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What ails Brazilian soccer? Time to bring Dunga back

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The title should actually read what fails Brazilian soccer? Clearly, with all its unsurpassed talent, Brazilian soccer should have no ailment. Jonathan Wilson's article in the Guardian exposes Brazil's fatal flaws when competing against teams which individual talent may find tough to overcome.

2012 Olympics: Canada get the bronze as they beat France, 1-0

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Canada completely outplayed by France in the second half managed to score an extra time goal by Diane Matheson following a scramble for the ball in front of the box. Before that heartbreak, France had peppered the Canadian goal with a plethora of shots, one that unluckily hit the upright, with the rest sailing over the crossbar.

2012 Olympics: Tune into USA vs Japan women's soccer final

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As iconic an image: Could the USA top this in the finals?

Yes, all you football/ soccer lovers. This is one of the most anticipated clashes, the USA vs Japan showdown, all year. Destiny had both countries renewing their rivalry in the Olympics women's soccer final. The USA for redemption.

2012 Olympics: Mexico enter men's final beating Japan, 3-1

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szólj hozzá: Mexico vs Japan 3:1 MATCH HIGHLIGHTS

Yuki Otsu's magnificent strike in the 12th minute gave the Japanese men hope that they too could emulate their women's team entering the Olympic finals but El Tri happened to be much stronger. Marco Fabian, Oribe Peralta, and Javier Cortes scored to turn things around as Mexico marched to their first Olympic finals.

2012 Olympics: Japan defeat France, 2-1 in semi-final

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Sepp Blatter was around to see his fondest dream of seeing women playing in "tighter shorts". Yes, he really did say that as a way of attracting more male spectators amongst many of his other pearls of wisdom.

The match underscored the importance of having a good goalie and in Miho Fukumoto, the Nadeshiko had theirs.

Usain Bolt's sensational 100m win deconstructed brick by brick

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Arsene Wenger we've heard is looking for new talent. Bolt may only be slightly faster (tongue firmly in cheek) than Theo Walcott but his celebrations are way better.

2012 Olympics: Alex Morgan's ET strike as USA pip Canada, 4-3 in thriller

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An instant classic. Christine Sinclair was a one woman wrecking crew for Canada as she scored a hat trick with the USA having to play catch up with each of her goals. They had a reply each time and then went one better with Alex Morgan's 123rd minute header for the winner as seconds remained in the match.

2012 Olympics: Sturridge magic as Team GB bests UAE, 3-1

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szólj hozzá: GB

There are days when Daniel Sturridge could not hit a barn door even if it meant never having to suffer through a Adam Sandler or a Seth Rogen movie ever again. Yesterday, was not one of them. That was Messi-esque for team GB's final score.

Team GB moved the ball around with ease through Ryan Giggs, Craig Bellamy, Joe Allen, and Tom Cleverley.

2012 Olympics: Honduras's MLS connection send Spain crashing out, 1-0

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The mighty Rojas are done for. Well, at least their U23 team plus Adrian Lopez and Juan Mata.

Los Catrachos, the Olympics version sent Spain crashing out of the tournament with a 1-0 win as Roger Espinoza who plies his trade for Sporting Kansas City mailed in a cross that was met by Jerry Bengtson of the New England Revs for a perfectly placed header past David De Gea.

2012 Olympics: Japan upset heavily favoured Spain, 1-0

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Stop press. Spain finally beaten. In the pecking order of bragging rights, the Olympics may not be such a big deal compared to the World Cup or the Euro, but lets not forget it was not another European giant beating them, it was Japan. A perennial Asian powerhouse but not known for winning results against the big boys of world football.

2012 Olympics: Alex Morgan's brace as USA overcome France, 4-2

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Allez, allez, Alex! Vous êtes parfait

Looks like the IOC have shut down any official highlights and we can only rely on shaky handcams and cell phones to follow the progress of the US women's team. The long and short of it. The USA faced an uphill climb after a very good French side took a 2-0 lead within the first 15 minutes.

Brazil outclass team GB in Olympic warm up, 2-0

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About half of the Brazilian Olympic squad on display in today's warm up have been linked to Premiership sides.

Remember when Chelsea were gyrating their hips fast and furiously to attract Neymar earlier this year. But it is Olympic team mate, Oscar who has reportedly undergone a medical at Chelsea, in line to be their newest acquisition although the club officially has yet to announce him.

Shock: David Beckham not selected to England's Olympic squad

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Becks has worked hard and run more with the Olympic torch than at the LA Galaxy

Stuart Pearce drops David Beckham from the English Olympic squad instead picking Micah Richards in quite a shocker. After seeing his old AC Milan team mate, Andrea Pirlo having quite a Euro, this is hard to take.

The Rest

The Celts perceive FA's hegemony over team GB

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Scotland's most famous victory over the "auld enemy'

The Celtic fringe assert their independence and evoke the Battle of Bannockburn, Battle of Cadfan, and the Irish rebellion. The term 'historic agreement' is loaded and suggests a turning point. The Yalta Conference was a historical agreement and established the re-organization of post World War II Europe.