chelsea's players have been putting the finishing touches... to their basketball skills. Many of the Blues' squad are away on international [.

Toni Kroos & Jessica Faber: Court Side Eye

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Toni Kroos and his girlfriend watched FC Bayern München's basketball team take on EWE Oldenburg at Audi Dome in München yesterday, 3.10.2012. Bastian Schweini was also there, flying solo a few seats down court.

Texas Needs Its Own NCAA Conference

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How hard is this to figure out? Texas has enough good quality schools to fill up its own conference. It can keep rivalries and begin to form new ones.

Schools need to get along and come up with a balanced solution to television revenues so that teams don't have to travel and crisscross the country to find competition.

Karl overcomes obstacles to rise among coaching elite

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George Karl is a model of excellence among NBA basketball coaches. He is one of seven NBA coaches to win 1,000 games, and built the Seattle Supersonics, Milwaukee Bucks and Denver Nuggets into top-flite teams.

Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post writes of the 60-year old cancer survivor that has his priorities in his life in place.

Kevin Durant to Turkey? Besiktas in Play

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Besiktas, the basketball team in Turkey that signed Deron Williams earlier in the summer, is now negotiating with Kevin Durant. While Besiktas is still trying to sign Kobe Bryant, it appears as if Kevin Durant is their fallback option. And by the sounds of it, the two sides could very well agree to a contract soon.

WNBA Just Got More Interesting for JordanCornblog!

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Okay, I admit it. I've been horrible on my coverage the WNBA here. The overlap with Women's Professional Soccer makes it difficult – although that's not the best of excuses, because my coverage of the WPS has pretty much sucked, too! But enough with the mea culpas.

I'm here to tell you that the Chicago Sky have changed all that in one fell swoop, by hiring Pokey Chatman as general manager and coach for the coming year!

Video: Karl Malone Cries During HOF Speech

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During his playing career in the NBA, Karl Malone was a tough guy who was never afraid to throw an elbow. But during his Hall of Fame speech, Malone found it difficult to stop crying like a baby. You can watch the video of Karl Malone crying at the end of this article.

Though it was odd to see tears streaming from Malone, his speech was really well done.

Liverpool Have 10 Days To Decide

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Liverpool have 10 days to decide on the offer from Kenny Huang to buy the club's debt.
And if they have not given an answer by then, the Chinese billionaire will walk away.
Huang, head of Hong Kong-based investment company QSL Sports Ltd, wants to take over the £237million RBS loan handed to the unpopular American owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett.

Joe Montana's Son Gets Arrested

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Being Joe Montana's son can't be easy. Being Joe Montana's son while enrolled at Notre Dame is definitely not easy. For that reason, you have to feel a bit sorry for Nate Montana after he was one of 44 people arrested following a party near the Notre Dame campus. Lil' Montana was arrested for underage drinking a misdemeanor charge.

Katie Pritchard Has Her High School Jersey Retired At Waynesville

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Katie Pritchard with AD Josh Scott, parents Keith and Barb Pritchard and sister Molly

Katie Pritchard, class of 2008, was recognized at Slaughter Field Tuesday evening for her high school soccer accomplishments. The special recognition took place between the JV and Varsity WHS soccer matches with opposing teams from Joplin High School.

The Revolution Was Televised

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For the New England Revolution fan that, like me, was not fortunate enough to make the stadium today, there was a question as to whether or not we'd tonight's game on TV. You see, some green/white basketball team apparently had a game at the same time.  Luckily, some odd arrangements were made by all involved (Thank you!

Seton Hall Finds Winner In Willard

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Having started my coaching career at Iona College, I always try to keep an eye on how the Gaels' basketball team is doing.

Kevin Willard has a great pedigree - son of former coach Ralph Willard, former assistant for Rick Pitino at Louisville - and after a 21-10 season where he successfully rebuilt the Iona basketball program, he was recently offered the job of rebuilding the Seton Hall basketball program.