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Euro 2012

Idrissa Gueye ‘does a Nicklas Bendtner’ with his Pull-In pants (Great Britain 1-1 Senegal)

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Senegal's Idrissa Gueye managed the first in-competition ambush marketing of the London 2012 Olympics by showing off his pants while being substituted during last night's 1-1 draw with Team GB. The offence appeared to be far more inadvertent than Nicklas Bendtner's efforts at Euro 2012. Nonetheless, the guys at Pull-In underwear won't be complaining too [.

Idrissa Gueye ‘does a Nicklas Bendtner’ with his Pull-In pants (Great Britain 1-1 Senegal)

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Senegal's Idrissa Gueye managed the first in-competition ambush marketing of the London 2012 Olympics by showing off his pants while being substituted during last night's 1-1 draw with Team GB. The offence appeared to be far more inadvertent than Nicklas Bendtner's efforts at Euro 2012. Nonetheless, the guys at Pull-In underwear won't be complaining too [.

Mid-Day Ticker: Euro unrest continues, Bendtner faces punishment and more

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Euro 2012 throughout its opening week has served as a highly visible platform for social unrest. On Thursday, Croatia's supporters got in on the civil disobedience.

Croatians burned a European Union flag and paraded with posters of Ante Gotovina, a convicted war criminal, in Poznan, Poland, before their nation's Group C match against Italy.

Euro 2012: Nicklas Bendtner told to change underwear for Germany game

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This article titled "Euro 2012: Nicklas Bendtner told to change underwear for Germany game" was written by Marcus Christenson, for on Thursday 14th June 2012 10.03 UTC

Nicklas Bendtner has been told he cannot continue to play in the sponsored underwear he revealed after scoring for Denmark against Portugal on Wednesday night.

Euro 2012: Nicklas Bendtner In Trouble With UEFA After Plugging ‘Paddy Power’ With His Underpants

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By Chris Wright

Here's one you may have missed at the time (we certainly did); Not for the first time in his life, Nicklas Bendtner dropped trou last night specifically to celebrate his second goal in Denmark's fantastically entertaining 3-2 defeat to Portugal duly exposing a pair of green pants with a rather noticeable waistband.


Football on the moon

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Football on the moon is a post from: Just Football

My season ticket just went up
And Blatter's on the moon.
£250 for the European Cup
and Blatter's on the moon.

My best friends had to give it up
The FA's on the moon.
Loftus Road you're charging what?
The FA's on the moon.


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FORMER England striker and BBC anchor Gary Lineker has been accused by FIFA of being complicit in the Bavaria ambush marketing campaign. FIFA officials have noted how Lineker has gradually been changing colour as the tournament has progressed, causing some elderly viewers to complain of faulty television sets.

36 Dutch models removed from World Cup match

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36 Dutch models sporting tight Orange dresses came out to support the Netherlands against Denmark yesterday. Everyone watching the game thoroughly enjoyed the scenery throughout the first half. At halftime all 36 women were removed from the stadium by FIFA officials because they were part of a guerrilla marketing scheme by Dutch beer company Bavaria who are not official sponsors at the tournament.

ITV Pundit Robbie Earle fired by ITV!

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ITV pundit Robbie Earle has been fired for ticket touting at the World Cup.

The former footie star was dumped today after bosses discovered he had sold around 100 tickets given to him by ITV, against FIFA rules.

The tickets found their way to a group of blonde models who were allegedly given them by Dutch beer firm Bavaria Beer.

Entre el marketing y la libertad de los aficionados

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Las faldas diminutas, las sonrisas cautivadoras y los cuerpos espectaculares suelen adornas las tribunas de una Copa del Mundo. Mientras 36 holandesas atrapaban la lente de camarógrafos y fotógrafos durante el partido entre la Selección de Holanda y Dinamarca, la FIFA decidió forzarlas a abandonar el estadio para aprehenderlas por usar una vestimenta que, a ojos del organismo presidido por Blatter, era parte del llamado Ambush Marketing, práctica prohibida dentro de los estadios en que se lleva a cabo la máxima justa balompédica del orbe.

World Cup

Blog on: Top 10 facts about ICC Cricket World Cup !

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StartupsIndia Top 10 facts about ICC Cricket World Cup ! - 48 minutes ago from Trakin' the india business... - Comment - Like We are just one day away from Cricket world cup Extravaganza. The cricket fever has gripped the nation. Most of the cricket fanatics know most of the when's and where's and who's and how's and why's of this Tournament.

Puma scores with its World Cup viral campaign

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Despite a limited advertising budget, Puma outsmarted FIFA with a successful viral marketing campaign for its love=football concept

World Cup marketing winners

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Spain emerged bruised, battered but victorious last night (11 July) after 120 minutes of combat against Holland in the World Cup final but which brands triumphed off the pitch? Marketing Week considers the tournament's marketing winners.

How the media landscape is shaping World Cup marketing

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As the media landscape continually evolves, brands need to ensure they are best placed to exploit new trends, and this is especially important over global events such as the World Cup.

Paris Hilton Arrested in Port Elizabeth South Africa

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I never thought Id write about Paris Hilton with regards to the 2010 World Cup, let alone her getting arrested at the Brazil vs Netherlands game in Port Elizabeth.

Brazil vs Ghana Paris Hilton vs South African Police

But, while I was tweeting through the Ghana match last night the twittersphere picked it up and within a few minutes reports and pics were pouring in about Paris Hilton getting arrested st the Stadium during the Brazil vs Netherlands match smoking a joint and being taken off to the special World cup Court in Port Elizabeth.

Durban served Pepsi to World Cup volunteers

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The handing out of Pepsi to World Cup volunteers in Durban instead of official sponsor Coca-Cola's product was a "delivery error", a city spokesman said

Have PUMA pulled the greatest marketing stunt of the 2010 World Cup?

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Puma secretly unveiled an epic Cape Town Stadium Stunt in support of its global "Love = Football" campaign. It's a wonder how they pulled off this stunt but it just goes to show that with a little creativity, every brand can steal a piece of the pie.

How do you justify $100m for Fifa sponsorship?

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You've seen the Visa, Coca-Cola, Adidas and MTN (JSE:MTN) signs around the soccer pitches and you know these businesses paid $70m to $100m for global sponsorship rights. How can it be justified?

Special1 TV: Episode 3 Featuring England v Algeria Humor: Video

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The third episode of Special1 TV, the BBC 3 version, has been released and there are plenty of laughs to be had in this video.

Some of the highlights include:

  • A few laughs at the expense of England's performance against Algeria,
  • Sven pimping for a Dutch ambush marketing company,
  • Someone stole Wayne Rooney's tuna fish sandwich,
  • A couple of Robbie Earle jokes, and
  • Two guest callers from Manchester named Noel and Liam.

Budweiser tops World Cup sponsorship league – week 2

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Budweiser has topped the list of World Cup online sponsorship brands, but rival beer brands witnessed a fall in searches, according to the latest data from Experian Hitwise.

Clash of the World Cup corporate logos

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The 2010 World Cup is as much a clash of logos, as it is the world's best soccer players. Adidas and Nike are in a battle for consumer attention, and money.

World Cup 2010: Bavaria Stirs up Trouble Again

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If you've been following the sideshow news from the World Cup, you've seen the story of a pack of sassy Dutch ladies who found themselves in big trouble for supporting the national team and a renegade beer called Bavaria. Fortunately charges against the two ring leaders have been dropped. Marketing experts will tell you this is a savvy ploy by the folks at Bavaria.

World Cup 2010: Greece 2-1 Nigeria

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Finally the tournament has come to life. In the twenty four hours before this game we've had some fine football played by Switzerland, Uruguay and Argentina, some drama and our first proper upset in the first of these games. We've even had some controversy going on off-the-field too. If we needed a reminder that behind this celebration of world football lies a grubby marketing exercise then there's the faintly scandalous decision to prosecute two of the women involved in Monday's ambush marketing stunt (which seemed, in any case, not to break any of FIFA's strict rules) at the Holland v Denmark game.

Robbie Earle To Be Dropped As England 2018 Bid Ambassador

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By Chris Wright

Former ITV pundit Robbie Earle, who was sacked by the station yesterday for selling his complimentary press tickets to a Dutch marketing agency, now looks set to be stripped of his ambassadorial role in England's bid for the 2018 World Cup.

Beer company employs ambush marketing at World Cup 2010

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Companies pay millions upon millions of dollars to advertise their brands at major sports tournaments. This concept was shaken up recently when a story came to the fore that a Dutch Beer company allegedly engaged in ambush marketing.

Robbie Earle Sacked by ITV for Giving World Cup Tickets to Incredible Hot Looking Dutch Women?

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The fairly poor pundit and one time Wimbledon star has just gone up in our estimation!

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The 45-year-old, who had worked for the broadcaster for eight years, was dismissed when it emerged that a group of women involved in a marketing stunt were using tickets purchased by him.

ITV Sack Robbie Earle For Selling World Cup Press Tickets

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By Chris Wright

What a dingbat!

ITV have confirmed that they have terminated Robbie Earle's contract 'with immediate effect' after discovering that the pundit had sold World Cup press tickets to a third party.

ITV Sack Pundit Robbie Earle For Selling World Cup Press Tickets

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British broadcasters ITV have sacked their World Cup pundit Robbie Earle, after discovering that he breached FIFA regulations by selling his press tickets on to a third party which hopefully means we will no longer have to be subjected to his gummy, dribbling (yet somehow still televised) post-match nonsense for the foreseeable future.

Dutch girls detained!

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They were asked to leave the stadium, but FIFA claims that they didn't detain 36 women accused of taking part in an ambush marketing campaign on behalf of Dutch beer brewers 'Bavaria.'

Ejected from the Netherlands - Denmark game at Soccer City early in the second half, the girls were allegedly quizzed by police after the match.

36 female Netherlands fans thrown out of stadium & accused of ambush marketing

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According to reports in South Africa, 36 female Dutch fans were ejected from the Netherlands-Denmark World Cup 2010 match at Soccer City on Monday and questioned by FIFA regarding alleged ‘ambush marketing'.

The Rest

Entregan los vehículos oficiales Kia para la Copa América 2011.

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25.06.2011 - Instituido como patrocinador oficial de la Copa América 2011, Kia Motors hizo la entrega de 55 vehículos (medios de transporte oficiales del torneo) para movilizar las doce delegaciones participantes, árbitros, delegados y visitantes VIP.
Kia, la misma que aportó 61 vehículos a la UEFA para el Campeonato de Europa Sub-21, intenta expandirse y se ofrece como patrocinador en los últimos eventos futbolísticos internacionales.

Robbie Earle insists that “those 36 Dutch girls were family”

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Sacked ITV pundit Robbie Earle continued to fight the allegations of his World Cup ticket misappropriation, today insisting that the 36 mini-skirted Dutch fans were just his sisters.

"I am shocked and appalled by these claims against me and my beloved sisters", confessed Earle, "as is our mother Wilhelmina".