At A Loss For Words

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Just when you think you've seen it all in Greek football, something happens that makes you realize you haven't seen anything yet. What unfolded in Toumba today proved yet again that you can really never know what to expect when it comes to this league (though calling it a "league" would be a little too generous.

One Step Closer!

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AEK took one huge step closer to the Championship today after beating Panionios 1-0 at home. However, it wasn't our victory alone but rather what happened with PAOK and Oly that has made the difference. Prior to our game today, Asteras clinched an unbelievable 3-2 over PAOK in the 98th minute, a minute after PAOK had made it 2-2 in the 97th minute.

Atromitos 1-1 AEK

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So as you may have seen already, and as was mentioned in a comment in a previous point, the all important PAOK-Oly game was never played. I'm sure it comes as no surprise too that the reason was once again fan trouble from the PAOK fans.

Why would I bring this up in a post about a game between AEK and Atromitos?

Dynamo Kyiv 0-0 AEK

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It just wasn't our day. Chance after chance, even a couple open nets, but nothing the team did could result in that crucial away goal that could have taken us through to the next round. The storyline was similar to what we saw last week: we controlled possession, had the better chances, but ultimately came up short in the end.

AEK 1-0 Asteras Tripolis

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After two straight wins against Olympiakos, AEK would have gone in to today's game against Tripolis knowing the 3 points were anything but guaranteed. Sure enough, we had a much harder time today though I would argue a lot of that came from bad luck rather rather than having anything to do with the opponent we were facing.

It Just Doesn’t End! (AEK 2-1 Olympiakos)

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For the 3rd time this season, Olympiakos have been outclassed in every way by an AEK team that seems to thrive when playing against our rivals. Today's match, which sealed our place in the Cup Semi-Finals, was the 4th time we've played Olympiakos this season and ensured we remain unbeaten against them after winning 3 and drawing 1 (our previous Cup game against them which ended 0-0 in Karaiskaki).

AEK 2-0 Lamia

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And just like that, were back in the race. Thanks to our 2-0 win against Lamia and Olympiakos' 1-1 draw in Tripolis, only two points separate 1st and 3rd. As it stands, we currently sit 3rd with 41 points, behind Olympiakos on 42 and PAOK on 43. Its safe to say we haven't seen a top 3 that was this close in as long as I can remember and it certainly sets up a high stakes encounter when we face Olympiakos in Karaiskaki this coming weekend.

AEK 3-1 PAS Giannena

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Our strong start to 2018 continued with another win, this time against 11th placed PAS Giannena. Overall it was a fairly decent game, but Giannena did manage to tie the match at 1-1 for a while which resulted in some uncertainty. Ultimately though, despite the generally slow pace to the match, our finishing was critical enough when we needed it to be.

Panetolikos 1-4 AEK

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Well its certainly nice to be back! Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays, and getting back to work and the daily routine that comes with it wasn't all that exciting but hey, if theres one good thing to take from this time of year, its the fact that we get to watch AEK again!

This year especially is an exciting time since for the first time in as long as I can remember, we start a new year with a legitimate chance at a Championship.

AEK 3-1 Kerkyra

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After another weekend of wins for Oly, PAOK, and Atromitos, the pressure was on AEK again today to get a win. Sure enough, they delivered yet again and for another week remain on top. Its still a fragile lead, with only one point separating us and Oly, but as long as we keep getting results I can't complain.

Levadeiakos 0-2 AEK

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Another week and we're still top of the league. Its still far too close for comfort but does it ever feel good.

With the way the standings are right now, every match is a crucial as the one before and today was no exception after both Oly and PAOK won on Saturday. The match went according to plan for the most part, though Levadeiakos were a pretty stubborn side to break down for much of the first half.


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I've met many people throughout my relatively young life who simply were not into sports. One thing I often hear from some of these people is that they don't understand the point of supporting a team, of spending so much of your time and energy towards a team, when you know the chances of ever winning a championship are relatively slim.

Panionios 0-1 AEK

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Well that was a little too close for comfort. It wasn't until 80 minutes in to the game that we got the winning goal by Araujo but the 3 points are what matter most as far as I'm concerned.

This game was a crucial one for a few reasons. First of all we desperately needed a win seeing as its been weeks since we've won a match in the league and my confidence in the team was starting to take a hit.

AEK 0-1 Atromitos

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After managing a rather respectful result in Milan last week, we got this week started off with an embarrassing result in Athens. A win today would have put us back in 1st but instead we find ourselves in 3rd with 3 other teams even on points.

It was a game we should have won on paper and judging from the stats, we really should have found a way to put at least one goal in the back of the net.

AEK Alone in First

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Lamia 0-1 AEK

A late (and somewhat fortunate) penalty turned out to be the difference for AEK after a game which saw many chances but few goals thanks to some great goalkeeping by Lamia's Papadopoulos.

It wasn't a great game but it did provide some entertainment as both sides had their chances to score.

Catching Up…

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Its been a few weeks since my last post and as is often the case early on in a season, lots has happened. Luckily for us, things have been going pretty well so most of what I have to talk about is good news.

PAS Giannena 0-0 AEK

We've played three games since my last post, the first of which was a disappointing draw away against Giannena.

Olympiakos 1-2 AEK

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On AEK's 93rd birthday, we were treated to an incredibly important win, one which sees us put a foot into the Cup Finals. As Jimenez said today, the future of this team is bright and what we've seen up to and including our victory in Karaiskaki, I see no reason at all for us not to go ahead and win the Cup for a second straight season.

Atromitos 0-1 AEK

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The Jimenez run continues, extending our undefeated run to 13 games since we swapped coaches. Maybe not with the emphatic scoreline we would have hoped for, but considering the last time we beat Atromitos in Peristeri was 2009, I'll gladly take the three points however they come. The game winner came courtesy of Mantalos in the 57th minute, though we also had a goal wrongly disallowed for offsides while Araujo hit the post with another fantastic effort.


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Araujo OE OE OE

I've always had a "fascination" with Argentina. I've never been there, but its always been high on my list of places to visit. I have to be honest though and admit that part of the reason I've been interested in the country for so many years now though is simply the fact that we've some incredible football players from Argentina play for AEK.

AEK 3-0 Platanias

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With relative ease we've booked our place in the semi-finals of the Cup. Can we go all the way from this point on? I see absolutely no reason why we can't with the form we're seeing at the moment.

Going into the game I was very slightly worried, if only for the fact that the 0-0 draw in the previous game in Crete left us little breathing room if we failed to score early.

AEK 1-0 Olympiakos

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A promising start with Manolo has gotten even better after we beat Olympiakos at OAKA for the third time in a row. Not only was yesterday's result a satisfying one because we beat a team that has proven itself to be run by hypocritical sore losers, but it also put us back in playoff spots after months outside of the top 5.

And the goals just keep coming..

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AEK 6-0 Veria

Just a few days after beating Levadeiakos 6-0 in the Cup, our attacking form carried over to our league game today against Veria. Thats right, two 6-0 games in a row, bringing our total goals scored to 15 after the first five games for Jimenez. Not only that, but we've managed to not concede a single goal since he took over, an impressive feat considering we were conceding a little too easily prior to his time with the team.


Plantel San Luis Apertura 2012

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1 POR Oscar Pérez Rojas 39 años México 2 DEF José Antonio Castro 31 años México 3 DEF César Saldívar 28 años México 4 DEF Marco Iván Pérez 24 años México 5 DEF Félix de Jesús Araujo 29 años México 6 DEF Andrés Cadavid 26 años Colombia 7 MED Everton Guimarães 24 años Brasil 8 MED Jaime Correa 32 años México 9 DEL Sebastián Fernández 22 años Uruguay 10 DEL Wilmer Aguirre 29 años Perú 11 MED Facundo Pereyra 24 años Argentina 12 POR César Amado Lozano 35 años México 13 MED Moisés Velasco 22 años México 14 MED César Villaluz 23 años México 15 MED Noe Maya 27 años México 16 DEF Michael Orozco 26 años Estados Unidos 17 MED Juan Carlos Silva 24 años México 18 MED Isaí Arredondo 29 años México 19 DEL Luis Mendoza 22 años México 20 DEL Emmanuel Cerda 25 años México 21 MED Emilio López 26 años México 22 MED Guillermo Rojas 29 años México 23 POR Carlos Trejo 29 años México 24 MED Luis Rodríguez 21 años México 26 DEF William Paredes 26 años México 27 DEF Diego Ordaz 28 años México 65 DEL Adrián Marín 18 años México
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Plantel Cruz Azul Apertura 2012

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1 POR José de Jesús Corona 31 años México 2 DEF Fausto Pinto 28 años México 3 DEF Rogelio Chávez 27 años México 4 DEF Julio César Domínguez 24 años México 5 DEF Alejandro Castro 25 años México 6 MED Gerardo Torrado 33 años México 7 MED Javier Aquino 22 años México 8 MED Israel Castro 31 años México 9 DEL Mariano Pavone 30 años Argentina 10 MED Christian Giménez 31 años Argentina 11 MED Alejandro Vela 28 años México 12 POR Guillermo Allison 21 años México 13 DEF Luis Amaranto Perea 33 años Colombia 14 DEF Néstor Araujo 20 años México 15 DEF Gerardo Flores 26 años México 16 DEF Jair Pereira 25 años México 17 MED Pablo Barrera 25 años México 18 MED Maranhão 22 años Brasil 19 DEL Omar Bravo 32 años México 21 MED Héctor Gutiérrez 25 años México 22 DEF Adrián Cortés 28 años México 25 POR Yosgart Gutiérrez 31 años México 27 DEL Javier Orozco 24 años México 29 DEL Martin Galván 19 años México
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El Mundial sub 17 ya tiene a sus primeras invitadas

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Este año el fútbol femenil tendrá mucha actividad, todo comenzará con Londres; posteriormente vendrá la Copa Mundial Femenina sub 20 en Japón en la que México ya tiene su boleto para participar. Para el cierre de los Torneos de FIFA, Azerbaiyán albergará el Mundial sub 17 del 22 de Septiembre al 13 de Octubre;  las eliminatorias ya han comenzado en ciertas confederaciones como lo son CONMEBOL y la Confederación Africana de Fútbol quienes ya tuvieron sus etapas clasificatorias a esta justa y entregan a las primeras selecciones invitadas al Mundial sub 17.

Jogo 0447/2011 - Copa América - Chile 2x1 México

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Mais um jogo da Copa América, foi realizado no dia 04/07/2011, na cidade de San Juan-ARG, no Estadio del Bicentenario, onde jogaram as seleções do Chile (27º no ranking da FIFA) e a seleção do México (9º no ranking da FIFA).

Antes desse jogo, as 2 seleções jogaram:
Copa do Mundo
1930Montevideo 16/07/1930 CHI3:0 (1:0)MEX Group matches
Copa América
2007Puerto La Cruz 04/07/2007 MEX0:0CHI First stage2001Pereira 22/07/2001 CHI0:2 (0:1)MEX Quarter-finals1999Asuncion 17/07/1999 CHI1:2 (0:1)MEX Second stage1999Ciudad Del Este 30/06/1999 CHI0:1 (0:0)MEX
Mexico City 16/05/2010 MEX1:0 (1:0)CHI 2008Los Angeles 24/09/2008 MEX0:1 (0:0)CHI 2004Carson/Los Angeles 18/02/2004 MEX1:1 (0:1)CHI 2001Monterrey 11/04/2001 MEX1:0 (0:0)CHI 1996Vina Del Mar 07/02/1996 CHI2:1 (1:1)MEX 1995Los Angeles 29/03/1995 MEX1:2 (1:1)CHI 1991Veracruz 09/04/1991 MEX1:0 (1:0)CHI 1984Santiago De Chile 28/10/1984 CHI1:0 (1:0)MEX 1973Mexico City 20/09/1973 MEX1:2 (1:0)CHI 1972Santiago De Chile 16/08/1972 CHI0:2 (0:1)MEX 1972Guadalajara 27/01/1972 MEX2:0 (0:0)CHI 1968Santiago De Chile 23/10/1968 CHI3:1 (3:0)MEX 1968Mexico City 27/08/1968 MEX3:1 (3:1)CHI 1966Santiago De Chile 29/05/1966 CHI0:1 (0:1)MEX 1966Mexico City 11/05/1966 MEX1:0 (1:0)CHI 1956Mexico City 18/03/1956 MEX2:1 (1:1)CHI 1952Santiago De Chile 26/03/1952 CHI4:0 (2:0)MEX
O árbitro desse jogo, foi: Juan Soto-VEN

O primeiro gol do jogo, foi de Néstor Araujo, aos 40 minutos do primeiro tempo, ele que é jogador do Cruz Azul-MEX, sendo seu primeiro gol pela seleção nacional.

Selección Mexicana

La lista definitiva de la selección mexicana para los juegos olímpicos en Londres 2012 con los refuerzos

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La Dirección de Selecciones Nacionales da a conocer la Convocatoria de Jugadores que representarán a México en los Juegos Olímpicos de Londres 2012.

Fuera Jonathan dos Santos y Alan Pulido de la Selección Olímpica, que confirma oficialmente como refuerzos a Corona, Salcido y Oribe Peralta a continuación la información:

Convocatoria de Jugadores


El Reglamento de Juegos Olímpicos en su Preámbulo III, Artículo 10 indica que es obligatorio enviar la convocatoria definitiva a FIFA el día 9 de julio, fecha en que también se inscribirán a los cuatro jugadores alternativos (suplentes), los cuales se darán a conocer ese día y que no se concentrarán con la Selección Olímpica, sino que continuarán trabajando con sus clubes, pero consientes que pueden ser solicitados por el equipo nacional en caso de existir alguna desafortunada lesión.

Convocatoria Seleccion Preolimpica vs Senegal 17 Marzo 2012

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La Dirección General de Selecciones Nacionales, da a conocer la lista de jugadores convocados a la Selección Nacional Preolímpica que se concentrará el próximo domingo 11 de marzo a las 20:00 horas, en las instalaciones del Centro de Alto Rendimiento de la Federación Mexicana de Fútbol.
El Tricolor trabajará en el CAR hasta el jueves 15 de marzo, para posteriormente viajar a San Francisco, California, para jugar su último partido de preparación antes de encarar la justa preolímpica, ante su similar de Senegal, el próximo sábado 17 de marzo en el Estadio AT&T Park.

Convocatoria de la Selección Preolímpica 29 Febrero 2012

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La Dirección General de Selecciones Nacionales da a conocer la convocatoria de la Selección Nacional Preolímpica que enfrentará en partido de preparación su similar de Estados Unidos, en juego a efectuarse el miércoles 29 de febrero en Dallas Stadium de Frisco, Texas.
La concentración iniciará el domingo 26 de febrero a las 20:00 hrs.

Convocatoria de la Selección Mexicana Preolímpica

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La Dirección General de Selecciones Nacionales da a conocer la convocatoria de jugadores de la Selección Nacional Preolímpica para la concentración del 12 al 15 de febrero. La cita para iniciar la concentración será el domingo 12 de febrero a las 20:00 hrs. en el Centro de Alto Rendimiento y la atención a prensa se realizará el lunes 13 de febrero a las 11:45 hrs.

Convocatoria Seleccion Mexicana Panamericanos

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Convocatoria de la Selección Varonil Mexicana
1. José de Jesús Corona - Cruz Azul
2. Antonio Rodríguez - Veracruz
3. César Ibañez - Santos
4. Ricardo Hiram Mier - Monterrey
5. Nestor Araujo - Cruz Azul.

Mexico tercer lugar Sub 20 Colombia 2011

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México supo reaccionar al encarar un marcador en contra y venció el sábado 3-1 a Francia para quedarse con el tercer lugar del Mundial Sub20.

Ulises Dávila, Jorge Enríquez y Edson Rivera convirtieron los goles de México, que con el tercer puesto completó su segunda mejor actuación en la historia de estos torneos.


México contra Panamá en el preolímpico

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En esta entrada los detalles sobre el partido México vs Panamá que cierra la fase de grupos en el torneo preolímpico que dejará dos selecciones calificadas para Los Juegos Olímpicos Londres 2012.

Aquí el seguimiento del partido tomando como fuente de información el servicio de tweets de la Federación Mexicana de Futbol.

Plantel Guadalajara Apertura 2011 Chivas

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N.º Posición Jugador

1 POR Luis Michel Guadalajara
2 DEF Mario de Luna Guadalajara
3 DEF Arturo Ledesma Guadalajara
4 DEF Héctor Reynoso Guadalajara C 5 DEF Patricio Araujo Guadalajara
6 DEF Omar Esparza Guadalajara
7 DEL Ulises Dávila Guadalajara
8 MED Marco Fabián Guadalajara
9 DEL Omar Arellano Guadalajara
10 DEL Alberto Medina Guadalajara
11 DEL Julio Nava Guadalajara
14 MED Jorge Enríquez Guadalajara
15 DEL Erick Torres Guadalajara
16 DEF Miguel Ponce Guadalajara
17 DEL Jesús Sánchez Guadalajara
18 MED Xavier Báez Guadalajara
19 DEF Jonny Magallón Guadalajara
20 MED Edgar Mejía Guadalajara
21 DEL Antonio Salazar Guadalajara
23 POR Víctor Hugo Hernández Guadalajara
24 MED Jorge Armando Mora Guadalajara
25 MED Antonio Gallardo Guadalajara
26 DEF Kristian Álvarez Guadalajara
34 POR Miguel Jiménez Guadalajara
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The Rest

E.P. Sports, Lindo’s Settle for 2-2 Draw

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The field sprinklers at Riverside Recreation Park refused to cooperate until they were unceremoniously shut off around the 17th minute of Sunday's 2-2 draw between E.P. Sports and Lindo's ST.

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. East Providence Sports surrendered an early two-goal lead, forcing them to settle for a 2-2 draw with Lindo's ST (Fall River, Mass.

Alecsandro: The Heady Heights Of Success

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Guys? Hey guys? A hand here? Image:Â AP Photo/Jorge Araujo.


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18.10.2011 - Terminadas las Asambleas en la sede de la AFA (Asociación del Fútbol Argentino), Viamonte 1366, las palabras de Daniel Vila proclamándose "presidente democrático de la Asociación del Fútbol Argentino", dispararon el TT (twitter) #enlaAFAparalela.

Deysi Araujo hincha por Perú en Chile.

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12.10.2011 - No hacen falta Copas ni triunfos ni clasificaciones extraordinarias ni (siquiera) localías. Deysi Araujo, acompañada de Mirella, viajó a Chile (Estadio Colo–Colo) para ver a su Perú frente a la Roja (en la 2º fecha de Eliminatorias mundialistas 2014).

A Foine Romance Or A Messi Marriage?

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Images via fcbarcelona.

It seems that when it comes to Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo's relationship status, even our overactive imaginations have failed to keep up with actual events.

Deep breaths.

Remember last week when we assumed the couple were back 'on'? This assumption was based, quite reasonably, on photos of the couple draped all over one another on a boat.

Pierde Mexico sub 20 ante Argentina

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Cuando el partido se la iba de las manos, Argentina se subió al tren de la victoria en el Mundial Sub20 de la mano de Erik Lamela al vencer el viernes 1-0 a México y quedó como líder del Grupo F.

Lamela, flamante fichaje de la Roma de Italia, recibió una pelota a mitad de cancha, avanzó ante la displicencia de los defensores mexicanos y punteó de zurda al segundo palo para adelantar a Argentina a los 70 minutos, informa Milenio.