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MLS All-Stars Take Victory Against Chelsea

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Article by Luke Lohr

In what was perhaps the most entertaining All-Star game in recent memory, the stars of Major League Soccer rode a late game winner by Eddie Johnson to defeat Chelsea FC. The Seattle Sounders striker found himself in prime position to shoot while in stoppage time.

MLS All-Star “First Eleven” Announced

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The results of the MLS All-Star fan voting were announced Sunday. The players that received the most votes will be included on the roster that will face Chealsea FC of the English Premier League July 25th at PPL Park, but will not necessarily be in the starting eleven. That decision will fall to DC Untied [.

MLS First XI Announced for All-Star Game

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Article by Luke Lohr

Major League Soccer has announced the First XI All-Star roster that could wind up taking on Chelsea in this years All-Star match. A star studded group headlines the list, with more selections to be made by coach Ben Olsen and two supplemental picks by MLS Commissioner Don Garber.

The MLS All-Star Match, What Should Happen

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It has been announced that the Philadelphia Union would be hosting the 2012 MLS All-Star game at PPL Park. Philadelphia is an ideal location and few could argue they do not deserve to host such an event. They have a lively crowd who are passionate, knowledgeable and they have a facility which rivals every stadium in MLS save perhaps for LiveStrong Park.

MLS All-Stars Fall to Manchester United for 2nd Time

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Manchester United 4 0 MLS All-Stars

In a rematch of the 2010 MLS All-Star Game, Manchester United was chosen to line up against the 2011 All-Stars. During their tour of the US United played and defeated three MLS teams including a 7-0 stroll past the Seattle Sounders.

MLS All-Stars Fall to Manchester United for 2nd Time

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Manchester United 4 0 MLS All-Stars

In a rematch of the 2010 MLS All-Star Game, Manchester United was chosen to line up against the 2011 All-Stars. During their tour of the US United played and defeated three MLS teams including a 7-0 stroll past the Seattle Sounders.

Unstuck by the All Star Game

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-Jason Davis There's another MLS All-Star game in the books, and it's left me feeling a bit detached. Unstuck. Like I'm floating in time, untethered. This must be how Billy Pilgrim felt. We just did this last year. I remember the conversations, the resulting blog posts, the excuses/justifications/criticisms/rants/re-thinks/polls/screeds/polemics, the hand-wringing and teeth-gnashing and disgust over the dire performance put on by what is supposed to a collection of the best players MLS.

VIDEO - Judah Friedlander Is Too Good at Soccer for the All-Star Game

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"30 Rock" star and stand up comedian Judah Friedlander has been making the American soccer rounds of late and he appears in this pretty hilarious commercial for the Major League Soccer All-Star Game (July 27 vs. Manchester United... like it says at the end of the clip).

I'd like to see Friedlander ball it up at next year's "Showdown in Chinatown" charity match.

Machines, of the Hype and Fax Variety

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- Jason Davis

Here are two things I've decided to jam together for no other reason than that they're not substantial enough for two posts, and they allow for the somewhat clever headline.

Hype Machine
MLS got a rebuke from writers and fans alike yesterday when they hyped their All-Star Game venue announcement as "major.

Beckham and Galaxy on Tour Earning Power

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Steve Davis has a dispatch from Toronto this morning on the potential site and opponent for the 2011 MLS All-Star Game. The new Wizards Sporting joint is getting some run in the rumor mill, with Barcelona as the top choice for barnstorming Euro invitee. The possible location of the game is somewhat interesting (Red Bull Arena is the other obvious choice, and would be much easier for me to get to), but what really caught my eye was Davis' note on friendly asking prices.

Time For A Futures Game?

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A Futures Game would help grow the league's academies. (Photo via Houston Dynamo)

Around all the All-Star events there is something now missing for Major League Soccer's summer showcase, a Futures Game.

Think about it, even with the league being as young as it is and the team's academies being even younger the time is now to start showcasing those kids at least once a year outside of the SUM Cup.

That "Embarrassing" MLS All-Star Game

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I suppose this post is unavoidable. When 70,000 people show up and a significant number can see the game on a widely available national TV outlet, a drubbing like the MLS All-Stars took last night at the hands of Manchester United is bound to be a talking point. It certainly was during the game.

Last Night's Party: Bobby Boswell's Def Comedy Jam

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Can I tell you something? Bobby Boswell surprised the hell out of me. Dude's All Star party last night at Venue was beyond funny, beyond great. The club was packed, the ladies were scandalously hot and there where all manner of pro athletes there to buy them drinks.

As for the comedy, it was unexpectedly top notch and VERY NSFW.

MLS All-Star Game Tickets

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This summer has been without a doubt one of the most exciting for US soccer fans. From all the World Cup actions, to having teams like l Madrid, Manchester City and Totthenham Hotspurs playing against MLS teams, fans have a feast of football to watch. Well, this week we get to see a cracker of a game when the MLS All-star team play against one of the biggest clubs in the World Manchester United.

MLS All-Star Game All About Balance

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by Brian Mechanick

The 2010 MLS All-Star Game roster has been named, and the league's fans are licking their chops at the prospect of chopping down Manchester United. Complaints about the roster are valid, there is no way Jaime Moreno deserved to make the All-Star team more than Real Salt Lake's Costa Rican sensation Álvaro Saborío.

An Annual MLS All Star Game Complaint

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I'm not against All Star Games as a general rule. Choosing the best players a league has to offer, bringing them together, and holding an exhibition game is an American institution stretching back to the birth of the baseball version in the 1930s. All of our major professional sports have such a game, and it makes sense that Major League Soccer would have one of their own.

J'Accuse (Part Toux)

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Yesterday, shortly before 4 PM Eastern Time, MLS named names.

11 of them.

A celebrated, honored collection of players, excellent footballers to a man, comprising the "First XI" of the 2010 All-Star Game. But tragically absent from their number was an unassuming Frenchman who has been in electric form this season.

all star game

Last Night's Party: All Star Game Edition

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Here's photo of Russell Simmons and Maxwell in one of the skyboxes at the All Star game and it pretty much sums up the scene in the suite level last night at Red Bull Arena: moneyed people much more famous than you or I with Blackberries and wine glasses at the ready. Oh and models. Lots of models.

Why I May Skip the All Star Game Tonight

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Photo by Ed Schipul

How essential is watching an all star game to being a fan of a sport?

That's the question I am asking myself with the MLS All Star Game later tonight. Â ESPN2 will be broadcasting MLS All Stars v. Manchester United (The Rematch) beginning at 8:30 PM ET and I suspect the ratings for the event will be decent (relatively speaking).

Charlies Davies In Rare Off-Season MLS News Explosion

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Damn Charlie Davies, you just put the c***block on the All Star Game announcement. Well no, you didn't at all actually --Steven Goff maybe did just a 'lil bit though-- but news of your possible move to D.C. United dropping about 10 minutes after the All Star Game announcement was like a clusterbomb of MLS-related Twitlines.

Starting Lineups for 2011 NBA All-Star Game

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The 2011 NBA All-Star Game is beginning to take shape. On Thursday, the NBA announced the starting lineups. Though there is no huge snub in either conference, it is notable that neither conference's best team (the Boston Celtics in the East and the San Antonio Spurs in the West) has a representative in the All-Star game starting lineup.


MLS All Star 360: Part 1

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I'm neck deep in All Star activities (read: practices & parties) but I just wanted to say "hey." So did Heath Pearce, Chris Wondolowski and the rest of the All Star team.

Judah Friedlander x 2011 MLS All Star Game

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Remember a few weeks ago when I ran into Judah Friedlander, The World Champion, at a party? This is what came out of it. Big man can move, right?

So let this be a lesson to all the young kids hustlin' out there on how this whole "networking" thing works: you go to a party, have a drink with someone preferably more more juiced than you, talk about work, and spin it in to Youtube gold.

Naked News is Not News

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I am not agreeing with anything this anchor says because I do not believe that she is an accredited member of any journalistic trade organizations.

Work is a Four Letter Word.

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BTW I hadn't forgot about y'all, just on that day job grind in Houston. If you are curious as to what I have been up to I'll tell you: chasing the officiating controversy at the All Star celebrity game, analyzing Slim Thug's goalkeeping debut, getting called fat by an NFL player, watching Bobby Boswell call out commentators and catching up with the Five Foot Assassin.

Football's David Anderson Makes the Futbol Fans Laugh

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The ringer at last night's party at Venue in Houston aka Bobby Boswell's Def Comedy Soccer Jam was Houston Texan David Anderson. Kid was a pro up there and could probably get paid a pretty penny to take his show on the road.

Here's most of his set from last night including his NSFW takes on the University of Phoenix, teammate Owen Daniels, fantasy football, the ease with which NFL and players attract the ladies.

Phife Dawg to Coach at MLS All Star Celebrity Game

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Check out the tentative rosters for the celebrity game at the 2010 MLS All Star Jam. Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest be the best coach since ________.

Team 1
Head coach – Phife (Tribe Called Quest)
Assistant coach – Lovel Palmer (Houston Dynamo)
Players: Jeff Agoos (New York Red Bulls technical director; five-time MLS Cup champion; 1998, 2002 World Cups); Baby Bash (rapper); Chingo Bling (musical artist); Brandi Chastain (1991, 1999, 2003 Women's World Cups); Marcus Coleman (former Houston Texans defensive back); Misael Espinoza (1994 World Cup); Allen Hopkins (ESPN sideline reporter); Alexi Lalas (ESPN analyst; 1994, 1998 World Cups); Bubba McDowell (former Houston Oilers defensive back); David Paul (KHOU Houston); Slim Thug (rapper); Eric Wynalda (Fox Football Fone-In co-host; 1990, 1994, 1998 World Cups).

Just So Y'all Know...

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...I'm at the airport on my way to SUM Cup and the All Star game. It is officially on.

In Honor of JPA Making the All Star Team...

The Offside Rules at related • 0 views's a random mixtape with what sound's like music from Dan Brown's iPod. Welcome.

MLS All Star Game

2011 All Star Game Coming to RBA, Prepare to Ball Out

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For the first time since the Clinton administration the MLS All-Star Game is coming to New York. Or New Jersey to be more specific since Red Bull Arena is hosting the event which is great for me because that means I won't have to go away anywhere and sweat for a week. I get to sweat at home!

All Star Voting Ends Today!

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Allow me to be a company man just this once and encourage you to participate in AT&T MLS All-Star Game voting (because if you don't vote the terrorists have won). Obviously you can vote online but if you are so inclined you can also vote by texting the player's last name or their team name to "22442".

The Rest

7th in 21, lessons & pride, Cosmos, and more

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Union play seventh game in 21 days on Saturday. Hackworth proud of his players. Cosmos are back, again. Blatter knew of payments. Terry found not guilty. More news

Philly "In The Mix" for ASG 2012

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Any betting men out there willing to put money down on Philly to host the next All Star game? I have no inside info on this but I'd favor them over other candidates like K.C. --which hosts the MLB All Star game in 2012-- and Houston, who have to be a favorite for MLS Cup 2012 with a gleaming, new AEG-backed stadium in a warm-weather market on the way.

Real Madrid And Bayern Munich All-Stars Put on A Classic

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Former players including Zinedine Zidane and Luis Figo put on a classic show as Real Madrid beat Bayern Munich in an all-star match-up. Final score: 8-3.

Match Fit Reserve: What the Hell is a World Cup?

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A mid-major power, the two biggest chokers without three lions on their shirts, and the Germans, who will, like they always do, win with ruthless efficiency.

Uruguay are like the poor kids in an American sports movie. Forlan is the main character, the talented kid surrounded by dweebs, and Suarez is the bad boy who joins up later just before the dweebs discover that they are actually all fundamentally perfect, if unspectacular players perfectly suited to showcase the talent of the other two.