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Pitch Invasion Podcast on iTunes

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The Pitch Invasion podcast, presented by Peter Wilt and Tom Dunmore, is now available on iTunes, so please take a second and leave a rating there if you enjoy the show!

If you haven't listened to it, the inaugural episode was released last week, and featured Wilt discussing how to start an MLS club with Montreal Impact Jesse Marsch, along with Dunmore interviewing former Supporters Direct chief executive Dave Boyle about UK and US fan culture.

The Pitch Invasion Podcast Episode 1

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Almost five years into the existence of Pitch Invasion, you can now hear the dulcet tones of Pitch Invasion editor Tom Dunmore and regular contributor Peter Wilt on a new monthly podcast, featuring interviews with interesting people from the world of soccer.

It's available to stream or download below, and will show up on iTunes shortly.

Supporting Operation Pitch Invasion

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A significant portion of the proceeds ($10 per scarf) from all pre-orders this week of the new Pitch Invasion bar scarf will be donated to benefit the Operation Pitch Invasion charity in Portland, Oregon. Here's why...

When supporters of the Portland Timbers, organized by the 107ist Trust and Timbers Army, announced in 2011 that they were launching a new charity called Operation Pitch Invasion to support the growth of the game at the grassroots level in Portland, Pitch Invasion's interest was piqued by more than just the Doppelgänger.

The New Pitch Invasion Scarf & Book – Special Offer This Weekend

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With the Pitch Invasion book release party tonight in Chicago, today seemed a propitious time to launch the new Pitch Invasion online store.

Through the weekend, you can take 20% off all the store items by entering the coupon code "PI" at checkout. The store features The Very Best of Pitch Invasion book, stylish PI stickers and buttons, and an all new Pitch Invasion scarf an embroidered bar scarf available in very limited quantities via pre-order until January 30th.

An Illustrated Guide to Soccer & Spanish

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Pitch Invasion Press is proud to add its second title to the Pitch Invasion ebookstore, An Illustrated Guide to Soccer & Spanish by Elliott Turner.

The execution of this marvelous concept to teach a little bit of Spanish through a little bit of soccer is as good as the idea, with a series of charming illustrations by Erik Ebeling making it a breezy, informative and enjoyable read.

A Free Sample of the Very Best of Pitch Invasion Book

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The Very Best of Pitch Invasion, an anthology of 39 essays from this site since 2007, was released in digital and print editions last Friday.

The print edition is available on Amazon in the United States, and today (Monday) is the LAST day to order it in time for Christmas delivery!

PI on Tumblr

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Psst, you might have noticed we've scaled Pitch Invasion down to periodic lengthy essays and photo features. We're happier this way, without feeling we need to post every day and with more focus on crafting quality posts (hopefully!).

But we still find interesting stuff elsewhere every day.

Pitch Invasion On Google+

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Google+ has finally allowed "brands" on its social network. Check out the Pitch Invasion page here. We're going to try and use it more creatively than just as another tool to push out links and the like as we're embarking on some other projects, particularly publishing, we'll be posting some behind the scenes stuff and most importantly looking for feedback from readers as we put projects together.

Stadium Porn: Eye Candy For Soccer Fans

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If you follow the Pitch Invasion twitter account, you might have seen mention of a new side-project: Stadium Porn, a site all about stadiums, not porn. So far, we have lasciviously looked at the Amex in Brighton, England; Estadio de Fútbol Monterrey in Mexico; Mineirão, Belo Horizonte, Brazil; and Stadio di Palermo, Palermo, Italy.

Pitch Invasion Publishing Survey

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Pitch Invasion is getting into the eBook publishing business. We have a couple of original books in the works, and we'd like to know just a little about your interest in eBooks. We would really appreciate your feedback as we get this venture underway.

Please fill out the form below and hit submit one lucky person randomly drawn from all the submissions by September 30th 2011 will win a $25 Amazon gift certificate!

A Very Brief Hiatus

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There won't be much action on here til early next week, as your editor is finishing up a book manuscript a publisher is eagerly all too eagerly awaiting delivery of. After that, we'll be back in full flow with the new European season upon us. If you're desperate for some PI goodness, check out the "Best of Pitch Invasion" rotating set of articles on the right side here, and follow us on Twitter @pitchinvasion for other random ramblings.

Your Editor And BigSoccer

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OK, so it's not exactly like communism and fascism meeting at the edges of the lunatic fringe, but that might make sense as an explanation when you find me writing as a featured blogger at BigSoccer.

BigSoccer and Pitch Invasion are, as much as anyone knows about the former talking shop of American soccer and the latter obscure niche, not necessarily considered to be bedfellows.

The Times They Are a-Changin’

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Maybe it's the remarkable new design at the Run of Play, the continued incisive and original coverage of American soccer at Fake Sigi or the daily compendium of excellence that is Must Read Soccer, but I've been feeling things are a little stale at Pitch Invasion lately relative to others' work.

Pitch Invasion Wins WSC Gold Award

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Forgive us a moment of self-congratulation, as I received word today from across the pond back home in England that Pitch Invasion had won a Gold award in the When Saturday Comes Web Awards. The magazine's selections are a who's-who of some of the best football sites on the web, and it's an honour to be chosen among them.

1,001 Posts

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The infamous White Horse Cup Final pitch invasion

I didn't notice until glancing at the Wordpress dashboard just now, but the previous post on here was number 1,000. It took us almost two and a half years of posting to reach four figures, with no fewer than 37 different writers appearing here, to whom I am eternally grateful.

Best Soccer Blog?

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Modesty is for chumps, or something. It's pretty cool that Pitch Invasion has been nominated for Best Soccer Blog in the 2009 Best of U.S. Soccer Awards run by the federation down the street from me in Chicago, so thank you to every reader who took the time to put us up for this.

Support Pitch Invasion, Get an Exclusive Scarf

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Readers and friends: I have never expected to make a living from this blog, but it has become a joy to write and edit over the past three years, taking up about 20 hours of my time per week. I'd like to be able to keep committing that much time, but it is getting increasingly hard to justify as I'm in grad school and I don't have any other income to speak of.

Rumours of Our Demise Have Been Exaggerated

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Pitch Invasion still exists, despite the recent lack of updates. A myriad of events, including moving homes, being out of town and having no internet access at home has meant I've fallen way behind on updating and responding to email. I'll start working through the backlog shortly. Normal service will be resumed in the coming days, [.

A Call for Contributors

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Pitch Invasion is once again looking for regular or occasional contributors. Please drop a line to tom [at] pitchinvasion.net if interested; including a story idea or two is always a good idea. I also wanted to see what you, dear reader, thought of the Daily Sweeper we ran for the past few weeks. Did you enjoy [.

The Rest

Pitch Invasion Getting a Facelift

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Pitch Invasion should be getting a new look later tonight. Please bear with us as things might look weird for a bit. SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Pitch Invasion Getting a Facelift", url: "http://pitchinvasion.net/blog/2008/01/15/pitch-invasion-getting-a-facelift/" });