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Euro 2012 Revealed: Spain’s €4000 Daily Budget, Ronaldo’s Special Treatment & Croatia’s Amusement Park

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New reports in the Portuguese press on Wednesday have revealed the efforts of Portuguese Football Federation to attend to Cristiano Ronaldo's every whim and need. The radio show, 'Fora de joc' revealed that the federation operates on a budget of €33,000 per day and that Ronaldo is the only player to be assigned two bodyguards (who followed him to own epic nightclub rejection show two weeks ago) and his own suite in the hotel.


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Ya'll over there... hiding by the corner of the room... don't be shy! Let's all help O Fenômeno celebrate his 33rd birthday with his wife Bia Anthony in tow. Unfortunately, Hello Kitty wasn't invited to the Club Royal in São Paulo, though and neither were his Corinthians teammates.

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Real Madrid unveils plans for $1 billion resort island in United Arab Emirates

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Real Madrid has been known to push the envelope, whether it be with luring the world's top players, or signing expressive coaches in an effort to remain at the forefront of world soccer. What the club has up its sleeve now certainly ups the ante in that regard.

The Spanish power unveiled plans for a $1 billion island resort in the United Arab Emirates that is due to open in January, 2015.

Real Madrid’s Island Resort. No no, seriously. This is...

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Real Madrid's Island Resort.

No no, seriously. This is happening. Let's get the facts out of the way first...

  • It's a $1 billion holiday resort in the United Arab Emirates
  • It's set to open in 2015
  • The funding will be supported by the government of the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah
  • It includes a marina, luxury hotels and villas, an amusement park, a club museum and a futuristic 10,000-seat stadium with one side open to the sea
  • The resort is expect to attract one million visitors in 2015 alone
  • There will be evil clones of all the players strewn across the island* (*not even remotely true, at least until 2019)

First of all, my mind is blown at the mere prospect of a Real Madrid resort, never mind an amusement park with rollercoasters.

Choose A Suitably Pithy Name For Real Madrid’s New $1bn Island Holiday Theme Park

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By Chris Wright

Real Madrid have announced that they plan to build a vast Real Madrid-themed holiday resort-cum-theme park on an artificial island in sea off the UAE at a cost of $1 billion.

The resort is due for completion in early 2015 and will feature it's very own marina, a smattering of five-star hotels and villas, an amusement park, a luxury swimming pool complex (complete with a high-diving board called 'Sergio' in honour of Señor Biscuits) a club museum and a 'futuristic' 10,000-seat stadium with one side open to the sea, which presumably means that a whole load of Cristiano Ronaldo 'tomahawks' will be washing up on the shores of Dubai in the not-so-distant future.

Real Madrid building $1 billion resort island in the United Arab Emirates

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Have you ever dreamed of a place where the warm sun dries Iker Casillas tears before they reach his cheek, the Persian Gulf breeze blows through Xabi Alonso's beard and Pepe is stomping someone to death on the beach? Then welcome to Real Madrid Resort Island -- the planned holiday resort in the United Arab Emirates scheduled to open in January 2015.

Real Madrid To Build Playtime Island

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Quite the 24 hours for Real Madrid. After the utterly calamitous ending to their match with Villarreal, including three dismissals one handed to Jose Mourinho, who then did what he does and an equalizing Marcos Senna free kick in the last 10 minutes. Plus Marco Robben netted two yellows with no red.


Weekend Guest Post: The Anfield Experience

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**This week's guest post comes courtesy of Tony, who's been commenting regularly as Tropics Red and contributed a post earlier in the summer. He discusses his experience visiting Anfield and his opportunity to rub elbows with some of the club's legends.

Belgian Amusement Rides Are Dangerous

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Standard de Liege youngsters Dieumerci Mbokani and Steven Defour went to a local fair to enjoy the amusement parks as young athletes with plenty of time on their hands are apt to do, and for some reason it was taped. Everything's butterflies and cupcakes and good times until Dieumerci leans over to Steven and the [.


Bulletproof Barca

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Based on the ratings, odds are you've avoided television's best comedy this year -- "Parks and Recreation" like most people avoid albums recorded by Heidi Montag. Your loss. You'll never know to order a "Swanson" this summer at assorted county fairs, beach trips and amusement park runs. Anyway, in a late plot development the fictional town of Pawnee, Ind.

The Other Two

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For many years now, I've been married to the Arsenal and it has been an extremely happy relationship for most parts. However, like most full blooded alpha males (Heh), I have been guilty on occasion, of a roving eye and while I certainly haven't disregarded that very bothersome commandment which refers to the neighbors' wife, I certainly have been appreciative of other's possessions to say the least.

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Messi to launch amusement park in China

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Madrid (AFP) – Argentina superstar Lionel Messi is to branch out into the leisure industry and launch an amusement park in China in 2019, his partners in the venture said on Thursday.

The “Messi Experience Park” will have more than 20 attractions spread out on a site covering more than 80,000m2 in Nankin, south east China.

San Antonio Scorpions Land Stadium Naming Rights Deal with Toyota

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San Antonio Scorpions owner Gordon Hartman announced yesterday that his team has landed a significant sponsorship with Toyota for both the new soccer specific stadium being built for the team and his inclusive amusement park, Morgan's Wonderland. Hartman also stated that the stadium, which will be call Toyota Field when it opens next spring, will [.

Deceptive Cons: Tigre & the Beat of the Argentine League

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Everybody loves a roller coaster. The sudden highs and lows offer excitement from the banality of normal life. Soccer offers a similar promise. In Tigre, a modest town just 17 miles North of Buenos Aires, an amusement park known as "Parque de la Costa" hugs the riverfront. However, none of their rides can compare with the current season of Tigre's soccer club, who before Sunday stared both a championship and relegation in the eye.

Day Off for the WNT

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Kelley, Heather, team nanny Jade, Christen and Shannon are ready for the boat ride around Gothenberg

The U.S. WNT had its first full day off in Sweden on Wednesday and the players took full advantage, strolling through the city center, doing some shopping, making hair and nail appointments or just playing chill-axin'.

Leeds boss Neil Warnock dons rucksack and hits Flamingo Land amusement park

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Leeds United ditched training in favour of a trip to the Flamingo Land amusement park, which sponsors their academy. Manager Neil Warnock put his 'dad's day out rucksack' on (video above) and hit the rides. Keep your eyes peeled for him at the back of the motorbike-themed rollercoaster in the video below.

Rafael van Der Vaart And Jermain Defoe Caught Laughing At Mario Balotelli On Man City’s Tunnelcam

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You know you've MADE IT in the Ballers Bitchy Books when even Rafael van der Vaart can't stop himself from laughing at you! Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened to Mario Balotelli before the City/Spurs kick-off last weekend he ignored every single human being on his way out of the players tunnel.

Blame it on the Ex - TFC 1 San Jose 1

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I may take a few days to develop a theory that hit me tonight. The problem with TFC is the CNE. I am of baby boomer vintage and can remember when the CNE was the pinnacle of a Toronto summer. It was not just an amusement park, it was a showcase for the latest and the greatest The world has changed and we know that the old CNE has been left behind by Disney this and Universal Studios that.

Disneyland Madrid in the works?

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What now?

Club president Florentino Perez's brainchild is back. And apparently he wants a ginormous amusement-park themed after the team.

I saw this over at The Spoiler, which linked to some Spanish story.

Good enough for me. Keep yours eyes open around 2013 sometime.


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I don't go to a lot of movies these days, but it was an ugly, rainy day, and I didn't feel like sitting around the apartment doing nothing (I had done that yesterday). A few friends had recommended it, so I decided to check it out.

Adventureland is the tale of a college graduate who takes a summer job at a Pittsburgh-area amusement park in 1987.

Pippo Inzaghi gets better with age

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What can you say about Pippo Inzaghi? At the age of 35, the goal poaching extraordinaire is still giving 110% on the football pitch and is still scoring goals. His latest feat came this past weekend, where Inzaghi scored a hat-trick to contribute to Milan's 5-1 drubbing of Torino. That was actually his second hat-trick of the season, as he put 3 past Atalanta a couple of weeks ago.