"Matchpix" - January / February 2014

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  • Friendly - Geylang Int'l 1-0 Tampines Rovers 25/1/14
Alex Duric (left) doubled-up as a stretcher man
First compilation of the year with the hosting Eagles beat the defending #sleague champions 1-0 at Bedok Stadium with a Leonel Felice strike from the spot in the dying minutes.

Tigers missing the spark from Park

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The match ended 1-1 (picture source)
Balestier Khalsa's coach Marko Kraljevic did not hide his disappointment for not having his playmaker Park Kang Jin on the field earlier.

"I'm not happy because I missed my playmaker (Park)," said Coach Kraljevic in his post match media briefing.

Kraljevic unperturbed for late start of the Tigers friendly schedule

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Marko Kraljevic taking charge at Toa Payoh
New Balestier Khalsa coach Marko Kraljevic appeared to be unperturbed for being late with their pre-season friendly schedule, as compared to other clubs, in preparation for the upcoming S.

[RHB Singapore Cup] Agony for the Tigers as Protectors march on to the Final

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Tigers came cross to tap on this melee in 20th minute
It was a dream that came to an abrupt end with Balestier Khalsa saw their unprecedented bid for a cup double ended in an agony.

Given a precedence that saw the newly crowned League Cup winners came from behind to beat Hougang United to be in the RHB Singapore Cup's "Final Four", hopes were high for the Tigers to repeat the same feat against Home United who were on a slim advantage of a goal margin after their semi-final first-leg win at Toa Payoh last week.

Tigers took their chances well in the "PINBALL" battle against Cheetahs

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Balestier Khalsa claimed all three points in the newly-christened "Pinball Derby" with a 3-1 rout over Hougang United at the Toa Payoh Stadium.

Following the result, the visiting Cheetahs saw themselves engulfed further deep at near bottom of the standings on eleventh position, while the hosting Tigers boasted their positioning that propelled them to fourth after 19 matches played.

Caretaking Johana off to losing start as Cheetahs slumps continue...

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The match in progress at Hougang Stadium
For the past week, I was not able to attend any games due to my shift work and thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to go down to Hougang Stadium for a match after my work in Bishan area.

Martin "No-SHOW" and Zaiful's SHOW in Tampines win

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Tampines coach Nenad Bacina
Thought of wanting to take a better view of how Tampines Rovers' "Marquee Player" Martin Wagner would fare, after only saw him in action at the Charity Shield from a flat perspective.

Unfortunately for the second game on the roll, the Argentine signing was left on the bench without having a role in the game at Clementi that saw the defending champions came from behind to record their first win in three recent outings against a resilient Balestier Khalsa.

foreign teams

"It's not about me" as Stewart guided Balestier to the League Cup Glory

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2013 League Cup Winners - Balestier Khalsa
"It's not about me." said Balestier Khalsa coach Darren Stewart at the post-match press conference following his side's 4-0 shutout of defending holders Brunei DPMM in the Starhub League Cup Final at the Jalan Besar Stadium.

"Matchpix" - April 2013

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  • Prime League - Balestier Khalsa 1-3 Tanjong Pagar Utd 20/4/13

The visitors walked away with a 3-1 win over the hosts whom being the defending champions have not able to get off to a good start in their title defending campaign.

Just mainly pictures from DPMM-TTM 1st leg QF...

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(P.S1: Just mainly pictures, with the main text being those "tweets" I posted by mobile earlier and also to try out some photo-taking using some new methods which I'm still working on it.)

be visit an old fren at JBS later which I hope can materialize,work been piling up & already snapped, can't keep my cool?


"Mak, I missed the LAST BUS home, help!!!"

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Please plan your journey home
I would only say my eyelids barely open when the League Cup match between Balestier Khalsa and Brunei DPMM proceed into second half.

It wasn't a boring match to some extend with some few exchanges in between the two, but the only grump was the fact that second 45 only kicked off at 2235hrs.

[Media Information] FAS Disciplinary Inquiry – Balestier Khalsa FC’s Zulkiffli Hassim hit with match suspension and fine for making racist remarks

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(This entry is formulated based on the transcript of the media information issued by the Football Association of Singapore)
Zulkiffli Hassim (in red) will be suspended for five matchesSINGAPORE, 10 APRIL 2012 – Balestier Khalsa FC striker Zulkiffli Hassim has been slapped with a five-match ban in the S.

Eagles Plummet Home

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There has been a wonderful freshness to the SLeague in its opening weeks as teams like Hougang United and Balestier Khalsa have flirted with the top positions but the weekend just gone has shown the traditional big boys flexing their muscles and how.

Tampines won the title last year, confirming the triumph with a 5-0 rout of Balestier Khalsa.

Eagles Plummet Home

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There has been a wonderful freshness to the SLeague in its opening weeks as teams like Hougang United and Balestier Khalsa have flirted with the top positions but the weekend just gone has shown the traditional big boys flexing their muscles and how.

Tampines won the title last year, confirming the triumph with a 5-0 rout of Balestier Khalsa.

Trio-levation hopes for the Tigers

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After weeks of speculation within the local football fraternity, former Gombak United coach Darren Stewart (file pictured right) is confirmed as Balestier Khalsa coach for the upcoming 2012 season.

A former Australian international himself, Stewart starred for the Tigers when they were still called Balestier Central in the S.

Another round of Rams-Tigers exchange...

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I'm not sure if anyone of you out there notice this scenario since the early days of the S.League that there are these two clubs been "close trading partners".

It's not uncommon to see players of this particular club swapping jerseys for another particular side after a season or two that in recent years seems to have intensified.

"Matchpix" - October 2011

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  • 2011 Sultan of Selangor Cup - (Match Day and Balik Kampong)
Malay rock legend Amy Search (pictured above) wowed the 65,000 at the Shah Alam Stadium in this annual event initiated by the Sultan of Selangor with motive in fostering relationship between Singapore and Selangor whom both shared an unique rivalry in the Malayan football history.

"Matchpix" - August 2011

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  • S.League Match- Balestier Khalsa 0-1 Tampines Rovers (6/8/11)

Ahmad Latiff (pictured above in yellow jersey) delivered the sucker punch at the last kick of the game to help Tampines Rovers beat Balestier Khalsa 1-0 at Toa Payoh Stadium.

While the Tigers had a Mark McGough's goal disallowed which they claimed the Aussie's effort had crossed the goal line before Lions defender Fahrudin Mustafic cleared for safety in the first half.

Former NASL player Tatters joins Rams

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In a joint press release statement by scouting agency, Trebol Sports International (TSI) and their working partners, Football Management International (FMI) had announced the following player, Scottish defender Graham Tatters (pictured above, courtesy of Flickr) had signed for Woodlands Wellington.

Since Day One

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Not that long ago, I got a SMS (in green font) from a friend of my that he shared with me his rating of the S.League since the inauguration in 1996...
Attendances based on my memory
  • 96 Tiger high,
  • 96 Pioneer low,
  • 97 average,
  • 98 recession,
  • 99 good,
  • 00 average,
  • 01 good but media coverage totally destroyed during SEA Games,
  • 02 starting to have unusual results
  • 03 penalty shootouts average N later died off
  • 04 league reduced in teams, gd with jap albirex in,
  • 05 gd with paya lebar in, young lions N balestier performed well,
  • 06 young lions did well in FA Cup, sporting afrique some interest but fade away after payment issues,
  • 07 tiger cup success, but liaoning destroyed it
  • 08 poor
  • 09 bad
  • 10 worst
I asked my friend if he would like to be quoted and acknowledged, he politely declined, but I thought this is something rather interesting and it's not those-kind-of-thesis-type of article as it's simple and hit the nail kind of review.

Who's the best team in SLeague?

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The post heading was a familiar chant from the massed ranks of SAFFC cheerleaders, about 12 of them, as they won SLeague after SLeague in recent years. But not this year. Instead we are looking at a three horse race with five games remaining and the possibility of a foreign team winning the trophy for the first time in the history of the SLeague.

The show must go on....

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Balestier's Brazilian import Vitor Borges venturing into the Rams' heartlands
So much debate had been on-going if the S.League should have a recess during the World Cup period.
The argument is that with the "Greatest Show on Earth" grabbing the attention world-wide, the domestic league will be further deprived of attention and the crowds, as reported on the papers recently, are staying away.

Some worthless relic from the past....

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I must apologise for the recent lack of updating due to the fact that there are some tidy chores in my house for the upcoming repair works that's gonna take place in days to come.

As such, I might see myself being tied up for some packing and clearing up some stuff along the process. The last time round saw me unearthed the two precious TNP centerspread of the Malaysia Cup era and now here are some relic I discovered during my clearing out.

Behind the scene - thru the eye of my Canon 50D

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Like I mentioned before, it's a matter of time I got hold a DSLR camera, and eventually I did.

I wasted no time at all to try out my new "Canon 50D" on the same evening after I got hold of it on the same day itself, where else but at the stadium I decided to trial out my new toy.

Below are some of the pictures I snapped along the way at the Balestier-Geylang match at the Toa Payoh Stadium.

[Countdown to Season2010] Balestier Khalsa 0-1 Woodlands Wellington

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Attended my second pre-season friendly today at the Toa Payoh Stadium, where Balestier Khalsa played hosts to the visiting Woodlands Wellington.

For the record, the guests Rams, who only played their first friendly since their season preparation today, defeated their hosts 1-0 with a solitary header from Asraf Rashid in the first half.

Stay Focused, BOYS!!

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(P.S: I wonder if some of the some young players out there agree with me the importance of staying put together, if possible.)

After his team defeated Balestier Khalsa, Young Lions' coach Terry Pathmanathan (pictured above during the "Sultan of Selangor Cup 09") was not a happy man as you thought he would be.

I reiterated that - "It's not easy after all....."

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Click for a bigger view

So what did I tell you? It's not easy to be a sports photographer!

Factors like ground survey before the game, the lighting of the venue, etc.

And the likeliness of having players crashed onto you! Like the depicted collage which compiled the frame-by-frame shot of Balestier's Korean import Oh In Kyun being overpowered by DPMM's Sairol Sahari and Safari Wahit.

SLeague table

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Top 3

1 - Singapore Armed Forces 24 18 1 5 64-23 55
2 - Tampines Rovers 24 12 8 4 37-23 44
3 - Brunei DPMM 24 12 7 5 34-28 43

Bottom 3

10 - Sengkang Punggol 25 5 6 14 22-45 21
11 - Balestier Khalsa 24 3 6 15 18-41 15
12 - Young Lions 23 3 6 14 18-42 15

Top Scorers

23 - Duric (SAF)
19 - Obatola (Gombak United)
14 - Kegne Ludovick (Home United)
13 - Kenji Adachihara (Albirex Niigata)

Out of the 16 players who have scored 6 goals or more in the SLeague only two, Noh Alam Shaha and Indra Sahdan Daud, are Singaporean.

At least we got one side of the story now (Part One..)

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After I blogged on what why Bryan Soane sudden departure from Balestier Khalsa had only side of the story covered , this morning's TODAY had seems to reveal the other side of the story.

(Picture) Soane and agent gave their side of story

Finally, we got the other side of the story after the news broke out weeks ago that the young Aussie striker had quit and went back to Sydney.

Young Lions

Singapore Cup Draw Reunites Old Friends

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Geylang United v Tampines RoversHome United v Woodlands WellingtonEtoile v Tanjong PagarGombak United v Balestier KhalsaSAFFC v Phnom Penh CrownSouth Melbourne v Albirex NiigataHougang United v Young TigersPattaya United v Okkthar United
Five foreign teams this year, well seven if you include Etoile and Albirex Niigata.

Singapore Cup continues to pepper with strong regional flavour

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(This entry is formulated with extracts from the press release issued by the Football Association of Singapore)

(Pictured above) The result of the draw

Defending champions Bangkok Glass confirmed the earlier quibbles of not coming back to defend the RHB Singapore Cup they won last year, while last season's runners-up Tampines Rovers will face Geylang United in a "eastern derby" showdown.

SLeague Coninues To Prioritise English Football

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The good news is the SLeague fixtures are out. The bad news, for fans looking for a game to go to on a Saturday night, which is probably just me, is there aren't many.
12/02 - Young Lions v SAFFC19/03 - Young Lions v Gombak United09/04 - Young Lions v Woodlands Wellington30/04 - Tampines Rovers v Balestier Khalsa
Once the English season has finished then games are more regular but in the opening few weeks the above is it.

Roaring Lions

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Young Lions v Balestier Khalsa 2-0 (Yang Mu, Khairul Nizam) 1,630

Two second half goals secured the three points last night for the Young Lions. They're on a bit of a roll at the moment with just two defeats in their last seven games. A run that has seen three wins and two draws.

Top 5 Rams?

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Victory tonight for Woodlands Wellington could see nosebleeds all round as the Rams would reach the heady heights of 5th after four straight wins.

I tend not to write too much about Nenad Bacin's men but while attention, such as it is in Singapore, has been on the unbeaten runs of SAF and Tampines Rovers Woodlands have been quietly winning at challengers Gombak United and brushing aside Home United and Balestier Khalsa to set up tonight's clash with Geylang United and the prospect of a fourth straight win.

Geylang United

Potential Players with Merits to be selected for Singapore National Squad.

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Having saw what he tweeted in the first place, I prompted Mr Neo Chee Seong (who contributed an article last month) to come up with his list of players to fill up the vacuum after the disband of the Singapore National Team.

Many thanks to Mr Neo for sharing his views on this issue.

Potential Players with Merits to be selected for Singapore National Squad.

Results 14/04 - 15/04

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Indonesian Cup

Arema v Persijap 3-0 (Roman Chmelo, Dendy Santoso, Roni Firmansyah)
Deltras v PSMP 2-3
Sriwijaya v PSPS 1-1
Semen Padang v Persikabo 1-3


Home United v Balestier Khalsa 2-2
Beijing Guo'an v Albirex Niigata 0-2 (Fumiya Kobayashi, Satoshi Hida)
Geylang United v Sengkang Punggol 3-2 (Peter Tomko 3; Sobrie Mazelan, Murphy Wiredu) Images

Tomko, who sounds like someone from the Wombles, scored a hat trick against the Dolphins last night making it six for the season.

The Rest

Qiu Li Returns Home

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Singapore international forward Qiu Li is set for his third stint at S-League giants Home United. The China-born star (right), who turns 33 in June, was without a club after he decided not to accept a pay cut at Balestier Khalsa. Yesterday, Qiu played the full match in Home's 2-1 loss to Malaysian Super League (MSL) side ATM FA at the Jurong West Stadium.


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(This entry is based on the media release issued by the Football Association of Singapore with images depicted provided by the said organisation.)

Singapore, 19 June 2012 - Over the years the H-TWO-O Ultimate Champions League has grown from its early days, based on the theme that ‘football is for everyone' to what it is today - where players from Secondary Schools, Polytechnics and Institutes of Technical Education are bestowed the opportunity to showcase their talents in this free tournament and bid for one of three chancesto see Manchester United play in the English Premier League.

"Matchpix" - March 2012

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  • S.League - Balestier 1-1 Gombak 4/3/11
6400 is something you cant avoid when you are shooting at Toa Payoh Stadium.

Testing Testing... post match video interviews of Rams-Tigers Clash

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Shortly after the match at Woodlands Stadium, both coaches gave their brief assessment of the match.

(P.S: Sincerely apologize for the fact of the poor audio as it's been a long time I'm using my "Ranger"DV camera)

Balestier coach Nasaruddin Jalil shared his thoughts

Woodlands coach Nenad Bacina shared his thoughts
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