Albert Camus

Rolly Pelovangu

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In The Stands' Rolly Pelovangu takes a satirical look back at Arsenal's 8-2 mauling at the hands of Manchester United. Monsieur Wenger is seemingly an intelligent man, very philosophical in fact. So upon mentioning the name Albert Camus, the belated Gunners boss will know exactly who I mean. Albert Camus was an eminent 20th century [.

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Also: broken bones, holdout hard-feelings, and criminal clouds.


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Kickette Body Language: Studying The Seven Deadly Sins

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'Yeah, so I was saying that according to Sartre, that park bench is merely a construct and doesn't really exist.' Image: Reuters/Daylife.

Philosophy is one of our favourite subjects at Kickette HQ. At any given moment, you'll find us browsing the works of Dante, Albert Camus and Joey Barton, which are all conveniently situated next to the coffee maker.

The Loneliness of the Goalkeeper

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Albert Camus, goal keeper of French Algerian descent.

Famous author and philosopher Albert Camus once said, "All that I know most surely, about the morality and the obligations of man, I know from sport." His sport of choice? Football of course, and his chosen position was goal keeper, the place of those odd men who live in a very different psychological universe than the rest of the players on the field.