2011 MLS Season Review

2011 MLS Season

Revisiting The 2011 Rankings: Forwards

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Fredy Montero and Alvaro Fernandez were a big part of the Seattle offense in 2011. (Getty Images)

I had every intention of doing this revisit sooner but things happen as you know. Today, we'll finally wrap up this positional rankings revisit with a look at the forwards.

To recap, here the midfield, defense and keepers.

Revisiting The 2011 Rankings: Midfield

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LA and Seattle had two of the top midfields in 2011. (Getty Images)

It has been a couple weeks since I revisited my 2011 positional rankings. I got caught up in the 2011 Expansion Draft lists something I will likely continue on today.

Today, we're looking back at the midfielder rankings.

Revisiting The 2011 Rankings: Defense

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LA's defense has been on top form this season. (Getty Images)

I am moving on in my look back at my preseason positional rankings. Yesterday we looked at the keepers, today we're diving into the folks in front of those keepers the defense.

Again these rankings are all about the starters and the depth behind them.

Revisiting The 2011 Rankings: Keepers

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Donovan Ricketts and his backup Josh Saunders have been some of the best keepers in 2011. (Getty Images)

Before the start of the 2011 MLS Season I went through each position and ranked the teams by I thought would be the best at that position in 2011. With the final week of the season upon us, I figure it is a good time to go and revisit those rankings and call out where I was spot on and where I was way off.