Manchester City

Manchester City and New York Yankees join forces to form MLS side New York City FC

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Manchester City and baseball side New York Yankees have announced they will create an MLS expansion side called New York City FC. The club will join the league in 2015, when it will become its 20th club. City's owner Sheikh Mansour will be the majority partner of the new team, with the Yankees also actively [.

Manchester City’s Carlos Tevez caddies for Andres Romero at The Open… calamitous duo come rock-bottom last

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When he is not going AWOL or petulantly anchoring his buttocks to the bench, Manchester City forward Carlos Tevez is known for carrying a club or two in his career. Yesterday, he took that dusty accolade to its literal end: carrying a set of golf clubs for his professional golfer pal Andres Romero.

American in Manchester

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Writer Mike Manson remembers his initial English football experience in the cauldron of a 1986 Manchester derby.


Baseball in Deutschland

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Jeder Sportinteressierte schaut sich sicher gerne um, was es auf dem deutschen Markt für Angebote in Sachen des Sportes gibt. Schnell werden Sie feststellen, dass neben Tennis, Fußball und Schwimmen auch Baseball in Deutschland angeboten wird. Bereits seit 1984 gibt es Baseball in Deutschland, denn in diesem Jahr wurde die Liga des Baseballs gegründet.

Integration gelingt spielend

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Ilkay Gündogan, Sidney Sam, Mario Götze, Gerald Asamoah sind bestens in Deutschland integriert. Daher zeigt die Gang auch, das Integration spielend gelingen kann. Man muss nur wollen und man braucht die richtigen Vorbilder. Zweiteres sollte kein Problem sein, denn die vier kann man sich mit Sicherheit als Vorbild nehmen.

Major League Soccer

Major Link Soccer: EPL Adopts Goal Line Tech

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Football has replay. Hockey has replay. Basketball has replay. Even BASEBALL has replay. Now, one league in the world's game has caught up to BASEBALL, kinda. EPL has crossed their E and dotted their L on contracts to implement goal-line technology, hopefully beginning to fix an issue that occurs, like, once every 400 club matches (and twice every World Cup).

Seattle Sounders vs. Chicago Fire Aftermath

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Most of you have read the recaps of Saturday's 2-1 Fire loss at Tribune, Sun-Times, Daily Herald, Fire Confidential, or by now. Overall I thought the game was a decent result for the team. Seattle is a top 3 team in MLS if not the top team in the league. The Sounders have given up just three goals in six games now.


Los lujos del Bronx

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Los Yankees de Nueva York son el equipo más ganador de la Major League Baseball y también son los que tienen mayor poder adquisitivo, muy por encima del resto y eso los hace poder contar con los mejores peloteros año con año. Siempre entran en la puja por agentes libres y no tienen tanto trabajo en conquistar a los agentes y a los beisbolistas para convencerlos de que lleguen a la institución.

Más alto, más fuerte, más rápido. Así es el dopaje en el deporte.

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¿Sigue siendo trampa si todos lo hacen?

Es lo que reza este póster simulando una película sobre dopaje deportivo y es que en estos tiempos, hemos visto ejemplos negativos por todos lados y en todos los deportes, los asteriscos en los récords de los súper atletas están a la orden del día ahí tienen el caso de Barry Bonds en el béisbol.

American sports

Is it time for a wage cap in the Premier League?

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Are salary caps and contract trades in football the way of the future?

By Cameron Wolfe

I read an article years ago which compared football transfers with transfers in North American sports ( NFL, NHL, baseball etc) and in which the question was posed: Would an alternative transfer approach work here in football?

Chelsea players prepare for U.S. tour by trying American sports

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Newly crowned European champions Chelsea will return to the United States for their preseason tour this summer and to promote it, the club put together the above video of various players trying out American sports. And it's fantastic.

You've got David Luiz jamming his Sideshow Bob hair into a Yankees cap, Petr Cech trading his scrum cap for a Seattle Seahawks helmet and Branislav Ivanovic trying to murder a baseball to promote the four-match tour that will include the 2012 MLS All-Star game in Philadelphia.

Babe Ruth

Dr. Dynamo or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Dom

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After nearly seven seasons of soccer played by the Houston Dynamo, we've started to accumulate enough data to begin looking at statistical trends. I've never been a big statistics guy myself, unless we're discussing baseball, simply because applying statistics to a game like soccer is difficult. Sure it can provide some interesting information, fancy graphs and some data trends, but it's very difficult to make broader term assumptions about the game or teams because the sport is in such an ever changing state.

The Beautiful Game returns to Yankee Stadium. We’re deeply...

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The Beautiful Game returns to Yankee Stadium.

We're deeply entrenched in the few weeks when "superclubs" either go to Asia or America and take part in a few friendlies to promote themselves as global "brands." Tomorrow, world class football will be played in the new Yankee Stadium, as Chelsea and Paris St-Germain face off.

Soccer Players

Building for this Season

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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (July 24, 2012) US Soccer Players – The insistence on building and keeping a core group of players in professional sports is something we see repeated across North American professional sports. In the National Football League, applying a franchise tag to a quarterback is almost a requirement.

A Place to Play

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By Charles Boehm - WASHINGTON, DC (July 5, 2012) US Soccer Players -- United States National Team captain Carlos Bocanegra made a bit of a splash this week, taking a VIP turn at baseball's All-Star Game festivities in Kansas City and appearing in ESPN's attention-grabbing "Body Issue." Both are mainstream media hits that probably offer welcome diversions from the ongoing ambiguity about the future of his bankrupt Scottish club, Rangers FC.

MLS on the Fourth of July

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By Jason Davis - WASHINGTON, DC (July 4, 2012) US Soccer Players -- The Fourth of July, right in the middle of the Major League Soccer calendar, with a national celebration as a backdrop, seems tailor-made for MLS. For many years, record attendances around the League were tied to Independence Day celebrations.


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By J Hutcherson - WASHINGTON, DC (Mar 6, 2012) US Soccer Players -- What happens to a league when another league starts to decline? That's the question professional soccer in North America has been considering for around six decades now. In the mid-1960's, it was getting together a league after promoters noticed that people watched the 1966 World Cup in the United States while sports fans began to drop baseball.


Sunk costs and Andy Carroll

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A ponytail like Andy Carroll's.

Sunk costs:

People often have an irrational desire to use products for which they have paid a lot of money, or to continue following a plan that has required a great investment. They think that if they abandon the product or change their approach, they will be throwing money or time away.

Sunk costs and Andy Carroll

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A ponytail like Andy Carroll's.

Sunk costs:

People often have an irrational desire to use products for which they have paid a lot of money, or to continue following a plan that has required a great investment. They think that if they abandon the product or change their approach, they will be throwing money or time away.

More from Brian McBride

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Okay, I got the tape and here are his full answers:

Tell us about the amazing 0708 season and your memories of it.

The 0708 season for me was crazy. It started of solid then three games in I get injured and I have to fight through to come back. Then the team struggles and makes some changes to the coaching staff and Roy comes in and makes a great impression.

More from Brian McBride

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Okay, I got the tape and here are his full answers:

Tell us about the amazing 0708 season and your memories of it.

The 0708 season for me was crazy. It started of solid then three games in I get injured and I have to fight through to come back. Then the team struggles and makes some changes to the coaching staff and Roy comes in and makes a great impression.

Monday's Upside: The Support

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Their Words "The fans were brilliant. They came out in their thousands and the atmosphere was brilliant, so all credit to them. They helped inspire a great team performance, although it got a little nervy towards the end, which can happen away from home, but we clung on." Fulham's Andy Johnson. Other Sources Tucson courting MLS as spring site - from The LA Times' Kevin Baxter: Only his idea has nothing to do with baseball.


Great Football League teams 34: Derby County 1986-7

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Part 34 of our Great Teams series sees us welcome Jonathan Rodgers, a long time fan of Derby County. Here, he recalls one of the great Baseball Ground campaigns - always a fiendishly difficult place to visit as an away fan and a place that simply oozed character, history and tradition. Jonathan can be followed on Twitter at @popsider It's started already.

Mike Stanton Becomes Giancarlo Stanton

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Mike Stanton was one of the best young sluggers in baseball last season. But he's no more. The Miami Marlins outfielder wants to be known as Giancarlo Stanton from now on. Considering his legal name is Giancarlo Cruz Michael Stanton, it's not too odd of a request.

He said that too many people didn't now how to say "Giancarlo" growing up so he decided to go with Mike.

The Rest

Rice shuts out Sam Houston State 4-0

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HOUSTON – True freshman Tristan Gray blasted a three-run homer in the bottom of the seventh inning to break a scoreless deadlock and lift the Rice baseball team to a 4-0 victory over visiting Sam Houston State Tuesday evening at Reckling Park.

Gray and his fellow freshman paved the way to Rice's second-straight win.

Video: Liverpool stars play baseball

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Liverpool's players have entered the Boston Red Sox batting cages to try their hands at baseball. The Reds' stars were visiting Fenway...

Click the headline to read the full story.

Sepp Blatter unveils portrait of himself, declares war on baseball

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FIFA president Sepp Blatter is in the Dominican Republic to play his part in the fight against the evils of baseball. Blatter unveiled a portrait of himself before turning his attention to rounders on steroids, a sport so heinous that he can't even bring himself to utter its name. You see, the sport whose name [.

Sad Loss to Women’s Sports – Inspiration for ‘A League of their Own’ Passes Away

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Lavonne "Pepper" Paire-Davis, star of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, has passed awayat the age of 88.Paire-Davis was a model for the character played by Geena Davis in the movie, "A League of Their Own".

"I know what it's like for your dream to come true, mine did," the Los Angeles-born Paire-Davis told the Associated Press in 1995, when she was 70.

Baseball Misses Mark on HOF 2013 Vote

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Any fan of baseball, including writers with votes for the Hall Of Fame, should have been rooting for contemporary inductees in this year's ballots.

Unfortunately, it did not happen.

MLB lost an opportunity to shine the light on some outstanding players from recent times and from a couple decades back.

Playing Moneyball with the New England Revolution

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Basically, I am the Billy Beane of MLS. Except I don't actually work for MLS or a team. Last year, upon seeing the movie Moneyball - which, by the way, I found to be a film as dull as baseball itself - I thought that something like Moneyball (the philosophy, not the movie) would be interesting when applied to the meager finances of MLS.

Where Men Can’t, Women Just Might

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As Americans, we pride ourselves on many things – especially those things which are men's sport-related. Football? Self-explanatory; we're beast. Basketball? There's not a team one could put together on the planet that could touch our players. Baseball? We certainly have the highest-paid, most popular athletes.

Football Analytics: Finding Bill James's Cipher

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Football Analytics: Finding Bill James's Cipher

SB Nation's Graham MacAree has a fantastic three part post on how we can better analyze soccer using Bill James's work in baseball as a guide.

Woman Hit with Baseball Two Years Ago Sues Little League Player

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A New Jersey woman who was hit in the face with a baseball at a Little League game two years ago is now suing the catcher who threw the ball.

Elizabeth Lloyd is seeking more than $150,000 in damages to cover medical costs plus an undefined amount for pain and suffering. At the time of the incident, she was sitting at a picnic table near a fence-in bullpen.

Game Changer: Pretty Tough Girls Claim a Piece of Online Turf

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Believe it or not, not every girl is a damsel in distress looking for Prince Charming. The days when girls were expected to play with dolls, wear pink dresses, have perfect hair, and be quiet and clean are long gone. Â For many girls, role models aren't delicate princesses but kick-butt women who surf twenty- foot waves, dunk basketballs, sail off vert ramps, hit homeruns, beat guys on the motor track and more.

Terry Francona Scoff Beer Ban

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Terry Francona, the former manager of the Boston Red Sox who was nudged out of his job during the offseason, doesn't exactly agree with the Red Sox new policy of banning beer in the clubhouse. As Francona sees it, the beer ban could actually make things worse.

Said Francona: "I think if a guy wants a beer, he can probably get one.

How we operate

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This is Rich here. I only clarify because I'm going to mention baseball. I am the British one, I just like baseball.

Growing up I played a lot of sport. Football was great but I had a nasty habit of falling apart mentally in school matches (besides myself I more or less half-blame a single teacher for this and were I to meet him today I would certainly consider pouring boiling custard on his pathetic head).

‘Europe To Blame For Diving In Premier League’ – Tony Pulis Points The Finger Of British Justice Across The Channel

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By Alan Duffy


Tony Pulis is sick, sick and tired of the 'foreign disease' which is polluting this nation's untainted character. In his press conference ahead of Stoke's Europa League clash with Valencia, the baseball-capped crusader for all that is good and proper, bemoans the growing occurences of cheating in the British game, where men used to be men, not flouncy-haired paella-scoffing cheats.

Smoke & Portuguese Mirrors

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Yes, the gentlemen involved are Uruguayan and Belgian Benfica's Maxi Pereira and Axel Witsel.

This is a technique which is terribly underutilized in the sport. In fact, all forms of chicanery are underutilized these days. We're still missing the glory days of Catania's dropping trou free kick distractions.

Yankees Steal Michael Pineda

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The New York Yankees needed pitching help. What do they do? In a trade with the Seattle Mariners, the Yankees stole one of the best, young pitching prospects in all of baseball. Michael Pineda, who showed dynamite stuff as a rookie last season, heads to New York, while Jesus Montero was sent to Seattle.