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Posts of the Year: Marketing in Dallas

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Things are slowing down around the holiday, so as we do every year around this time, we scatter some "best posts" among our usual content. So here is our interview with Justin McCord of FC Dallas. Have a great Christmas, Chanukah, weekend or whatever and we'll be back live on Monday.

Over the last couple of weeks, we posted our Q&A with Timbers VP of Marketing Cory Dolich and interview with Revs COO Brian Bilello.

Footiebusiness Vault: Marketing in Dallas

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On the road tonight, so we thought we would revisit our interview with Justin McCord of FC Dallas. On Monday, we'll back with our usual Monday After post including a look at the business ramifications of Bob Bradley's departure and some more tidbits from Don Garber's media Q&A at the All-Star Game.

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Why so uptight?

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OK, this happens every year and I'm not sure why the center referee was so uptight about it. So, of the two adult leagues that I (and most of us in this area, actually) work with, the men's league has all their games at one steady time, barring venue restrictions; the women's league does the same, except their game start is 15 minutes later than the men's typical time - except 2/3 into the season, they move all the games up 15 minutes to deal with earlier sunsets.

Friday Rant

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Happy Friday guys. I thought I'd change it up a bit and go all Simon Borg on ya. So pretend your reading this in a loud and boistrous fashion. Growl at some point mid-sentence to keep it real. Here's your Friday rant. Enjoy!I'll never understand the mentality of so many adult amateur soccer players. It happens to nearly every athlete who doesn't make it as a pro: they love the game and join adult leagues.

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A Conversation with SharX Head Coach Jon Hall

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The currently winless Norfolk SharX (0-6) recently released the following conversation with their Head Coach, Jon Hall regarding the rough start to the MISL season.

Norfolk, Virginia - Norfolk SharX head coach Jon Hall is not accustomed to losing. The 2007 Premier Development League Coach of the Year has always had success outdoors on the pitch.

US Club Soccer adds U-20 division

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NEW YORK, NY Consistent with US Club Soccer's goal of providing a vehicle through which clubs can offer life-long soccer to their members, the organization has announced the formation of the National Adult Leagues U-20 Division. US Club Soccer's National Adult Leagues is a program comprised of high-quality, competitive and low-cost local leagues for [.