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ITV Confirm Adrian Chiles Has Left Their Football Coverage Team ‘With Immediate Effect’

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By Chris Wright

What a day to be alive! ITV have confirmed this morning that Adrian Chiles has been removed from his role as their main lead football anchor "with immediate effect".

Chiles is to be replaced by BBC Radio 5 Live stalwart Mark Pougatch, who will make his first on-screen appearance on 17th February, presenting ITV's live coverage of Chelsea's Champions League last 16 tie against PSG.

Development Head Gareth Southgate Quits FA, So Where Next For The Toothy Pundit?

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By Alan Duffy

Famed for missing that crucial spot-kick against Germany back in 1996, Gareth Southgate has quit his post as The FA's Head of Elite Development, thus ruling himself out of the running for the organisation's Technical Director job.

The former Aston Villa defender released a statement on The FA's website which said:

The FA can today confirm that Gareth Southgate will not be continuing in his role as Head of Elite Development and no longer wishes to be considered for the role of FA Technical Director.

BBC v ITV: who is winning the Euro 2012 battle?

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This article titled "BBC v ITV: who is winning the Euro 2012 battle?" was written by Martin Kelner, for on Thursday 14th June 2012 11.36 UTC

Shiny new football-themed commercials are part of the joy of big tournaments in my view – the superannuated ex-stars carrying away wheelbarrow loads of money probably feel the same.

Euro 2012: Battle of the Broadcasters

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Follow @Regista_blog ::: FistedAway welcomes a guest post from Michael,
who has an ace surname and runs the splendid Regista ::: Euro-time is almost upon us. And yet, most of our attention is wrongly focused on the national teams competing at the finals, when we should be weighing up the merits of the real heroes – the broadcasters.

2010 World Cup: ITV - Chiles Play

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Football. It's all about results.

So the BBC will be busy celebrating their trouncing of ITV in the World Cup final face off between the two channels.

A slightly pyrrhic victory though given the lack of quality at the commercial channel. Much like Celtic beating Tranent Juniors 7-0, it would be unseemly for there to be any gloating.

World Cup

ITV World Cup Studio Pelted With Rocks Throughout Opening Game, Adrian Chiles Punchlines Write Themselves

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By Chris Wright

Now there's only so much stuttering Chileswaffle™ we can take, but it seems that the people of Brazil have even lower thresholds than Pies as the ITV studio above Copacabana beach was mercilessly pelted throughout last night's broadcast once night had fallen in Rio as disgruntled locals hurled bricks, stones and bottles at Adrian and his pundits perhaps in a desperate attempt to root out Andy Townsend and squirt expanding foam filler down his gullet.

Euro 2012: Spanish ayes

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With football looking no closer to breaking out in this strange Scottish summer it's with some sadness that one says "cheerio" to Euro 2012.

Brutal honesty, of course, means conceding that Spain's triumph was as far removed from Scottish football as Craig Whyte is from Andrew Carnegie.

This Spanish team play, to borrow a line from Bobby Jones, a game with which we are not familiar.

Euro 2012: ‘Let’s Not Just Go Along For The Singsong’ – ‘Honest’ Roy Keane Lets Rip After Irish Defeat

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By Alan Duffy

"You can stick this f**king pathetic excuse for a dog up your b****cks"

If you were a strong enough human being to endure the usual trite 'man on the terrace' bile from Adrian Chiles on ITV tonight for the post-Spain v Ireland analysis, you would have witnessed another of Roy Keane's 'telling it like it is' moments.

Kickette Catch Up: Your (Extended) Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet

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- Having just returned from her latest holiday in Baleares Island, Spain with Frank 'The Sun has my bare bum exposed, how do you like me now?' Lampard, Christine Bleakely's "Daybreak" co-host, Adrian Chiles, declared her skin colouring to be a shade of 'burnt bacon brown' on live telly.

Kevin Day

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Guess Who's Been on Match of the Day?
Kevin Day has magical powers. It has to be said that EFW isn't the greatest fan of the Premier League, horse racing and moreover Crystal Palace. The fact that Day has taken that trio and turned them into entertainment is a huge feather in a cap already bursting to capacity, and, worthy of 5 (five) FIFA stars.

World Cup Final Viewing Figures – BBC Destroys ITV

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By Ollie Irish

Spain play with their shiny new toy

In terms of viewing figures for Sunday's World Cup final, the BBC handed ITV its arse, with almost five times as many people choosing Gary Lineker over Adrian Chiles.

The BBC claimed its match audience average was 4.

The 2010 World Cup Final: Netherlands 0-1 Spain

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It's a curious sight. The BBC's panel is sitting, for the first time in this tournament suited and booted, in its base studio outside the Green Point Stadium in Cape Town, almost eight hundred miles from Johannesberg, where the match itself is being played. It looks deserted, behind them. It probably is everybody will be at home, watching the build-up to the 2010 World Cup final.

World Cup 2010: Germany 3-2 Uruguay

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"Let's make this a celebration," intones ITV commentator Peter Drury, before kick-off, and millions of people, all at once, think, "yeah, lose your voice." Uruguay's national anthem is what Billy Connolly had in mind all those years ago when he suggested replacing ‘God Save the Queen' with the theme tune to ‘The Archers.

Colin Murray’s Match Of The Day

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"It might also have something to do with BBC's highlights presenter Colin Murray being such a turn-off," suggested Charles Sale in his Daily Mail newspaper diary column last week – "it" being ITV's daily World Cup highlights programme averaging a million viewers compared to the BBC's 846,000. It is rare for ITV to outperform the BBC in this way, for the widely-acknowledged reason that ITV's football coverage generally isn't as good.

World Cup 2010: Honduras 0-1 Chile

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ITV 1 gives twenty minutes introduction time to this 12.30 kick-off. But its 12.26 before the actual game it self is addressed, the rest being about England, who aren't playing for another 55 hours. Honduran kids, we are told, have to learn all seven verses of their national anthem. If that was the case in Britain we'd all know the bit about "rebellious Scots to crush" – which would double the Scottish National Party's vote in one single history lesson.

Arsenal at the World Cup: Van Persie shines, Bendtner fizzles and Song misses out

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Van Persie crossing for a Dane to power home is a vision we'd like to see a lot more of, but we got a sneak preview in the World Cup today as Poulson headed his cross against Agger's back and in, to give Holland a lead they never looked like giving away. The 2-0 scoreline gave the Arsenal contingent their first victory of the competition, and Van Persie looked sharp throughout before getting a rest for the final fifteen minutes.

World Cup 2010: Things Can Only Get Better…

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COS contributor Liam Trim discusses a fairly low key start to the proceedings in South Africa.

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Am I the only one that's disappointed? Now I know everyone would have been gutted with England's opening result but the tournament itself has yet to ignite into the vivid festival of football, of entertainment, that we have been promised.

World Cup 2010: Germany 4-0 Australia

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It's a conundrum for English national team fans, who to support out of the football and cricket arch-enemies. But it's not a problem for long as the game is over as a debating point within the first quarter.

In the ITV studio, Edgar Davids is making it clear that it's "C'mon Aussie, C'mon" for him.

World Cup 2010: South Africa 1-1 Mexico

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The gloves are now off. For the first game of any World Cup, you always need to pick your strongest side. Anything else would be foolhardy, so we can be fairly sure we are seeing people's strongest hand. How, then, did ITV do? This year it was their turn to take the opening game for the first time in eight years, and they looked keen to show they meant business.

International football

Ireland: O’Neill & Keane – Dream Team Or Accident Waiting To Happen?

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Adrian Chiles looked pleased as he was introducing ITV's Champions League coverage in San Sebastian on Tuesday, stood alongside Ireland's new management team, Martin O'Neill and assistant Roy Keane. He was even confident/brave enough to liken them to "Laurel and Hardy," with Keane stood well within arms-reach (Lee Dixon offered "dumb and dumber", which was braver/dafter still).

Snapshot: San Marino FA Get (Justifiably) Irked By ITV’s Sneering Commentary

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By Alan Duffy

Good on the San Marino FA's Twitter people. Having had to listen to Adrian Chiles and co. sneer their way through England's 8-0 hammering off the Euro minnows, the San Marino Twitter people decided to hit back. And rightly so!

England Players Took Sleeping Pills After First Poland Game Was Abandoned, Punchlines Write Themselves

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By Chris Wright

After watching Adrian Chiles desperately fumble and wibble on and on about forks for an hour-and-a-half there was no danger of anybody watching at home needing any assistance falling asleep, but it is being reported this morning that some of the England players took sleeping pills to guide themselves off up the wooden hills to Bedfordshire after the aborted Poland game on Tuesday nightto help combat the Pro Plus caffeine pills they'd already taken to keep themselves pepped in case of a late kick-off.


Top five conclusions: Brazil 2-2 England

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Brazil 2 2 England Fulltime Highlights by TenMillionSlaves 1. Feed the Ox's insatiable appetite for highly collectible match-worn shirts and he will score. 2. Joe Hart stood up quite well to the little 11 vs one test his team-mates decided to put him through in the first-half. 3. By full-time, Phil Jones' face [.

England 5-0 San Marino – World Cup qualifier Goals and Highlights

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England 5-0 San Marino World Cup qualifier Goals and Highlights is a post from: Just Football

As was widely expected, England thrashed San Marino 5-0 at Wembley on Friday night to secure all three points and continue their path on the road to Brazil 2014. In a game that was as predictable as Adrian Chiles thinking England should win easily, the hosts did just that although it took 35 minutes for Roy Hodgson's men to break the deadlock via a Wayne Rooney penalty for a foul on Manchester United teammate Danny Welbeck.

Euro 2012: Clive and kicking

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England expects. Again. To an extent.

The last quarter final of Euro 2012 sees the heroes of Albion face Italy in Kiev this evening.

A strange tournament for England, the late appointment of Roy Hodgson robbing the build-up of the normal outpouring of patriotic fantasising.

So the team has quietly progressed, the odd flirtation with ineptitude covered by a general attainment of underwhelming competence.

Emerging talent: 12 players to watch at the Under-21 European Championships 2011

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Emerging talent: 12 players to watch at the Under-21 European Championships 2011 is a post from: Just Football

The 2011 UEFA Under-21 European Championships get underway this weekend in Denmark. This year's edition includes some surprise names, such as Belarus and first-time qualifiers Iceland, as well as some big name absentees like Italy, Holland and 2009 winners Germany who all failed to qualify this time around.

Condescending Upon Ghana And Supporting England

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Mark Critchley watched the friendly match between England and Ghana last night.

Here they are. Our boys. No, not them I mean... Fine, alright then, not our boys our ‘other' boys, the ones playing against our ‘real' boys. Yes of course it's ok to support both.

Heskey has proven he is the ideal foil for Wayne Rooney

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The thing that shocked many about England's 1-1 draw with the USA is that the opposition were a team that apparently play little football in their homeland. It may be the sixth most watched sport in the States, but funnily enough it is the most played. Let's not forget, the USA did progress to the final of last year's Confederations Cup.

Manchester United

Worst Soccer TV Blunders Of 2010

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Televising live soccer is never an easy job. There's no opportunity to do a re-take and chances of making mistake are much higher than usual. When a mistake happens, sometimes it's humorous. But often times it can be downright embarrassing.

During 2010, there were quite a few howlers.

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When you're 4-0 down, with only ten men and you're facing the current European champions, then to eventually lose 4-3 constitutes a pretty successful result.

Some said that we had nothing to lose at the San Siro, but to be on the wrong end of a thrashing would have done neither our hopes of making the Champions League knockout stages, or our confidence any good.

Beautiful football? Forget it. This is the United way

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Valencia 0-1 Manchester Utd: Observations

FC Barcelona it was not. Yet, that did not matter as this ugly ‘showpiece' ended in typical United-like fashion – snatching a last-gasp winner in a performance where the adjective "unconvincing" does not quite tell the whole story.


Why isn't Tottenham's Jermain Defoe suffering the Thierry Henry treatment?

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Last night, however, Jim Beglin, on summarising duty for ITV, could barely contain his laughter when replays of Jermain Defoe's second goal for Tottenham against Young Boys showed the Spurs striker deliberately handled to set himself up for a glorious finish.

"He got away with it," was Beglin's take on an act of cheating on a par with Henry's.

ITV coverage is sapping my World Cup enthusiasm

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You analyse the fixtures, pick a match you're desperate to watch, and get into work early to ensure you're home in time. Minutes before kick off, you grab a beer from the fridge and perch yourself on the sofa, no intention of moving for a couple of hours. On goes the television, and then comes the big moment is it on BBC, or ITV?

The Rest

A quick trip down memory lane

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The good ol' days

With defeat to City in the first derby of the season leaving United in ninth and four points off fourth, the sinister sounds of Moyes' apologists seems to suggest that many of them are crawling out of the woodwork with the intention of telling United fans that things are not getting better and even suggesting that matters are worse.

RTE Produce Lovely Tribute To Retiring Broadcast Legend Bill O’Herlihy (Video)

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By Alan Duffy

One for the Irish Pies' fans here. While too often football pundits and presenters on ITV and BBC have wallowed in 'in-jokes' and clichés, RTE's Bill O'Herlihy presided over a football panel famous for its arguments and reticence to resort to lazy sound-bites.

Football matters to us; that’s what the pundits cant grasp

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By Tony Attwood

There's been some chatter in the media of late about the abuse Adrian Chiles suffers from football supporters. As the Telegraph said in a review, "As a presenter, Chiles divides opinion. Either you hate him, or you despise him."

They then go on to wonder why this is so; why people should [.

Retrospective #21: Roy Keane ravages ‘Old Lady’ Juventus

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If you ever find yourself incarcerated in an El-Salvadorian prison and forced to watch ITV's football coverage, you will see a man in the studio. A man who seethes with contempt at the inane banality around him, a man whose icy stare at the artificially folksy repartee of Adrian Chiles could freeze magma.

Notes on no scandal

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Just another week in paradise. With the resignation of Fabio Capello from his post as England Manager / press voodoo doll, we're being reminded of some of the less savoury sides of the game. The politicking, the whooping hyenas in the press, the reminder that the never ending cuntishness of John Terry seems to hurt everybody expect John Terry.

Super Mario is caught in the middle

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International friendlies are probably the most irrelevant set of matches in the footballing calendar.

Despite the depressing idea of watching a mediocre performance by England and also hearing the pointless thoughts of Adrian Chiles and Andy Townsend, the footballing world was dealt another devastating blow.

Match Of The Day 2: The Murray Era

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Well, I confidently suggested that the seemingly ubiquitous Colin Murray was the ideal fit for the BBC's ‘Match of the Day 2' and its more relaxed view of the weekend's football, and that Adrian Chiles would be "Adrian Who?" before long. Was I right? At the end of this Sunday's first show, I wasn't sure.