Indonesia to lead SE Asian 2034 World Cup football bid

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Jakarta (AFP) – Indonesia is set to lead a consortium of South East Asian countries in an ambitious bid to host the 2034 FIFA World Cup, the country’s football association said Wednesday.

Joko Driyono, the vice-president of the Indonesia’s football association, PSSI, said the country had proposed to lead the South East Asian consortium at an Asian Football Federation (AFF) council meeting in Vietnam earlier this month.

Indonesia to lead SE Asian 2034 World Cup football bid

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Jakarta (AFP) – Indonesia is set to lead a consortium of South East Asian countries in an ambitious bid to host the 2034 FIFA World Cup, the country’s football association said Wednesday.

Joko Driyono, the vice-president of the Indonesia’s football association, PSSI, said the country had proposed to lead the South East Asian consortium at an Asian Football Federation (AFF) council meeting in Vietnam earlier this month.

CS Vise, Indonesia & AFF Cup

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Here is an official communication from our general Director, M. Federico Molinari, about the convoncation of Indonesian players for AFF Suzuki Cup. "CS Visé confirmed they will only release the Indonesian players Alfin Tuasalamony, Yericho Christiantoko, Syamsir Alam and Yandi Munawar to a unified Indonesian national team under the guidelines established by FIFA and AFC for the up coming AFF Suzuki Cup.

One Step Forwards, Two Step Back

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Indonesia plods along its own merry way to football union with the national team currently digesting both good and bad news. The good is that Persija striker Bambang Pamungkas has said he would like to be considered for the upcoming AFF Cup.

Bambang had been avoiding the national team, possibly as a protest at the pathetic way they are being ran (my words, not his), and had refused call ups from both PSSI and KPSI.

Tough Tests For Indonesia Ahead

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With the World Cup Qualifiers a month ahead Indonesia are facing the usual old problem. They can't find opponents! It doesn't matter who runs the game in this country while the rest of the world is busy arranging its international calender 12 months in advance the FA here struggle to book hotels for their players and officials.

The Arsenal In Malaysia

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Off to KL to see the Arsenal!
Big stadium, the Bukit Jalil. Was there last year for the Malaysia v Indonesia AFF Cup Final. Malaysia won that night 3-0 in front of something like 86,000. Check Jakarta Casual TV for a taste of the atmosphere!
Last time the Arsenal were in South East Asia, they got beat by Thailand 4-3!

Not Getting It

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So this pro reform group in the PSSI, you know, them what supported Nurdin until he quit and have now decided football needs reform? Well, they have decided to keep supporting George Toisutta in his bid to lead the PSSI claiming he is the only person to take football into an era without government subsidy.

Singapore Football

Singapore 2016/18 Nike Home and Away Kits

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Nike and the Football Association of Singapore released the Singapore 2016/18 home kit ahead of [...]

Thai Transfer Window

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Like Indonesia, Thai players rarely stay anywhere for any length of time. Thanks to the bloody excellent Thai Fussball here are some familiar names on the move.

Muang Thong United have shifted striker Christian Kouakou. He has signed for Tours who are not a travel company but play in France.

ASEAN Football Federation

Singapore's National Stadium Embarrassment

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The ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Suzuki Cup is slightly over six weeks away.
All eyes will be on national coach Bernd Stange and his Lions to see if they can retain the regional crown they won two years ago in Bangkok, this time on home soil at the spanking new National Stadium at the $1.33 billion Singapore Sports Hub.

Australia Joins ASEAN Football Federation

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DILI (27 Aug 2013) – The Football Federation Australia (FFA) were admitted as a full member to the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) following an AFF Extraordinary Congress in Dili, Timor Leste yesterday.

FFA's admission – decided by way of a unanimous vote by the 11 Member Associations of AFF – will enable Australian National Teams to participate in AFF competitions and ensure Australia enjoys full political membership of the regional body.

Will The Last To Leave Please Turn Out The Light?

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PETALING JAYA — Controversial Thailand Football Association President Worawi Makudi has emerged as a leading candidate to replace Mohamed bin Hammam as President of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). Also in the running are Bahrain FA Chief Shaikh Salman bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa, Saudi Arabia's Hafez El Medle and Yousuf Al Serkal of the United Arab Emirates.

Where Are They Now? Australia Under 16 Squad, AFF Cup 2008

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Back in 2008 I attended much of the ASEAN Football Federation Youth Championships here in Jakarta. Five teams competed, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Bahrain. The Aussies won, beating Bahrain in the final.

But what of the players four years on. Back then they were under 16.

Southeast Asian Super League not likely before 2013

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The often mooted ASEAN Super League – a regular competition featuring the best football clubs from amongst South East Asia's 10 nations – is unlikely to be further discussed until next year. The FA of Singapore formally proposed the ASL in 2006 but, as yet, has been unable to confirm support from the major ASEAN Football Federation members.


AFF u-19 Cup

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Quinta volta in Vietnam per questo campionato riservato alle nazionali giovanili dell'Asia sudorientale, utile banco di prova in previsione del prossimo torneo continentale under 19. Cinque selezioni appartenenti all'Asean Football Federation, più l'invitato Giappone, hanno preso parte al torneo disputatosi al My Dinh National Stadium di Hanoi.

A Football Match that Both Teams did not Want to Win

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I saw this game many years ago. This was Tiger Cup, now called AFF Suzuki Cup, the same tournament that made the Azkals popular in 2010.

The LAST GOAL was an OWN GOAL, Mursyid Effendi the defender in white jersey scored it deliberately on their goal.

BOTH TEAMS (Thailand and Vietnam) WANTED TO LOSE, so they would face "EASY" SINGAPORE in the semi-finals.

Singapore national team

The Day A Girl Sobbed For The Lions in March 1977

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Instead of staying on hold and clamour for those good old days, I always believe one shall never dwell on things that were already long gone.

Yet, the irony, at times, is that we certainly do need those past glories to draw some inspirations to spur for better things to come from the newer generations after their predecessors' achievements.

Not a concern even as Duric scored double

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"He's only 42, he's better than Zizou!"Two goals from the man who just celebrated his 42nd birthday days ago may have brought some cheers to national coach Raddy Avramovic, who made no secret of his frustration of the lengthy win-less streak prior to this game against Hong Kong at "Wild Wild West" - Jurong West Stadium.

"Downstairs to see Lions in action" at Bishan

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(This entry is formulated based on information via the media release issued by the Football Association of Singapore)

Bishan last hosted "A" international match in 2009Folks at Bishan will have another chance to see some international football actions after a few AFC Cup matches (1,2) took place months ago, when it was announced the Singapore national team will be facing their Hong Kong counterparts on the 15th of August at the Bishan Stadium.

English Premier League

Good Week/Bad Week: Beefcake, Anyone?

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Azkals' Neil Etheridge. In need of intensive training, apparently. Image: stylenarratives. Enough, Already: Phillippine Azkals manager Dan Palami has announced his boys are about to go into a five month intensive training programme to prepare for the AFF Suzuki Cup in November. For those of you unfamiliar with the Azkals, we mentioned them here, and [.

QPR Report Friday: Transfer Waiting!...Malaysian Players to QPR...QPR Top Agents Spending

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The latest Football League report on clubs spending on football agents (covering 2010-2011) shows QPR topped the spending in the Football League.

QPR £1,770,000+




SEA Games

Over to you, Coach Raddy...

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National coach Raddy Avramovic (pictured right) has been pretty quiet of late since he was named as an advisor to the Lions XII team months back.

With the media attention being shifted to focus on other issues such as the "come-and-go of Johan Gouttefangeas", the ongoing fixation on the tournament as the result of the joint-MOU signed last year, everyone seems to have forgotten about the concluding match of the faltering World Cup qualifiers against Iraq in Qatar.

It's A Repeat Of AFF Cup 2010

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Malaysia limped past Myanmar 1-0, Indonesia huffed and puffed before defeating Vietnam 2-0 (Patrick Wanggai, Titus Bonai) so the SEA Games Final in Jakarta tomorrow night is a rerun of last year's AFF Cup Final between Indonesia and Malaysia.
Expect another sell out crowd at the Bung Karno as the ticket prices and rain are doing nothing to dampen Indonesian's enthusiasm for, finally, following a winning team.

Now Singapore Blame Preparation (Or Lack)

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JAKARTA - His Singapore under-23 side crashed out of the SEA Games football tournament on Thursday night, but Slobodan Pavkovic (picture) was game enough to meet the media over breakfast yesterday.

A year ago the Lions team were booted out in the group stages of the AFF Suzuki Cup and, along with coach Radojko Avramovic, faced a torrent of criticism back home.

Results 19/11

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SEA Games
Singapore v Thailand 2-0Indonesia v Malaysia 0-1
Laos v Vietnam 1-3
Malaysia meet Myanmar in the first semi final on Saturday while Indonesia have to play Vietnam. We're in for a repeat of the 2009 SEA Games final or the 2010 AFF Cup final!

Laos Hex Indonesia

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2009 SEA Games Indonesia v Laos 0-22010 AFF Cup Indonesia v Laos 6-02011 Under 19 Indonesia v Laos 3-32011 Under 16 Indonesia v Lao 0-2
I'm not sure when the SEA Games draw will be made, probably the day before the games start, but Indonesia may well be hoping not to be drawn against Laos.

SEA Games Moved?

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It was reported locally the the venue for the SEA Games this November was being moved from Palembang to Jakarta. Apparently the Jakabaring Stadium is being used for the opening and closing ceremonies as well!
Palembang was also supposed to host the AFF Under 23s earlier this month but that was delayed or has been cancelled.

The heat is on for the "Causeway Derby"

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(Pictured above from left to right) Singapore skipper Shahril Ishak, coach Raddy Avramovic, Malaysia coach Datuk K Rajagobal and captain Shafiq RahimRain came unexpected when I reached Tanjong Pagar area for the pre-match press conference for the World Cup Qualifier between Singapore and Malaysia aka "Causeway Derby" (being the fact that the island republic is connected to the Peninsular Malaysia by the bridge known as the Causeway).

The Causeway Derby

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Been looking forward to this game ever since the World Cup Qualifiers were announced a few months back. OK, Malaysia had to overcome a tricky Chinese Taipei first but they did so and now we have it.
Singapore are one of the most successful teams in the history of Malaysian football, as Chairman Mao would have said the neighbours are like lips and teeth.

AFF Under 23s Under Threat

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It doesn't matter whether the Indonesian Football Association has a leadership or not. They are still plainly incapable of carrying out the simplest of tasks.
Palembang is due to host the AFF Under 23 later this month. Only the pitch is being renovated and it ain't ready yet. The PSSI, I guess thinking they're being pro active for once, have written to the AFF giving two options.

Malaysia Prioritise Kids Against Chelsea

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It's usually the other way round. Usually the big teams insult the weak teams by not playing their strongest XI.
But now Malaysia, brimming with confidence after recent successes in SEA Games (2009), AFF Cup (2010), and making progress in the Olympic and the World Cup Qualifiers have warned Chelsea they may only field their Under 23 team against the London team who many would argue aren't that big anyway.

Thailand Host WCQ In Boonies

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The Bangkok Post is saying that Thailand will host the winner of the preliminary qualifier between Afghanistan and Palestine in Buriram.
Really? Isn't there some FIFA rule that stipulates a stadium used for FIFA sanctioned events needs to be pretty bloody close to an international airport? And Thai FA head, Worawi Mukadi, as a member of various frequent flyer programmes and FIFA committees should know this.

The Rest

Australia In AFF Cup?

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So, what do you reckon? Australia to enter the ASEAN Football Federation Cup in 2016? Apparently this is being mooted and a decision could be taken at a meeting this Friday.

Anything that raises the standards of local football has to be a good thing and surely pitting wits against a regional powerhouse on a regular basis surely falls into that category?

Singapore Warned Over AFF Cup Ticket Prices

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SINGAPORE — "Affordable" and "comfortable" are the key words coming from the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) as it ponders ticket prices for the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Suzuki Cup, which Singapore will co-host at the new National Stadium in November. Following public perception of high ticket prices (S$45-S$180) for the Juventus vs Singapore Selection game at the same venue, the FAS insists it is working hard to get the pricing just right for the eight-team tournament, which runs from Nov 22 to Dec 4.

[Media Information] Change of venue for International friendly against Hong Kong

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For Immediate Release

Change of venue for International friendly against Hong Kong

Pioneer MRT Station is just 5 minutes away...SINGAPORE, 12 August 2012: The International friendly between Singapore and Hong Kong will now be played at Jurong West Stadium instead of the originally scheduled venue, Bishan Stadium.

Getting the right combination

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Geylang Field is the alternate base for the LionsI was at Geylang Field this afternoon to catch the national team in their ongoing centralized training session.

Normally, the session would be held on the artificial turf of Jalan Besar, but with the main ground being used for a televised event, coach Raddy Avramovic and his assistant, former skipper Aide Iskandar led their charges on this obscured turf concealed in the back alleys of Geylang.

Shit Lookalikes: Darron Gibson & Liam From ‘Ballykissangel’

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By Chris Wright

Feck aff wid ya?

As well as sharing eyebrows, both Gibson and Liam also share the fabled 'look of the Irish' an face once defined by Dylan Moran as "people who look like they're trying (and failing) to hide other people inside them."

Got a Shit Lookalike for Pies?

Strikers players on the move...

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As Striker Liker Christopher Walsh put it on the Ultras facebook page "The blood letting continues..." Yes, not long ago Coach Shore assured the fans on Miami Ultras Alive #30 (see minute 21) that he expected to keep the majority of his ALMOST championship team.
We've already seen a number of Strikers players packing their bags and moving to other teams.

Riedl Wants His Cash

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Alfred Riedl reminded the Indonesian Football Association on Wednesday that it had been a week since he was fired as national team coach and he was still waiting to get paid.

Riedl and former assistant coach Wolfgang Pikal dropped by unannounced at the office of the association, known as the PSSI.

Jogo 0095/2011 - AFF Chalenge Cup 2011 - Filipinas 2x0 Mongólia

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Mais um jogo da AFF Chalenge Cup 2012, foi realizada no dia 09/02/2011, na cidade de Bacolod City-PHI, no Panaad Stadium, onde jogaram as seleções das Filipinas (152º no ranking da FIFA) e a seleção da Mongólia (182º no ranking da FIFA).

Antes desse jogo, as 2 seleções nunca haviam jogado.