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Former Spurs Chairman Wants Moyes As Newcastle Manager

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Former Tottenham Hotspur chairman Alan Sugar seems to involve himself in things that have nothing to do with him, and he has come out today on his Twitter account and told Newcastle owner Mike Ashley that he should appoint Davide Moyes as the next Newcastle manager. Alan Sugar former Tottenham Chairman Well, we're sure [.

Who are our Mysterious Overlords, Joe Lewis & ENIC?

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Joe Lewis & Daniel LevyDuring the football investment boom of the mid to late 1990s ENIC began to acquire shares in football clubs around Europe and bought stakes in Rangers, Slavia Prague, AEK Athens, Vicenza Calcio and FC Basel.Â

They first bought a controlling stake in Tottenham in 2001 and over the next few years slowly increased their shares in the club.

John W Henry’s new house described as a ‘monstrosity’ plus watching Spurs not all plain sailing for Alan Sugar

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John W Henry's new house described as a 'monstrosity' plus watching Spurs not all plain sailing for Alan Sugar

John W Henry has yet to unveil his plans for a redeveloped Anfield and perhaps that's for the best given protests at the new mansion he is building in the posh Boston suburb of Brookline.

Levy must maintain Modric stance – for the club’s sake and his own

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Daniel Levy was described by former Tottenham chairman and star of The Apprentice Alan Sugar, as the toughest negotiator he has ever dealt with, after ENIC Group, an investment company chaired by Levy, took over the club in 2001. However, it is vital that Levy eschews from entering negotiations with any club regarding Luka Modric after categorically stating the player is not for sale, at any price.

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Many people were shocked when Aston Villa paid such a large transfer fee for Darren Bent last season and perhaps even more shocking was the hefty wage packet offered to Wayne Rooney to stay at Man United, but look at what these forwards have produced since and you start to realise just how important these deals were to both clubs.

Lord Sugar Tackles Football: Well, Almost

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Despite its fundamental flaws, the BBC Money Programme production Lord Sugar Tackles Football was a watchable attempt to evaluate English football's financial ills. These flaws were immediately evident. Sugar's call for football to take a "dose of hard business reality" came during an hour-long documentary whose introduction contained next-to-no reality whatsoever.

Update to Cosmos story: Paul Kemsley now controls the Cosmos and aims for December relaunch

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Here is Paul Kemsley, the new owner of the NY Cosmos... and Pamela Anderson.

Remember about a year ago, when Britain's Daily Mail broke the story that Paul Kemsley, a former Tottenham Hotspur board member and property developer had been in the process to purchase the name and image rights to the NY Cosmos?

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On This Day In Spurs History: 2nd July

1994 Having been hit with a 12 point deduction, F.A.Cup ban and a £600,000 fine for making illegal loans to players, Spurs' chairman Alan Sugar met the appeal board, who halved the points deduction to six, but also increased the fine to £1.

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Today In Spurs History: 22nd June

1991 On this day in 1991, Terry Venables and Alan Sugar completed a £7.25 million takeover of Tottenham and saved the club from possible extinction. Sugar would became non-executive Chairman and Venables the non-executive Managing Director of Spurs.

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On This Day In Spurs History: 14th June

1994 On this day in 1994, an F.A. commission found the club guilty of making illegal loans to players between 1985 and 1989. We received a £600,000 fine, a 12-point league deduction and were banned from playing in the FA Cup.

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On This Day In Spurs History: 1st June

1959 Spurs were on a tour of the USSR on this day in 1959, beating Dynamo Kiev 2-1. Johnny Brooks scored both the goals. This tour marked a moment when prominent members of the team that would win the Double, began to realise that they had the makings of a great team.

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On This Day In Spurs History: 25th May

1994 The Alan Sugar v Terry Venables court case had revealed that illegal payments had been made to Spurs players. On this day in 1994 the FA let slip the fact that they were planning to demote us were we to be found guilty, with the relegated Sheffield United keeping their place in the Premier League.

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The world is awash with the autobiographies of players and managers, but Superfan is the first biography that I can think of, which is based on the life of a fan.

That fan is Morris Keston, a larger than life character who has attended over 3000 Spurs games. As well as being a Tottenham fanatic, Morris became friends with some of the biggest names in football.

Who has the best Celebrity fans? Arsenal or Tottenham?

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So its Friday morning and I should be working on important things in the church office, but instead I find myself scanning the internet for news ahead of tomorrow's North London Derby. Whilist doing so I can across an article of famous fans from both teams and thought it only appropiate to have a face off.

The New York Cosmos are back!

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New York Cosmos logo

The New York Cosmos are back! The legendary name had been more or less in mothballs for years under the control of G. Peppe Pinton, long rumoured to have been asking for extravagant payment for the trademark. And given what a circus the team was at times (even if this wasn't always a bad thing), it's perhaps appropriate (if rather sad) that the trademark of the team has been purchased and will apparently be used for a reborn Cosmos as "a traveling array of all-stars, playing matches around the world.

Aston Martin Releases A Footballer’s Dream

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Aston Martin is releasing a new car. A really, really sexy new car. So sexy it'll cost a million pounds, meaning it will become the world's most expensive car, beating out the Bugatti Veyron, and being made exclusively for the super rich. Unfortunately only the uber rich can afford to fill it up with petrol [.

Berbatov deal 'agreed' - but who will be the winners in transfer high stakes?

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Reports claim that United have reached a verbal agreement with Tottenham over the sale of Dimitar Berbatov. The theory goes that once Spurs land their new Russian striker they will allow the Bulgarian to join the Champions.

It is somewhat ironic that Fergie looks set to acquire his number one target on the very weekend that United are set to face Zenit St Petersburg in the European Super Cup Final in of all places Monte Carlo, where fortunes are often gambled and lost on the turn of the Roulette wheel.

English football

How football has kept the Murdoch empire afloat

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This article titled "How football has kept the Murdoch empire afloat" was written by David Conn, for on Friday 15th June 2012 12.57 UTC

At the Leveson inquiry this week, the current and last Conservative prime ministers reflected on the fact that Rupert Murdoch's News International had, over 20 years, cemented too much power.

Let's kick money out of football

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Some nuts think the world will be no more in 2012 (hopefully after the Olympics is over), but for English football's traditions the end is nigh once more after Tuesday.

The shock-horror arrival of Arab billions at Manchester City, followed by their first trophy, Robinho, was mirrored by two old-style English managers, Alan Curbishley and Kevin Keegan, exiting stage left.

The Richest Men in British Football

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The money going round in the Premier League is now so dizzying, it's almost impossible to comprehend. In the 1980s and 1990s, when a very rich man such as Rupert Murdoch, Alan Sugar or Robert Maxwell decided they wanted to be involved in football, there was an almighty fuss. Each of them had vastly different [...]

Alan Shearer

Joey Barton leads Twitter campaign in support of Hillsborough petition

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Joey Barton leads Twitter campaign in support of Hillsborough petition

• Midfielder backs calls for release of documents into tragedy • Urges Lady Gaga and Lord Sugar to also join online campaign After using Twitter to quote Nietzsche and George Washington, and then to insult Alan Shearer's dress sense, Joey Barton was back on the social networking site yesterday, but this time his comments were widely met by praise and respect as opposed to ridicule and rage.

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From fans singing Chris Hughton's name to talksport taking the piss out of the Pardew hiring, here is a video blog of the joke that is Newcastle...

There's only one Chris Hughton after a 6-0 win over Villa...

Newcastle thrashing bitter rivals Sunderland.

Pies Classics: 10 Terrible Premiership Managers

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By Ollie Irish

10 Peter Reid Leeds (March 2003 November 2003) To be fair to Peter Reid, this was the easiest job in the world to be bad at. However, he still excelled in his ineptitude. Reid was ridiculed as much for his dabblings in the transfer market as his side's poor performances on the pitch, especially the loan signing of the comical Roque Junior.

Top 10 transfers in Premier League history

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The Premier League is arguably the greatest league in the world today, with the ability to attract the best players from the continent.

But which transfers stand out as the most important signings with regards to their value for money and the success they have brought to the club.

10: Peter Schmeichel

Brondby to Man Utd, £500,000

Quite simply the Premier League's finest goalkeeper.

The Rest

Retro Football: Brian Clough Rants About ‘Cockney Spiv’ Alan Sugar On ITV’s ‘Sport In Question’, 1995 (Video)

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By Chris Wright

Here's a classic blast of Cloughie getting into his gin-soaked, cantankerous and semi-lucid stride while laying into "unshaven Cockney spiv" Alan Sugar (then Tottenham chairman), the nature of football chairmen, King Eric, Stan Collymore's multicoloured hair and several other pressing subjects after ever-so-possibly having one too many in the green room before an appearance on ITV's 'Sport in Question' hosted byIan St John and Jimmy Greaves in 1995.

Salary cap or financial fair play within the league. Which clubs will vote for such moves?

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————————————————————– The club that changed football

Making the Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

When football got its first whiff of the money Sky could offer Alan Sugar apparently made a statement to the effect that the League should put aside some of the new money into a fund, the purpose of which could [.

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There's been little to write about of any note recently, mainly because of the weather and local councils' fear of someone suing them because they fell over on an icy pavement. First off, I know the title is a little sensationalist but if ENIC were to sell Spurs that's exactly what it would be.

QPR Report Thursday Football Snippets...QPR Bottom in Form

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- QPR REPORT Available on TWITTER!

- For latest QPR news-related pieces and discussion, visit the growing QPR Report Messageboard. All QPR Perspectives genuinely welcomed! Or comment on any of the posts

- Messageboard Rumours re Gianni Paladini Depature (or just a change in Title?

Football lookalikes: Xabi Alonso and Alan Sugar

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You're fired! All this business advice from Xabi Alonso got us thinking... we have never seen the Liverpool midfielder and Alan Sugar in the same room. The wispy facial hair, the furrowed brow, and now the pointy finger. It all adds up. While we are vaguely on the subject, if you haven't yet watched Cassetteboy's remix of [.

Play up Pompey

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The season is barely over but already another Middle Eastern owner has bought a Premier League club. This time it is Pompey who are now controlled by the ‘Alan Sugar of the Middle East', Sulaiman Al Fahim.

Al Fahim, as a celebrity in his home country, appears to relish the spotlight. We first saw him last summer when Man City were taken over and he has obviously decided he wanted a piece of the action after seeing City roar to a mid-table finish this season.

Becks favored to buy 1st million-pound Aston Martin

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Apparently only 77 were made. Here's the story:
Here are the odds: 9-4 Beckham, 3-1 Jay Kay, 7-2 Roman Abramovich, 5-1 Cristiano Ronaldo, 12-1 Alan Sugar, 14-1 Daniel Craig, 16-1 Jeremy Clarkson.
I only know half these people. Jay Kay? Alan Sugar? Jeremy Clarkson?

I vote for Jay Leno.