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Football Ink: Diego Maradona’s Infamous ‘Hand Of God’ Immortalised In Wonderfully Creative Tattoo Form (Photo)

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While it still rankles with many an England fan (and player), Diego Maradona's nefarious dalliance with divine intervention at the 1986 World Cup has itself become deified in football folklore.

Indeed, one of the most infamous swindles in the game's entire storied history is apparently now venerated enough to warrant a tattoo tribute.

Diego Maradona Announces He’s Very Much In Favour Of Video-Assisted Refereeing Being Used To Prevent Cheating In Football

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The hand that did the damage: Diego Maradona has just been unveiled as the new coach of FC Fujairah of the UAE

Diego Maradona has had his say on video-assisted refereeing (VAR), speaking out as a somewhat unlikely advocate of the controversial new system.

Maradona famously benefited from an absence of such technology at the 1986 World Cup, when he used his divine extremity to plink the ball over Peter Shilton and 'hand' Argentina the lead against England in the quarter-finals.

Diego Maradona Recreates The ‘Hand Of God’ During Kick-About With Korean Schoolkids (Photos & Video)

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At FIFA's behest, both Diego Maradona and Pablo Aimar flew into Suwon today to help publicise the draw for the upcoming Under-20 World Cup being staged in South Korea.

As part of the event,the Argentinian pair took part in a kick-about inHwaseong Haenggung Square, which included a series of skill challenges and a mini 5-a-side match involving two teams of local kids.

Lionel Messi and Argentina - Can they take Full Advantage of an easy Group in World Cup 2014?

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A leader is a dealer in hope Napolean

Lionel Messi, the natural heir to the throne of Diego Maradona, had emulated Maradona in more than one occasion. The best of it was that replica of Diego Maradona's goal in 1986 and the worst was the shameful handball goal against Espanyol.

The outsider?

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Will Belgium be to the World Cup 2014 what Denmark was to the Euro 1992? Will the Red Devils do better than 4th in the 1986 World Cup?

Maracanazos like to dream once in a while.

The Hand Of God turns 25

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You've probably already seen elsewhere, but this is an Argentine football website, so I couldn't let it pass un-noticed. 25 years ago today, Argentina took on England in the quarter-finals of the 1986 World Cup in the Estadio Azteca in ... Continue reading →

25 Years Ago: Mexico '86

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When men were men. When shorts were short. And when a grocer's daughter from Grantham was lord and master of all she surveyed.

Younger readers might also need some reminding that back then Scotland played in World Cup finals. All the ruddy time.

A simple but surprisingly effective formula of having decent players in a smaller footballing world won us a regular seat at football's grand jamboree.

Canada Day Soccerball Special: Canada’s 1986 World Cup Adventure – No Goals, Some Glory

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By Ollie Irish

Canada qualified for the World Cup finals once, in 1986. Never before, not since. To get there, the Canucks beat Honduras a momentous day in Canadian soccer history but then lost all three of their group games in Mexico that year. They didn't disgrace themselves, however, losing only 1-0 to then-European Champions France (to a late Jean-Pierre Papin goal), 2-0 to Hungary and then 2-0 to the Soviet Union.

Scotland In 1986: Another Hard Luck Tale

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Scotland's trip to Mexico in 1986 would be their fourth World Cup in a row. We might have been hopeless when we got to the finals but we were proving astonishingly consistent at qualifying. Our route to the 1986 World Cup was, as we all know, steeped in tragedy. Jock Stein's death on a tense night in Wales as Scotland clinched a play off place cast a long shadow over the whole 1986 campaign.

England Should Beware Slow Start (and Germany) in Rustenberg

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Whether it is the fear of losing, lack of fitness or early tournament nerves England have consistently struggled to grab all three points in their recent opening matches at International tournaments.

In fact, a quick look at the history books shows that since 1986 The Three Lions have only won their opener on two occasions – against Paraguay in 2006 and Tunisia in 1998.

We may look different, but don't fret! AFR is still the same.

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Posted By Eric Beard, A Football Report Co-Founder

Just like Pique, the jalapeno pepper who was the mascot for the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, and Gerard Pique, the Barcelona and Spain defender, here at AFR we've kept our name, but we've changed our site's look a little bit.

Diego Maradona Returns to the International Football Scene

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As Diego Maradona prepares to return to the forefront of international football it is quite fitting that he will make his managerial debut of the Argentine national squad in the cauldron of all English hatred, Hampden Park.  Anyone that can somehow contribute to the demise of the England national football team is embraced with great [.


Retro Football: Marinho Celebrates His Only Goal For Brazil With Super Funky Jive, 1986 (Video)

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Marinho and a photo of himself,bottom left, as part of the 1986 Brazil team(Photo: O Curioso)

There was a time whenMario Jose dos Reis Emiliano ('Marinho' to his friends) was considered one of the very best, most exciting players in Brazilian football.

Marinho'speak came during what proved to be the last flush of prominence for his club at the time, Bangu Atletico Clube, as they finished runners-up in Serie A in the 1985/86 season and their fleet-footed right wingerended the campaign with the Golden Ball award, given to the best player as decided by Placarmagazine.

Retro Football: 1986 World Cup Panini Album Shows How Northern Ireland Shaped Up Last Time They Reached A Major Tournament (Photos)

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Last night, the Northern Ireland vintage of 2015 achievedthe improbable by securing themselves a berth at Euro 2016 with a comprehensive 3-1 victory over Greece at Windsor Park.

Beforethen, it'd been nigh-on three decades since theNorthern Ireland national sidehad last appeared at a big tournament namely, the 1986 World Cup in Mexico.

Diego Maradona

Soundoff: Happy Birthday Diego!

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Will Maradona make 50 look cool or will 50 finally be the year that tames Diego? For my own personal entertainment, I hope its the former and not the latter. But, should Diego finally decide to abandon the lime light (and the press let him...) and disappear into football history oblivion we can't really complain.

World Cup Moments: Diego Maradona and the Hand of God

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This may be the most controversial goal in World Cup history. It's from the 1986 quarter-final between Argentina and England, a game Argentina won 2-1 with Maradona scoring twice. We all know about his second goal, so this post will focus on his first. The infamous "Hand of God" goal.

In the 51st minute, with the score at 0-0, Maradona played a ball out wide to Jorge Valdano.

Size Does Not Matter

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In American football, size does matter. In soccer size does not matter. Some of the best players of all time--Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona, and Pele--are short. But boy, do and did they play big.

The Rest

Jock Stein

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10th September 1985.

Scotland clinch a draw with Wales to get to the play offs for the 1986 World Cup final. A typically Scottish story. Needing a point we go behind, lose a goalkeeper when he loses a contact lense and need a late penalty to get the job done.

And then the world seemed to collapse.

Some fun on-line soccer-related video games

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Bend it like Beckham
One of the better free kick flash games I've played.

Virtual Foosball with Premiership teams
Fun, but not very hard

Stan James original free kick challenge
Probably one of the most unique and original plays on free kicks. Not easy.

Rooney on the Rampage
Very little to do with soccer other than it uses the likeness of Wayne Rooney, who gets the idea to head butt his opponents by watching Zidane in last year's World Cup.

The Daily Madness: Maradona agrees to 'Hand of God' rematch, Yes, McClaren is that stupid, Soccer ball or grenade?, & more

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- Maradona and his 1986 World Cup-winning Argentina teammates have agreed to an unofficial rematch with the English side that El Diego scored the 'Hand of God' goal against in the quarterfinals of that competition. Peter Reid, a member of the English squad, had this to say:"This is our chance to show what we can do and get a little bit of revenge." Sounds kind of sad to me, old men not being able to let bygones be bygones.