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Ahmadinejad Seeks to Revive His Fortunes with Soccer

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Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, following in the footsteps of deposed Arab autocrats, is attempting to polish his tarnished image by associating himself with one of Iran's greatest passions: soccer.

Iran – The Soccer Revolution

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Momentous times for Iran, last week they were eliminated from participating in the soccer World Cup Finals in South Africa in 2010. During their fateful last game, several of the nation's players wore rebel green armbands in solidarity with their compatriots fighting in the streets. Soccer in Iran is more popular than politics and revolution.

Iranian Soccer Goes Green in South Korea Qualifier

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World Cup qualifying: Iran needed to beat South Korea to qualify for SA 2010. The political dimension of the game, however, made it, shall we say, a political football...

Eight Iranian players wore green wristbands and the captain, Ali Karimi, wore a green armband, showing support for the embattled Mir Hossein Mousavi.

Think Your Lawyer Is Bad? Try Pele’s Going Rate.

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For a club or country wanting some easy PR, hiring a footballing icon to simply attend your game is a pretty surefire way of going about it. Have them sit in the owners box, drink some exceedingly expensive beverages, wave to the fans a couple times during the game, present something insignificant to someone equally [.

Ahmadinejad and Iran's World Cup Campaign

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Ali Karimi, formerly of Bayern Munich and one of Asia's top players, was suspended from the Iranian national team in mid-May after criticizing the Iranian Football Federation (IFF). With the team struggling to qualify for the 2010 World Cup, however, Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a big soccer fan in addition to being a global firebrand, intervened and got the IFF to lift the suspension.

Felix Magath

Chuck Norris Can Do Anything. Hans Sarpei Can Do More.

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Kyriakos Papadopoulos tries to read out Hans Sarpei's favorite Facebook pages.

Up until two months ago, Hans Sarpei's sole 15 seconds of Internet fame was a YouTube clip of him getting a ball in the face. But now he suddenly stands alongside of Chuck Norris.

All thanks to none other than Felix Magath Facebook legend himself who signed him.

German Soccer’s Connection To Qatar, World Cup 2022 Hosts

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Now that Qatar has bought won the 2022 World Cup, what do we know about this tiny nation? Well, they are the home to the Al-Jazeera television network, they will host the 2011 AFC Asian Cup, and they are known as "Qataris" ("Qintendos" would have been a tad cooler). Also, Qatar is spelled Katar in German.

Vahid Hashemian

Iran’s Chances

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Iran's last appearance within the World Cup, again in 1998, produced a shock 2-1 victory over the United States, in what could have been described as a very diplomatic result. After qualifying emphatically for this 12 months's tournament, together with a 2-1 home victory over Japan, Iran shall be expected to more than merely make up the numbers.

Iranian players: FIFA wants answers

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FIFA writes to the Iranian football association seeking answers following a Guardian report that four Iranian players were banned from playing for Iran for their gesture of wearing green armbands.

In their match against South Korea, Iranian players Ali Karimi, 31, Mehdi Mahdavikia, 32, Hosein Ka'abi, 24 and Vahid Hashemian, 32 wore green arm bands in support of the presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi, who was defeated in the June 12 presidential elections which hundreds of thousands of pro-reform Iranians believe was rigged in favour of the establishment candidate and present incumbent, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad.

Iranian players forced into retirement....

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Four players - Ali Karimi,Mehdi Mahdavikia,Hosein Ka'abi and Vahid Hashemian - have been "retired" from the sport after they wore green wristbands last Wednesday in the match against South Korea in Seoul.Mahdavikia wore his green captain's armband for the entire match.

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Jogo 0505/2011 - Elim. Brazil 2014 (039) - Irã 4x0 Maldivas

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Mais um jogo das eliminatórias da Copa do Mundo Brazil 2014, foi realizada no dia 23/07/2011, na cidade de Tehran-IRN, onde jogaram as seleções do Irã (50º no ranking da FIFA) e a seleção de Maldivas (151º no ranking da FIFA).

Antes desse jogo, as 2 seleções jogaram:
Eliminatórias Copa do Mundo
1998Tehran 11/06/1997 IRN9:0 (7:0)MDV First stage1998Damascus 02/06/1997 MDV0:17 (0:6)IRN First stage
Eliminatórias Continentais
2000Tehran 11/04/2000 IRN3:0 (2:0)MDV 2000Damascus 31/03/2000 MDV0:8 (0:5)IRN
O árbitro desse jogo, foi: Chaiya Alee Malhapab-THA

O primeiro gol do jogo, foi de Karim Ansarifard, aos 4 minutos do primeiro tempo, ele que é jogador do Saipa-IRN, que marcou seu quarto gol pela seleção nacional.

Histórias da Bola - 4 -

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Ali Karimi e FigoFoto: Francisco Paraíso
A propósito da situação que o excelente jogador iraniano Ali Karimi está a viver no no seu país, não resisto em contar uma história recambolesca passada com a selecção nacional em 2006, que não foi do domínio público. A selecção ia jogar em Frankfurt com o Irão, o seu segundo jogo da fase de grupos.

Four Iranian National Team members forced to retire due to protest

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Our good friends at brought to light a story which also shows when sports and politics crosses paths.Â
The picture above in Seoul, South Korea for a friendly shows some members of the Iranian National Team wearing green arm-bands as a sign of support to the protesters of suspect election results in Iran.