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Soccer TV: New York Red Bulls vs NYCFC

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It's another chance for MLS on national television on the weekend soccer TV schedule. Rivalry week sees New York hosting NYCFC on Fox, part of a Saturday doubleheader with the Russia vs Mexico Confederations Cup game. Also on the soccer TV schedule, Fox doubles down on the network coverage of the Confederations Cup with Germany vs Cameroon on the Sunday schedule.

MLS Salaries Compared to other American Sports

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A week ago, ESPN released answers to a survey they conducted with 123 MLS players. Two questions stood out to me. The first, was "You're commissioner for a day. What's the one thing you'd change about the MLS?" The top answer? 44 percent of the players said that salaries are the one thing that they..

Monday After

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Another great weekend of playoff games in Major League Soccer, with matches from Kansas City and Portland showing packed houses, raucous crowds and entertaining soccer. When Major League Soccer was first formed and went through its initial growing pains, league investors could hardly have envisioned the scene of this weekend.

Alexi Lalas’ idiot’s guide to MLS All-Stars v Chelsea

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Chelsea take on an MLS All-Stars side in Philadelphia on Wednesday. As is customary in American sports, a rag-tag bunch of representatives from the league will come together for one night only. And on this occasion they'll be facing the reigning European champions. OTP doesn't profess to be expert on all matters MLS we [.

The Business of the Draft and League Networks

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Just some ramblings tonight. On Monday night I was flipping the remote when I stumbled across the MLB First Year Player Draft on the MLB Network. I'm certainly not a frequent viewer of the station, but as a Mets fan (and yes the Santana no-hitter was an enormous moment in my personal sports history), I happened to catch the portion of the broadcast leading up to the Mets' first pick and I was struck by the low quality of the telecast.

National Football League

Ranking the best kits in Sounders MLS history

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The Sounders have worn 13 different looks in their eight seasons.

Soccer is unique among American sports in the number of jerseys it pumps out. Something as simple as changing the width of a pant stripe is grounds for boycott in Major League Baseball or the National Football League, but in footy at least one new shirt is expected every season.

Corner: The Neutral Site Friendly

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Allow us to set a scene. It's a hotel a few miles from the massive National Football League stadium in northern New Jersey. Later that day, the stadium will host a friendly soccer game between Argentina and Brazil. Even an average American sports fan who barely follows regular season games in the major North American sports would likely know the names Argentina and Brazil when it comes to soccer.

United States

European Football vs. American Sports: Some Interesting Differences

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Though the popularity of sports like baseball, basketball, and American football in the US mirrors that of soccer in European countries, some very stark differences have been recognized between the two sporting cultures that each region fosters. Below are a few observations surrounding these inequalities.

Betting Odds On Footballers Heading to Manchester United

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Two things that I love about the Premier League are the transfer window and the rampant, unashamed culture of gambling on sports in England.

In the United States, we have our trade deadlines for American sports, but they never quite reach the dizzying level of speculation that the transfer windows do.

EA Sports FIFA, US, and The Global Game

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In the United States, Saturdays and Sunday are reserved for one thing: football. Across the country, people neglect their chores, homework, jobs, and responsibilities to flock to sports bars, friend's couches, and the biggest TV they can find to in order to watch college and professional football.

Chelsea players prepare for U.S. tour by trying American sports

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Newly crowned European champions Chelsea will return to the United States for their preseason tour this summer and to promote it, the club put together the above video of various players trying out American sports. And it's fantastic.

You've got David Luiz jamming his Sideshow Bob hair into a Yankees cap, Petr Cech trading his scrum cap for a Seattle Seahawks helmet and Branislav Ivanovic trying to murder a baseball to promote the four-match tour that will include the 2012 MLS All-Star game in Philadelphia.


Deadline Day: Tim Tebow Released

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Martin Jol released alleged miracle worker Tim Tebow after it became apparent that his charade of being a quarterback in the National Football League looks to continue another season, sources are reporting.

After performing a miracle in the NFL playoffs for the Denver Broncos in January, Tebow was traded to the New York Jets in March.

Deadline Day: Tim Tebow Released

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Martin Jol released alleged miracle worker Tim Tebow after it became apparent that his charade of being a quarterback in the National Football League looks to continue another season, sources are reporting.

After performing a miracle in the NFL playoffs for the Denver Broncos in January, Tebow was traded to the New York Jets in March.

Some Soccer News for Mon Jun 25, 2012

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Watching those two MLS derby games on Sunday showed exactly how far the league has come, with two packed stadiums and 4 teams going all out. What a great end to a huge Round 16 for MLS.

That may have been the single best week of play in league history.

But unfortunately most of the media is so enamored with Europe that they have all but missed this amazing round of soccer.

Awesome Video Highlights: Timbers vs. Sounders

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They were the underdog going into Sunday's afternoon affair versus the Seattle Sounders, but hometown fans would never had known it after the Portland Timbers won 2-1.

With a national television audience tuned in on ESPN, Portland Soccer fans showed how much they care about their MLS team.


Is Arsenal driving away its marquee players deliberately to make money?

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Pimping the players? Its money to Stan the Man and the Arsenal septuagenarians

Is Arsenal breeding a particular type of player mercenary? Those without any loyalty to the club, constantly on the lookout for the big payoff from the next big club? It's so easy to trash them when it appears so black and white.

Is it time for a wage cap in the Premier League?

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Are salary caps and contract trades in football the way of the future?

By Cameron Wolfe

I read an article years ago which compared football transfers with transfers in North American sports ( NFL, NHL, baseball etc) and in which the question was posed: Would an alternative transfer approach work here in football?

Former Arsenal defender Martin Keown compares Cristiano Ronaldo to “an NFL basketball player”

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BBC co-commentator Martin Keown found himself trending on Twitter last night and not for a good reason. The ex-Arsenal centre-back became a figure of fun after getting his American sports muddled during his commentary on Czech Republic vs Portugal. Keown said Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo was "like an NFL basketball player" with the height [.

Lionel Messi

Vurnon Anita Wants To Emulate The Great Xavi – That’s Good

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One of the great things about football is that it doesn't really matter much about your size, and you don't have to be big like you do for example, in most of the American sports, and indeed the best footballer in the world at the moment is just 5'7″ tall the great Lionel Messi, and the Argentine is such a [.

Live Commentary: EURO 2012 Spain vs. Italy

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Hey people (dorks) who read

The last time I wrote something for the site was in September 2010 (props to the 22 people who still like my Facebook page!!!). I'm sure plenty (like four, maybe) of my readers missed me so. I've been busy doing this, which meant writing 2,500 word soccer columns no longer became a priority.

LA Galaxy

New Tiebreaker Rules Hit Seattle

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In preparing for the Cascadia Cup match this weekend and browsing the MLS Standings page there was a stark reminder of last week's announced change to the tiebreaker rules. Around these parts the change went nearly unmentioned due to a focus on the US Open Cup Final. That's gone and their is a new focus on playoff seeding.

Video: Landon Donovan Notches Four Assists in Superclasico Victory

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What is the Superclasico?

It is the intra-city rivalry between the LA Galaxy and Chivas USA. A listing of all the MLS rivalry Cups and Clasicos can be found here.

The Galaxy dominated and won 4-0 thanks to Landon Donovan's timely and accurate passes.

Donovan owned Sunday night's match (Beckham was absent from play).

FIFA Club World Cup Should Expand to 32 Teams

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As Real Madrid takes on the Los Angeles Galaxy in a friendly that means nothing, it is appropriate to reflect on how to get these teams together for a match that means everything.

Even though, this exhibition is played for pride and practice, it is a noteworthy event. It pits two of the most recognizable franchises in present-day international club Soccer against each other.

Battle of LA, Superclasico Video Highlights: Beckham, Donovan and Keane Making Statistics Trendy in MLS

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One of Soccer's toughest challenges in becoming more mainstream and surpassing other spectator sports in popularity is breaking through on the statistics front.

Americans are so wrapped up in stats that often they seem more important than the games themselves.

Fantasy MLS GM Trade Scenarios

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Over the past month 11 MLS players switched teams through trades (we'll ignore the waived players for now because almost zero of those would make a difference this year). The players dealt fill nearly every role on a squad, and a few would be probable starters is the Seattle Sounders had acquired them.

Cascadia Cup Rd 3 Sounders at Timbers - Gamethread

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It is a rivalry in that top tier of American sports. Even the non-soccer fans know of it. While the history is only a mere 37 years old with a few pauses scattered in there, today's Cascadia Cup match between the Portland Timbers and Seattle Sounders on ESPN at 2 PM will be a resumption of a contest that goes beyond just soccer.

Three Reasons Why the Portland Timbers Can Still Win the Cascadia Cup

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It's been depressing few weeks for Portland Timbers fans, no doubt about it. The recent loss to the LA Galaxy was just the latest of a series of ordeals that has been bringing us all down for quite a while now. But the good thing about soccer is that there are multiple ways to bring about a revival of performance and spirits.

Money Makes the Ball Go Round

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You play professional in one of the big three sports. Your real estate footprint is large and your fancy car is marvelous. Valet park every time. Your plate is the most expensive on the menu. When you get old and tottery it is unlikely you'll be wandering around penniless on city streets. Investments will soften your end.

The Rest

Seattle Sounders vs. Atlanta United: Three Questions

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The best expansion team in history hosts the organization trying to take away the title.

Once upon a time, there was an expansion team that changed how American sports professionals thought about expansion teams. The Seattle Sounders did everything right in 2009. Atlanta United is doing all of that, and more, at least to start 2017.

Top 10 Mistakes That Gus Johnson Has Made Announcing Soccer

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Gus "Rise and fire" Johnson has made his name announcing American sports like college basketball, hockey and NFL, but now the king of the catchphrase has entered a new phase in his career announcing soccer games. Johnson has five games ......

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New Tottenham Hotspur Home Kit 2012-13

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New Tottenham Hotspur Home Kit 2012-13 is a post from: Just Football

Under Armour, the clothing giant, famed principally for their moisture-wicking running apparel and sports accessories have broken their football duck by producing the new Tottenham Hotspur home kit for the 2012-2013 season.

This is Real Madrid playing baseball

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Real Madrid have once against set up their preseason training base at UCLA and while they're in America, they've decided to try playing baseball. For some reason, they all decided to pitch underhand, which was apparently just fine for Xabi Alonso, who teed off on one from Higuain.

Jose Callejon ran the wrong way after getting a hit and Iker Casillas held the bat like had no idea what it was used for while posing for a photo with a couple of visiting professional baseball players.

Liverpool’s Glen Johnson struggles to name North American sports teams

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Liverpool FC departed for their North American pre-season tour today, but not before challenging Glen Johnson to name as many US and Canadian sports teams as he could in 60 seconds. The Liverpool official site says the right back is a "big fan of American sports", but his failure to name some of the more famous franchises suggests otherwise.

FIFA Blocks American Political Advertising; Top 5 Nicknames for a Mitt Romney Soccer Team

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There were so many directions to go with this story when it first broke a couple of days ago.

Originally, many looked at the use of presidential politics on sports uniforms as amusing or satirical, like a Wag the Dog type of funny.

A fourth-tier semi-pro Soccer team running around in 'Vote for Mitt' unis has its irony.

Rangers trying to Bury bad news?

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Rangers' Ibrox home - soon to relocate to Bury?

It has to be one of the strangest stories of the year, if not the decade, buried slightly under the weight of Euro 2012 news but still standing out like a sore thumb. Scottish titans Rangers FC, crippled by debt and forced to continue life as a "newco" (which meant possibly starting life anew in the fourth tier of the league) were supposedly considering buying out League One outfit Bury.

Cascadia Cup: Like Euro, But Way More Awesome

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Soccer fans in the Pacific Northwest have gathered over the past few weeks in bars and cafes, or hooked up their ESPN3-streaming computers to their television sets, to watch the impressive quality of soccer being played in Poland and Ukraine. From Greece's unlikely upset of Russia to squeak into the knockout stage, to the calm confidence Germany exerted over their "Group of Death," Euro has not disappointed this year.

U.S. Soccer’s First Awards Program Dedicated Solely To Excellence & Achievement In Social Media Is Here!

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Following on from the success of the #GrowTheGame pilot which was held in San Diego on April 14 & 15 and saw over 500 people participate in a weekend of soccer related activities, it was only a matter of time before #GrowTheGame picked up its organizing kit and headed to a new host city to act as a catalyst for grassroots change and new conversations between tits local soccer community.

Editorial: Leave the Cheering to the Fans

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Article by Leanne Elston
Twitter @LeanneElston

There is this way in which people go around trying to compare soccer to other, "American" sports. The comparison is inevitable, maybe -- or at least it was when soccer was still new and strange to these parts.

Chelsea Limber Up For US Tour By Trying Hand At Yank Sports (Video)

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By Chris Wright

Roll up, roll up. This way to see Juan Mata looking like a child extra from 'Field of Dreams', Frank Lampard weilding his wood in public with careless abandon and David Luiz's copper wire crimp-perm somehow condensed down into a baseball cap as Chelsea promo their pre-season tour of the States by trying their hand at a few American sports.